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pvp Lemuria Boosted PvP Freshly Wiped 12/7/19

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Released Today 12/6/19
(Search Lemuria to find us!)
Current Servers:
Valguero 20 slot
Planning on adding Extinction And Abberation as playerbase increases
Will be adding genesis as soon as it releases!
Gather> 15x
Taming> Instant
Cave Damage> 6x
Turret Damage> 1.5x
Turret Limits in Range> 250
Fuel lasts double that of the official rate.
Hatch/Mature> 85
Stack> x5
<Moderately Booster Breeding Interval
<4Man Tribes
<Boosted Drops
<Auto Unlock Engrams and Tek
<Easier crafting on some resources and Items to improve the quality of life for players, but not so much that the grind is lost!
<Moderately boosted player stats so PvPvE is still a challenge and fights remain interesting!
<Moderately boosted dino weight so good planning and management is still needed!
<0 Admin Abuse/Admins playing! I am the only admin and that will remain for a while. Future admins will be closely supervised and will only participate in hosting events/raid bases.
>Unlimited OB timers to store those raided goods and your valuables.
Cross Platform Enabled
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