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Chalk Hills Spawn Rates and Gathering Issues

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it seems like every time I try to fix this it just. Seems no matter how I put it in, I can not seem to get dinos to spawn properly in Chalk Hills areas. Everything seems to come in these massive amounts and it causes massive lag and players to crash. Also, none of my dinos seem to be able to auto gather. This is the code I have right now going to spawn in griffins and they are EVERYWHERE! DILO am I doing wrong? The max amount of griffins I want to spawn in that area is like 6 - 12 and I am getting like 20 - 30, Chalk Hills have become Lag Vegas and most of my players have bases in the area. I moved them to the Redwoods area because there are no bases there and tried to increase the spawn rates of the quetzals and added in some Gachas and Gasbags but now the Quetzals are overpowering. The Gasbags and Gachas are also more then I would like but they don't seem to make it lag like the fliers do. I would prefer to add the griffins in but their lag is worse then the Quetzals. I have turned them off for now but I would like to be able to have my players be able to tame them without their games crashing. If you have a better code, I am all ears. Also, can't seem to be able to get tames to gather while on wander.


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