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  2. MooPaMa

    pve Breeding dinos

    Good to know. Thank you.
  3. shadowkyuubi

    April patch 2019

    have you try to verify the files on steam
  4. Lycan187u

    How many hours have you played for?

    Rofl!!!! You need to become one with the ark. Cedric!!! Lag is love lag is life
  5. applegrapple

    PS4: ArrangedFire90

    hi not great at posting stuff I've been trying to join you. I have extinction, I'll help on that one if you need but I'd like to join rag and my psn is grapplecan and im in my 30s lol
  6. After a friend of mine found my body on targett and killed me i was able to eventually log in again …
  7. unosavannah


    Hello I’m playing multiplayer on a iPhone 8 Plus , thankyou heaps for getting back to me
  8. Since i uploaded dino and stuff I need to log my charachter in the hours or they will be lost forever ….
  9. These past few days running around the ark I noticed that there don’t seem to be as many dinos running around on my ark survival evolved on the Xbox! Is it just me of is anybody else having this? Took me forever to find a Baryonx and the same goes for Spinos plenty of Sarcos n dilophosaurs plus some others. Plus is anybody having issues with cooking kibble in a cooking pot? Doing all the right stuff yet still no kibble! Even crafted a new cooking pot!
  10. Today
  11. XxxGodzxxX

    Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dino_Marshmallow_Hat_Skin its not ingame BUT should be
  12. caleb68

    Lost Character and Tames

    well I got a appointment set, earliest time was May 1st, so that's almost 2 weeks away. My ticket was posted on april 5th, so that's almost a month to get a appointment date scheduled. I don't think that arks 1 month of no decay is going to do the trick to get all the people squared away.
  13. sillykillingmachine

    pve Ragnarok / The Island server cluster!

    You should add the ip, I dont find your server.
  14. AngrySaltire

    Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin

    From what I am reading there is no dino marshmallow hat skin, just one for humans. When you say they wont appear on shoulderpets, do you mean they are equipable but not showing or are they not equipable? Also is it not working on some or all shoulderpets ?
  15. It seems to be happening at the worst possible times like when i get raided or lost connection to host
  16. BubbaCrawfish

    minigun needs love

    It's a joke, and you missed it...
  17. Since i uploaded dino and stuff I need to log my charachter in the hours or they will be lost forever ….
  18. Kodking194


    Yeah I load up on cooked meat or fish meat specially for my owls and thylas
  19. KillTheMammoth

    Non-Dedicated Titan Glitch, and main menu glitch

    I play ps4 too and have this bug. It's only visual but it wouldn't take long to fix and it's frustrating. But don't hold your breath for it to be fixed
  20. Not sure if it's related to this but Ark crashed while transferring my char between 2 officlal servers. Now Ark crashes every time I try logging on the target server so I'm unable to get my character back ...
  21. I. Getting aberration and extinction on my PS4 but my dad wants to know how much Of a down load it is for each map like will it use up 10 gigabyte s of data to download extinction onto my PS4. Just make clear I am not referring to how much of my storage it will take up on my PS4 I am asking how much data in gigabytes of internet would it take to download each map. Thank you if you can answer this site question. PS: I need it answered before 30th of April as Ark is on special and I assume that is when it will go back up.
  22. Bruvas78

    Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin

    Never mind that! I've been playing since early access and only found out that I could attach a torch to my rex saddle last night!!
  23. Bruvas78


    Gather a mass of feed before you start. More than you're thinking. WAY more!
  24. Kodking194


    I two have started breeding already bred owls, wolves, thulas and ravages on my single player world. All colour mutations not really worried bout stats. If you do want to stack muts here is a way to that I recently learners from syntac. Have to breed up creatures from same parents with same stats that U want like health meele ect ect, they must also be the same level for eg 250 and 250. Make sure they are both opposite genders now this may sound weird but breed them until you get a mutation. How you will notice a mutation. Is the baby will be two levels higher than the parent so if both are 250 then the baby will be 252. Once you get a mutation you like. Breed it with the parent that is opposite gender to it. Again sounds weird but it works. So if your mutated baby was 252 then one with another mutation will be 254. Keep breeding until you got the colours and stat muts to like or go further and fill the mutation counter. Another thing is you may get a baby that has a mutation bit not from the parent. So say your 252 thulas has a baby that is still 252 but instead of a red stripe it has a blue stripe that is possible to gain. But don't worry it will be fine how ever in be mutation counter in the ancestral page it will still say 2/20 mutations because the game thinks the baby has the parent's mutation. Same with any 250 babies from he parent will still say it has a mutation. I hope this help cause it took an hour to type this on my crappy phone.
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