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pvp [PC] WARFRONT 10X PVPVE (7 map cluster/AntiMesh/Small Tribes)


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[PC] WARFRONT 10X PVPVE (7 map cluster/AntiMesh/Small Tribes)

Come join us on the Warfront 10x PvPvE Cluster. 

We booted up our cluster again on Saturday 12/10 and offer a small tribes (6 man), no alliances, boosted rates experience with a little as possible modifications to the original game.

* We run all 7 official maps.
* You are allowed to build anywhere (artifact caves included - we have an alternative solution to acquiring artifacts)
* We use S+ only for its pulling and helper system, and some of the crafting stations/structures for the quality of life they offer.
* We run very few mods

Our PvP environment is a no rules environment with exception to cheaters; who are dealt with swiftly and relentlessly.

PvP times are:
Weekdays from 6pm until 10pm SAST.
Weekends from Friday 6pm until Sunday  6pm SAST. 

We run an anti mesh plugin to deal with aggressive meshers and prevent them from doing any real harm.

Experience/Harvesting/Taming: 10X  
Breeding: 15X  
Breeding Cooldown: 25% Official Rates  

Structures Plus (S+)  
Bitou2k's Binocular (Spyglass Mod)  
HG Stack Mod 2500-90  
HG Remap Stack - To balance bullets and other PvP items  
Transferable Stuff  
WBUI - An in game help system  

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, then be sure to check out our discord for more information on the servers and server links.


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