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pvp World Eaters Ragnarok PvP X5T X3H X3XP X10B [ORP2]

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Hi there! Murphy here from Death Plague Gaming presenting you with the return of our Raganrok PvP server with some great mods! 


  • X3 Harvest

  • X5 Tame

  • X10 Breed

  • x10 egg hatch

  • X3 XP

  • .3 Water & food drain

  • Max dino level 300

  • Player level 100 (vanilla) for balance

  • Double stats per level on players

  • Double carry weight per level on tames

  • Unlimited mind wipes so you can craft good blueprints

  • ORP2 X3 Structure Hp, X3 dino HP, x2 dino damage



  • No foundation wiping


  • Only destroy what is needed to get loot


  • Give people a chance to build up, unless there are messing with you then its game on


  • Don't over raid someone, give them a chance to fight back so about 2-3 day cooldown


  • Offline raiding is aloud so solo players can at least try to raid larger tribes when there not on


  • Have fun!



  • Active admins
  • PvP events!
  • Friendly community
  • Open to suggestions!

Will be glad to see you give it a try! We have discord for the server to keep up on the info and share screen shots and all the fun stuff! 

Message me on steam or on here @MurderousMurphy if you have any Q's

Rangarok Server: PvP

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