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  2. [6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 7 Map [6/13] Worlds Apart 5man 8XP/20XT/15XH -CLUSTER- 6 Map Server Settings 135 Max Player level 150 Max dino level (Difficulty 5.0) 8x Experience 15x Gathering 20x Taming This Server Is Resurrected from the grave, serving a 7 map cluster containingthe following maps: Valguero Ragnarok Extinction Aberration Crystal Isles Faith (soon to be changed to Island due to unfinished) TCC_event (For all PVP events held throughout the week) Quality of Life Mods: Structures Plus Automated Ark Naj's Speedy Fliers Better Reusables HG Stacking Mod 2500-90 Dino Storage V2 Bitou2k's binocular Contains Custom Coded Shop Plugin with no Raid, or Boss Dino's in them for a higher difficulty server. I hope you all will give us the chance to fit your Ark Mood and if so please check us out in our discord and steam connects below! Discord https://discord.gg/Yc76Wq6 Link steam://connect/ - Extinction steam://connect/ - Aberration steam://connect/ - Ragnarok steam://connect/ - Faith (Soon) steam://connect/ - Crystal Isles steam://connect/ - Valguero steam://connect/ - Event Map Only
  3. It’s almost as if DLC stands for downloadable content lol.
  4. We are aware of server issues and are working hard on a patch to improve stability.
  5. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run! No Snail Games make ARK port. Its Abstraction games! ANd PixARK is much better than ARK on Switch.
  6. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run! It's terrible port. Abstraction games block me on twitter because I ask about updates for game! They the same like WIld Card!
  7. We got refund in my country. Game has been deleted from local stores
  8. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run!
  9. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run!
  10. Did you validated your game file?
  11. Sorry for the late response. Have you messed around with any specific settings on your server? Also Have you ever visited this spot for resources before? Im thinking its one of three things, either your respawn intervals are increased, you're off on a similar mountain (I personally always get two similar mountains mixed up over there and one of the two has absolutely no metal) or your own structures may be too close to the node location. You Should be able to tweak a setting on your server though to allow resources to respawn right next to your structures and you can also set the respawn time super low to test these theories. That is if you haven't figured it out in the time it took me to get back to you! 🤣
  12. Well, theres your problem. valguero is a dlc map. You need that dlc map downloaded via steam to play it.
  13. https://www.healthsuperclub.com/radiant-swift-keto/ Radiant Swift Keto Moreover, its very capacity to absorb a lot of water makes it very satiating, even if consumed in small quantities . It is excellent in salads of vegetables and legumes, in meat or fish dishes (as in the North African tradition, from which it comes), as a base for burger and meatballs and to stuff tomatoes or other stuffed vegetables. Barley Barley is rich in fiber , especially in the integral variant, in particular beta-glucan, which reduces the absorption of cholesterol and slows down that of carbohydrates. Like couscous, it swells a lot during cooking , stimulating a rapid sense of satiety : this makes it useful for containing portions in a diet. The only recommendation: it can cause annoying problems related to meteorism in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, which should therefore limit their consumption. Contains gluten, so it is not suitable for coeliacs. Kamut It is a variety of wheat called khorasan, an ancestor of modern durum wheat and much appreciated because it is rich in high quality proteins (20-40% more than traditional grains ), vitamins, minerals and fibers in greater quantities than common wheat. You can put it in your diet in the form of beans, to be used as an alternative to rice to prepare delicious salads, or to consume pasta, bread, tortillas made with kamut flour. Corn Nourishing, energetic, very digestible and suitable for celiacs because it is gluten-free: there are many reasons to include corn in your diet as an alternative to other cereals. It also has an excellent content of minerals such as iron and selenium, while it is cholesterol free. Rather caloric, like all cereals, it must be consumed in proportion to its own needs, especially on a diet. A curiosity: the caloric intake is very high especially in corn flour, but the mixture with water and cooking reduce it . This is especially true for polenta , which is cooked with plenty of water, but also for bread and biscuits.
