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pvp [6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 7 Map

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[6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 7 Map

[6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 6 Map 

Server Settings

135 Max Player level 
150 Max dino level (Difficulty 5.0)
8x Experience
15x Gathering
20x Taming

This Server Is Resurrected from the grave, serving a 7 map cluster containingthe following maps:
Crystal Isles
Faith (soon to be changed to Island due to unfinished)
TCC_event (For all PVP events held throughout the week)

Quality of Life Mods:

Structures Plus
Automated Ark
Naj's Speedy Fliers
Better Reusables
HG Stacking Mod 2500-90
Dino Storage V2
Bitou2k's binocular

Contains Custom Coded Shop Plugin with no Raid, or Boss Dino's in them for a higher difficulty server.
I hope you all will give us the chance to fit your Ark Mood and if so please check us out in our discord and steam connects below!




steam://connect/ - Extinction
steam://connect/ - Aberration
steam://connect/ - Ragnarok
steam://connect/ - Faith (Soon)
steam://connect/ - Crystal Isles
steam://connect/ - Valguero
steam://connect/ - Event Map Only

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