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pvp WIPING APRIL 10, 2021 - Lego My Stego PvP Cluster - Active Community / Discord

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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check out our server! I am not an admin, but I have played on the cluster for two wipes now and I would like to advertise such a great cluster to new players and experienced ones alike! I could explain all this amazing server has to offer, but it is easier for you to just try the link! I guarantee you'll love it!



Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/Q2r9rS6gH8

(Imagine if everyone who saw this clicked on the link and hung around for a homie... anyhow!!!)


  • Cluster Information:
    • Gather/Taming Rates: 10x
    • Tribe Limit: 6 Man
    XP Rates: 10x
    • Stacking Mods
    • Custom Drops
    • Auto Learn Engrams
    • DLC Dino Spawns
  • Player Stats:
    • Max Player Level: 105
    • Auto Learn Engrams

  • Dino Stats:
    • Max Wild Dino Level: 150
    • Egg Hatch Rates: 25x
    • Breeding Rates: 100x
    • Mature Rates: 50x

    Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/sCBBWjj

The main reason why I love this server over all other ones is not only is it balanced, but it has an in game currency that is applicable to both those that donate and those that do not. I have not had the opportunity of donating yet, but each wipe I cache in my Bushberry Seeds for tames, turrets, bps, you name it! As over powered as it seems, its not as frequently utilized by survivors. Check it out, I guarantee you'll love it!

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I just joined the server through and just wow! The admins are running open suggestions to improve on cluster settings, there is an in game currency that is applicable in game and through discord, and everything is easy to navigate and use! Im going to join the server tonight but id highly encourage other people join too! I have never seen such an impressive Ark Discord Server! 

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