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pvp Yggdrasill cluster pvp all maps

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Yggdrasill cluster pvp all maps

** The Yggradsill Cluster ** welcomes anyone who likes a bit of the official grind paired up with some boost here and there.  
The ratio is roughly 65:35, official:boosted. 
Low Pop atm which means more time to build up. 
**Starter packs are found in every drop. **
**Tek Engrams **are earned through boss battles and ascension. 
**Regular Engrams** are earned through leveling up a character.

Bots are definitely here to help your experience more delightful and enjoyable. 
•Low prices in SHOP•
•Rewards for Inviting new people!• 
•6Day Grievance Period• 

-The Island 
-Scorched Earth 
** 10-Man Tribes**

Xp- 15x 
Harvest- 10x 
Tame- 30x 
Mating Speed- 3x 

Player Stats: 

Health- x2.5 
Stamina- x2.5 
Oxygen- x100 
Food- x1 
Water- x1 
Weight- infinite
Damage- x1.5 
Speed- x1.5 
Crafting- x2.5 
Fortitude- x5 

Dino Stats: 

Health- x1.5 
Stamina- x2 
Oxygen- x1
Food- x1 
Water- x1 
Weight- Infinite 
Damage- x1.7 
Speed- x2 
Fortitude- x1 
Discord Link: 


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I love playing this cluster because I get a chance to build up without being messed with all the time. I really like how the admins strictly enforce the "no meshing" rule. I haven't seen too many people playing lately but I'm ok with that. The main reason I like playing on the cluster is because the admins are not abusive and the rules are fair.

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