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  2. better come back when meshing is fixed, wild card added dinos and tools to easily mesh with. i heard they do work on a fix though.
  3. Honestly I think there's just not enough information at the moment to conclusively know the premise of Genesis. If you recall at the end of Extinction, the last thing our character did was get their implant removed. Then, in the Genesis trailer, the first thing our character did was inspect their arm to find no implant. Then, at the very end of Extinction, you have the scene we know for a fact shows Aberration having crashed after the reseed protocol. If Genesis really does take place before Extinction (and the reseed protocol), then why even keep that scene in the game if it thereby has no relevance? I dunno, to me it just seems like Wildcard is trying to visually insinuate that Genesis takes place after Extinction. I could always be wrong, though. Again, some of this is just speculation. All we really know is that Helena is sending us to some (broken?) simulation with a robotic companion based somewhat off herself. And then that's it. We have a few vague descriptions of some of the creatures, and Helena appears to be communicating with something, but I don't think there's enough info yet to know anything about what the simulation is or was intended for, where and when Genesis takes place, exactly what Helena's endgame is (other than that she's trying to train us for something called "The arrival"), if the Aberration scene in Extinction has anything to do with it, or anything else. We can just guess for now. That being said, I kind of like the idea of Rockwell having some antagonistic role in Genesis Part 1.
  4. Survivor malfunction? I am unable to sleep in a bed or simply log off of the game, my character must be killed in order to log back in successfully. If I lay on a bed or simply just log out without killing my character when I return to the game the ping is 255 and I get a connection time out message. However if I kill my character then log out when I get back on I can random spawn kill my character and then spawn at my base and everything is fine..This also makes it difficult for me to transfer with items on my inventory because the same thing happens. In order for me to transfer servers I must upload everything into ark data random spawn on the new map kill my character, then spawn at the base. Please help I've put in many tickets!
  5. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster This weekend I managed to finally start transferring all of my dinos and stuff from my Valguerro base in the aberration zone, over to my preferred base location near the spire along the lake. It is a large flat space, so I started building a medium sized barn. I got it all done except the roof, which I will need to do, as this cluster allows dino pick up, and I'm wary of some troll picking up and moving my small dinos. I got all the necessary appliances installed except for a cooker, which I will do later. I transferred all of the resources and nearly everything else from the underground location. Just have some more artifacts back at the old location. I then transferred over some of my Reapers from Abberration, so I now have about 15 Reapers on Valguerro. I will use some of them to fight the broodmother, along with my Megatheriums. Over on Abberration, I ran into a cold streak with the Reapers, only getting normal looking babies, and finding fewer and fewer Queens. On Friday the server event was switched to Easter, so I had hoped for some cool colored babies, but I ended up only getting 2 colored babies out of 6-7 pregnancies, and the colors were boring. So I took a break and went looking for shine horns or other cool dinos. I decided I wanted some cool high level Abberrant Spinos, so I kept looking until i got back up into the Green zone along the river. I ended up finding and taming a pair of near max level Spinos. After demolishing my trap, it got dark very quickly, but I noticed a fire in the distance, so I made my way over to it. The name of the tribe was new to me, and the base was unfinished and mostly made from thatch walls. So I called out in chat since I could tell the person was online. A moment later the person arrived back at their base. naked with no light (in the dark of Abberration) I asked them if they were new, and he said yes, just started that day. He asked me a few questions, as he hadn't played in many months, and had forgotten how to tame dinos. He also noticed my Owl, and wondered how I got one. I told him that this is a 3 map cluster, and that I transferred over the Owl from another map that I had tamed it on. And that flyers were allowed on this map. I then went thru my inventory and dumped a bunch of stuff for him. (I had been hitting drops while searching for Spinos) I didn't give him anything OP, since I want him to work a little, but certainly enough stuff to make his life easier. He said thank you and I was off back to my base. I then hit the Drake trench and came away with about 16 eggs, including about 5 very high level eggs, and one that was I hoped a cool event colored one. Got back to base and transferred the eggs to Ragnarok, as I have a drake capable hatchery already built there. Hatched up the 5 high level eggs, and got 2 sets of twins, and I was correct about the color event egg, as it was bright blue and pink with black just like the one I killed while stealing it. One other was a bright green with Yellow. So I spent the rest of the evening raising and imprinting those, while working on my Rag base. I tamed a max level colored Anky, as I needed one for Valguerro, and I also went out and tamed some max level veloansaurs. I was really lucky, and found 2 max females and 1 max male in less than 30 minutes (The velos were added to the Rag desert) I plan on bring some Velos along with my Rexes and Yuty, next time I do the Rag bosses. Finally I was exhausted and logged off for the weekend.
