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  2. othe kena duniya nhi bas thi othe kena duniya nhi bas thi
  3. I hope that when this new map does come out for us console players, it doesn't crash to home screen after X amount of time, like Ragnarok does. I absolutely love the Ragnarok map, but get annoyed at all the ill-timed crashes. As my friend would say: "Fix your sh*t (Ragnarok performance in this case) before releasing new content!" i
  4. So I tamed 4 allos and a rex and a spino... raised them to finest......FOR NO REASON!?
  5. Will the Deinonychus be available on other maps
  6. Well for console players we probably won't see this map until September or October 😂😂. Remember how many times ragnarok was delayed on console. When will you fix the artifact spawning on ragnarok there's 20 artifacts of the immune in the dark cave near the swamp castle? The artifact of the strong there's like 15 spawning inside of the world.
  7. Valguero Aberration Trench But No Drakes? What? Why create an aberration trench that's 1/4 of the size of the map, make it sound and look incredible, then just remove rock drake eggs from spawning? I don't understand why this decision was made, especially considering that there is at least a wyvern trench with (presumed) wyvern eggs. If the reasoning is to not give players a free Aberration DLC, why even bother including an Aberration trench to begin with? You hyped up so many people to just let many down with that removed feature.
  8. Themed events are what I would love to see and to be able to have the items and dinos persist on unofficial servers since the last few events had the items completely despawn at the end of the event. A lot of decorative items would be great I loved my zombie taverns till a Xbox glitch wiped my servers but definitely persistent items.
  9. Great a new map 😃,but you are having it come out in a month for console completely taking away the new experience for console players as we will have to watch videos to learn about the map otherwise we will fall behind, plus meshing ain’t fixed soooo rip
  10. First of all, why are you releasing new content for a game that already has a plethora of issues that 4 years since its release still causes major problems like the one I’m currently experiencing with no news may I add? ( My server kicked everyone out and disappeared 9 hours ago in a middle of nowhere and whilst my Dino was due a last imprint 7 hours ago ). Secondly, I understand why us console players have to wait a little bit longer cause of hardware limitations associated with them but why not announce the map when it becomes ready for all platforms? And Lastly, So does that mean we still need tek engrams to create cryopods and fridges?
  11. What's ur argument here? Once transfers open up it's going to be subject to whatever is already in the clusters.. Extinction is more broken then Ragnarok what are you even talking about. Thousands of element per day on a casual 2x session with insane bps from soloable red OSDs. Nothing compares.
  12. No Titans On VALGUERO Valguero is such a beautiful map and it should be that way with no titans on it so people can show off their creative side and build massive bases on this map and not worry about titans. I get the part of if you dont like it go to pve but honestly what use is a titan on pve! Titans should just not be able to go to the new map so people can really show off there offense and defense in pvp and pve! If you agree respond 1 If you do not agree respond 2
  13. Can we fix the falling thru the map issues? Specifically the daeodon room. Riot shield was up, and I got pushed thru the corner walls and floor and fell to a dark place of nothingness. Not fair. It’s the third time I’ve fallen thru the map. Which is wasting amber, time and resources when I die. Not fun.
  14. Shows that there are no servers I can access. Please fix this
  15. community crunch# 135 states that top 30 most popular legacy servers wont see a wipe lets stick to that deal WC ...think of all that $$ you will lose if legacy never bought a dlc ...
  16. Yutyrannus Falling Unconscious So, I can't find any help on this topic. I've just tamed a level 41 Yutyrannus and it won't stop going unconscious. Itamed it in a winter mountain (Lat 14 Lon 30) on The Island map. I've brought him to my base which is located on the beach (Lat 80 Lon 40). I've given him Stimulate mix, which didn't work. I'm unable to turn off auto courage mode because he falls back asleep too quick. He's got a saddle on and I cant even ride him. His stamina is also staying at zero, but that's the only effected stat besides torpidity. I'm a local player so I'm not worried about him being nuked or killed. The noise he's making is just killing my ears. I play on PS4 if there's a difference. Anyone have any advice? TIA
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