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  2. Yeah, 65" with 4K HDR is awesome and the main reason this PC was built to lay back and play. Just wish WIldcard fixed stuff they break quicker than they do. I could never go back to playing on console, dedicated with mods just makes life easy.
  3. PS4 Breeding Stats Hi All, I was hoping to get some advice about the breeding settings in single player on PS4. All the advice I’ve found is for PC or server settings and I’ve tried them but you can’t get those same values in the console settings that you can use on PC or in server settings. I run a PS4 server as well, and I can get the settings just fine through GPortal, but on console those numbers just aren’t possible. Thanks in Advance! Bulba.
  4. Just have to wait and see how that comes out, i remember the emulator for xbox to xbox 360, it supported some games, and like i said in the previous, no multiplayer unless it was split screen sadly, but we still had fun with some games on there
  5. ah yeah i get the whistle not firing off all the time when im trying to do the follow one whistle, haven't tried any of the ones except attack my target far as their behavor, and thats only when im out and about and get jumped by some evil dino' that comes out of the bushes. I thought about setting up a box for my living room on the tv, 62" would be nice to kick back on the couch n' play, though I think if I were going to do it i'd probably go console even though i'd be more limited in who I could play with (not alot of my friends on console play ark). Just easier that way I think, rather then fighting with getting a controller setup for each game, having to switch back and forth between it and mouse. I do admit a controller can be alot easier to use for some things.
  6. Very long weekend. I spent almost the entire time in game camped out in my redwoods outpost farming the swamp cave. It's been my observation that leaving the cave loaded in/not leaving render seems to vastly increase the amount of time between respawns. So I was able to loot the drops 3-4 times per each respawn of the cave dinos. Much less armor broken, many new items acquired. I must have looted 50 red drops alone. I finally got 2 ascendant rex saddles...but not blueprints, just the saddles. Sigh. 2 down, 17 to go... But in the meantime, I had to do something while hanging around in the area. So this happened: Totally unnecessary but it gave me something to do. My outpost is rapidly becoming a full fledged base on its own. It looks a little weird in the front because that section isn't done yet, it requires a lot more crystal than I was willing to put in the effort of farming right now. I haven't actually moved anything in from the outpost yet either, I'm pretty much just building for the sake of it at this point. Also no I did not make a second forge, I just moved the one I already made over in anticipation of getting a blueprint. I did spend enough time at my actual base to advance my spino stack and both rex stacks a little more. I find it interesting that the rex muts have been advancing evenly despite the rng. I'm stacking HP and melee separately but I'm at 8 for both. Just a weird little detail to take note of more than anything. Makes checking them a lot easier when I'm only looking for 1 level change for both stacks. I did return to base before logging for the night. I don't know that I really feel like playing too much during the week right now with the way things are going. Spending hours farming this one cave is extraordinarily dull but I am eager to advance and there just really isn't anything else for me to do until I get that blueprint. A whole month spent on this endeavor with very poor results so far.
  7. Maybe, maybe not. The point was that Bethesda did it, the team size is probably a drop in the ocean to the staff the company has. But they did it. And while the future can bring anything, it would have been more productive to do the same thing as far as Wildcard is concerned, because then the resources need to do get a mod converted to work would be non existent to what you have. But hey, logic has never been Wildcards strong point.... I mean who in the right mind advertises a game to have Full Controller support and actually on have Partial Controller support when it comes to the Steam version..
  8. TheCemetery *Xbox One* Crossplay PVP Discord: Discord.gg/DsnVs6h Server: TheCemetery Click Image for Info! 3man Tribes No Ally 5xHarvest 30xTaming 45xMaturation Super Fast Taming and Breeding 4 Maps isl/Cen/Rag/Valguero
  9. Valguero Beta Boss Rex Army stats needed So for anybody thats done the beta Valguero Bosses, what is the stats you need on a rex army to comfortably beat them with no losses. Currently I have 30k HP 700 Melee 75ish armor rexes ready to go and I was curious if this is satisfactory enough or if I'm just going to get dunked on.
