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  2. I appreciate them leaving some stuff exclusive to other maps. If you play on unofficials it's almost impossible to find any clusters that run SE, for example, because they all just keep Rag, so no phoenixes except as event prizes, if the admin feels so inclined to run any. It's great for people who don't have the expansions, but a bummer to miss out on new game experiences if you do have all of them...
  3. All private servers are not in the list even though there online. Maybe because update is out and Nitrido dropped the ball
  4. Looking for PS4 friends I’m not big on playing on big servers I’m just looking for a couple of buddies to survive with on PS4, I’m on a lot and would like other people who play a lot. preferably 18 years and older. Drop some usernames
  5. That depends really on what platform you will be playing on.. consoles don't have as much control over settings. Pc users can do much more.
  6. ive gotten a large number with only 70 armor for ascendant so im guessing they were nerfed at some point. as for where i got the, surface drops on ab. but i believe the best place to get good ones on the other maps are cave drops, on rag i think it was the lava golem cave for triceratops saddles but not too sure. but cave drops can have much better quality loot than the normal drops but certain caves have different loot pools.
  7. Thanks for the great ideas I'm sure just annoying him a bit would still be fun.
  8. I do like to cause a little mayhem. I can hardly do that in rl, certainly wouldn't be married anymore. He'd probably have me locked up.. I snipe him, tranquilize him more times than I can remember. I've logged him out in dangerous areas after hiding his gear. I left him naked and alone in the desert on rag once. He just died to get home spoil sport.. I snatch him up quite a bit managed once to drop him by accident in lava over the wyvern trench. My story and I'm sticking to it.! I'm thinking of trapping him in a semi dangerous maze next. Usually same tribe but I have to make sure floating names are off when I play pranks and wind him up. I can start a new map and not tribe with him, we've been together 16 years would be nice to live alone again haha..
  9. Ragnarok loot So I'm preparing to get an ascendant pump -action shotgun to take on the ice queen,but I haven't found one yet. Any suggestions as to where to look?
  10. Thank you to everyone that has replied to me it is all extremely helpful, are there any good values to set for my singleplayer map?
  11. the reason there is no map barrier is because the normal barrier was the bubble surrounding the arks
  12. I am one of those people who paints nearly all of his dino saddles, and I hate the fact that on many saddles, the white, just does not come across as white. I understand that they are "dyes", and not paints. But I really wish that the white and some of the other colors (orange/cantaloupe) were brighter when applied to the certain surfaces.
  13. Yes, but the first time I played Extinction, I had no clue what those towers and red lights were for. So I'm flying and next thing I know my player is taking damage, and before I can turn back and exit the zone, I died. Thus my Wyvern died as well. Now I avoid the boundary like the plague.
  14. FRM17


    You would just box it in and pincode a door lol. 200IQ
  15. I went in the cave and even got the artifact and brought it to the obelisk , didn’t help.
  16. is deinonychus the only new dino? also are there other new features/items on the map?
  17. Ark 2.0 Ruining game experience??? After downloading the new update(Ark 2.0) I've been experiencing these issues^^. It used to be in caves only, but i knew how to work around that. Unfortunately its been happening outside caves too. I've redownloaded the game, but it seems to still have issues. Its not as gamebreaking anymore, but its still a problem. I play on lowest settings Samsung Galaxy s6 Edit: I've used admin console to teleport to volcano and its not having problems there. I'd like to know if the problem is my phone or the game?
  18. PC Mods used in Single player or unofficial servers. The color events have pretty much killed this thread. I remember back when I bred for color mutations, before the events. I literally had 200-300 Thylas breeding them constantly, and on another map had 200-300 Argys. I was finally able to get nearly almost every color varation. But it was a crazy task, and slowed the crap out of my gameplay. Now with the color events, I can usually find and tame the colors I want, and then breed to mix and match as needed. Easier to do by far, but not nearly as rewarding as doing it the hard way.
  19. I would recommend using a griffin with high speed and stamina, you can use a long neck and crossbow on its back so that is great, also I would recommend looking for a quetzal near the red and green obelisks, thats were I found mine.
  20. I quite agree as the owner of a cluster of servers I would rather maps had map specific dinos
  21. all true completly unplayable at the moment.... by the way hello guy its Julie from Jedi Order
  22. Need I say https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tripwire_Narcotic_Trap 😉 We do base wars in our PvE tribe quite a bit & a well placed narc trap is hilarious!
  23. Do you have the Argy's setting to not harvest resources?
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