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  2. Yeah we know about mindwipe, and cymas is right, no one wants to visit every map again to relearn. I have the engrams I want from each map and still I am running out of points. Also, if you're playing solo there is no "sharing between friends/tribe members". I don't unlock things like saddles which I can get bp's for.
  3. Yeah, agreed, they're very scary at first, so let's talk about how to get past that point. A big part of ark is learning how to build your base so that it's safe from wild animals (and not just alpha raptors, there are bigger threats coming eventually). * In addition to your building(s), make sure you have a fence/walls that are at least a few tiles away from your building as a buffer zone. You want walls that are at least 4 tiles high (the height of a dino gate) if you are on flat, level ground, or maybe even 5/6 tiles high if your base is on uneven ground. An alternative this method is to build your perimeter out of pillars, this can give you protection from anything big wandering in, gives you good visibility all around your base to see what's out there, and allows you to put Plant-X inside your courtyard that can still fire through your pillars to stuff that's outside. Just be warned, building a pillar perimeter takes more thought, it's easy to place pillars poorly and allow wild animals to wander into your protected zone. Also, spike walls are your friend, and they're cheap. You can put multiple layers/rows of spike walls on the ground around your perimeter and you'll almost never have to worry about anything getting to you. * You can kill anything with a pteranodon, if you're patient enough. As long as you can tame a ptera of at least Lvl 50, you can kill alphas raptors and alpha carnos. Technically you could probably also kill an alpha rex but it wouldn't be worth the time. You should practice by killing things that are not much of a threat. Dive at them using the spinning attack, make sure you watch your stamina and go recover as often as you need to, rinse, repeat. It can take as much as 30 minutes to kill a Lvl 50-75 alpha raptor, but as long as you make sure that you have a safe place to perch and regain stamina it can be done. This is an important and under-rated skill in the current "meta game". Lots of people think that ptera's are trash and only good for scouting, but if you have a new'ish character on a new server you can accomplish a lot by learning how to be a skilled pteranodon pilot. * Any carnivore (including alpha's) can be lured into the ocean by carrying a prey animal in your claws. Go pick up a dodo, fly around he alpha until they notice you, then maintain an altitude slightly above their head and fly slowly towards the ocean (if you have a low/medium level raptor be careful not to use speed boost, you really need to save your stamina). They might get distracted and run away from you if something shows up that they like to attack, but be patient. After they kill the other stuff they'll come back to you. Gradually lead them out to the ocean until they start swimming, look how far you are from the shoreline and then keep flying out until you're twice that distance from shore. Then angle up about 45 degrees and climb until you see the predator stops looking at you. Drop you dodo (which may lure it even further out) and fly back to shore. This will almost always cause the predator to just sit in the ocean until it drowns. Land animals are either swimming or drowning, they don't tread water, so if they're not following/fighting something they will end up drowning. I used to play on the Ragnarok map, in the Highlands area which was a giga spawn point, when I first started I used pteranodons to lure giga's out into the ocean 2-3 times per week. Once you practice the skill it becomes pretty easy. * This gets even easier once you have an argy. They have so much stamina that you can easily lure anything out to sea and you should never have any fear of running out of stamina during the process.
  4. For more information checkout: https://conquerbalinor.wordpress.com/ and our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1696861910620764/ Looking for RP players!
  5. Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?
  6. BRO the unofficial servers aren’t working
  7. XP Frozen on Character for 6+ Weeks
  8. d1nk


    Id say you can download it when its released I bet.
  9. I look forward to trying out this map in August when it finally comes to PS4. (yes, I realize they say a "July" release for console, but I'm a realist, and looking at the WC track record, August seems about right.)
  10. I mean, it kinda makes the ab zone feel like an empty gift. Cant be all fun.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up, shame but we can't have everything I guess
  12. From the official Valguero discord
  13. Do you have evidence of that?
  14. Fix OSD and veins Dino pathing Since extinction release the pathing of the dinos approaching is horrible. It's common to search for 3+ stucked dinos for most of the drop locations. Seeing the way the dinos are approaching a waypoint system clearly exist but very little work was put in tweaking it. This is really taking the fun of OSD away for me. Half the time I'm not defending I'm waiting or searching for the last dino. This existed for way to long. Please put someone on it and finally fix the OSD pathing.
  15. The last thing i would ever do is advertising that to the masses. If it was not fixed as quick as it was alot of people might head over to grief. Most pve bases wouldn't last a minute to a semi competent raider, even with a quickly farmed kit.
  16. the kibble system has changed they are color coded now older kibbles with the color white will act as basic ragardless of the egg used green will be treated as simple blue as regular purple as superior yellow as exceptional and cyan as exterodinary any kibble u need to craft has to use the new ingrediants i hope this helps ..
  17. i thought that too, but nah. apparently wildcard didnt allow them to add drakes, reapers and basilisks. only the normal boring ab things like light pets, ravagers, karkinos and abberant creatures...
  18. None of the 4 i play have been capped since cryos came out. IMO with the exception of a few rag servers its a non-issue anymore.
  19. I just see people want wipe and not legacy, and people no wipe and legacy, i just have an idea for you Why not put the actual official on legacy, and come with new servers with a new officials Legacy will have alpha tribes pvp, pve will have new friends, and people will try out a new reset and a fresh start for everyone I just imagined that right now, but why not do in this new cluster what i told earlier in the topic, then just make the best new official as possible : And we are done
  20. [US] RedVelvetDinos PVP/FRESH/PrimalFear/2xEXP/4xTame/10xHarvest RedVelvetDions Server Pack Mod List Structures Plus (Open Source) Upgrade Station Super Spyglass (Open Source) Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Resource Stacks Primal Fear Primal Fear Boss Expansion Primal Fear Aberration Expansion Primal Fear Scorched Earth Expansion Primal Fear Noxious Creatures All Color Dinos Better Beacons 2.0 Death Helper Dino Paint Station HG Achatina + V1.3 Offline Guard System Unlock Haircuts and Emotes Dino Quick Recovery TCs Auto Rewards v1.11.1 Server Info Fresh new server with a Friendly Community,working kits and a free PrimalFear Alpha Raptor on start! Come bring you friends into a fun Primal fear fueled pvp experience for fun and creative ways of using dinos to raids.We host events every month so you can earn points to buy special event kits that can come with everything from Items and resources to primal fear tames Server Stats Taming = 4 Xp = 2 Harvest = 10 Egg Hatch Speed = 18 Mature Speed = 40
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