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  2. Codes have been updated with Valguero Codes to spawn boss portals
  3. I tried a few months back to have my peligornis follow me and tried to get it to whistle attack the dead penguins in my wake but it wouldnt harvest the already dead bodies at all. Figured it was specific to that bird cause its not hostile or something. But now you got me thinking it was just a glitch to begin with.
  4. Are the dungeons only offline for Single Player? Are the dungeons unavailable for multiplayer too? My goal is to run a dungeon (they sound fun), and get the complementary promo code thing. Single player is the only game mode I play in (and the dungeons are only accessible to lvl 40 and up, so I don’t really want to spend the time in multiplayer to figure it out. But I am aware that the promo code thing isn’t available in multiplayer to my knowledge). The dungeons are out for maintenance in Single Player, to my knowledge.
  5. devid20

    Delivery Crates

    I send one like a week ago in extinction, it started to fly the opposite side of the map XD but when extinction came out it worked well, so its just bugged
  6. True, but seems that other games do it now so I dont see the big deal. Maybe for PVP, but still, Fortnite and Dauntless do it. Think would just be a great option for Private servers at least.
  7. Basic settings for PC Was wondering if you can add certiain features that I cant seem to find in the options for PC side or ARK. First, a HDR option would be great. They are in the console side of the game, so don't understand why not on the PC side. Frame cap or Vsync option would be great. I get around 90 FPS with everything max, but if I could limit it to 60, I believe it would just run smoother for me. Again, in console but not PC.
  8. It might work between the consoles but i think the console players would be at a sever disadvantage compared to the pc performance wise.
  9. Hello wildcard, I would like to first off say thank you for the free DLC and Nekatus's map looks amazing as an official map. I have followed the development of this map for some time and would like to state some problems with the map that the community has and that i do as well. I also hope you take heed of what I say here as well. The map was diluted quite a bit which is very disappointing to many people and even some of the map creators themselves. Rock drakes should have been on the map. There is no reason to stay in the radiation area for longer periods now on this map since their is not a significant prize at the end of the tunnel like a drake egg. I don't know if this was a business tactic or what not to include them but I don't think it helps gameplay at all not to have them on another neat map. As well as the fire wyverns being removed is very disappointing. The extinction spawns were to include not all, but more creatures which would of been a better balance I believe. This is what bothers me is that pretty much the only thing you took from Nekatus's map was the actual map itself. His ideas for spawns, resources, etc., were a lot more balanced for this map. It seems like the map actually regressed from what it was supposed to be. Once again I think everyone who has followed the dev even a little will agree with me on the disappointment on the dino and resource spawns. Please take a look at the Valguero discord and see the uproar on this because the community isn't very happy with the decisions made by wildcard that were originally supposed to be implemented on the map. Thank you for reading this I would also appreciate a response on the decisions that were made to leave out certain creatures. Thank you again.
  10. Cross Play in question? Hello, Since Ark is still being developed with the new Valguero map, I was wondering if Ark will ever be cross play? I mean, seems this is the way everyone is going. Just wondering if this is even a possibility being the game wasn't developed with that in mind and patches come out to steam a month before consoles.
  11. Game INI Coding I was wondering if anyone knew how to get turret plants in my drops.......... Ivegot the code but all that spawns is species X seeds, I want the species X turret plants that you don't need a crop pot to plant and they look like auto turrets in your inventory
  12. Hi there. Wondering if this app is dead? All links to it don't work and when I search the stores it is not available.
  13. 16 Jun, 2017 @ 5:24am abbys in ragnorak
  14. Yes!!!! I love my xbox account but so bad is the performance that I stay on pc 😕 windows 10 version is the best way to play xbox account by far plus 'small tribes are cross play with windows 10 sooo nice big advantage over most xbox players hehe in a pvp aspect
  15. No engram sadly, just checked it
  16. Actually in community crunch 135 wc stated not all legacy servers will see a wipe a lot of people looked over this may have forgot dunno but I'm here to remind ya
  17. It should be there still, I did notice its not in the structure folder though when crafting them
  18. Very true our legacy stats are not that far off from official even better really some 500%melee giga..which could or couldn't be spawned by a GM literally. Let me lose 10 giga to a bug an wildcard will replace them I wonder what my new giga stats will be after they spawn them in...sound familiar legacy?
  19. You will have to fill out a support ticket
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