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pvp [TWCB] PLAYGROUND Island/Ragnarok/Aberration PS4 cluster

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Fresh wiped 23/02/19


Ark Island/Ragnarok/Aberration Boosted Cluster

We are like minded players who have been playing Ark for a long time and started a server together because we just got fed up of other servers. We will be playing like the rest of you but acting as Admin when needed if there are any problems or game bugs. Admins can raid and be raided so get involved.

Discord page- https://discord.gg/uKDPNNh

Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/499184930561353/?ref=share

EVENTS- Breading events along with Harvest events. Sometimes will be inline with official event days along with Raid events ! 

ORP Active until purge days below.

PURGE WEEKENDS - So there will be a purge event every weekend from Saturday 5am GMT to Monday 5am GMT. This is when ORP will be off so you are free to raid any base on the map ?

Boosted and modded drops on Island, Ragnarok and Aberration including starter packs in white drops

Stack mod

S+ Structures with 5 minute pick up timer

Tribe limit of 6.

Lets have fun and and some pvp wars ! 


Harvesting X15
Experience X15
Hatching X25
Maturing X15
Taming X15


Player level 105

Health X2
Oxygen X2
Water X2
Melee X2
Fortitude X3
Stamina X2
Food X2
Weight X5
Speed X2
Crafting X2


Max dino wild 150

Health and Weight increased slightly.

Loot boosted slightly.




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