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Unable to deny mods update

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I am including pictures to illustrate. I have NO MODS SUBSCRIBED. I have recently reinstalled Steam (the ENTIRE thing). I am currently ONLY playing on an official small tribe server. I unsubcribed from all mods. Multiple times after having no mods in the subscription list. I tried deleted the mod folder contents, then re-downloading the maps (Ragnarok and The Center) Still tried to install random mods. Now, I can't play the game on official servers because every time I get into ark with or without installing the mods the game says "Failed to install mod map"... and has a note bottom right that says "installing 6 mods: Steampunk"... I am obviously not subscribed to this... And every time I try to launch ark I have to download 4.8 GB of 'workshop content'...


Ark workshop BS.PNG

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