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story What if Helena would of told her story?

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Guest chancho33015

OK, this is a disclaimer! 

This is Helena's notes put in a first person journal point of view. As if she would of told her story in a journal format rather than in a million random notes across the ark. Enjoy! 

Hopefully if you guys enjoy it and it helps you understand the story slightly better i will do the other random notes too.


Helena’s journal:

I am an Australian biologist. I am studying the island’s dinosaurs. So far, I have explored the Snow biome and noticed that the ice isn’t melting because the “planet” has no axial tilt. Which means that in every regions climate always stays the same.

I have allied with a tribe called “The Howling Wolves” to make things easier for my traveling and dinosaur studies. Though I don’t  like being on a tribe I am happy for Athena (my friend) for finding a group of people who welcome her as one of her own.

I have met a man named Rockwell who has helped me a lot in my travels. Even when I wanted to give up he pushed me to continue in my darkest time to keep moving forward. I am now helping him collect some flowers and herbs for him to study as a form of thanks.

I have been making Dino Dossiers of any dino I have encountered. Today made a Mammoth dossier.

I was surprised to see that A Rex is living in the Snow Biome. I believe that there is something off because according to scientific evidence the Rex shouldn’t be able to survive in the harsh cold weather. I also noticed how rexes living in the Snow biome have changed the entire ecosystem.

I have been studying dino poop for a while and noticed that all carnivores diets are practically the same. However, I struggle to understand how are these dinos able to find that amount of food without other animals depleting as a source of food. Dino populations should be shifting and changing but somehow there is no evidence of such thing happening.

The Snow biome is the only biome on the whole island that is off. All other regions share similarities in their ecosystem but not with the snow biome.

I keep studying my notes and noticed that there are more predators than pray. After seen the rex in the snow biome I have realized that this type of ecosystem should not be possible. I will speak with Rockwell to see what he thinks of my findings.

Realizing that the Island wasn’t normal and for the first time noticing the Obelisks floating in the sky I started making the connections. Caves had artifacts which had some type of connections with the obelisks.

Finally, I have arrived to talk to Rockwell. He tells me, “just because this place doesn’t follow the scientific laws we’re used to, doesn’t mean it follows no scientific laws at all. After all, science is about discovery, and new discoveries can invalidate old principles.”

In short, Rockwell explains me that this might be new undiscovered science which we do not understand at this time.


After meeting with Rockwell I headed south (Rockwell recommended me to explore the south). To start an in-depth study on the island’s marine life with help of a tribe called the Painted Sharks. I thought because the ocean is a separate ecosystem that could lead me to understand the abnormalities of the Island.

I hated the cold weather of the snow biome, so I was happy to move to a warmer climate.

I have been treated like a queen by the Painted Sharks after Rockwell recommended me to the tribe on a written note. I have been fed well, treated kindly, and simply happy doing my research in the south.

Research in the south has proven that both the land and ocean ecosystems have the same predator-prey balance. There are more predators than are pray!

Megalodons are more aggressive than most predators. Perhaps is because they are starving due to the limited amount of food for all of them.

After spending weeks in the ocean of the south I have witnesses the mating behavior of the Megalodons. Their gestation period is 44 times faster than that of a Great White Shark.

After studying the mating on the wild of the megalodons I have decided to tame a few and mate them in captivity. I have realized that after they are domesticated they are more obedient than a family dog.

I have a hard time believing how unusual this place is but I try to keep an open mind as Rockwell suggested.

After re visiting the Painted Sharks tribe in the south I spotted a Roo. I realize that according to the studies of all the previews creatures the Roo wasn’t meant to exist along the side of the Rex, megalodon, or the Mammoth. Finally, understood that this ecosystem wasn’t natural but more like a Zoo. Random animals being kept alive for some odd reason in a special synthetic ecosystem!

Years have passed and  I realized that this is not a Utopia. There is nothing natural about this Island. Human interference doesn’t change the ecosystem which has led to tribes abusing resources and conquering smaller tribes without worrying about damaging the ecosystem.  

Still, “The sunrises are still beautiful, though. At least nothing can change that.”  

After mating, taming, and observing other domesticated creatures such as the Megalodon these animals might have been genetically modified to respond to human obedience. There is a woman who has tamed a lot of dinos who they called “The Beast Queen of the Jungle” maybe she can give me some answers.


I have meet “The Beast Queen” and her presence is of that of a Rex. The Beast Queen allows me to sift the poop of her dinosaurs (go through animal poop with a devise that separates materials or in this case poop from what might be inside of it).

After spending a few days with The Beast Queen she finally reveals her name, “Li Mai Yin”. After studying Li Mai Yin’s Dinos poop I didn’t find any differences between wild Dinos diet and domesticated. The only thing I notice is how remarkably fast the growth rate of this dinos is.


