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pvp [PC] EU MATES PVP (XP5/H5/B15/T10[cluster] +++small tribes+++

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[PC] EU MATES PVP (XP5/H5/B15/T10/S+/RS/ORP/PLUGINS!double weekend)[cluster]


The Mates Gaming Community welcomes you :)

The Mates Gaming Community (MGC) is a multilingual multigaming community from Germany.  We are friendly and expect the same from our players and members


► Cluster Maps






► Shop system

► Vote system

► Offline Raid Protection


important links

Mod Kollektion

► Teamspeak:


► Max. wild Dino Lvl.: 150
► Max. Wyvern egg: Lvl. 190
► Max. Tektiere Lvl.: 180
► Rare sightings Lvl: 160-180
► XPx5, Harvestx5, Breedingx15, Tamingx10
► Max. Tribelimit: 5
► limited Ally 1 per Tribe
► Weekend rates: XPx7,5, Hx7,5, Bx30, Tx15, Fishingloot x2, Supplydrops x1,3
► Nanny activated (till 50% imprint)
► all tribe member can imprint
► max dino limit per tribe: 350
► max turrets in range: 200

daytime: 60 mins
nighttime: 30 mins

Water intake everywhere! Means you don´t need a water source to get water
S+ Vacuum Compartments only in Water <--MUST BE VISIBLE

To balance the PVP a bit, some S + Items are disabled


Server restart every 12 hours at 2AM and 2PM (GMT+1)
Wild Dino kill with every server restart
beaver dam detroy with every server restart
Rootserver will restart too, so the servers are offline for about 10-15 minutes


How to join our server?


how to join our server```
Guide: If the direct link does not work, use the instructions to add a server.

Open Steam and click on View-> Select <SERVER> ->  Select the <Favorites> tab -> click below the button <ADD SERVER>. Give the <IP ADDRES> of each map  and then <CONNECT>. The server is also displayed in your favorit list. 

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