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  2. Exploits Meshing. It’s sad to read that the enforcement team is dealing with tickets. My experience is that that they IGNORE mesh tickets and pass it as “thanks we don’t need any more information” and close the ticket Probably half the people who stop playing this game is due to being meshed and losing hundreds if not thousands of hours of game play your hard core ARK fans. Myself being one of them. More needs to be done with an active communication from the devs with plans and strategy’s on tackling meshing.
  3. Genesis does NOT mean “the” beginning or origin. It means “a” beginning or origin. It most likely references a “new” beginning for Earth as the reseed protocol has taken effect at the end of Extinction. The implant is missing after ascension as well because death is now a permanent thing with the reseed protocol activated again at the end of Extinction. Until the reseed protocol activates, ALL survivors have always had implants, as implants are a core component of the ARK system functions. What you reference about when this takes place is not something I remember from the announcement at all. I could be wrong, but your other ideas have little to no foundational support.
  4. im a pve legacy day one player and tbh, the games been out long enough to have had more than your monies worth and a total legacy wipe is our cue to leave game . they call the wipes migrations because at first at least it was assumed tribes would just up and move to new officials and start over which many did . allas now , tribes are dug in and entrenched in legacy with like you , old or even new players are joining. someone in global chat asked the other day . what is a legacy server ? lol . so now instead of moving to new , any wipes will just have tribes exit game altogether . wc still make money from legacy players hence why every one I see has a hlne pet. again . all I will say is although im legacy I agree with wipes but it should be extended to officials new too as they also have low to zero pop servers. ive suggested wc just list 4 of each map and have everyone a time limit to move thus all of legacy can be left the hell alone instead of wipes hanging over them . its the threat of wipes that is killing the game, people just want clarity. and what was confirmed with the 2nd season pass and wc investment in the game for 2 more years was by letting legacy purchase said season pass gave us impression as they always have that if legacy servers are used and are populated then your safe . for now lol .
  5. Hi man, Thank you for the solution, it does work but found the solution a bit earlier. Deleting save games and doing SP ascensions, fixed the problem for me on all maps. Sad part, lost all notes and I was around 91% close to finishing everything. I will try to gather the ones left, checking old videos, and see if getting only the missing ones pops the trophy. Thank you again.
  6. That is just nonsense getting rid of war in PVE. You are basically asking for the server to be capped. You mind as well put offline protection in PVP since players just raid offline players. Dont expect someone to have a forcefield in 1 day. We got life and bills to pay to play. Ark takes up so much of our time its part of our lifestyle now. What happened to the response you GM's give out to others saying "you should be more careful who you bring or alliance with"???? You guys got more issues in hand like people selling for real money you urgggg. Its the players ungrateful lifestyle that choose to be bad. We all know ark bring the real personality out of you. I in one hand is loyal and solo and never been wiped because i use my brain who i alliance with. Common sense. Player who just accept alliances from start are straight noobs and dont use their brain. DO WE AMERICA OT ANY OTHER COUNTRIES ALLIANCE WITH OTHER COUNTRIES RIGHT AWAY? NO. Either war happens or in time trust is gained. YOU MIND AS WELL GET RID OF ALLIANCES that will literally solve the issue or have the alliances not be part of the war. Done. Bring it back to the old days One on One..poop.."ohh violence is bad" pleaseee....other reasons why I say getting rid of the war is absurd it's because you are now going to have people use more profanity. Which will cause you WILDCARD to do more work on tickets with players abusing to be internet bullies with excessive profanity. Did you not think of those issues? If you want to get rid of war. Then get rid of alliances being part of the war. Since that is the main cause of this sneaking around, insiding and pretending to be "friends" to wipe players who wont accept war but talk big. Or have an option for alliance to say yes or no to be part of the war since i understand not everyone is confident and just want to play ark. Whats the point of having OP dinos now? Only bosses? You asking for people to be hoarders Smh. Make an arena or area thats pvp zone like The division or your Mobile Ark having an area. Future issues: 1. Excessive profanity 2. Server dino cap(its the players choice to cryopod them or not so you can abuse your power and make them) 3. More ticket more work for you Wildcard. Us veterans since legacy WAS official went through the ups and downs. I am not just thinking of the players, i am also thinking for you WILDCARD. I promise you, you will have more issues and tickets. Honestly just say it. You guys don't want to see these complaints of these war issues. You mind as well get rid of transfering since you cant fix duping..STILL. whats next true official servers next? DON'T FORGET WHAT YOU FIRST STARTED. THIS IS A SURVIVAL GAME...SURVIVAL. For you cry babies being happy. It's cause you are noobs and cant do poop to survive. If you cant survive in game, just delete the game. U cant survive real life. I just want to curse and all...this is what i mean wildcard. You will have people like me and others being upset...not just for us but for you and for players like me and other protecting their friends and true alliances from players who talk to talk and cant walk to walk..think of the options i gave while you disable it. Seriously simple...poop...i gave more ideas and exploits to JAT and I dont even have a computer science degree or any of that poop. I may not be the reason but i for sure know I gave a great point from the recent issues of the longneck and rifle not to roll back PVE SINCE THE RATIO OF ANGRY PLAYERS IS HIGHER THAN PVP SINCE IT WAS A PVP ISSUE. Boom no rollback. Now go survive you noobs and go tame yourself a dodo. Smh use your brain.. for you young kids..u shouldnt be playing this..young kids too innocent and its real bad to learn to be toxic...in a few years they will be toxic in every game..
