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  2. Well, the problem is that it is still not possible to change creature components (which decide what stats can be leveled) during runtime, which is what configs need. This requires an overhaul of the base creature class, which could be very dangerous. Also, if uploading them is not allowed, that means you cannot even transfer them within your own cluster or to other singleplayer maps. There is a config for this already. Also, Singleplayer doesn't need this, as things don't spoil anyway when you're 'offline'. ... It seems that none of these suggestions are really aimed towards Singleplayer, like you mentioned.
  3. it is the same with every update. If we are lucky, the update comes only 2 days later, sometimes only 8 days after the win clients. We are just customers who can deliver our money
  4. I beg to differ dude, I've played and done a lot more in single player than I've ever managed to do in PVP. You can easily tame a Titanosaurus by yourself in single player, which is the end game tame on the island, so I don't understand how it is too hard. And I play with single player settings off dude and max difficulty offset to 5.
  5. The sponsored mods are already available for PC single player and private servers. Whether any of them become official or not is unknown and not likely to happen any time soon tbh. Again, none of the current sponsored mods are being made official, so no platform is waiting for anything at this point. And for your last bullet point, no sponsored mods won't affect Genesis. Not sure why you want to get the info to LoadedCrysis, often is info he provides is wrong.
  6. Whether something is too hard or not is dependant on the player, so to the OP it may be hard, to others it may not, doesn't mean it is not too hard for the OP. My thoughts on single player is that the actual single player mode is not hard due to the ability to tweak settings, however, depending on the type of player you are you could find it very boring. As for single player on servers, i.e. solo play (not sure if the OP means the mode or solo play) then I can understand that it can be seen as very hard, particularly on official servers. @Dame sorry to here you have found the game too hard. Maybe you just haven't found the right unofficial server for you? Whatever you decide to do now, good luck to you.
  7. What does loaded crysis have to do with anything? Hes that dumb clickbait youtuber isnt he?
  8. Once when I was feeling overwhelmed with Dinos, I thought it would be funny to plant signs around other player's bases that advertised "DeHammer's Dino Emporium". "You need a stone bashing dino but have bad credit? Need a Doe, but have no dough? No problem! Come on down to DeHammer's Dino Emporium where we have new & used Dinos of all sorts. Come on down and 'dicur' with us for your 'Doe'." It got a few chuckles.
  9. Ignoring the thread completley here and just had to chime in with a bonus point for using Hogwash in a sentence, top marks
  10. A little tip for the OP: Breeding certain dinos like a Therizino for power harvesting makes even 1x rates bearable easily. Harvesting is all about knowing where to go and what to use. Therizino power harvesting in a swamp for wood is pretty good. Megatherium in a swamp for thatch is also pretty good as well in my experience. Bear in Abberation harvesting organic polymer plants is good for lots of organic polymer, or a moschops with lots of melee and all points in org poly and kill Mantis and harvest them with the C ability for loads of poly. For metal farming Aberration is and probably will always be the best with a very high melee Ankylo and a crab. For pretty good drops check desert drops in Ragnarok, Lava Golem Cave for good flak bps, Orbital drops in Extinction, and any other red deep sea loot crates you know about if you're willing to travel around for them. Rag is hands down the easiest high level loot in the game with their deep sea drops, and Scorched Earth drops as well. Just put beds near all of them with a box/vault nearby and drop them until you pick them up later. Also, make crafted food and drinks for yourself it really helps out, make med brews, soups, and try to loot every beacon for good bps. I mean if you played since release I'm guessing you never learned the above things. Single player I'm pretty sure is also on boosted rates and bosses are also easier as well and tuned for solo play. It shouldn't be too hard to even complete them with decent dinos. In my opinion, you could beat easy brood with a bunch of tamed megatherium just fine with prim saddles and get a replicator up and running.
  11. If you haven't played Ark PVE on a private server, alone or with friends, you've missed the best Ark has to offer. I have several characters going on private dedicated servers now, and I also have several going on local non-dedicated private secured sessions. One of the many great things I've discovered about private servers, along with being able to tweak settings, etc, is that you can transfer items & Dinos from a private hosted (dedicated) server into a local non-dedicated game for 'archival' purposes. At any point, I can 'resurrect' any of my dinos or breeding lines that have been 'archived' and bring them forward into a new map.
  12. I don't intend on raiding anyone unless being attacked first. Besides, I'm mostly spending my time on Aberration preparing for gamma rockwell.
  13. RReyes


    Abuso I tell you my story of some friends who betrayed me, a member of my tribe was stealing my things little by little, and when I realized I took him out of the tribe, and he made me inside with another member of my tribe, who they left without animals, only with the base and when I connect a tribe that has warning from the admin of ark (wildcard) put me pilare around my base with the help of an alliance and I already removed the alliances, I for helping that guy That was my friend, I separated a small area with pillars, and if it is a very serious fault break my entire base but theirs too, in question I have nothing, I leave the name of ps4 of the types: EazyWarrior_ and mundo1626
  14. but I may need a chance to get started a little bit since I have grown used to playing on the playstation.
  15. Undead Tree Titan, or Snow Titan that wonders around smashing everything in sight.
  16. Today
  17. I think I will live thank you also I do not currently have a pc but I am buying a gaming laptop soon so when I get it I will most likley be starting up on this server as soon as I start playing on pc again
  18. You'll be fine then I'll start taming dodos post haste !
  19. Hardcore SE was a thing in the EA days. It was a lot of fun to get started there and fight for server dominance on SE launch day!
  20. yep if steam itself loses connectivity it closes ark faster then you can with alt+f4, its widespread not just 'some' people, happening all over the world with steam. its not just ark that's effected by it though, yesterday when steam dropped everyone on my friends list got kicked from the game they were playing.
  21. As of now PvP is not disabled when offline because, it's only me and a few friends playing there. I can always turn on ORP (offline raid protection) if needed. Cheers!
  22. We're aware of this issue and will be releasing a fix for it in an upcoming patch.
  23. GP

    Fear Evolved 3

    The DodoRex is basically the Mother-of-all-Dodos, so makes sure you fill your base with Dodos and she'll be sure to leave the base alone.... as long as the Dodos are being well fed and looked after!
  24. My main base is in extinction I think I'll be good seeing how I have500+ spike walls and orp gates blocking my base lol
  25. Ditto. I want to walk around the Island scared out my skin ! So long as it causes carnage without doing it unfairly if you know what I mean. Fair enough if it destroys bases if they are not defended properly but its another matter if it bugs out and it spawns in peoples bases because you know... Ark. Which reminds me I need to go and stick down some behemoth gateways to cover the weak point in my base....
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