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  2. The same for me. Now I wonder how long we will wait for WC fixing it... I bet WEEKS. What a bunch of idiots... no, really, ARK's code must be so messed that when they try to add stupid colored dinos and skins, they ruin some S+ items... WTH??!
  3. AnakaroGaming

    pve Ragnarok / The Island server cluster!

  4. The last 2 weeks id say we have had at least 5 baby/ juvenile gigas starve with troughs right next to them and some with food still in the inventory. We have also had adult gigas get bloody and refuse to eat off troughs or their inventories. Wish they wc would fix this since it is so time consuming to raise
  5. Draggnlady

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    I would just like to say yes prim is still broken but wc has taken a positive step forward. You can put things in a forge but the forge doesn’t cook it. To me that’s a step forward. As far as I can tell nothing in prim got broken with the update. So in my eyes at least they are trying. As far as the egg event after the valentines event breaking prim further I’m good with them not attempting to add it to prim. I’d hate to see forward progress broken because of crazy colored Dino’s and Easter eggs.
  6. WitchesTwex

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    I think the direction the changes have taken is completely wrong, overly excessive and short sighted. Instead of just cutting down damage/distance (taking the easy path) why not try changing the interactions? What if when a target was frozen they automatically healed like a snow-owl alt, and the act of freezing a target would take some % instant stam drain from the mana, so the mana could only 'attack' in short bursts, or heal intentionally their target first before being able to perform extended damage (30s) before intentionally healing their target more. If the healing was directly proportional to the stam level of the mana, then for high-stam mana's chances are they may never be able to kill a well armored target - forcing a balance between stam and melee points so that damage ultimately exceeds healing. I think this would negate a lot of the main gripes I've read about the mana's breath ability, and also might allow wc to restore the mana enough so that we can actually use it to fight the titans like it was (more than likely) designed for, and which it just can't do anymore.
  7. Melcreif

    tame oviraptor

    What are you using? Typically a low level CB works just fine I never have issues killing them and it just takes a few arrows.
  8. fabiana

    tame oviraptor

    I'm trying to tame an oviraptor but I'm in trouble, every time I end up killing him, someone has a tip to not kill him
  9. Someone probably complained about you to their admin friend. Me and my tribe got dev raided on no tech no tame. We invited a new player in, the player apparently didn't like us but liked our BPs, so they placed spike walls on the spawn locations at all the edge 4 spawns on aberration. Placed them so when you spawn in it would insta kill you, left the tribe then got a hold of their admin pal. Who then wiped us, took all of our BPs and then gave them to his player pal, who then left the server. This was also on official and no word of a lie but the day after Christmas lol. So it could very well be a crooked admin.
  10. fabiana

    How to tranq a Kairuku

    this information will help me a lot, I also had these problems
  11. fabiana

    Imprinting as a solo tribe

    I play alone and the pokeballs have helped me a lot.
  12. fabiana

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    today I'm excited about the Easter event, I hope I can do more than last year
  13. fabiana

    How many hours have you played for?

    3800 in about 3 years
  14. fabiana

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    I also saw this in pve, I would very much like to know the answer
  15. Melcreif

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    You could b You could be right. Maybe they weren't in a tribe. I'd think they'd say owned by Bob or something like that? Who knows. Good test I guess LOL.
  16. ARK YGGDRASIL COMMUNITY NEW! Shigo Islands - Survival Plus Server added 17/4/19 WEBSITE http://www.ark-yggdrasil.com x3 Taming, Gathering, XP + Breeding We are a group of players who used to play on official and we started our servers to create a nice community gaming environment for players to come and have fun. We have a Discord Channel and active admins and also a great community along with a Website (http://www.ark-yggdrasil.com) and Forums. We have been running our servers since October 2017. We have a great community and do a lot events that players can sign up to on our website. The server forums are also open for players to vote and have their say on how we run the servers. We do a lot of things as a community and are currently enjoying the Survival Plus server where we can trade and play together. The server has an Auction House mod that allows you to buy adn sell goods to other players in the community. You are allowed to pick 3 professions when you reach level 30 on our server To Join Our Survival + Server Click The Banner Below MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OUR MODS BELOW BEFORE JOINING (So you don't timeout). DISCORD CHANNEL (CLICK TO JOIN US ON DISCORD) Server Mods ALTERNATIVELY CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ALL THE MODS WE USE ON ALL OUR SEERVERS THROUGH STEAM Please send me a private message on the forums if you have any questions or you can chat to me directly on the website (http://www.ark-yggdrasil.com) or Discord - https://discord.gg/QYuBXEd. Look forward to playing some Survival Plus Ark with you Server Settings Number of Professions = 3 Experience = x3 Taming = x3 Harvesting = x3 Difficulty = Level 1-150 wild dinos Egg Hatching = x10 Maturing = x3 Third Person Mode = Enabled Crosshairs = Enabled Friendly Fire = Enabled Floating Damage Text = Enabled Map Location = Enabled Battleye Anti-Cheat = Enabled Dino Decay = x6 Structure Decay = x4
  17. lixuancao62

    Do in store brought plant give you potent dust

    Thank (mobile platform) for the tip
  18. Melcreif

    Anyone tested turrets with the new patch?

    What is rocket running exactly? I've heard people talk about it but I have no idea what that is!
  19. Kai0098

    Mantis Issues After Update

    I would just like to ask if there are any updates in store for Ark on Nintendo Switch? Or should I cut my losses?
  20. Rancor


    No quetz?!?! Seriously? With lack of everything else no quetz!?
  21. Today
  22. Snaiperiska91

    Rocket Run Prevention Tips?

    Hey RasFW. my brother and me would like to join your server:D i read one of you messages before, wher you wrote, that we should contact you, if we are interessted. hope to see you soon ingame.:D greetings severin
  23. FlyAshFlexum

    pve Friendly PvE Server Open

    Yeah I would definitely like to know the same! I am looking for a home just like the neebs guys or like Syntac and the boys! Please let me know!
  24. NumberVIIIAxel

    Game breaking bugs...

    Sounds like something you would expect from some 10 year old squeaker admin salty about something rather than an official GM. Sad.
  25. odysseyman1969

    Where i will be tonight on ark

    I'll be on in about that time. Between 1h 25m and 2hrs. My psn is odysseyman1969. I have to pick up my ps4 cord from my sisters and then pick up a new motor mount for my truck.
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