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pvp ARK PARK.Cluster.X25ALL x50exp .X10Breeding.PVP,[ORP]

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January 8, 2022
Welcome! on Ark Park Community!! our Plan is to keep these servers for a year so don't worry about your prorogation
This is a chilling PVP cluster and our goal is to make pvp more fun and online raiding even better then the current meta By buffing turret Damage and buffing underused Dino ,
This Cluster will be as long as it need without WiP  server Start 11-1-2022
Max Tribe Member = 5
we will add more Server to the cluster in the near Future visit our Site to Connect to the Server ark park
Mods : total 9 mods

**Map Setting:**

**`Non-Native Dino are Allowed in Aberration and Flyers CAN't FLY! **`

**custom Drops  in all Maps**

       ** White                                     Green                       Blue                                Purple                                 Yellow                                     Red  **
    Boss attribute & Artifact           kibble & cack         Flack & ammo                     Saddles                    Better Flack & ammo              Better Saddles


***ABB Surface Drops & Deep Ocean Drops are where the good BP at ***

**custom Boss  Element Drops in all Maps ** 

**        Easy                        Medium                      Hard
    300 Element             600 Element            900 Element

****(Except Aberration ) you can craft Element in Red Zone River with SS Element Catalyzer**

**inGame Command:**

        Auto Farm  : /Farm 
        Auto Fill Turrets : /Fill 
        suicide command  :  /suicide

 **F1 : shop   F2 :vote     F3:Report**

**Rates :** 
          X25 (Taming, harvest)  , X50  Exp,,,,,,,X10 Breeding 

**48 H upload Time**

**Server Setting / ORP **

         all engrams unlocked from the spawn except tek Suit you will need boss to unlock it 

         Turret Damege : 2
         weight multiplier     player : x10
         weight multiplier      dino   : x20

        Time To Activate ORP": 90  Minutes
        Max ORP Duration Hours": 240 = 10 offline days
        structure will take 90% damage on ORP 
        Passive Dinos take damage insideORP ": 50%
        Non Passive Dinos take damage inside ORP":  60%
        ORP Turret Damage Multiplier": 3.0


           **we will add Raidwarning  in the future**

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