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***# Dear survivors! # We are happy to announce that our tribe started recruiting for the center! Our tribe name is going to N1MED.We are recruiting from scratch but that's alright. # What do we offer you? # • Experienced owner. • 100% chance of succeeding in our goal(taking over the center) • Personal rooms, personal tames and different caves/base spots for different parts of the tribe. • Friendly tribe with nice owner, admins and leaders. • No weeklys and low weeklys at the start(then we will have low weeklys to maintain our base and everything) • Being able to get promoted(there are some tribe you can stay in as just a member forever) • FFA Dinos(Free For All), breeders and crafters who will be able to help you with your needs • 100lvl and bosses (as soon as possible) • Decent plan of taking over the server • No kicking unreasonably for jokes, or arguing (you can still get a warning for beefing, offensive language and etc) # What do we expect from you? # • As all other ark tribes we expect from you loyalty • Be friendly to your tribemates(No killing each other and beefing there may be some exceptions) • Be active or quite active(we are going to need people for defending our base) • Be online at the launch of the map(this one is very important but there are might be some exceptions) • Farm weeklys(when we will have weeklys).If you didn't manage to get everything by the time don't worry you will be given extra time. • No stealing.No cryopoding other people's Dinos without their permission # If you wanna join send me or @m8x1mum a direct message. Good luck*** #


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