Are you looking for a particular tutorial on how to mod something in ARK and haven't been able to find one yet?

The Modding Tutorial Bounty Board is a way for both experienced and new modders to influence the kinds of tutorials the community produces. Submit a bounty request, and if it's added to the bounty board, Wildcard will offer a cash incentive for other mod authors to create a tutorial for it.

The bounties will have a cash value assigned to them, based on expected difficulty, when added to the board. Mod authors can make and submit their tutorials to me in order to claim these bounties and their cash rewards. Submitting bounties:
If a tutorial you desire is not present on the bounty board, scroll down to the next post to find the submission form. Look in the dropdown to see if a request for the subject is already present and if so, select it and submit the form. When submitting the form with an option from the list, it increases the demand rating for that tutorial, I look at these ratings at the end of the month when I determine which requests to add to the board. If the subject you are looking for is not present in either the board or the drop-down, add it to the text entry and submit the form (Make sure the drop-down is set to "My desired tutorial is not listed" or your request will not make it onto the list.)

Complex requests may get split into multiple smaller bounties depending on the number of topics that would actually be covered by it. This increases the likelihood that all of the relevant information will actually get tutorials made as it no longer would require a single person to have all of the information.

Claiming bounties:
Mod authors who want to submit a tutorial to claim a bounty should send an email to [email protected], include a link to the tutorial and make the email subject line "Tutorial Bounty Claim: <bountyID>". Only the author of a tutorial can use it to claim the bounty.
I will review the tutorial to ensure that it satisfies the expectations of the bounty. In the event of multiple submissions for the same bounty, the tutorial of higher quality and clarity will claim the bounty.