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  2. Cymas

    Falling behind

    I suppose the other element to progress is to not build where alphas can spawn, lol. Hopefully by now you've learned the value of a safety perimeter. I actually dealt with this myself yesterday, in the process of moving bases and part of my new yard is not secured. Lost my new, breeding-quality spino to a 145 alpha carno last night because I didn't check the level and panicked a little at it getting too close to my utility animals. Went back to finish it off with my ugly rex, arrived just as a friend last hit it with their wyvern, bye bye exp...and spino. Hadn't lost one in combat in ages. So, it can happen to anyone really, sometimes Ark just really doesn't want you to have nice things. That's actually one of the reasons why it's so common to find bases built either on top of things, or in easily defensible locations like valleys. A beach is very exposed and on a server, is easy to grief by a player when the game isn't busy griefing you itself. In fact one of my main bases was once on top of Weathertop, the region above where you are now. If you can build up on top there it's a great spot, but very popular and not uncommon for a tribe to stake a claim there. I'm on Ragnarok now, at the top of the sandstone cliffs but there's a bit of snow above me and animals can fall in on one side. I'm still moving and haven't walled that side off yet, which is how the carno got in. But, while my perimeter is not secured my tames are now, for the most part. I would still caution against doing a lot of breeding or other resource intensive things until you're in a better position as far as level and tames go. With cryopods taming is a breeze so it would be well worth using them to increase your combat presence and lower the risk of anything else wrecking your base/tames. I would actually recommend a high level tapejara as well, it has less combat presence than an argent but a two seater saddle and can land vertically, great for taming when you have a partner. I would also in this case second what someone else said about buying tames. I tried to do it on my server and ended up getting the animals myself until I'm better established. But buying a few older boss bred rexes would give you a huge advantage and probably won't be hugely expensive.
  3. Monde

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Well this weekend was a big ARK weekend, once I got back from work. I continued building out my base and collecting materials.....at the moment I am super bored with collecting materials. I need copious amounts of Iron so its a Pop across to The Island. Port to the bed in the Hidden Lake. Hop on Argy, collect Anky, fly to Mountain, Mine, bring metal back, drop in beacon, pop back to Rag, collect metal out of beacon, carry to base and smelt. I feel like I did that 100 MILLION times. However my base is looking amazing. On one of the trips I spotted a Black 193 Griffin which I had to have. So I built a taming base in the one waterfall cave near to the Griffin spawn (the base has a fridge, generator, bed etc etc). Went and killed a gazillion sheep for Mutton. Got back and tamed said Griffin. Then back to Building the base. Oops there is a level 200 Alpha Rex below my base so, as you do, I tag teamed my 2 Argies and Griffin to kill it. When their health was low I took them back and swapped to the next one, 2 healing while one fights. That took a while but Rag is now minus one lvl 200 Alpha Rex........and you guessed it back to material gathering. So tonight I might gather more or maybe gather more........
  4. SaltyMonkey

    Alliance Tribe War

    It was likely that the offending tribe that accepted the tribe war was an alt tribe of the attackers.
  5. ้ีีรีร้้้ืี่ร้ีี้่านนาาสบลา้ดะีจาสง

    What would you add?

    Jnk,khg. X,jkhhki, his?o,hki. Jbkscbc!
  6. ้ีีรีร้้้ืี่ร้ีี้่านนาาสบลา้ดะีจาสง

    What would you add?

    Fmfnugjjgumhvhmhvgbmgv Get my a game game of The Lego movie
  7. ้ีีรีร้้้ืี่ร้ีี้่านนาาสบลา้ดะีจาสง

    What would you add?

    Can I have Subway
  8. I love ark, but these bugs and glitches are out of god damn control, along with the complete lack of help in game in regards to controls, I want to know what the hell the devs are doing making new content when there is still broken content everywhere, whether it’s getting stuck inbetween 3 indestructible rocks, death markers not showing up at all, death loot glitching through the ground, Taming issues issues with loot or a thousand other things. It’s to the point where I literally can’t play with friends because they can’t be bothered playing for hours just to get stuck in a rock and unable to retrieve items, how has this game been around for so long but still feel like it’s in alpha, stop making new poop and fix what’s wrong. Hell I can’t even get care packages half of the time because they are glitched through rocks, or unable to tame things like hyienas because it glitches. Fix your goddamn game, it’s too good to leave in this poop state.
  9. Is it possible to run a Dedicated Server with the Windows 10 Version of Ark and playing at the same time on this Server with my Xbox Version of the game?
  10. The last thing this game needs is another feature creep. The initial Early Access feature creep ruined the technical quality of the game to the point ARK will never be fixed without rewritting entire game's code. If you plan to add new features, for sake of the game don't add such redundant things like a toilet or a camera or another useless creature. Granted, it's good to see WC has bagun regular communication after so long. We will see how long it will last.
  11. I agree. It’s been a while. We have the same game. Paid the same money for it and dlc. Fresh servers would great.
  12. It hasn't been over a month since Classic launched it has been 3 weeks. Classic launched April 2nd.
  13. Weiss

    Favorite Small Dinos?

