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Do These Work on Valguero?

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Do These Work on Valguero?

So I'm playing singleplayer. I'm running a bunch of mods, haven't seen a few of them all actually working so I'm hoping someone knows if I'm doing something wrong or if they don't work on valguero. These are in order from top to bottom: Ultra stacks (working)

Egg n poop collector/incubator (working)

Automated ark 2.781 (working)

Dino tracker (working)

Valguero Dino and map extension (working)

Additional dinos valguero (not sure)

The chasm additional creatures (not sure)

 Super spyglass (working)

Additional creatures Barbary lion (not sure)

Royasaurus mysterious mysteries (not sure)

Iguana mysterious mysteries (not sure)

Crawler mysterious mysteries (not sure)

Death inventory keeper (working)

Carnotaurus tlc (not sure)

Ark additions arcocanthosaurus (not sure)

Ark variants void wyvern (not sure)

Quality tek saddles (working)

Dodospondylus (not sure)

Small dragons 2.0 (not sure)

Dino nests continued  (not sure)

Wyvern world (not sure)

Pebble drakes (not sure)

Kraken's better dinos (working)

Classic flyers (working)

Structures plus (working)

Auto engrams (working)

Animals of atlas (not sure)

Mini Manti cores (not sure)

So all of the not sures mean that I haven't seen them yet. Hopefully someone knows what I'm doing wrong or if their spawn rates are just very low. Thank you.

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