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pvp [ASE & ASA] LoyaltyARK [Cluster Alpha][100x/10x][PVP][POPULATED][SoloDuo buffs!]


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LoyaltyARK x100 cluster
x100 Harvesting & Taming rate
Offline Turret Damage x3
Custom made community mod!
Raid Balancer System!
Higher Harvesting, XP and Taming for Solo and Duo players!
Custom VoteParty System!
Low mating interval
SS, Awesome TPs!, Reusable Grappling, Speedy Flyers!
PvP balancing!
Lots of PvP and active players!
Awesome plugins like shop, lottery, MAGA, NoMoreUndermeshing and much more!
------ 6 MAN x100 CLUSTER ------



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