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  2. Hi gamer tag is ROODBWOI69 (PS4) I'm experienced in havesting resources and specialise in building traps for big tames and have the pacience to wait it out I want to join this tribe because I was a solo tribe and want to know what being a part of a tribe is like
  3. Probably just had a server reboot, it will spawn one or two big dinos. Once they are tamed/killed that's it until the server hard reboots again.
  4. LostPlanet PvP 10x Solo/Duo Mode: PvP Map: Valguero IP: Mods: S+, Stack, Rare Sightings, Super Spyglass, TCRewards, Upgrade Station Discord: https://discord.gg/ku8hd8g TopARK: https://toparkservers.com/server/68198973 Started: 8/24, No Wipes About: This server was created to stop looking for the hundreds of servers i didnt like. It is for the solo and duos out there that want PvP but dont want to be discouraged to PvP. Join the discord for rules and updates. Guidelines: -There are NO admins, you will not be saved. There are NO rules, but please be respectful to others and only raid and take what you need. -I will advertise and update this server but nothing on the server will change. There will be NO wipes. -It is a straight 10x Server. -Some Stats are boosted and breeding is boosted -We will run events (ex. x2 Weekends, Races, Dino Fights) Any Tribe may run an event but have to supply their own materials and rewards -If there is for some reason cheating and it is recorded from our server and proof is evident, the cheating tribe will be wiped. -The mods are S+, Stack, Rare Sightings, Super Spyglass, TCRewards, Upgrade Station
  5. roodbwoi


    Hey Hey what do I need to do to join this tribe?
  6. The community is planning on having a server for the Genesis DLC too, so would be a good server to join even if you don't want to play the Valguero map.
  7. what u could do is increase ur ram because 8 gigs isnt that much for gaming also how much ram does ur gfx card have (i would guess 4 or 6) there is a good chance that increasing ur ram to 12 or higher would fix ur graphics problems and it wouldnt cost that much maybe $50
  8. 5x SeasonWar/StackMod/SmallTribes Hello guys, We had an big cluster like 1 year ago, and now we decided to start with a new Cluster on Valguero and the coming dlc map. We are currently starting with 24 Slots, we will increase the number of Slots when its needed. New Servers will be added to the Cluster soon. To give new players the chance to build up, we introduced SeasonWar. To prevent new player from getting wiped, there is an Offline Raid Protection until the End of the Seeason which begins 45min after logging out. At the End of the Season the SeasonWar will begin, means OfflineRaid protection will expire until the start of Season 2! Here are some general Settings: Taming 5x Harvest 5x Breeding 5x Imprint Buff 1.5 Max Player Level 200 Max Dino Level 300 Modded Drops Fast Flyer StackMod Colorfull Dinos Spawning Snow Owl spawns Reduced the Crafting cost of Unstable Element Offline Raid Protection timer: 45minutes Auto learn Tek: level 100+
  9. I think some of what they said may have been misdirects. However, there is plenty of sense in this occurring after Extinction... no implant, every survivor has an implant otherwise they’d have no consciousness or identity (since that is where it is stored). The simulation makes perfect sense for AFTER Extinction because death is permanent once Reseed Protocol is active... everyone can be resurrected at the point we first awake on the Island but no longer after extinction’s ascendance. Since we can die, preparing and training for new threats in a sim ensures our continued existence while also allowing us to continue progressing in threaten elimination abilities. Not all flying sims are to just train for the actual combat, most are used because there isn’t enough equipment or the equipment too incredibly costly to use for training purposes. Experts with all the experience still use sims for training purposes all the time. Plus... there are generations of pilots who never had sim training for flying... so it isn’t that helpful and can’t make you a good pilot. Good pilots are good because of their instincts, not sim training. They get better by training their instincts. Sims are better for simple muscle memory maneuvers, if they aren’t fully immersive. An immersive sim like this only really helps those with pre-existing abilities and gives them the most benefit as opposed to new survivors. If new survivors had sim trainings, why do we all die so easily all the time when starting out? Why were all the survivors surprised to see such other creatures? There’s not really any certain conclusion to draw otherwise based on current information other than the possibilities I mentioned already. If it was us before the island, Helena did a crap job of preparing us. AND... it doesn’t explain the hexipedal creatures. As I said above, the possibility that it involves the AP entity as referenced in the ARG leading to the announcement could very well explain all of this and be either before, during, or after all of our survivors’ experiences. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence... just because something seemed one way doesn’t make it a fact until there’s supporting evidence one way or the other. Honestly, I think it just depends on if they continue to put as much thought and effort into the story as they have in the past, where things were logically connected and made sense from various aspects.
  10. it’s a 1:5 ratio when using terminals to convert element, so 1000 element is 200 element in dust
  11. Again another build same problem please Fix this issue Wildcard.
  12. imaxzo

    50k veins solo

    Tried it today and completed it easily thanks
  13. you need to go into game files and make overridemaxgamediffulity 5
  14. I've just watched task manager on my server for a few minutes. There are irregular peaks in CPU activity while people are active. The only regular peak I get is during the autosave (approx. 35 minute intervals), which does cause some lag for people. Which operating system are you using? I use Windows 10 Pro. Do you run anything else on your server? Like a web server, or other game servers? If you're using windows: It might be worth running sfc /scannow in an administrator DOS prompt to check the windows system files.
  15. Isn’t it technically a suffix and not a surname since their names are mononyms and the different endings are denoted by hyphens (like suffixes)? Food for thought. 4...
  16. I definetily think this is a great idea. especially considering how all the mega tribes use crabs to do metal runs now, this would be a GREAT buff to help the littler guys on ark trying to play on PVP. 10/10 idea
  17. Today
  18. It also happens with ice bears. My girlfriend wanted to bring me some of them to my ragnarok base and since she transfered them with pods, she cant deploy. Also, her beloved ice wyvern got lost in the beacon/obelisk inventory. So bad this bug is still here. Did WC say anything about it?
  19. I still think this is a good buff idea. If you guys think the idea is good too, hit that like button and comment on here some thoughts!
  20. Question about hosting dedicated server Do I have to keep the command prompt open in order for it to stay up? If so does it mean that everytime I want to run a dedicated server I have to wait for the server to set up again?
  21. Yeah seems that things are quite grievious for PC... On the console it was perfectly fine. Sigh. This is such a shame, Ark is an awesome game imo and there really is not anything similiar enough. I found out about another that people say is very similiar, but that one involved, well, too much violent pixel porn for me to even consider it. It's just not what I'm looking for I guess. But I still remain curious if some stuff can be "fixed" with Ark by just a humble player, like the storage space... I have never tried to run a game that's not in the computer itself but maybe it could be done? Not only freeing the computer's space but also because of it maybe it would run better, I don't know, still waiting for a wiser computer person's opinion about that. What "The Clash" said sounded a little worrying though. Maybe Ark should just have warning labels on it at the Steam store.
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