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  2. Same mods work in single player, just not on dedicated server on my lan. Both are equally up to date and have the same files and mods, all current.
  3. if you are on console like me we have to wait in july but the wiki has no exact datum maybe its 1 july or 31 july ho nows
  4. Small Tribes Valguero - S+ 6x all 10x Breeding With the release of Valguero we're re-launching our server as a Small Tribes server (5 man tribes) on the Valguero map. with Structures Plus Rates are 6 times for all except breeding, which is 10 times. We use mods that will allow access to the boss fights (apart from the Valguero arena). Our target market is more casual players, who may prefer solo or small groups, who would like to play and experience all Ark has to offer without worrying of large alpha tribes wiping the server. Direct Connect Link: steam://connect/ Mods include: - Structures Plus - Death Helper (for when your stuck or cannot reach your body) - Boss Summoner (for battling bosses one at a time instead of all at once ) - Artifacts Craft (to get all the required artifacts in case you cannot access them on the map. Note: engram levels have been altered to better align with boss battle level requirements) - StacksOnly (allows for greater volumes in stacks)\ - Human NPCs (to give the server an extra human touch)
  5. Undermeshing bug on valguero Basically I came across this by accident on an unofficial server... I tested it to make sure it wasn't just lag but it was the real deal If you sit on the Deinonychus, latch onto a wall with a thicker side of the wall below and wait until the dino begins to slip, you will slowly go under the mesh.
  6. Dude...this is Ark MOBILE forum.
  7. Check the app store for updates....the game does not auto update or something....
  8. I like Ark Switch Survival Guide. And I appreciate that it’s something. But a lot of times his advice isn’t the best. Sometimes it is. But I remember him like suggesting riding an iguanodon into the swamp to gather plant X. Like DILO is wrong with you dude?
  9. You stated it perfectly, kudos. I find it funny that the people who are arguing against this point probably simply dont care because they will just wait until some psychopaths in a zerg on official will breed for a three months to get a Deinonychus with 300 melee and then they will trade for them. They dont care about people that actually have to put in the work doing the breeding on their own stats such as unnoficial or single players.
  10. Failed to install mod map I'm running the same array of mods that I use on all maps on my private server, all are up to date, all work on all other ark maps. When I connect to Valguero it will show this message, which I've never seen before: Failed to install mod map I can't find what the issue is specifically. I'm assuming it's from one of the mods, but I can't tell which.
  11. I've noticed the same thing. I've waited 30 minutes and no eggs only poop, I've even tried force feeding stimberries.
  12. Seems to me like it would be a smart move to include a link to the Valguero download page.
  13. I'm glad to see somebody pointing that out, I always find it funny when people brag about the ridiculous stats on official servers due to the mutation stackings and trading. There is literally no way anybody is going to get anywhere near that with a few months of mutation breeding and hunting their own wild stats. The only way you are going to find that on unofficial is if you are playing a modded rates server.
  14. Introduction: Introducing the new Valguero map, the only mod we have here is Structures Plus! This server is not clustered at the moment so everyone has a fresh start! Discord: https://discord.gg/WhnPEah Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3749804 Server IP: steam://connect/ Server Located in North America Rates/Info: PvE, Valguero No server wipes 100% uptime All Tekgrams unlocked at level 100 Wild Dino level 1-150 EXP x10 Taming x50 Breeding x50 Gathering x10 Mods: Structures Plus Rules: No building in spawn zones where players can be trapped No blocking major resource spawns and artifacts No foundation/pillar spam
  15. Let me know how the move works for you guys. Should see a big boost in performance
  16. Don't allow transfer on Valguero As of now, the transfer is closed and its alot of fun. The only problem is that I feel like its pointless to tame anything now and spend hours baby sitting something that we all have already done on other map where transfer is enabled. In month or so the transfer will be enabled and all the creatures we have tamed on Valguero will become pointless again. Fresh start is always fun and It will be ruined again once the transfer is enabled. Dont do it.
  17. Both 77 and 350 should be back online now. You will have to search the server list to find them and re-favorite
  18. Wiping official servers would only increase the amount of griefing going on, people think the state of the game currently is toxic. Just wait until every serious player loses hundreds of hours of work do to forum complainers, people with skills who no longer care will raze every server daily until it is truly unplayable. People with nothing to lose are the most dangerous.
  19. Out of the ordinary for unofficial without thousands of people to trade with, yeah. Those arent ordinary stats,years of mutation stacking hehe Congrats on the nice rexs though
  20. Today
  21. Just like the wyverns and rock drakes and reapers are not tamable but are ridable
  22. I might be rushing a bit, but is it correct that 350 doesnt show up for me yet in the official server list? Edit: Thanks a lot @lilpanda Edit2: The server message shows that all conquest servers are now on the same cluster
  23. I've had that happen with unofficials. What happens is old IPs are recycled for new servers, so it pops back up in your list as if you have a survivor on it even if you don't. If it's an official, maybe it's one of the recently recycled legacy servers.
  24. looking for a really big map does anyone know what the largest map mod is.
  25. I'm not sure how to fix the issue, but I've noticed that anytime i get submerged in water on that map it instantly drops to 1 fps for a few seconds so it may be some issue with shaders or something. Aberration still to this day consistently crashes in one area for me, anytime I go near the transistion area between blue and red near the falls the game seems to crap out when trying to load into the new zone. Perhaps your issue with this new map is the game crapping out when trying to load the new zones or the lighting shaders. I'd try toggling off some of the lighting settings or turning down clutter or other stuff to see if it helps.
  26. Yes it actually is. Should be back in ~15 minutes
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