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pvp [PC] Oblivion Ark 20x/6M/S+/AA/ORP/AutoProt

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A FRESH NEW Ark Server Cluster of 3 maps. Ragnarok, Center and Valguero. With the latest configurations and mods.
Proving users with the right set of mods, settings and game play experience.
Hope you enjoy.

[Server Info]

Server Maps: Ragnarok, Center & Valguero


- Experience Rate: 20x
- Harvesting Rate: 20x
- Taming Rate: 20x

** Note: Optimized Harvesting is enabled for server optimization purposes.

[Server Settings]

- Difficulty: 5x
- XP: 20x
- Harvest: 20x
- Taming: 20x
- Turret Limit: 500
- Damage Numbers: True
- Corpse Locator: True

- Max Player Level: 150 + 30 (Ascension)
- Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe: 300
- Max Wild Dino Level: 150

[Player Stats]

- Health: 1.2x
- Stamina: 1.2x
- Oxygen: 1.2x
- Food: 1.5x
- Water: 1.5x
- Weight: 10x
- Melee: 1.2x
- Speed: 1.2x
- Fortitude: 1.5x
- Crafting: 0.8x

[Tamed Dino Stats]

- Health: 0.2x
- Stamina: 1.2x
- Oxygen: 1.2x
- Food: 1.5x
- Weight: 10x
- Melee: 0.17x
- Speed: 1.2x

[Breeding Settings]

- Egg Hatch Speed: 20x
- Mature Speed: 20x
- Mating Interval: 0.3x
- Baby Food Consumption: 1x
- Imprint Scale: 1x
- Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.08x

[Tribe Settings]

- Player Limit: 6
- Max Alliances: 1
- Max Tribes in Alliance: 2

[S+ Settings]

- General Crafting Speed: 1x
- Replicator Crafting Speed: 10x
- Chemistry Bench Crafting Speed: 5x
- Intake Anywhere: True
- Dino Scan: Enabled

[Automated Ark Settings]

- General Crafting Speed: 2x
- Auto Crafter Speed: 2x
- Auto Crafter Limit: 5
- Mini Forge Smelting Speed: 4x
- Forge Smelting Speed: 3x

[ORP Settings]

- Structure HP: 10x
- Dino Resistance: 10x
- Turret Damage: 4x
- Activation: 30mins
- Alliance Penalty: +30mins

[Mods Installed]

- HG Stacking Mod 5000-90
- Structures Plus (S+)
- Automated Ark
- Naj's Speedy Flyers
- Offline Guard System (OGS)
- Editable Server UI (WBUI)

[Shop System]

This server uses the commonly used chat interactive Shop system from ArkServerAPI.

[Steam & Discord Link]

- Steam Ragnarok: steam://connect/
- Steam Center: steam://connect/
- Steam Valguero: steam://connect/

- Discord: https://discord.gg/UC9mAbM 

[Zero Tolerance]

- Hacking, Bots, Exploits or any other form of cheating.
- Undermeshing of any kind.
- Bullying in game.
- Racism.

[General Rules]

- Two bases per tribe. This includes all dino pens. Any extra base found will be deleted without notice.
- No deceptive naming including name changing for raids.
- All taming pens/structures after use has to be removed. Abandoned ones will be removed.

[No Griefing]

- Picking up new players and dropping/killing them over and over.
- Building random turret towers in the forest, spawn areas or high resource spawn areas.
- Going out of way to ruin the fun of other player(s).
- Keeping a player locked in a cage for more than 30 mins period (cage, base, handcuff, tranq, etc). No random jailing.
- Joining a tribe/alliance with the intent to betray them.

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