I have spent some time now with Mei Ying (I am guessing this is an Wildcard typo. Previews note is Li Mei Yin). Trained Herbivores and trained carnivores can live in peace. I have also started to enjoy Li Mei Yin company. I appreciate her expertise in Dino Taming and training. She gives me a more in-depth understanding of animal behavior in this ecosystem we live.

After going through my notes and analyzing my previews experiences with Mai Yin’s camp, taming/domesticating has been going on for many years. Otherwise these odd relationships of these tamed dinos would be impossible and that there might be some higher power controlling all of these ecosystems.

I will head to Rockwell to exchange notes and talk about probable hypothesis in regards of how this Island operates.

As I Continued my exploration of The Island I have found a small island full of only carnivores on the north east. This is an unnatural possibility. The fact that this is even possible proves that there is something controlling the population of this habitat. These findings leave me speechless. I need to talk to Rockwell to compare notes!

After spending an afternoon with Rockwell discussing our findings we both come to an agreement that the island is an unnatural place.

While I was exploring in the south and investigating the animals on the island Rockwell was spelunking and investigating the connection between caves and the towering  monuments in each corner of the map [obelisks]. The fact that he is as old as he is and covers such a great amount of ground exploring is remarkable. A man worthy of admiration!

Few months have passed, and I have joined another tribe by the named “The Iron Brotherhood”. They were not as welcoming as the previews tribes I have encountered. The moment I mentioned Rockwell the tribe was obviously displeased. The tribe is a bit deserted and seems very gloomy. It is impossible not to feel a bit apprehensive.

On my expedition with them they managed to collect all the artifacts in the caves and activate the obelisk. I was exited about that but the tribe wasn’t feeling my joy.

After activating the obelisk and fighting the giant spider the Iron Brotherhood was torn emotionally. They lost many people killing it and the use of what they got was unknown. Perhaps, even worthless.


After finding out that these artifacts could activate the obelisk platform’s pedestal we went on an expedition to collect the artifact to activate all the obelisks. We knew this was going to be a monumental effort and we need help.

Here with the Howling Wolves we are collecting all the artifacts as we speak. News about the Iron Brotherhood’s tragic spider incident reached, and it was understandable why they stopped looking for the artifacts. They were torn emotionally.

We are ready to activate the obelisk and though Athena is by my side we will need back up. Whatever happens on the other side might be more than we can chew.

We were now ready to activate the obelisk and I was glad to have by the side of the “Beast Queen”. She got more intestinal fortitude than anyone I have met so far in the island and we needed that.

The moment I saw that giant ape I knew I needed Mai Yin. This would have been impossible without her. Her command of her beasts was what gave us the win. She was ruthless in battle. This fight made everyone stronger and once again “The Beast Queen” proved why she is the real beast. She smiled as she had the head of the ape in her hand screaming, “Beast! “as she pounded her chest with the other hand.

After the fight with the giant ape I went back to Mei Yin’s camp. There we had an unpleasant encountered with the alpha tribe of the island. The tribe that was conquering all other tribes. Though they captured Mei and me, they let me keep my personal effects. He was civil in one way. The leader of the alpha tribe introduced himself as Gaius Marcellus Nerva. His tribe was called, “The New Legion”.

This Nerva thought he was Jupiter’s gift to the island. However, the only reason I was alive was because I knew my way inside the caves. I was obliged to help him, or I might die if I didn’t prove my self useful. Sadly, I also needed his help. I needed him to unlock the third obelisk to continue my research. Nevertheless, that would not stop me from wishing him to fall hard head first after I get what I want!

My job here is done. I have helped him collect all the artifacts to unlock the third obelisk. They will decide my fate soon, so this might be my final chance to reflect.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I would rather die seeking the truth than living in a n illusion. As Rockwell would say “is the path of the true scientist.”

Well, I guess I am not dead as it turns out. Neither was Mei Yin. In fact, it was her who freed me, and insisted that we follow Nerva through the portal in the cave.

A horrifying scene awaited us. All Nerva’s men laid dead amongst the shards of a mysterious metal, but Nerva’s body was missing. Forgetting my present company, I suggested a peaceful  approach if we encountered him. That earned me one hell of a knockout punch by the “Queen Beast”.

When I came to, I searched the whole station, but the only signs of Mei Yin and Nerva were a few ounces of dried blood. No bodies and no Victor.

There, floating outside the window and surrounded by machinery was the very island that I had been living on, and it was too orbiting high above the earth along with countless other stations just like it. The ecosystem on the island wasn’t just curated, it was completely artificial from the ground up!

What in the hell is all this, why would anyone construct it, and how could they have possibly kept it hidden from the world? I don’t have the answers to any of these questions or the dozens of others that keep popping into my head, but somehow, I mean to find out. Somehow, I will find the truth.

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