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  2. Easter Event LIVE until 4/30/19 BUMP
  3. is someone gonna tell him
  4. Vincenta13

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    maybe they do a new map for free like ragna, and the center, its can a be cool, BUT i think we cant have more DLC, or something like a new map. the game is finish now, hope they do something with bug. OR.. somebody do a map like this and WC add this official, (like the center and ragna) but dino water are less than floor so dont know how doing on a map like that
  5. Vincenta13

    Bug / PS4 / inventory

    sorry! yes its a bug people have this bug too?
  6. Vincenta13

    Solo / PS4

    Hello everybody, hello WC, if you read this, i hope. i have a bug. In solo PS4, sometime since 3 month i think, the explorers notes disappear as if I had never found them. And the map resets itself as if I have never discovered anything. I see patchnote before the eggcellente patch, but not work for me. Today for example lose my dino note, note explorer and the map resets again.. Not a big problem!! but i play RP solo, and love read dino note but cant now. Please do something guy thanks.
  7. From what ive been reading around social media the new turret feature seems to be dealing WAY more than previous. Is it just while its tracking high speeds? Dont know. Dont play PVP unfortunatly
  8. d1nk

    Dragon Island

    Thanks good to know! Can you confirm whether or not veggie cakes 'work properly' now? I heard they were buggered after homestead (not being eaten as often or not healing as much.. cant remember) Havent done any bosses since homestead
  9. LauraLowlife

    The Center Map Flashing Sky Problem

    Have had the same issue several times on the Center, I haven't been able to figure out what triggers it. I play on the standard high settings normally.
  10. Hello, and welcome to The Lost World CLUSTER! We currently have 2 servers clustered, each with 20 slots and plenty of room to build wherever you would like. Stats are as follows: 20x Taming 50x Mating/Maturation 5x XP 5x Harvest 10x Stacking Official Discord Channel
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  12. Vaculity

    Dragon Island

    It feels more like the dragon's AI has somewhat slightly changed. It never breathed down under while still flying before, only when it landed. I don't know, I never saw it doing before until recently.
  13. d1nk

    Dragon Island

    It was buffed or veggie cakes dont work properly? I havent heard of a buff only that veggie cakes havent been working properly?
  14. d1nk

    The Center Map Flashing Sky Problem

    I notice it all over the map, also Xbox. Theres also sometimes after a lightning storm that it will keep flashing lightning (different than the 'siezure skies') Its a shame because I like the Center but it literally hurt my head when the siezure skies hit
  15. NumberVIIIAxel

    How can I find lost dinos?

    Not easily unless you have a Tek Helmet and some element (given you know the engram for the Tek Helmet) you could use its radar function to find them since they would appear green in the radar pings while everything would be gray or red. For future reference there are tracking items you can put on your dinosaurs as to not lose them in an event like that. You craft a Transponder and some Transponder Nodes, put the node on your dino by pressing L2 with the Transponder equipped and you can ping them with R2 which will show their name and distance as long as you are looking in the direction they are.
  16. Melcreif

    Anyone tested turrets with the new patch?

    ah, don't know how that'd work if the turrets are up high. Of course I guess same strategy as C4 bombers running up to the base and attaching and exploding C4 on the wall to get in.
  17. Bruvas78

    The Center Map Flashing Sky Problem

    I'm on xbox and this starts with me when I'm in the region near green ob when a rain storm begins. When I fly back east the flashing continues and only stops if I log out and back in.
  18. BertNoobians

    Missing cub

    its one of the 200+ bugs that are still in the game that we are waiting for to be fixed. for now if you leave a baby in the pouch of the procoptodon and you leave it out of rendering, it will fall down and go thru structures.
  19. ShadowMage016

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    You know, I rather like this idea. Like giant mangrove or cypress like trees growing out of the ocean in shallow water.
  20. Horrible the lag of that server ... That discourages me a lot.
  21. SaltyMonkey

    Structure pick up

    Then under the gameusersettings.ini, use AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True There is no reason why it shouldn't be working. What actually happens when you use it there?
  22. WizardNuuk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Rag, singleplayer, ps4 Did some event Dino taming. First was a 174 Tek Rex with cyan inner lights (for some reason cyan eyes look so much more menacing than the dark blue, white, and green I have seen previously). She popped up with 1 distribution point less in health than my current boss Tek Rex line whereas Melee was 2 distribution points above, so she is a keeper. Next I found a 150 Direwolf that was main body magenta, cyan along the back, and orange feet. The event post doesn’t list orange, but it looks orange rather than yellow to me. I then went on a bit of a jerboa taming spree 😅. My intention was to tame a few event colored ones, but things escalated out of hand quickly once my thought process became “why not, I still have empty cryopods on me.” They are just so cute. On my way back to base I spotted a 135 Yuty with a cyan back. I watched him a bit and became worried when he disturbed a rock golem. I thought, well, rip Yuty. But instead, the golem started walking away. Apparently, the Yuty fear roared the golem, so the Yuty will be my taming target next time I’m on.
  23. Really, we're not going to play today? Where's the ragnarok 383? 👹
  24. Boyster

    The Center Map Flashing Sky Problem

    I tried playing with different graphic settings and it looks like it has something to do with turning off ''High Quality VFX'' setting. But i have to turn that off or else the Center is unplayable during those storms.I ll try to avoid looking at the sky i guess .
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