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pve AVE Cluster E/H/T: x3 || M/H: x5 || The best PvE experience || [PC Server] [PVE]

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Welcome to AVE!
Fairly fresh, premium servers with no lag or rubberbanding and still many places to pick from to build the perfect base.
A small but useful mod list to limit the loading times. This is a no-wipe server, we instead utilize official decay timers. Maps include Crystal Isles, Ragnarok, Valguero, Island, Abberation and Extinction.
(Soon we will have a dedicated maschine for the cluster with every maps + an event map too!)
  • Taming - we use Consumption Multiplier 3x instead of Taming Multiplier (requires same amount of food as official but eat 3x more often for overall 3x faster taming and every kind of taming food, kibble too, keeps its original, vanilla value/effectiveness)
  • Mating Interval Multiplier - 0.5 (Dinos will be ready to mate twice as often as official)
The loot tables have been optimized on all maps for better overall loot but quality still remains nearly official.
Feel free to join the discord! Extremely supportive welcoming community! If you have suggestions/questions after playing on the server you’re more than welcome to offer feedback in the discord if any issues/concerns arise!
We also have Cross server chat connected to Discord.
https://ave-cluster.com (Discord link, rules, server info)
  1. Structures Plus
  2. Bitou2k's Binocular
  3. Dino Storage v2
  4. HG Stacks 1000-50
  5. Shiny Dinos
  6. Death Helper
  7. Valguero Map Extension  
  • ArkApi: DinoTracker, Suicide, ArkHomes
  • Custom, balanced Beacons for Island, Ragnarok and Valguero.
  • Brootmother miniboss on Vlaguero also has new better loots.
  • Valguero map has the Valguero dino and map extension mod.
  • Shiny Dinos - 11 MB mod - This mod randomly spawns dinos with different Vanilla colors and with a higher level(150-180) Maximum 10 dinos can be on the map at the same time(hunting for a rare dino), from a Dodo to a Giga... anything can be a Shiny variant. These dinos also has the chance to be an X variant from Genesis or an Aberrant from Aberration. These Dinos are all Vanilla Dinos but with some extra levels and buffs.


Servers IPs:
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