  14. You should be able to connect after downloading the latest update.
  15. New Fresh Center Boosted PVP Server This is a new PvP server I have decided to finally purchase after years of playing ark on both official and unofficial. Finally after playing so much I have found the settings that make the game more fast paced and less time consuming while not changing any stats to be overpowered. XP/Tame/Harvest are all at 25x with player and dino stats only slightly adjusted. Entire baby raising process is much faster as well with respect to imprinting. There are no absolutely no rules and I am the only admin, which I will not be accessing any administrative powers as they have discouraged me from playing on many servers. 32 player limit, I hope I see many of you join me! Server Name: Boosted Ark Server Fresh Center * I have thought about events and I am not opposed but I have not thoroughly thought of how to structure them or what kind of rewards should be given. As I am writing this I think I will do events with rewards of dinos from SE or Abberration
  16. What douse it mean when it says “you are not prepared” At the start of the dungeon? Also what’s the best way to get past the Daeodons, should I bring a bola?
  17. Tribes mates for Small tribes ragnarok Me and my 2 friends already have two bases with 5 turrets each and about dozen tames. What we need is player who are willing to grind and be productive. By the way, we're pretty chill and we play on pc. My discord server is https://discord.gg/ZZg3uB.
  18. helped some dudes do a dragon fight. they were using bred rexes with full muts. as we entered one of them was called to go have dinner. as we fough this dudes afk body is standing their. so i rush over to cover him. i am on my red and cyan thyla. i saved him and threw some ghillie on him to reduce aggro range. did not really work. he arrived to see the dragon kicking their a**. i am riley were sitting in the back. we were like the back up. if thye fail then we go in their and finish it off. just as they were to die the afk dude throws out a freakin giga, the others also use cryo pods aswell. i did not even know that was possible. all of a sudden their is a giga, mana, velano and two bronts fighting the dragon, i decided to grab some food. i just sit there on my thyla watching as they kick a**. as they seem like they win the dragon glithes into the tames, stopping them from attacks while it is breathing on them. the minnions killed the dudes leaving their tames on passive. i said srew this. i threw out rexy and went and finished it off. while my friend whistles the dinos out. in the end it went well. i am doin cave runs right now collecting artifacts with my otters, winston and buzel (pokemon). i am holding a gun game event tomorrow. i am building a giant cube like structure. inside r artifacts. depending on the artifacts affects your scores. but there is a twist. u start off with a bow. you gotta weapons to kill the others with. if you get a kill you are allowed to recieve the next tier of weapons, a cross bow and so on. you get a stack of ammo and acs cloth armour for lols. we got the entire server joining us. i will be holding multiple rounds. the reward for the winning team is a hand full of artifacts and a mating pair of either rexes, megatheriums, theriz or rhinos. all for boss battle.
  19. Gods and Dragons on Valguero primal fear dino mod Gods and Dragons on Valguero Difficulty 10.0 8XP 10Xtame 4X harvest PVE server info steam://connect/ Server does 2 auto reboots every day at 3am/3pm Pacific https://discord.gg/HX55PGK https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1181812906 Player cap is 282 dinos can be leveled 150 times after tame. Come join us, Come Ark with us..
  20. I love the Mosasaurus one :’)
  21. Today
  22. Try dying and respawning, if that doesn't work, please fill out a bug report form for us, which you can find in our Bug Report post pinned to the top of this forum.
  23. Update Concerning Specified Classic PvP Servers On Monday 6/24 the following servers will be taken offline permanently. These servers were repurposed for the Valguero map (Classic PvP). Please make arrangements to transfer before 6/24 or you will lose your progress. How To Move Servers If you are unfamiliar with the process, you are able to upload your items, creatures, and player through the Obelisk terminal, supply drops, as well as the Tek Transmitter. Survivors are advised to use Cross-ARK immediately to relocate their belongings onto a server that is not included in our take-down list above. eu-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp106 eu-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp109 eu-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp7 eu-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp74 eu-pvp-official-thecenter-classicpvp107 eu-pvp-official-thecenter-classicpvp65 eu-pvp-official-thecenter-classicpvp75 na-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp42 na-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp52 na-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp61 na-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp90 na-pvp-official-scorchedearth-classicpvp93 na-pvp-official-thecenter-classicpvp62 na-pvp-official-thecenter-classicpvp91 na-pvp-official-theisland-classicpvp53 na-pvp-official-theisland-classicpvp92
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