  6. @Thyme is correct. Official maps are known for having lower levels with very few reaching max, while the mod maps tend to have higher chances of higher levels. Though there are those that would argue that the low levels found on Official Maps are the way to go. It takes much longer to catch the number of max level for breeding thus extending the life of the game and the difficulty of it. On the opposite side of the spectrum however, there are many of those that like the officially added mod maps because of the higher levels. They are able to play with breeding a superior line easier because of it. Which may also be one of the reason that unofficial server owners tend to incorporate the creatures from other maps. It makes it easier to find them if you know the spawn zone they were added too and the chances of find one of max level increases dramatically. I have spent entire days on Aberration looking for 1 max level creature only to find it in the matter of an hour on the other maps if you kill off enough fo the creatures in the surrounding area to get it to spawn in on one of the mod maps. That said, I do not know what it would mean if they "corrected" it at this point. Would they bring the chances on Official up or the chances on the Unofficially added maps down?
  7. Few returnee and pvp newbie questions Hi, i have returned to ark after few years of break (back then i played PvE) - so im kinda returnee, kinda new to PvP - and i have few questions about current game state and general mechanics. 1) Is imprinting of dinos such pain in the a.. as it was before? Where you basically had to be online every 4 hours, no matter you had real life (job, need of sleep, social life, etc.), or is there some way to fully imprint dino without need to sacrifice all your life to this game? 2) I saw some pvp videos, where guys with 1500+ armor in flak just ran to base and C4ed it, while wall of 20+ auto turrets did little to no damage to him, even tho it was shooting quite long to them - is this a thing in official pvp servers, or was it thing of unofficial or alredy patched up? 3) Generally - Are rexes still go to dinos for boss fights, or did meta switch? Saw some vids with therizinos and i know about megatheriums for BM. 4) If auto turret has something blocking it from shooting to target (spike wall for example) - will it stop shooting, or will it deplete all its ammo into blockage? 5) Can you somehow limit range of your dinos when they are atacked - when someone is offline raiding you and and you dont want them to lead your dinos completely away, but you want them to move (so you dont overweight them). 6) Are "wild dino bombs" still a thing? 7) If you are in tribe and transfer to another server, then transfer back, will you be back in original tribe, or you need to get invited into it again? Thanks for any answers
  8. It's been a while, but in the beginning days of the early access, when no wiki or reliable information was out... - Didn't knew how to keep a tame uncouncious, so we were shooting it with tranq arrows as required.... - Eating narcoberries... - Freaking out the first time you see a rex... - Opening my mouth in global chat & KoS everything and everyone.... - Dismounting mid-air without a parachute.... - Caving without proper gear.... (old cave models had plenty of invisible walls/cliffs) - Some idiot in our tribe suggested the idea that creatures could only be level 30 max (wild/tamed levels included) and thus we wasted hours taming lvl 1 garbages.
  9. We've already paid for the game, Wildcard already has our money. Plus they actually want to get rid of all official servers, as it is just added cost and headache to them. WC would prefer that everyone play Unofficial, so they could just close down their servers.