  7. Still no word on the HLN-A bot for Windows 10? People have purchased the season pass (myself included) and cannot use the bot we've paid for
  8. I've just been warned ? For what ? For asking about the server I was on and what I can get about it
  9. Keep in mind they lost some to Atlas as well. Ark has started to improve since, but it's going to take time.
  10. Today
  11. Yeah, maybe... but the ARK system does contain some crazy bioengineering technology so it would be feasible to use the system to fabricate these “new” creatures created in the sim and implant the “personality” they developed in the sim with us. It’s somewhat how survivors originated after all, as far as we can tell. Or that could be covered by the game’s suspension of disbelief since most of the rest of it rests upon sturdy physics and other scientific foundations. For a sci-fi game, most things are actually pretty possible given some time and that level of technology (most of which could feasibly be reached by humanity in the real world). Even stuff that can’t is very well incorporated using realistic scientific principles and mechanics.
  12. WC doesn’t have a mobile game. War Drum does. And the game is totally free with almost 0 pay to win abilities, as well as totally free methods to obtain most “purchasable” content. Most micro transactions are for aesthetic purposes, which if WC was really so money hungry they would have incorporated several skins and other purchasable content similar to GoW skins, Fortnight (blegh) skins, and other examples. It’s also a totally separate game now pretty much. I don’t know what crawled up your butt, but I’d recommend getting it checked by a doctor. It seems to be affecting your outlook and attitude. In half an afternoon? Really? Have you ever debugged a couple hundred thousand lines of code? Or million? How about when debugging can’t catch it? Then you have to go line by line checking everything, especially when so many players just complain without giving helpful, accurate details. Staring at lines of code that long on a computer screen takes a huge toll... plus bug fixes don’t generate income to cover the time it takes to find them. Cost-efficiency practices in business, etc. Unlike some, you weren’t being rude. I just wanted to paint a more vivid picture of what you’re asking for entails. Both have to be done at the same time, and more often than not developing new content is easier than finding a needle in a haystack for old content. It’s why new content is released before all bugs are fixed (especially because all bugs are not equal and some bug fixes make new bugs).
  13. I thought it takes place after Extinction which may explain the lack of implant scar. I can't remember what was described in the Stream though.
  14. When does Genesis REALLY take place. Ok so hear me out on this if i recall correctly in the stream when they announced genesis they indicated that it took place between abberation and extinction but exactly when. I think this is false for 2 big reasons 1 the word Genesis means the origin or mode of formation of something. (well as google defines it) and so it would make sense for this to mean that perhaps part 1 of this at least takes place BEFORE you get to the island. reason 2 is no implant scar because helena is training you. also in the One who waits explorer note 7 the one or (helena as i understand) states "i dont know how long it took centuries, millennia? time was especially murky for me then." maybe what this means it that all of ark as the player takes place LONG after the story for extinction after helena has mastered the art of bringing the player back to life but as she knows the dangers of the arks she trains you in genesis a "computer simulation" to prepare you for what life will bring before plopping you on the arks. just a thought but that is why i think perhaps wildcard was leading us astray and it happens before even the island and maybe part 2 takes place after or somewhere between and that is where we will explore arrit prime. let me know what you think and your thoughts as well.
  15. Leeds arent a problem if you just sink the foundations into the raft properly I believe.
  16. In the northern hemisphere, it is winter. In the southern it’s summer, yes. In Florida, US, winter typically starts in January, if you can even call it a real winter most years. This begs the question of which hemisphere’s 2020 Winter however... since half the world experiences summer in December. I’m pretty sure it’s December 2020, too. However, they stated winter 2020 in Southern Hemisphere purchase portals as well as northern hemisphere portals... which is confusing because the former has winter in June while the latter has winter in December. And in Florida, winter doesn’t really start until January usually if that. Equatorial locations would have an even harder time determining their winters lol. We need some official clarification since half the world has winter in June and the other half has it in December.
  17. I really like the Angler. Bred ones + some levels in speed will outswim the majority of the oceans wildlife.
  18. Bring in a Yutyrannus set on turret mode and ride a high HP/food Daeodon... If you can't defeat it no matter how hard you try, do the Ragnarok Boss Battle. The Dragon is way easier over there.
  19. Hi all. im comment just to ask about one thing I sow some people talking in Facebook. Wc going ford with changes about building close to ob not more available and who have buildings there going to be destroyed? can please someone answer me? I don't think that fair for who have a lot stuff and big buildings. If they want to do that just don't let people build more but let people keep what they have already knowing we can't build more after that.
  20. Or it could just mean restoring water to the surface since the oceans dried up... any biblical references are loosely made at best. I doubt it’s an origin gameplay, even though there may be stories about the origins. Genesis means “A” birth/creation/origin not necessarily “THE” birth/creation/origin. It can also refer to a new beginning. Helena wasn’t there for the beginning of the ARKs, no one still alive was. Even the system seems to have lost that information over the millennia. We may get glimpses of the past, but I believe Genesis occurs AFTER Extinction. The missing implant has to do with the final ascension and the activation of the reseed protocol. Its disappearance also means death is permanent, hence the part 1 being a training simulation.
  21. Try teleporting/travelling with beds... Or try to ascend. Maybe one of those will fix it.
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