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  2. NP. I'm on Mac. I'm used to it. There are often issues when Wild Card releases updates. I have my own LAN server, so I can still play. Just wanted a timeframe.
  3. Depend of the settings of that server. Before transferring your existing character, manually connect to the Valguero map and on the character creation menu click anywhere on the screen to gain focus, press ESC and all the information about allowed downloads should be listed. If items are allowed, you can then exit to main menu, go back to the other server and transfer with your stuff.
  4. Inbreeding have no penalties on mutating odds. The only thing that does, is the total mutation markers everything else doesn't.
  5. It is already available according to steam (note the apple logo): https://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=valguero&os=mac If you have issues playing it, check the following thread:
  6. Not on officials. Only characters are allowed so your inventory will be deleted.
  7. Yes, you can breed him to the mom. There are no restrictions on that sort of thing, just a penalty for mutations but it's not really something you need to worry about right now.
  8. Transfering Charcaters When transferring to or from Valguero will what's in your inventory go with you, like fertile eggs?
  9. When will new update and Valguero be available for Mac? Title kinda says it all...
  10. thank you i totally forgot to do that thanks for the help though i appreciate it
  11. This is related; you don't have all the required files. Go download the map from the store page as suggested above then right click on ARK → Properties → DLC and ensure Valguero is listed.
  12. The server Encounter is shut down I used MONEY and lost it please put encounter back in the game I had friends builds Dino’s all its lost please put it back in the game I love Encounter server
  13. I hatched my Sarco who is a lvl 24 and is a male can I breed the new Sarco with the mom when it’s older will it work ( the Sarco is now a juvenile ) and so are the Parcertheriums
  14. Server issues must be reported there: https://ark.gg/outage
  15. Server 58 Server 58 is being ddosed
  16. im having the same problem with the new map but not with joining servers but launching single player. it starts loading then quits to main menu
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