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We are the Anarchists. Join us. we are a mostly laid back tribe. We have one simple rule, don't take more then you give to the cause.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Gt: leapedsum158373 Lvl 98 with tek
  3. GT- UppedSpy3730209 Very experienced player in large tribes grinding, building, breeding, and pvp from back in the day. Returning to the game so not much experience on the newer maps.
  4. Gamertag Cluelesssnow440
  5. GT: SmackAMooCow SmackAMooCow
  6. Gt : Opticgamer56 .
  7. GT: MaCaRoNi111 20 y/o experienced in large tribes in the past. I have all DLC and enjoy breeding the most, can do anything for the tribe. Discord: Smokebandit
  8. GT: TOXIC DR4GONZz Been playing ark since the release on Xbox. Experienced in PvP, grinding and breeding, looking for a tribe. Dm on discord - TOX1C DR4GONZz#4789
  9. GT: GT:BryceBall70 I’m fairly new to ark got built up a lil and got raided looking for someone to join I’ll do whatever farming needs done or whatever taming with guidance
  10. GT: o victus o Gt is o victus o
  11. GamerTag GT:Fullsending24
  12. Gamertag AveragePillow17
  13. Gamertag AveragePillow17
  14. Gamer tag Mr Zombie Guts
  15. GT - Drwyfthy GT--> Drwifthy
  16. Jdogk7


    Gt Jdogk7
  17. Tag Ttv tmaduobros
  18. Gamertag LL Taco WL LL. Looking for tribe to join. I am a lvl 99 on normal official cluster. I also have over 3000 hours in the game.
  19. Maybe... idek if i'm able to play online yet. I play on switch lol. Still waiting for the wyvern update lm@o =/ Edit: Nope, I just tried to go into a server and it said I need to buy a nintendo e-shop online thingy srry. Maybe if my parents let me buy it then sure. I can use my easter money lm@o.
  20. Hey Does anyone wanna play right now? If so what server my main skills is taming and grinding
  21. Need tribe I’m a grinder and have been in big tribes before and can pvp. I’ll be on every day. lost my old character and would like to get tek unlocked. Gt is Vortex2233
  22. GT: Poop916 Lvl95, 23 yrs old, grinder, gamer, base builder mostly. HMU
  23. Applerange Hi, would like to join... Xbox noob... (Fresh toon lvl 0) 1.2k hours PC... Loyal n will play regular.. Would like to max out char n get tek n complete all maps ... :)
  24. New person wishing to join I'm fairly new to the game with enough experience of taming some dinos. I'm generally wishing to join a tribe so I can get on a server and not get instantly trolled on as in many others but still want to be in one with an active player list. Pretty casual player I do try to get on when I can (usually around 1-2 pm EST) my gamertag is XinfernexX6780
  25. Add me I’m new I’m new to ark please add me on Xbox my GT is cornman9000 I don’t really know how to go to a tribe server or do much. Please help me

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