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We are the Anarchists. Join us. we are a mostly laid back tribe. We have one simple rule, don't take more then you give to the cause.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. My gt is Yogerz .
  3. GT made black man Here and ready to grind
  4. GT Goosekrook My gamer tag is Goosekrook on Xbox1. Looking to be recruited. I’m good at scouting, as well as breeding and taming. I can also grind a good bit. I don’t have a mic, but can talk in chat.
  5. Gamertag I’m interested in joining your tribe and am ready to be recruited. I’ve been playing for years and am trustworthy. I can also help with whatever needs to be done. Thanks. Gamertag is kiIIstreax Note: the I’s are capital i’s
  6. I'm ready to be recruited Good evening, I'm interested in being recruited and joining the tribe. My GT is KSI 75th Ranger. Thanks.
  7. Gt ready to be recruit Gt: killer wizard23 all ways on ark I'm great at pvp and taming
  8. Gt is LEWDxWRLD I’ve been playing since before scorched transfer
  9. GT is D000nT RagE have around 800 hours on the game and looking to get back into official
  10. Gt D000nT RagE looking to be recruited have a level 78 character that i just started and looking to get back in to official
  11. gamer tag is DeclaringRock38
  12. My gamertag is UrbaneChimera86
  13. My gamertag is UrbaneChimera86
  14. Gt Hellraiserrhys Hellraiserrhys
  15. My GT is PeakBoat5882833, I would also like to know what server you guys use?
  16. Can I join your tribe if so what server? Gamer tag is ttvtyler02
  17. OzieSniper123
  18. What Servers do you use.
  19. GT: Spartacus0069 I have been playing for a couple years and my wife started playing a few months ago. We specialize in the gathering of metal and production of ingot. Normally work best on our own but are looking for a tribe. Let us know if we can help.
  20. I have been playing for 3 years and have 1500 hours
  21. Hello, my new GT is tishtashtush. I have a new account, I got locked out my old Microsoft account. To have a look at my 6 yezrs of game experience my old GT is MadamSeniorita. I have been playing ark for a couple of months and have already gained à lot of experience because I do my research. I can level from 0 to 40 in 3 hours +/- and would be able to level up faster with others (killing alpha's is almost impossible alone). After that levelling up slows down, I want to start building à fort but never have enough time or resources to do it all alone. I'm looking for an active tribe that I can help build a fort with and take on bigger dino's. I know the Island map back to front, but am less familiar with others.
  22. EndingBullet794
  23. Gt:Leon4rdo2002 DLCs: aberration and Extinction msg me for details and rules I need to know
  24. Im hoping to join your tribe. Got over a year experience with ark. Gt is XxPuReEmperorxX. INV on Xbox when you can. Thank you
  25. My GT is ScaryKitten1302. I already dm'd you but I forgot to check my messages until last night. I'll be honest, I'm fairly new, bought the game a month ago and just started pvp a week ago. I play everyday when I get off in the morning or in the evening before work. I'm constantly watching videos and reading. I'm not good yet but I'm working on it everyday. I'm willing to pay my dues to earn my place in the tribe and I believe I could become an asset in the near future. I've got a couple pteranodons I've gotta download in the morning so I could go ahead and transfer to the appropriate server if you accept me and let me know in time where to go
  26. Gt: PikachuGames5894 Discord: PikachuGames#3443 Dm me if I'm in so I know and can try to get better again
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