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  2. Valguero for Hardcore Will we get the new map on official hardcore?
  3. The update only set back the game. Server restarts every minute or so. I gave up and probably gonna die in there. Please fix as soon as possible
  4. @Cedric Y does valgeuro come earlier to pc than console because that’s not fair to us console player for having to wait longer to play a map than pc players to fix the issue have the game come out at the same time for all platforms
  5. This is basically a PvE directed post. I do not PvP, therefore I feel like I have no right to say what PvP needs. I agree with what most people say about Legacy. They should know that it's only a matter of time before legacy is gone. It would free up more servers for more useful applications. We need more events. Waiting for a holiday to do events isn't the move anymore. I think there should be a special event (not the evo) every month . I'm not saying it has to be a breeding event, but something different. Colors, breeding, boosted XP and taming rates like 3-4x. Change it up. It is REALLY getting stale. Where do we stand on pillar spamming? A while back you guys had a plan, the community freaked, and you guys retracted. You guys announced the new map. Showed it to us on your live stream. Everybody was thinking "omg it looks so beautiful" "so many different ways/places to build" You know what I saw? A map covered in pillars. Now that legacy is nearing it's extinction, I think some of the scorched earth and center servers should be looked at. Tons of scorched earth servers have like 5-6 playing at a time. In my opinion, it's a huge waste of servers. Same goes for the center. I think some of these servers should be combined to free up more servers for maps/game modes that need them. Just a few things I think about when I play this game. Just my opinions.
  6. really, i swear at one point they were able to be bola. might have been a while ago. i do remember when they first came out we bola them and kill the for XP, might be because to many people were killing them, anyway they need a few cool new abilities. like maybe they can call their own kind to fight for them. that would be cool
  7. Can we Transfer chars to Valguero ? hi, never joined a map at launch so not sure if we can transfer chars and not dinos or items? anyone know pls?
  8. When Ark "officially" released into the world and was no longer a beta it was noted that Legacy servers would be removed over time. Speculation was that everyone would move to the new official servers and get a fresh start. It was also noted that the legacy servers would not get the support and new maps but they have gotten each of the new maps every single time. It almost makes me regret having left my legacy server because despite the fact that there are less people on the servers there is still no reason for these people to migrate other than a higher dino cap. I think the best way to force players out of the legacy servers is to just stop all added content, all evolution events stop everything in Legacy so its just the base game for them. DO NOT add the Valguero map to the legacy clusters that way these players miss out unless they join the rest of the population in the official or unofficial servers. Frankly I think the legacy players need to do what Frozen teaches us and Let it Go. The best part of starting over is getting to experience it all again but better because you know what you are doing. I had a blast restarting on the official servers. I say just end the Legacy cluster any player of any game knows that what makes a game great is replay-ability. Ark has that and here is an opportunity for a fresh start.
  9. yes please please I beg you jat please
  10. Just watched the stream for this map on the wildcard twitch or whatever and when cedric mentioned there will be limited dino transfers, that kind of concerned me. I hope this map does not turn out to be another abberition map where we can't transfer 90% of the dinos in the game to the map. I know the map has an abberition area, without rock drakes which makes absolutely no sense to me seeing as that one dino is the only reason i played abberition in the first place and i would hope that i could transfer my drakes over to valguero. I wonder if @Cedric would mind clarifying whether or not this is temporary or permanent.
  11. Still no response from the GM handling the case. My complaint with the BBB went unanswered for long enough that they have done all they can. Your BBB rating has been lowered as a result. I just sent all of the documentation to Micrsosoft to see if anything can be done on their end. Lastly I have been told my next course of action is to take this up with your state's Attorney General's office. Is this the road required to get someone's attention here? It's really too bad I can't upload all of my documentation directly to this site so everyone knows how easily I laid it all out for you. I gave video footage of 2 tribes mesh bases. I gave screenshots of tribe logs proving they broke middle foundations and generators in the middle of the base before breaking a single door, wall or ceiling. They also blew into vaults before breaking into the base. This is a cancer that can no longer be ignored. I also have plenty of footage not sent because why bother? You didn't say you needed more proof you simply ignored me completely.
