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pvp [Xbox/Pc] UKA 6 man 15x Harvest PVP FRESH WIPE cluster

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[EU] UKA 6 man 15x PVP Crossplay Xbox/PC 

***Discord invite link : http://discord.gg/E8Dz6A2***

•7 Maps 24/7 PVP: Center, Genesis, Ragnarok, Valguero, Aberration, Extinction, Island
•Starter Map 1 week grace - Ragnarok (ORP turned on, structure damage turned off, Gen tames, Abb tames, Ext tames all spawn on there)
•Custom Dino spawns (Griffin, Owl, Velo, Gacha, Managamr on all maps)
•Weekly Events inc regular Ascension runs by Admins
•Discord set up to include Giveaways, Events, Rewards, Donations, Streaming + much more
•Daily Giveaways through the discord (Free breeding pairs, chibis + more)
•Friendly & Active Admins (admins do not play on the server)
•Poster with server info/stats: https://imgur.com/a/c9ToK0g

low quality.jpg

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