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  2. Immediate Connection Timeout after update Win10 Played fine all day until the update. After update can't connect to Official or Unofficial. Starts to load and about the time it should load into the game, Connection Timeout. Updated Windows, Video Drivers...restarted routers, modems, you name it, it's been done. Just curious to see if any other Win10 players are having the same issue.
  3. All very good questions but the main one is why no one from wild card will answer any of your questions............ ever
  4. bhai fir enjoy karege wha sa bhai fir enjoy karege wha sa
  5. bhai fir enjoy karege wha bhai fir enjoy karege wha
  6. bahi yr man nhi lagta yr ds bahi yr man nhi lagta yr ds
  7. bahi yr man nhi lagta yr d bahi yr man nhi lagta yr d
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  9. It wouldn't maybe increase population it would greatly increase it look at the mts beginners servers, everybody loves that early game pvp and start so maybe add 2 week wipe servers w more increased rates, the arkpocalipze servers wiping every month with one map is a great example and there should be more of these servers with higher rates.
  10. Wiped; how often? About how often do you get wiped in pvp small tribes? Seems hard to last more than 4 or 5 days unless you build tiny hidden bases with no turrets.
  11. thanks for all the help guys, I’ll definitely begin doing that. Now to work towards defeating the king titan...
  12. I am also having the same issue. I got an update today for client version 793.2, which is unable to connect to any servers. My girlfriend is on 793.1 and is able to connect. Hopefully this gets fixed soon and is not another repeat of the previous update...
  13. Damn man... I'm about done. I love this game. I have put so much time into it. But every update seems to break something and this is a high maintenance game. As a Win10 user here I am yet again, unable to connect to my server and play after days of outage a day or two ago. I am literally wishing they would just stop updating the game so that I can at least play it. Why are updates not tested in a test environment to ensure they work as expected? Why can't updates be scheduled to deploy at the same time? Why do we have constant little fix updates instead of periodic "substance" updates? Why is it even legal to entice people to buy expansion packs with awesome dinos just to nerf the crap out of them until they are almost useless as an addition? And why is there so little communication or support for the community?
  14. If they 100% fix duping and other exploits, all of official PvP should be wiped. But its unlikely they will get to 100%, so a wipe or new servers would have no real effect. Maybe increase population for a short time, but the exploits let would eventually dominate again.
  15. Future TLC ideas? Anybody got any good ideas for TLC updates? Such as which dinos need TLC and what would you change/add to the TLC’d dinos?
  16. @Erinn I love the poem as well
  17. QOL Rock Drakes should not use stam while gliding Rock drakes should not use stam while only gliding. They operate like our glider suits, which don't use our stam. Neither should a drake. Stam should be used while darting, cloaking and sprinting yes.
  18. QOL Enemies can't toggle on/off lights, generators or other equipment Other tribes characters should have zero access to your lights, tek lights, generator, chem bench, etc. They can't open our doors, why can they turn equipment and lights off or on. Fix this please.
  19. Don't tell anyone; you have to mesh inside the boat, place some extra foundations inside (they must be duped ones otherwise it won't work), and then it will place. E.g.
  20. 793.2 Issues I'm getting Host Connection Time Out every time I try to join ARK servers. I'm on version 793.2 and the servers say 793.3. However my wife can connect to all servers and she is on version 793.1 (She has not updated yet) Fix this WC, or at least acknowledge it maybe? Or just ignore Windows 10 users on here just like your Twitter page.
  21. I have the same problem after the 793.2 update on Windows Store. My Wife on 793.1 can still connect to servers. on the Windows Store Version.


    Genesis gogo Genesis UUUUUHH
  23. Request timed out on the middle does not equal connection problems. It means the router failed to respond in time expected. Reasons can be many.
  24. On PVE titano only does damage to creatures or structures of aggroing player/tribe. Tested multiple times. Then again if the other players dinos are on aggressive and aggronpn something small near the titano -> mayhem begins.
  25. I play on official and its quite possible, you just need to know how to build on a raft. a forge only takes a 2.5x2.5 foundation area to be fully on a foundation. My forge boat has a ind. forge, a ac, 2 fridges, a geny, a chem bench, several smithys (higher storage then large storage), 2 beds and a ind. grill along with 6 plant species X for defense.
  26. Having the exact same problem here. Only I played the same server for 2 years+ with a strict nat type. Except now since 11/28/19 I've got the Could Not Retrieve Address. I've placed 3 tickets without response. They dont care
  27. Add setting to disable Gacha Production One of the best uses is as a snail farm for paste. Can we have an option to keep it from eating everything?
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