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  2. Pls make Deinonychus maxmimal lvl like all other Dinos! (And Enforcer too) I love both creatures but they are so weak because they only have lvl 180 as maximal level and all other dinos 269 Can you add an option, that players can add them level.. like with baby reaper.. or add them as high level creatures like wyverns
  3. OSD Bugs - cant get ANY OSD because of this Bugs (No one want Wyverns around the Map) 3. Sometimes the OSD dont show there Options (Eject Items, Claim, Deaktivate Shield) or they do it only on one special point.. like its to high to get 4. If you on a flyer OSDs take a long time to start.. Can you add an option to start them from hand?
  4. How do I add to the QOL sheet? I want to suggest an exclusion list option to generators so any turrets powered by that gen will exclude "tribe x" from their targeting. For example This reduces the need to blue tag to stop turrets say blocking an artifact cave or resource spawn from shooting a tribe you don't want to blue tag with. Mechanic would be "add to exclusion list" then type in tribe name, hit confirm. Would be a very useful mechanic
  5. Yes, plx fix it WildCard! Its so annoying ._. and pls fix the despawn problem with Manas in the North of the Biomdoom
  6. I agree, some dinos need tweaks to make them useful. For instance the dimetrodon you mentioned. What if they gave it an egg incubation boost, like making eggs hatch faster nearby. Would make it worth the trouble getting one.
  7. Teleporting space whales, the newest is pegomastax warfare tech.
  8. @arkark Did you ever find any config options related to OSD claiming? I'd like to make the veins and drops not damageable by players on my PVP server. (we cant enable PVE as we are using the Primal NPC mod and wouldnt be able to war the NPC tribes on PVE)
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  14. So when someone asks you "Hey dude, do you know if the x2 event is already on?" you respond with "IT'S NOT x2 IT'S ACTUALY x4, please educate yourself about our humble ark history, when developers were testing rates and decided they need to pump the numbers up!!!"
  15. I Need help about my dedi Server Hi, i m new in this dedi world i have Now a Server and all Settings are Good . My Problem : After Breeding i cant lvl up my tames . They become no xp ( skill points) Whats wrong? i Hope you guys Can help me
  16. Looking forward to winter wonderland, already got father Christmas ready (with out the beard tho) also 1st time ive seen the community catalog tho disappointed it doesn't show anything from the game suggestion, not alot of new items on the list, and no notice of making griffins breedable or to give them a saddle.
  17. Because for a few months there, it was all nakeds with 200+ movement speed one shotting people with 1000 dura flak armor. It got stale real quick.
  18. So what you want is a calendar of upcoming events. I too think these crunches are not as good as they use to be. They usually lack in any detail or just repeat stuff we are already aware of. You could just relink to previous posts to relay the same information. I hardly think a post is needed to tell us "We have things in the works, stay tuned." Just tell us the stuff when you are able to.
  19. Idk if I missed this or not but did they ever announce the winners for the maps and mods?
  20. Im pretty excited about winter wonderland 4 hope they do at least a 2x taming
  21. Well you got 9x boost recently in November, so not exactly a while ago.
  22. This is a good point. Ark cannot crash if Ark is not running, so when the OP said a message came up saying Ark crashed yet he wasn't running it then this is impossible. The crash message, or whatever message appeared would have been something else unrelated to Ark. Software can't crash if that software isn't running. I would suggest from this point forward you back-up your SP saves.
  23. Been a long time since that QOL List got any additions now, many ideas have been added on the forums since then.
  24. Prob not the best idea to announce enforcement action before you actually do it. People just gonna upload/move everything.
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