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Ps4 unofficial cluster:
A few of my friends and I started a couple servers this spring and expanded the amount of servers over time. We currently have Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Crystal Isles and Valguero. We played seriously for 3 years as vVv alphas on mobile and decided to start here with boosted rates and a little more casual because we all work. Anyway:
I'm looking for a few people that might want to play with me. Preferably adults who work and are interested in playing but not getting wiped all the damn time. There is pvp but we aren't cruel mostly pretty laid back PvE with PVP events here and there. Solo or duo tribes. Scouts honor no offline raiding. Offline raids will result in bans or wipes. Each map is 10 slots at the moment and Ragnarok is the main hub for new players. If this interests you and you are looking for some relaxed play, please feel free to reach out. 

Small casual 10 player pvp Ragnarok, Aberration, and Extinction.
3x xp
Double weight stat on player levels ( instead of 10 per level it is 20)
6x gathering
6x breeding ( we've adjusted the imprint intervals for full imprints on all dinos)
6x taming
150 wild dino level cap on Extinction and Aberration 
Snow owls and velos added to Ragnarok 

All drops are boosted accordingly
Microraptors and jellyfish are removed from Ragnarok 
I'm willing to donate some farm dinos upon reaching level 50
We have done some boss fights with the whole server and plan on doing more boss fights in the future.

Crystal Isles, Ragnarok, and Valguero have Max dino level at 210 with 10x Taming along with everything listed above. There are also Managamr spawns on Crystal Isles in the snow biome

Comment or pm me and I'll send the discord.

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