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  2. docredduke10

    ARK Mobile Griffin Taming Question

    I tamed a level 290 griffin using a soothing balm and 5 griffin kibbles I had saved up over a while. It was definitely worth it. Level your stamina to around 1200 and you can just about cross the map without landing. I love it, and use it to reset my bases instead of using fast travel. It also makes a great scout for finding titans. A couple of benefits that you may not know. 1. You can use them for water scouting. Set on follow, dismount and jump into water. They fly low enough and you can mount them while in the water pretty easily. Their stamina also resets when you remount. 2. Checking and refilling turrets. Set on follow and dismount while hovering next to turret. Fill turrets with bullets or fertilizer.
  3. eñdtkttkekkr

    State of the Game: Extinction Release

    Soy proo
  4. NumberVIIIAxel

    Serious Question About Unofficial PC Sessions

    You can make the same claim about a lot of games. Most of the time it’s because the devs made a deal with a host which is more likely in this case or they allow you to host your own from your own PC but in most cases if you don’t have a good PC or need it for other things, unless you want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your own server and everything you rent from a host. You can run a dedicated server from a PS4 you just can’t play at the same time or know what’s going on in your world unless you have another PS4. You also don’t have some of the “advanced” options like being able to spawn dinos on a map that don’t normally spawn (I.E. Gachas on Rag). It would be nice if they would fix the PS4 hosting and allow you to host one off your own PC.
  5. SaltyMonkey

    Structure pick up

    Because it’s not a command. It’s an ini file that can only be used on a PC unofficial i.e. Nitrado for Xbox users.
  6. Arasil

    Mantis Issues After Update

    Still not fixed
  7. docredduke10

    Tribes on Mobile

    If you want to play a social game, PvX servers will be hardest to find a tribe because there are only 6 members per tribe. We found that out the hard way when we were 3 partial tribes in a PvE server and left together to form 1 tribe in a PvX. New players are asking to join tribes, but most are already full.
  8. A "nice" way to produce more needed feces could be eating spoiled vegetables, or to grow and eat cabbage. Side effect: much reduced stamina during that effect..
  9. Great that you started playing, yes pillaring is and always has been a first come, first to pillar the whole server, well, not actually. It seems that most spawn points continue to be inundated with new survivors that seem to want to set up camp exactly where they spawn. I've played for a few years and I've also restarted from scratch 3 different times. I no longer spawn in to a server expecting anything along a beach to be available and i expect congestion near obelisks. I sometime take a few days to survey a server before building more than a raft to house a pteranodon, bed and storage (i'm not a caveman after all). Sometimes I leave, sometimes if the server does not seem overly toxic, i might take a closer look for a base location. I look more for resource proximity more than anything. All in, sometimes, it has taken more than a week to find a spot to start and I don't always stay there, that might just be my first base for that server. A better location might open up but most people do not have the patience. I expect my stays to be months long, not hours. I expect my base to be large and encompassing, in time. I enjoy the game, but i have learned to take my time and in doing so, have a different quality of life with the ease of the game.
  10. Hirnsausen

    Sunburn at High Noon!

    High noon, sun stands high above me. So hot.Sweat wettens my cloth. And I already feel i will get a painful sunburn because I did not use any sun lotion. Damn. Means, I won't be able to work as hard and effective as usual for the next days to come! Luckily, those days are rare where the sun is so intensive. But I am gonna pay a price for the next days. And if sunburns happen repeatedly, I might even die from cancer. I should have made more sun blocking lotion this morning, as you never know. Or i should have worn my special extra-wide hat. But no, I walk without hat because I love too much to see my bald head in the reflection of water surfaces. Damn.
  11. BRAND NEW PS4 PC HOSTED SERVER WELCOME I have recently launched my Brand New RAGNAROK server. Events shall be coming Very Soon , NO ADMIN ABUSE There is also a fully functional store in the server! We have our own currency of Gems !! HOW TO FIND THE SERVER Change the Session filter to Unofficial PC sessions then go to the search bar and type TMK12 then hit search and it should come up TMK12/RAGNAROK/x4/SHOP SERVER SETTINGS Harvesting: 4.0 Breeding: 4.0 Taming: 4.0 XP: 4.0 Structure Limit: 3000 Max Player Level: 100 "for now" Max Dino Level: 150 PLAYER NOTES Health: 2.0 Stamina: 2.0 Torpidity: 2.0 Oxygen: 2.0 Food: 2.5 Water: 2.5 Melee DMG: 2.0 Movement Speed: 2.0 Crafting: 2.0 Weight: 100.0 DINO NOTES Health: 2.5 Stamina: 2.5 Food: 2.5 Weight: 5.0 Melee DMG: 2.5 I hope to see some new faces in the server soon if you would like anymore information just message me on PS4 or PM Me !! PSN: TheMoonKiller12 I also take input and feedback about the server as well if you have any hints or tips to help better the server !!
  12. Hirnsausen

