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  2. Submit a ticket with your proof of DDOS
  3. I got Nintendo to issue me an e-shop credit even though it was a physical purchase through gamestop. Be polite and be persistent. Mention all the bugs and complete lack of support. I also got Nintendo to issue a similar refund for PixArk.
  4. Pretty big hole in the middle of Valguero So I was playing on Valguero today... Noticed a hole in the map Got curious, decided to jump into it Decided to check out the map coords to report the bug And btw im still falling Fix it at your earliest convenience. Btw, its in the abberation region of the map.
  5. Those stats aren't out of the ordinary though. On official, my rexes are being born with 25.7k health, 814 melee. Once a few levels have been thrown in with imprint, you're looking at 60k health, 1300 melee.
  6. I can't believe this is still an issue after 4 YEARS! WHY HASN'T WILDCARD FIXED THIS ISSUE?!
  7. You need to post this the thread you originally posted in because no one can tell what you're raptoring talking about.
  8. Ark server Hi does anyone know what server it is
  9. Umm I just join and I don’t know which server we are on or how to contact you. from, popcorn
  10. Ddos on server 77 ps4 I don’t know how this works but my character is stuck in a ddos server and it’s been dosed for about an hour now
  11. unavailable work in single player
  12. Depending on the boosted rates that is normally something anyone would look forward to. If we could get breeding events with more than just valentines day, id imagine a ton more people would lean toward the boosted rate of things. Otherwise, it seems most people are only active during the weekends for the 2x. Maybe even have certain events 3x or 4x for a short time to allow smaller tribes/ solo players to make more of it. Having a super long tame is a drag when solo, as to where if you got a tribe, they can help things and make it easier. Besides the boosted rate of things, i lean more toward colored dinos. I love seeing what combo of colors i can find and the grind to kill stuff and force spawn the higher leveled dino makes it worth doing. Who doesnt like colored event dinos? Lol it saves a mutation space in which a better stat mutation can take the place of.. my all time favorite colored dinos to see are the argys and owls. Trust me i dont need anymore but i love the colors they can gain since they have quite a few regions. You ads colored dinos with a tame event and a good breeding event youd have every server packed. Do this on more than only weekends to get more active players during the week.
  13. Where did the 350 server go? 2 day I can not connect to 350 EU CENTER SERVER. Who knows what the problem is?
  14. Classic PVP Server removal!!!!! Thanks Studio Wildcard for the 6 day notice. We just spent 6 days moving a large amount of everything to one of these servers. IT WAS PAINFUL AND NOW YOU ARE SAYING WE HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!! I have 2 words that come to mind. Guess what they are. Maybe you should review that list one more time before you make that decision. If not there is a very large tribe that will be done.
  15. Today
  16. This setting needs to be added to consoles.
  17. [6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 7 Map [6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 6 Map Server Settings 135 Max Player level 150 Max dino level (Difficulty 5.0) 8x Experience 15x Gathering 20x Taming This Server Is Resurrected from the grave, serving a 7 map cluster containingthe following maps: Valguero Ragnarok Extinction Aberration Crystal Isles Faith (soon to be changed to Island due to unfinished) TCC_event (For all PVP events held throughout the week) Quality of Life Mods: Structures Plus Automated Ark Naj's Speedy Fliers Better Reusables HG Stacking Mod 2500-90 Dino Storage V2 Bitou2k's binocular Contains Custom Coded Shop Plugin with no Raid, or Boss Dino's in them for a higher difficulty server. I hope you all will give us the chance to fit your Ark Mood and if so please check us out in our discord and steam connects below! Discord https://discord.gg/Yc76Wq6 Link steam://connect/ - Extinction steam://connect/ - Aberration steam://connect/ - Ragnarok steam://connect/ - Faith (Soon) steam://connect/ - Crystal Isles steam://connect/ - Valguero steam://connect/ - Event Map Only
  18. It’s almost as if DLC stands for downloadable content lol.
  19. We are aware of server issues and are working hard on a patch to improve stability.
  20. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run! No Snail Games make ARK port. Its Abstraction games! ANd PixARK is much better than ARK on Switch.
  21. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run! It's terrible port. Abstraction games block me on twitter because I ask about updates for game! They the same like WIld Card!
  22. We got refund in my country. Game has been deleted from local stores
  23. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run!
  24. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run!
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