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pve World Eaters Extinction Core PvE Ragnarok

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Hi there! Murphy from Death Plague gaming here! Looking for more people to join our growing community!

Fresh Extinction core server as of 8/28 so tons of base spots for everyone to enjoy!

We have a helpful community and the Extinction mod is hard so I recommend finding a tribe if solo seems to be to hard for you. Or just ask for some help! Even though it is PvE, people can still declare tribe wars if both parties desire! Here is the rest of our info!


  • X10 Taming

  • X3 Harvest

  • X3 XP

  • X10 Breeding/hatching

  • PvE with tribe Wars allowed

  • Increased player stats per level

  • Wild dino level 600 max

  • Character level 185 max


  • Extinction Core

  • Structure +

  • Platform +

  • HG stack mod 5k

  • Super spy glass

  • Weapons +

  • Meat Spoiler

  • Reusable Plus

  • Upgrade Station

  • ARK Advanced 10

  • Steampunk mod

  • Dino pickup



Ragnarok Extinction PvE


Hope to see you give it a try! The mod is very hard to start out, so work together! Have fun!

Rules are like most servers no blocking areas and play nice!

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If you get a mod mismatch connecting to the server unsubscribe from this mod and resubscribe, it is the unlock all hairstyles and emotes mod. Thanks and sorry that steam workshop didn't auto update! Server was up to date but people were not for some reason.

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