  10. Rework servers save system Completely rework servers save system to avoid save lag
  11. Completely rework servers save system to avoid save lag
  12. 1 Old rare bug (almost from the moment of their appearance) 2 No such problems
  13. Dinos not respawning My friends and I have an extra Xbox One which runs our dedicated server. We've been playing for about two weeks, and have noticed dinos are not respawning. The only settings that have been altered are taming and stamina on character dinos, and I haven't seen any spawn bugs associated with these settings in any forum yet. We are trying to figure out how to ensure we have some dinos on the server. Any help would be great.
  14. One point is nothing. I sat there and dumped 80 points in speed instead of melee on one of my rexes. He rarely gets the kill, but he's the first one into the fight everytime.
  15. Today
  16. Essential Improvements When huge game titles like Call of Duty are released they can be plagued with connection issues, lag and frame rate problems. The first thing that happens is a community wide out cry followed by the developers responding and correcting the issues, wholly or in most part as is technically possible. Wild Card continues to focus on new content, while current content is lacking to say the least, the game DOES NOT WORK as intended. A day doesn't pass without a disconnection or huge lag spikes, the place is rife with duplicated items and meshing is prevalent. My suggestion is this... put every single developer on the task of fixing the game, start with the lag and connection issues, then the meshing and finally wipe the whole place back to day 1 to eradicate the duping frenzy. I'm assuming the connection issues are hardware based, upgrade to the best servers you can afford. Meshing, I have no answers, maybe the second a player is outside the map, they instantly die or a similar effect to being outside the confines of extinction. And duping, the only way to solve this is a reset. Unless Wild Card can figure a work around, but for now, start with making the game playable. Or... the community need to organise, plan a strike/boycott. Watch the response when they have zero players one weekend. That's the only way to get their attention.
  17. I play Primitive+ as my local game on PS4, and confirm that since last update (Genesis notes?) all my Primitive structures and engrams are gone - as if nothing from the mod has loaded in. Vanilla stuff still there. Bring it back please.
  18. Beautiful colors on that tape, well done! As for the swamp cave, may I suggest trying it with a megatherium. Arthros can't reach you directly with their spit and you can navigate the whole cave from it whitout having to cryo it (besides the entrance). 2 spots specifically will require some elbow grease to fit the damn thing but it's so easy to handle the rest of the cave.
  19. If we are talking about usefulness and not just fun factors ect, theri is far more useful. For some baffling reason, wardrum did not add the boss fights from PC/Console Ark that are a major part of the game and getting Tek Engrams. This is where Rex's shine. Boss fights. Which don't exist in Ark mobile. Theri gets tons of flowers, fiber, wood, meat, hide as I'm sure you know.
  20. Been a few weeks since I posted here but I made plenty of progress. As for my solo series, I am coming along very well on Aberration and I'm almost ready to take on Rockwell (gamma). - Built a tek replicator along with a proper base. - Bred so megalosaurus for a trip down in the red (drake eggs) - Hatched and raised a dozen 180+ rock drakes. (A 185 hatched at 380% melee!) - Got my hands on a first trash reaper, from a 85 queen. - Also gave birth later on this week to a 220 reaper (from a 145 queen). - Crafted a cloning chamber, for the upcoming reaper army. Just need to place the damn thing properly.... Regarding the solo video recordings, I did a few more, yet to be published : - Beta Broodmother. - Beta Megapithecus. - Gamma dragon. As for the ice themed map, I'll pause the work on it for now due to IRL constraints. In fact, I'm looking to change jobs and will undertake classes in cyberscurity at the university this winter. Cheers!
  21. hy all. Im really disappointed by this server's closing situation. I spent money , i worked hard and now all is gone ! I dont think this is accettable at all and so i invite Game Masters to reconsider a valid payback for this situation, as money,resources ambras etc If you keep on with this, you will loose players and incoming. Best regards
  22. this was planned but has not been implemented. Was expecting this to come with Homestead update. would be great if we could get this in official.
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