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(PS4)Tell us about yourself: PSN, age, timezone, past tribes and servers you been. We openly recruit loyal, active ppl. Dont be insider and you will find home here. TO reach out leave apply here or reach out on discord to WildGigaOp and Zikos3866!!!!!


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  2. 20 years old, been playing on and off since about 2016-17 with about 1500+ hours logged mainly on xbox one but am on PS5 now. Have always usually been with mates but was in a sister tribe of French touch for a few months.
  3. Hello there I am kjaradeh on PS5 and PROSKULL on discord, I have 400 hours and had a couple breaks over 5 years. I am mainly a grinder, but unfortunately not good at pvp. I am almost active all year. I have beaten the island, ragnorak, and aberration.
  4. Hello there I'm bigchef11 ps5 and @demon1chef on discord I'm 40 yo I'm new to the game but I'm a grinder just looking for a good group with chilli vibes and fun times
  5. I'm 32 yo. Pacific standard time, I'm a grinder and pvper. I usually join random ppl on unofficial servers usually leaving after a first raid. I have 4k hours on ark. I love the game, trying to join a big tribe to go official.
  6. I am 33 years old. I’m new to ASA online but 150+ hours on single player. Never been in a tribe before. I am located in Australia.
  7. Hi my name is faisal playing from the middle east. 35 yo played the original game for 2000+hrs mostly with mega tribes allied with SC. Haven’t left a tribe just been merging tribes several times till i quit the game for IRL stuff. Looking to get back on PS5 ASA. Currently lvl77 solo bob . PSN: Faisal__89_
  8. Tribes first one was an alpha alliance, tribe name Sleeping dragons, server got wiped moved about an ended up in a sister tribe to umbrella corp the mega tribe but got bored was nothing to really to do logged over 1000 hours mostly in pvp server numbers honestly can't remember but i think 308 NA center was my first. I've played on the first 4 maps that ever came out . Age 25. Time zone UK. PSN name Gandhi_FlipFlop3 but due to setting can't be reached over PSN. I'm looking for an EU official Scorched earth ASA server PVE tribe that's just started out or are not very far in. A tribe with mics that speak English would be preferred
  9. PS5: Lukemorris55 Age: 27 1600 hours, been in a few alphas over the years. Haven’t ever left a tribe on bad terms (or left at all for that matter) we’ve just been wiped in the past and have taken breaks before playing again. Always played official PvP. Happy to build, farm, breed, scout. Just want to be able to grind the game again - (very) active player.
  10. hi i’m denis gamertag qSaqura on ps5 im 21 years old having been play ark since ark 1 have over 700days played on xbox moved to ps5 on ark 2 have 600 hours haven’t played offical since ark 1 just been playing player dedi im ready for a grind in from australia 🇦🇺 looking forward to playing cheers 👍
  11. my application hi my name is denis i’m 21 years of age gamertag is qSaqura on ps5 im from xbox have over 700 days played on xbox and about 500 hours now on ps5 i haven’t played offical on this new ark so happy to get back in been playing player dedi am a serious playing im from australia 🇦🇺 thanks guys looking forward to talking 👍
  12. I’m a pve player looking for pvp or pve players I have 800+ hours looking to get back into it I can raise anything fast cause I know tricks let me know if your interested
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