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  2. Did someone mention cryos? Having a cryopod you can store the baby in when you're not on is a lifesaver. No more getting up at three am to imprint, no more worrying about the baby starving when you've got to go do real life stuff. I love cryopods.
  3. Just to add to and make things easier this site is pretty reliable for breeding helps out a lot especially when your solo or in a small tribe. http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  4. In theory, that could work, but I would not try it, as there could be conflicts between the maps (even run into that sometimes by having a mod version and the official version of the same map installed), and it will also increase your load times. I would stick with just the one map. Also, you can run into issues with the player files, as the are linked to your steam id, and not the map/game. So, if you switched the map, the character would likely be the one from the previous map. Safest way is either two servers, or FTPing data on and off the server when switching map mods; or at the very least, you would need to rename your saved files directory back and forth, though that could get tricky.
  5. no idea, so i guess u put the level points in Weight Stats as i was told that putting in melee doesnt do much for some reason ? s
  6. Another quick question as I am going to unload the map that I ftp'd up and load it as a normal mod so it gets installed on the server and is happy. Can I also load another map in this down time so I can swap between them if wanted at a later date and not have to reinstall a map each time on server or does it delete mods no longer being call from the Active Mod line if that makes sense.
  7. Its a steam issue.and or steam client issue. Look here it'll tell you how to fix. https://windowsreport.com/steam-update-stuck/
  8. Miss Im on an xbox and for some reason when im riding on any of the dinosaurs i cant turn left or right , only straight . It done this a few days ago to , i have tried resetting the game and the xbox but nothing seems to help.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I think those instructions are a bit out of date. I haven't used FTP to load a mod to a Nitrado server for a few years; not sure if that even works now.
  11. A baby giga eats 4011 pieces of raw meat to get to juvi that’s eats so not including spoilage. How much you should save up is dependent on how quickly you can gather meat. Once it’s around 1% you should be able to leave it for a half hr to get meat or whatever takes around 420 meat to get to that point.
  12. FRESH WIPE - JOIN #VENOMGAMING FRESH WIPE WITHIN 5 HOURS! JOIN #VENOM DISCORD: https://discord.gg/YWjPTcM **__SEASON 3 SETTINGS:__** Season 3 Player/Dino Stats **Player** Health = 20 Per Lv Stam = 25 Per Lv Melee = 10 Per Lv Oxygen = 150 Per Lv Food/Water = Vanilla (Drain will be decreased) Weight = 5000 Per Lv Movement Speed = 2.5% Per Lv Crafting Skill = 20% Per Lv Fortitude = 5 Per Lv **Dino** Health = 2 x Official Melee = 1.5x Official Stam = 1.5x Official Oxygen = 1.5x Official Food/Water = Vanilla (Drain will be decreased) Weight = 5000 Per Lv Speed = 1.5x Official Flyer Speed = 150% **NOTE** You can use an Oviraptor egg to increase your tames movement speed by an extra 15% Crafting Costs: Consumables: **All Kibble** = 10 MejoBerries **Shadow Steak** = 1 Raw Prime Meat + 10 Azulberries **Med Brews** = 1 Narcotic + 10 Tintoberries **Beer** = 10 Amarberries **MindWipe** = 5 Raw Mutton **Broth Of Enlightenment** = 5 Carrot + 2 Black Pearls Resources Sparkpowder = 1 Flint + 1 Stone Narcotics = 1 Nacoberry + 1 Spoiled Meat Cementing Paste = 2 Chitin + 2 Stone Only The Following Items Will Be Made EzCraft: Bola Stone/Tranq Arrows Grapples Whips SpyGlasses Certain Tek Items To Help Small Tribes Season 3 Shop Currency - Black Pearls Season 3 Mods Stack Mods Boosted - Supply/Cave/Boss Drops & Beaver Dams Easter Event
  13. TLC 3 Has there been anymore news with TLC? Gonna be with the new DLC and dino or?
  14. Thank you. I had been following this information and have been having issues with it so thank you so much. https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Upload_own_maps_at_ARK:_Survival_Evolved
  15. AndrewLB

    This game is BROKEN!

