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  2. Full TEK protects from radiation and all spores.
  3. You need to open a ticket with support for someone to try and get it back. I’m currently in the same situation. Lost my level 120 last night. Still waiting on devs for a response
  4. How do you actually shoot the arrows? I've tried pulling back but it just moves my screen. Is there a certain touch spot to pull back?
  5. Ark Royals [Ebenus Astrum][Mid-High rate] Modded] [Ebenus Astrum]|[Discord] Ark Royals Ark Royals is a new mid to high-rate PvP server on the Ebenus Astrum Map looking to provide you with a great experience! Ark Royals will have weekly events, Offline Raid Protection after 20 minutes and Fresh Dinos everyday @5am Est/2am PST. We have a few qualities of life mods to aid our survivors such as Sel Spyglass and other mods like Castle Keeps and forts. New Survivors get a level 100 Tapejara once you make a TCs Vault. Each day is 56 minutes long, You get the sun for 43 minutes and night is only 13 minutes long. We look forward to seeing you ingame! Ebenus Astrum [Join Now!]|[Mod List]|[Discord] Settings: Taming Multiplier is 8x Harvest Multiplier is 5x Egg hatching is 20x Maturation is 15x Xp Multiplier is 5x Gamemode: PvP Gamma - Enabled Third Person Camera - Allowed Map Player Location - Enabled RPG-style floating damage numbers - Enabled Unlimited Respecs - Enabled Platform Structures have been increased Spoil Timers have been increased Automatic Updates? - Yes Our Rules Remember its PVP no need for rage in chat. Bug abuse & hacking is strictly forbidden. No meshing, meshing = Ban. No advertising other servers or trolling. No racism, homophobia or any form of hate in chat. Do not build on Battle Island If looting a beaver dam make sure you take everything or discard unwanted items (this ensures the beaver dam restocks) We do not reimburse for lost or stolen in game items. Do not block obelisks. Prisoners must be killed or released after 30min. Repeat raiding new tribes will get you banned, No Greifing at all. If you get raided you can claim new 24h protection for rebuilding. Ask for this on discord.
  6. Will there be Coulson region painting on armour? Hello I’ve noticed that there is no armour customisation in ark mobile could this be fixed please it’s not a big issue but painting flak full green just doesn’t work with the ark mobile graphics but please armour customisation?
  7. 2 man tribe, we grind element on Alpha Monkey one or 2 runs a week allows us to do anything we want Tek wise. Realistically though we only really use Tek gennys, teleporter replicator, cloning chamber, tek troughs and tek door/gateways ( best tek item without a doubt ). Most other tek isn't that beneficial in day to day play.
  8. Sarco is the first dino I tamed for pleasure. But Theri is tamed first cause Wood. Beyond that I've been collecting a vicious pack of Mutton tamed pack and mate boosted Direwolves. Next up is a honey tamed Direbear. Only really need the Theri technically. Oh and Allos are my next target. No access to any of the weirder ones yet.
  9. Have a beginner server for small tribes so like one month where u can’t transfer to it so u can build up then those servers merge with the cluster after that month
  10. New PVE Server. Friendly. Boosted. 8 slots left. Just looking for some new people to join a new server. Map is the Island. There are 8 slots left. Message LCopey on Xbox if you would like to join.
  11. Avaraxius

    Racism in Ark

    it is not the game, some of the players are.
  12. Today
  13. so you are a legacy players then if i dont read it wrong, i choose to move to official before they announced the wipe for the server. I lost a lot of breeding lines, boss rexes item etc etc. but i wasnt that ignorand to stay on legacy to think that they would not wipe it. Dont trust a company that says they wont wipe a server and suddenly they drop all support and announce they willl do wipes. Every game has a end that does not mean that because some players are furstrated they should do a wipe, like the other player said you can choose to wipe your self and make a new bob.
  14. Resolutions all messed up SO when I have it in windowed mode I have issues where I cannot have it 192x1080 at all. It needs to be 1920x1040 or else part of the screen is cut off. When I put it into fullscreen or full windowed it works. If I have my second display as my main (so menu bar is moved there) I can fullscreen fine but if I try to fullscreen on my second display it messes up bigtime. Also the keypad doesnt work at all and its annoying because I have a gaminng keyboard for the keypad Attached is a screenshot showing what the issue is. Also note im using Debian not windows
  15. Have a beginner server for small tribes so like one month where u can’t transfer to it so u can build up then those servers merge with the cluster after that month
  16. just keep grinding the forums we must
  17. What's ur Favorite dino (not stat-wise)? My favorite dino is my Pteranodon, his name is Cpt. Slobber
  18. SkyHale

    Favorit Beer

    water 😃
  19. Jumped on last night for a while. Met one (hugely) generous top bloke in a speedy boat on there and a handful of others lying unconscious on the beach in various states of nudity (much like any Saturday night session on the turps) so seems pretty cool so far. Any chat room I should be aware of?
  20. SkyHale

    Racism in Ark

    toxic game is toxic
  21. Fix the bug when we remain stuck in some holes Fix the bug when we remain stuck in some holes please ,you need to make a buton for suicide m8 . Now when i write this i am stuck betwin 2 rocks and i cant eat spoiled meat or my pop becouse the bug dont let me and i lose houers to can die . DO SOMPHING PLEASE
  22. trade How many posts do I have to make till I can see trade forums?? funny I have been playing this game off and on since it first came out, yet I have to earn ability still lol. I am looking to trade ingots for giga/rex/quetz/rock dragon if anyone cane help that would be great!! Anyways thanks in advance for any help
  23. hard to trust in real life , yet alone in a game *(
  24. Cat's right you are offline, your HH is trying to send the HURL or help URL page it normally displays when the connection drops instead of the MOTD text you'd normally get in that box
  25. breeding cost me many late nights in the early days lol. heard its easier now with all the tek items
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