  10. I think you missed the point of the information. But sure, if you want to be reductive, yeah we choose not to put mods on console that way... currently. Who knows what the future may hold. For now we do it via purchasing the mods directly from the authors, polishing them up a little further and making them official content. But we definitely don't have the kind of resources or the staff size Bethesda can afford to throw around. Comparing us to Bethesda is flattering (I guess?) but unrealistic.
  11. GT: gr yy ph on discord: gri ffin55#1911 Hey guys I have just came back to Ark after taking a long break. All my in real life friends quit playing Ark and I would love to find a group of people to grind with. Anyway thanks in advance and hope to hear from you guys. *I have an official account lvl 80 atm
  12. Breeding events Like the evo weekends i would like to see 1 weekend per month a breeding, is it possible?
  13. And considering how popular Ark became on the Xbox, I am sure Wildcard could have done the same thing. They just not to.
  14. Yesterday
  15. But it is happening!! MS already stated at E3 this year, that no more BC games are being worked on because the team is busy making sure the 360 Emulator works on Scarlett.
  16. an actual client that gets updated on time rather than pushed to the corner while they try to figure out why they suck at programming even their own prefered os.
  17. When only 3 companies have done it across the entire history of home game consoles, that's a pretty glaring indicator that it is in fact not "with ease". If you are about to reference something said by Todd Howard about it, you should know better by now. Bethesda generally has the resources to brute force their way through just about any roadblock that they want without having to worry much about the consequences if it flops (and they have made many catastrophic missteps when it comes to their modding community). Not only that but on PC modding communities have historically been able to handle their own distribution systems for mods (Nexus, ModDB, and even just direct sharing through forums as it was for Minecraft in the beginning) Largely I actually prefer it that was as a modder, because it means that mods can continue to thrive even after a studio may have stopped active support for a game. That is unfortunately something that will never be true for consoles, if a game stops getting active support from a studio, then there is probably not going to be anyone there to curate new mods and updates for old ones. Now I can't speak to what situation other companies may or may not have. Bethesda as an example confuses me, I can't tell if they skirt the rules or just outright ignore them. The Farming Simulator console mod situation is more in line with what I would expect to see from most studios, they only permit content mods (No custom code) on consoles. They have set up their own distribution system and they aren't a behemoth of a studio, so I think that speaks to it certainly being possible, but I also don't know how large of an investment that system was for them. I know in the cases of all 3 companies that have ever put mods on console though that the mods had to manually curated by human beings. Every release, and every update.
  18. And with shards you dont lose extra element every time server crashes or is restarted.
  19. they are just late as usual it requires patience but they should insted be sued by every costomer having problems including the windows ones because they advertize a game and charge you full price but fail to deliver on a timely advertized manner, the windows users experiencing issues have less of a footing but it proves that they can't evne program for their own prefered os.
  20. the usual from windows only devs of wild card they can't even get their own prefered os right let alone bother to compile clients for the ones they claim to support and received money for.
  21. This all is nice and dandy if its actually gonna happen. And we sure know that there were plenty of stuff said in past that never happened or worked as it was said to do.
  22. still waiting for the update to bad they are lazy morons according to the forums especialy on steam they can't even get windows to work right.
  23. Anyone, any comments, any thoughts, any suggestions? Let us know!
  24. This is what Microsoft have been so hard working on behind the scenes, why they are stick with the AMD processor. I mean the 360 was a risc based CPU, while the Original Xbox was an x86 CPU. And Windows 8, what an abortion of an OS, just when you think they learnt their lesson with Windows ME. In 2017, MS announced to developers that their vision for gaming is that it should just work, in other words they where saying your game any screen. So while xCloud is their next big thing in that statement. The console and PC is their next and why they are working hard behind the scenes to do the same thing. Play Anywhere titles where supposed to be that next step and hasn't taken off as one would have expected. But they have realized that gamers do like their libraries, they do like to play older games and have been working hard to make sure they can keep their library and play it any time they like. Keeping the same console hardware in terms of CPU and GPU types, is a major step in that direction. As it is like a PC, you can upgrade that and still play any game, console will be no different going forward. For those old enough to remember the days of a new Windows version and games just breaking, from Windows 7 onwards they have been working hard to keep that minimal and their console will be no different now.
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