    Hard to decide, I like the cute jerboa look and they are important on SE. I really like featherlights - the design, the ability to tell max. dinos are around, as light source. They are beautiful. Dimorphs are awesome fighters as a flock. Easy tame, easy to breed, very useful especially in caves. Nice defense when you get pinned/stunned.
  14. I really hope that the solo/duo servers, If they get released, also come to console. I have to question my life when I’m considering buying a pc to be able to play some fresh ark servers. Rust doesn’t look to bad either 👍
  15. Kodking194

    Ark SubZero: A DLC Idea

    yeah my sister thinks they look creepy. my point is we cant make it look to scary.
  16. Weiss

    Base overrun by bred Rex's

    If you're on pve, please don't let them wander on agressive like suggested, especially not during the event. They might eat other people's knocked out dinos, and there's no way to stop them. I'd put grey saddles on them, throw in a tamed yuti and do gamma ape or brood. If you play on SE, build a trap, place the rexes inside an lure wyverns to them by stealing eggs. This way you might get good eggs or eggs for kibble, and talons for the manticore fight.
  17. Today
  18. Soultiger1000

    Map exploration will not save

    Not an answer I like to hear, but it is at least an answer. Thanks
  19. Lorischmid

    Looking to join

    Did you already accept me ? psn=luca-schmid
  20. Apollo1998

    Cannot Access Survivor After Server Roll Back

    I don't think there is a fix, its unfortunate honestly. I just hope they find a patch that makes sure this doesn't happen again. Did yours get deleted during a server roll back? Like it said you timed out along with everyone else in the server and you come back and it tells you to create a survivor or download one?
  21. Onimusha759

    Mutation Stacking Questions

    Once a baby has 20 or more mutations it, as a parent, is unable to give new 1s, thats a fact. It can be used to breed yes and to transfer its stats but it can never give a new mutation and every baby from it is also unable to give new mutations, this eliminates half your mutation chance when the egg is generated, thats a fact. If you use a parent with 20 or more mutations the only chance you have at getting a new mutation is with the other parent. The game checks both parents. During the egg generation process theres 3 times the game calculates a mutation probability, and it checks both parents. If 1s "full" you lose that halfs potential during these 3 periods of potential mutation which it turn halves your mutation probability which in turn doubles the amount of eggs youll most likely have to hatch. This is fact. Eventually though if you continue breeding youll have to do it with 1 parent full, i know this, but its best to take advantage of both parents as long as possible. Now if theres an exploit, or im misinformed then id gladly listen to these work arounds. I also must thank you because ive consider the math and decided to not do a pure line, which i never would of figured out ithout you making me do the math, so thank you.
  22. WilliamMichell

    Game Load Order

    I don't know how hard coded the load order of the game is but from what I can tell right now it is: 1- Mesh 2- Scenery 3- Dinos (not sure if wild and tame load at the same time) 4- Players 5- Structures I suggest swapping 3- Dinos and 5- Structures which would in theory reduce the number of wild dinos moving into your base whilst your still waiting to load into the game in. I would also like to see a delay on Dino Spawn of a few extra seconds (maybe 30 seconds) to enable the players to be able to fully interact with the environment to deal with any stray dinos that have spawned into your base whilst you was offline.
  23. Maverick81PL


    more... Like 10 patches. Game on switch is based on old version.
  24. BubbaCrawfish


    Don't think so, and I don't think there's anything close to them on there... https://ark.gamepedia.com/The_Center#Creatures
  25. MykTronic

    Falling behind

    Hey guys thanks for all the feedback! We currently now are thriving a bit better. Part of our problem was that Alphas kept spawning in our base or nearby, we created more plant x and balanced out. We are on the west rocky beach next to the bay at south zone 3. Part of my frustration was just we had a few unlucky weeks of all our favorites getting killed including all our Xmas colored dinos sans one random lystosaurus we had. We are up and running with electricity now and traded with a bigger tribe for a couple cryopods so we can actually have a baby survive now. I’m actually really happy with our house, and our small and medium pens. My husband and I actually play together on separate ps4s on side by side tvs. Resources were never a par of our problem in keeping our Dinos alive we lucked out early on and got some pretty good Therins. But trying to do anything else was a real struggle until we were able to rebuild after a 150 alpha raptor followed immediately by a 90 alpha Carno then a cherry on top Rex swept through our base a couple months ago which took out most of our highest tames including all our argys. We are now back up and flying and are doing -okay-. I’ll try and post some pics of our base thanks again for all the help guys!
  26. FrostyMadManVita

    bug using mana on islandmap

    This poop just happened to me, 100% imprinted mana with a 124 armor saddle. Pure bs.
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