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xbox 3 Map Slightly Boosted Cluster Server looking for New Members!

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3 Map Slightly Boosted Cluster Server looking for New Members!

Looking for new players to join the adventures on this cluster server!


Join us on Ragnarok, Valguero and The Island!

  • Quick imprint rate and baby growth (Trex hits 25% Imprint at 13 minutes)
  • Hidden Loot boxes throughout all maps with variety of loot
  • No Cool down on mating
  • Custom Drops on all maps
  • Flyer speed boosted (Except Wyvern, Snow owls, and Argents)
  • Extinction and Abberation Dinos on all 3 maps!
  • Zero Admin Abuse


Server Settings

  • Max wild dino: 600
  • Auto Learn Engrams including Tek
  • 20x Harvest Rates
  • Speedy Crop Growth
  • Longer corpse locator timer

Come join us on :

Bork 15x BOOSTED XP, Harvest, Tame, & more



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