  12. Unofficial Server WONT RESTART Our unofficial server Oasis wont restart.... We've tried over 10 times and even contacted Nitrado and nothing. It just wont work. Does this mean we are going to lose EVERYTHING that our entire tribe and other tribes have been taming and gathering and building for months?!! We just wanted to try out the Dungeons and now we cant do it... I see that MANY other unofficial servers are doing JUST fine... Some are even youtubing it already... But we've been waiting for a couple hours now Can you HELP us?!! Please?!! (I've attached our server info for you... The owners game name is DuchessofDogfur if that helps at all ❤️) Thank you for all of your help everyone!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  13. Unfortunately I can't agree with these settings. - 5 Max Players Per Tribe We literally already have that on SmallTribes, how can the developers promote new 5 player tribe servers? That's no different and isn't applicable to the majority of players. - Everythings x2/x4 5 Players with x4 rates, against 2 Players with x4 rates, is an extremely large discrepancy that is only catering to the largest tribes. Even if it was 3 or 4 player tribes x3 and x4 consistently is way too much... Way too much. Like wow... - Nerf extinction or delete Tek There are "NoTek" servers that you can play if this is what you want, these are not popular because the majority of players enjoy Tek and that is a lot of content to experience. - 3x/4x Offline Turret Damage Why skip x2, I understand why offline turret damage could be good, but you completely skipped x2 and went to x3/x4 like earlier, which is unbalanced. You're promoting really unbalanced things and inputting your wrong opinion where someone else has given their opinion that has been asked for. Toxic behaviour.
  14. new dlc coming to switch? Is the new Valguero DLC coming To switch? All the other DLCs were created before ark came to switch, so I thought maybe that was why they weren’t on switch, so is Valguero coming to switch?
  15. I am a tiny bit gutted we have to wait till next Christmas for a stable map haha I still dashboard a lot on extinction on Xbox.
  16. Well, I have a scenerio, there's this decaying base with it's dinos and especially the griffin getting unclaimed in 2 days. Can I claim the griffin and use it regularly? Or it would not respect me?
  17. i freakin killed i giga on foot today. so since our tribe lead the fight to kill the alphas, we have been made the alpha admin tribe, meaning we handle disputes and fights and other problems, a dude only in flak caame to us on a terra saying he needed help with giga that was closing in on his base. i went over there on my thyla to scout out i saw nothing, then out of nowhere it started attacking me. so i run away and come back on foot, it was too far to go back and get a thyla and i was not going to risk my thyla, so i take out my shoty and start pelting it with shells. after bout 100 possibly more i killed it, the beach bob had dissapeared. i was flying back home when a tribe on owls approached me saying that i had killed their giga. i said i dealt with a giga that was terrorizing a noob. they said that noob onpurposly wanted it dead cause they did not recruit him to their tribe. i apoligised and went to find the beach bob. i found him punching sheep. i went down and talked to him. he adi that yes he tricked me into killing their giga cause he wanter revenge. i kncocked him out and put him in the, he has o stay their for a week. i know it dounds harsh but on our server gigas go fo a high price. and that giga was max lvl. anyway i tamed some raptors and bred out blue (from jurrasic world). we went and lvled then i logged off. my friend was busy on somehting so he could not play and none of my Friends were online. i am going on this afternoon to help a tribe through the caves on each map, the i am going to help that tribe find another giga, honestly in these times i fell like i only play online to help others, i barley do my own thing now. ah well i like helping
  18. I havent! Has that happened to you?
  19. Tamed Dino's trying to attack other tames? Ok so this is the 3rd time this has happened to me and with different tames... I just recently tamed a scorpion but now it is targeting my parasaur and won't stop doesn't matter what I do... Last couple times this happens I ended up killing the tames because it's frustrating and pisses me off how do I stop this from happening? This seems to only happen when I try and get the new tame to follow it automatically starts trying to attack my parasaur and specifically my parasaur doesn't matter what I try and make it follow... And I really don't want to kill more tames because of this irritating glitch...
  20. I didn't state at all that this was for Solo Tribes & Players. I didn't state at all these rates and specifications had to stay exactly how I have suggested, I actually stated they should be subject to change.. Not everyone is interested in just Solo and there are more modes than just Solo for people to play and when any game mode is made as Solo I am certain they would tweak settings to make it work for Solo, you can relax. Specific raids would be perfect for all of the players who can't dedicate as much time as you or people with less responsibilities, like jobs, children, schools etc. There doesn't have to be a single specific raid time, there could be multiple, they could be random, like I said all of these things should be subject to change. Stronger turret damage opposed to the current state of SmallTribes in which a single tribe is able to wipe an entire map? Yeah you are entirely wrong once again. The developers are trying to cater to the entire community and especially those that can't currently play how they like, which isn't the case for Solo players, there are solo servers. You should really stop denying other peoples ideas when you don't have a legitimate reason to do so. There's nothing you said that is actually true. You're all over this thread spreading lies and giving the developers the wrong ideas. Please learn more English so I can understand and continue to converse with you.
  21. I learnt how to pronounce managarmr after months of calling it managamar. 🙄 I loaded the game looked at everything then logged off I'm not feeling it today..
  22. X2 on all the time for Official Servers Do you think we should have x2 on all the time then just weekend events for the Official Servers then just the small tribe servers
  23. I got off work and was told by some of my tribe mates that its been down for a few hours and that was at 2:30 pm New York time zone
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