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We are the Anarchists. Join us. we are a mostly laid back tribe. We have one simple rule, don't take more then you give to the cause.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I am a verry good Farmer and pvper, I have about 600+ hours on pvp ark (Mostly small tribes) I am verry active and looking to join, At pvp I am verry good (Have won 1v1 against Bam), and farming I was the Main and best farmer in our tribe Mrconvas#4979
  3. Level 94 should be 100 soon , experienced player looking to get into a tribe again. Will help grind!!! I have some tames i can bring as well.
  4. Just looking for a tribe to help grind and do whatever needs to be done. Me and my boy have been having a fought time getting started so we figured why not join someone else. We don’t tolerate any insisting or scum stuff like that so that won’t be a problem.
  5. GT is Killigan1058 Just recently started getting into ark after a break and decided to try and join a mega. I can grind a lot but do unfortunately have school. I have about 1300~ hours on ark.
  6. Join I have played for two and a bit years just want to join a tribe
  7. Gt: WdRxGio I’m an active grinder and I have 60 days: )
  8. Gt is LinkedSentry U guys think I’m able to join u I’m a active player and a grinder
  9. Gt: Chaoscrafter94 Im a mid experienced player, i never was in a big tribe but i hope i can help your tribe out. I am ready to grind, tame and rise babys.
  10. GT Ausaris Experienced player. I personally prefer taming and breeding, though I'm willing to do anything to benefit the tribe. I can also bring two other (potentially three) players along, they're good players and longtime friends of mine.
  11. GT- PWPreston I am a 13 year old in the Uk I am mainly good at doing pvp but I am down to grind whenever needed
  12. StarChamp06 I am a medium-skilled player, I am quite good at PvP and raiding. I enjoy farming, and will help this tribe get materials fast. I am not a big material spender. I am fairly decent at negotiating and building peace with other tribes. I am a determined player, when I want a good tame, I look for 150s and won't even settle for 145. On the downside, I'm not too great at breeding or raising babies, it's not my strong suit and I don't have the time. My Game-tag is StarChamp06, and my Username on Ark is Plague Doctor. Can you guys let me know what server you are on? Also do you have a
  13. DeadlyHenry101 I have been playing for three years, I have been in a few tribes in the past, nothing much. I am not great at fighting but I’ll work hard
  14. GT: Hman2411 Very experienced in breeding and taming. Anything you need I can breed. Also a massive grinder I spend about 8-10 hrs a day online. I’m lvl 80 add me on xbox to talk further thx.
  15. DeadlyHenry101 DeadlyHenry101
  16. GT: Lil oozy Fart Experienced player (1k hours) on Xbox. My tribes server got wiped by a bigger tribe of the name roadhouse but had a lot of fun and I pulled my weight all the way till the end.
  17. Gt: leapedsum158373 Lvl 98 with tek
  18. GT- UppedSpy3730209 Very experienced player in large tribes grinding, building, breeding, and pvp from back in the day. Returning to the game so not much experience on the newer maps.
  19. Gamertag Cluelesssnow440
  20. GT: SmackAMooCow SmackAMooCow
  21. Gt : Opticgamer56 .
  22. GT: MaCaRoNi111 20 y/o experienced in large tribes in the past. I have all DLC and enjoy breeding the most, can do anything for the tribe. Discord: Smokebandit
  23. GT: TOXIC DR4GONZz Been playing ark since the release on Xbox. Experienced in PvP, grinding and breeding, looking for a tribe. Dm on discord - TOX1C DR4GONZz#4789

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