    This game is BROKEN! I've been playing Ark since summer of 2015 and have had an incredible amount of patience with the bugs over the years whether it was your body falling through the ground, or the harvest bugs, or long standing bugs like the transfer system which deletes characters at will... which of course would get solved right away if they'd ban/regionlock a certain protected class of players who didn't even pay for the game (yes, its free-to-play in China). But none of that is why i'm writing this post. About an hour ago, i began to initiate the mission in the volcano biome called melee medley or some crap, and when it started.... my 100% imprinted giga just straight up vanished without a trace. I then get mobbed by dozens of dinos which killed me, and upon returning after respawning there was no body or bag which happened to contain my lvl 250 magmasaur, 298% shotgun, tek rifle with 500+ dur, full set of hazard with 700+ dur. Not to mention, the giga had a 124 saddle, 1300% dmg, 36.9k hp, 1150wt, and 100% imprint. I searched that whole quarter section of the volcano biome and then some, even went to 50-50 (well... tried to get there) and discovered the favorite place for lost dinos to show up is the damn master controller arena location. So far nothing showing up in the tribe log about the giga being killed or vaporized by the stupid anti meshing which does NOTHING for PVE servers but kill dinos who clip into the mesh due to bad programming, and not ill intentions.. So why add one more feature to make servers perform worse? Also, there were only two other players on the server at the time and i know neither were running around in the volcano area stealing bags. tl;dr Why is wildcard apparently incapable of fixing long standing problems like my best bred and imprinted Tusos going poof during transfer last week (no servers crashed, they just poofed) or my best giga (and ones belonging to two others) just magically going poof in the volcano biome? I've had a long standing theory based on what was said by "the right hand" a few years ago that most of these problems can't be fixed without an engine upgrade. And before anyone objects, i was told by a UE engine programmer that the engine is designed to be upgraded with all customizations back ported into the new version and the only thing stopping this game from being upgraded is money (they'd have to temporarily hire a UE engine coder) and the will to do it. I really wanted to see this game through till the very end but sh*t like this is making it VERY hard for me to. No other dino i have has poofed. Only two of the most obnoxiously time consuming dinos there is to raise. funny how that works.
  16. I am not sure why you are referencing single player, as that would have nothing to do with a server (Nitrado or otherwise). Usually, when I do a mod map, I add the mod id for the map to the list of of mods (as the first one) and restart the server. Then, in the control panel, I change the map just like I do for any other map (now that the mod is loaded, you can pick the map for that mod), and restart the server again. Now, the server should be running that map. If you want to run any other mods, they have to be added to the mod list for the server, as that is what drives which mods are loaded by the server (and are required by any player joining that server). Subscribing to the mod in advance (especially large mods), does make the process go easier for anyone that connects to that server, so it is good for your to subscribe to it first. However, that has no impact on which mods the server runs.
  17. So did today's update fix in Linux ? We ended up migrating installs to windows servers for now so I have no clue.
  18. @SylenThunder Is pretty much correct. Wildcard does not get involved in how private/unofficial servers are configured, run, and/or administrated; they even allow server owners to monetize the servers if they desire. As such, issues between players, admins, and server owners can only be handled in private; these disputes cannot be handled on the forums. If the issue cannot be resolved, the remaining option is to move on (whether it be to a new server, starting your own server, going to official, playing single player, etc.). You might find a site that monitors private servers, where you can leave a rating or opinion, but I am not sure how useful that will be.
  19. I dont think primitive plus is another instance of the game but rather the normal version of ark but overwritten by primative plus files. Which is why it breaks so easy when updates occur. In other words, I dont think a rollback is an option for just prim with doing normal ark too.
  20. Extinction Serve 1023 Plataform: PS4. SERVE: Official 1023. Map: Extinction Since yesterday, 25/05, the server is unstable. It is no possible to play: DCs and constant Lags.
  21. Updates are pushed by VALVe's network, and Tuesdays are their weekly maintenance day. Selecting a different region can accelerate downloads in some cases.
  22. I disagree on wyverns. Breeding means mutations. I'm okay with breeding griffins. They're locked to a single map, they're not nearly as strong or as fast as a wyvern, so I don't see a real reason for not breeding them. Babies would be unbelievably cute, I bet.
  23. How much meat should I be saving up for the giga egg?
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