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pvp Spicy Dodo Cluster Freshly Wiped

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Spicy Dodo Cluster Freshly Wiped

Spicy Dodo Freshly Wiped Cluster with Rag, Val, Abb, and Center maps.  We have a very active community, with active admins that host events and give out great starter packs.  We average 30+ people across the cluster and always have a min of 10 people online at all times.  Pvp is active 24/7 on all maps, with structure damage turned off Monday - Friday.  Purge (structure damage is turned on) happens every weekend starting Friday at 11pm cst and ending Sunday 11pm cst.  I am just a member of this great community and want others that have been looking for a good server to join, to have the opportunity to find a good one they can call home.  For more information our discord is https://discord.gg/ayQ4rBg so drop on by and say Kex sent you and feel free to send me any questions that you may have.

Taming 20x
Harvest 10x
Maturation 35x 
Xp 5x                                                                                                                

Cave Damage 3x

Max player level - 175 
Max Dino level - 150

Player Stat Points: 
Health: +15
Stamina: +50
Oxygen: +100
Food: +20
Water: +20
Weight: +10k
Melee Dmg: +5
Movement Speed: ~+2 
Crafting Skill: +10
Fortitude: +20

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Umm yes Good Evening I am from this cluster. This cluster is quite astounding the admins are very chill they have rules to follow they keep these imbeciles that cheat and mesh in check. They also run a discord for the server so that they can stay in contact with all tribes that play on this cluster. They introduced a new ticket system to help everyone as soon as possible couldn’t be happier with how I amuse my self on this cluster GL and HF if you plan to play.  

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