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pvp [US][Xbox] Ark Legends (15 harvest)(8 man)(All maps)

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[US] Ark Legends Mega Cluster

Ark Legends  
  • Ark Legends is a multi-cluster server. We have a 5x, 15x, and a beginner cluster. We strive to have the best service and respectable staff. We have great admins and events weekly. If there are any problems the owner deals with it as fast as possible. The stats are balanced for PvP and raiding. There are currently 5 maps on the 15x cluster and 3 maps on the 5x cluster. More maps will be added to the 5x cluster soon. This server is for mature gamers (No Trolls).
Player Stats(15x & 25x)
  • Health:+27.5
  • Stamina:+200
  • Fortitude:+50
  • Oxygen:+1,100
  • Food/Water:+200
  • Weight:Infinite
  • Melee:+16.3
  • Speed:+7.5
  • Crafting:+180
Player Stats(5x)
  • Health:+20
  • Stamina:+146
  • Fortitude:+36.5
  • Oxygen:+803
  • Food/Water:+146
  • Weight:Infinite
  • Melee:+11.9
  • Speed:+5.5
  • Crafting:+131.4
  • White:Starter Kit
  • Green:Kibble
  • Blue:Building supplies(No turrets)
  • Purple:Artifacts
  • Yellow:Armor with weapons (Flak)
  • Yellow Cave: Saddles
  • Red:Armor and weapons (Riot)
  • Beaver Dam:Cementing paste, metal ingot, and polymer
  • Green-Blue cave:Cryo pods, cryofridge, and tools
  • Yellow-Red cave: Advanced armor and weapons
Server Info

Flyer Speed: 2.5x

Gather:15x & 5x

Tribe Limit: 8 man(15x, Beginners), 6 man(5x)

Maps(15x): Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration, Valguero, Island, and Center

Maps(5x): Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration, Valguero, Island, and Center

Maps(Beginners): Ragnarok

Max dino level:300 Wild

Max player level:105

Auto engrams:Yes


How to Join


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