    ARK to .STL (3D Printing)

    Hi, not sure if this option exists already, but i never saw it anywhere in the game:AN IOTION TO CONVERT A PLAYER-MADE CONSTRUCTION TO THE .STL FILE FORMAT STL is a 3D file format that is being used for 3D printing. Imagine you've built an awesome land base or raft base and want to bring your base into the real world.3D printing is the modern and accurate way to do this. There should be an ingame option on buildings to export this building. Exported items are being saved inside an "Export" folder. Outside the game, the player then simply uses this file for 3D modelling (like scaling or partitioning it) or direct 3D printing. The file name could be set, ingame, by the player. Optionally, a player-determined area of the landscape (player sets range in "field"-size) can be added to the pure base, like the landscape around the base 3 fields wide into each direction from the outside of the base. If the surrounding is water, like on a raft (raft base), nothing is being added however. Only underground counts. If the base consists of several buildings, each building needs to be exported as they are separate.. Only structures owned by the player can be exported.
  13. BTH


    Communicate on what?
  14. Ronaar

    ark crash line 658

    Every time I get kicked or leave a server I get ark crash and have to validate my game files for 20min it always is missing two files please help I'm getting so tired of doing this poop
  15. LegendaryJae213

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    My guy. If you have more than 4 fortitude troodons do nothing. Takes 15 to knock me with 30 fort.
  16. Techsupport

    minigun needs love

    only from your helicopter? c'mon i have them mounted on my house, cars, everything
  17. ThePryBar


    I don't understand your gripes, when there is a game that's really hard and is un fun to play then play something different. Fallout 76 was advertised as a pvp experience, I found it to be incredibly dull so I just don't play it. Didn't go onto a forum to complain to the developers cause I just don't care. Was playing the new doom as well, but maybe I just suck with the controller but the found it to be too hard without a mouse "I play Ps4" so I stopped playing it. There is a plethora of games to keep your attention nowadays so maybe try something else. @Dwillpickle
  18. baitcastrepeat

    HELP! Ark textures destroyed!!!

    Hey guys I still need some help that did not help lol
  19. Today
  20. ArkRage

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    Maybe whoever tamed it wasn't in a tribe. Idk how it works
  21. Eagle3387

    minigun needs love

    speaking as an american who shoots his minigun from his helicopter everyday on the way to work, I agree with the suggestion that the minigun needs TLC
  22. Lycan187u

    Tek Dedicated Storage question

    The s+version unofficial pulls from a radius of about 15 foundations
  23. Lycan187u

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    I've seen this in pve not sure what causes it tho
  24. BTH

    How many hours have you played for?

    Funny you did the math that way, my wife saw how much time I spent on PSN with Ark and was slightly pissed as it was more than my full time job. I am probably at 6700 hours now but that is PSN and now moved to PC (870 hours since the middle of December).
  25. There is now a demo glitch between removing pillars and nearby Stone fence supports and anything attached to them getting demolished. Nearby, as in, several spaces away. I placed some pillars in one square, sunk them and took out the topmost one. When I did that I had 5 supports, 5 4x1 stone walls, and 5 ceilings atop as well as a hatch frame, ladders, and stone railings that were removed. They were approximately 4 squares away and then beyond that. The pillars and nearby structures are still intact. Also there is another glitch with the fence supports. Before, you had to crouch to place them in a straight line and it was kind of picky. Now you cannot even place them on a connecting support. The reason? It needs a nearby support. Um, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't stone fence supports a SUPPORT?? Dear Ark, instead of adding new crap that we don't really need or doesn't work, perhaps you should try working on all the glitches, and let's add crashes to that too.
  26. Lycan187u

    How many hours have you played for?

    9100 hrs between xbox an pc
  27. Lycan187u

    Anyone tested turrets with the new patch?

    I believe it was buffed due to rocket running ...
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