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  2. Compensation for good ideas used by the Devs/Mods LEGO does a good job of this. They have a way to suggest ideas for the LEGO sets. If an idea is supported heavily by the LEGO community, then it gets reviewed by LEGO. If the company decides the guy who came up with the original concept has a good idea, then they may decide to use his concept. So if his idea was a new LEGO set and the LEGO company decides to actually use this idea, they will compensate the individual who originally came up with the idea based on how many lego sets are sold I believe. I think this could be something cool implemented. Whether it be just recognition or even a cash compensation of $1000, I think it would be cool to get recognition for good ideas posted on these forums if the Devs/Mods think they are good enough to be implemented.
  3. Here is the link to the Game Suggestions post I have that goes in depth into my idea. Please vote on the poll before following the link to express your opinions!
  4. I always name my first Anky, Ankylo-Ren
  5. Nooblets is a good source of info Jade plays games is fun to watch HOD and Kishko for PvP. Also lucky by nature is a good channel
  6. Also looking to insi... I mean Join... join a large tribe as well.
  7. I started back when it was first released. I miss the new dino releases on almost a monthly basis. Also there was more of a community on servers with tension and occasional big wars. Now it's just alphas wiping everything and everyone
  8. Yeah as am I. All yours stuffz will be mine
  9. Today
  10. I can’t play at all it’s been down for 4 days someone plz help me so I can play I’ve tried everything on my end
  11. Welcome! Glad your enjoying the game. Im still somewhat new to the game and have only played solo, just getting back into the game hoping to find a tribe on pve
  12. Country America ohio spectrum internet server an official beginner Xbox the island 937 can’t connect on literally any server I try for more than 5 secs
  13. Team Fortress 2, its free, and it has hats.
  14. (POLL) How do yall feel about different Character Classes? An example of some of these character classes would be Warriors and Archers, but I do have a few outlier classes proposed as well. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of these character classes and what they could be, I have recently started a post in the Game Suggestions tab that explains this more clearly. My reasoning behind creating a few different character classes is that our individual characters need some TLC just like our dinos do, and I think this could be something that does that.
  15. Make Character Classes (Read All Before Commenting) One thing that could be cool is having the option to choose between different character classes. There could be the basic ones: Warriors- Higher Melee damage, Health, and Fortitude Archers- Better with ranged weapons and have higher movement speed/agility. We could also have a few outliers. Maybe one or two others like: Atlantean- Special underwater engrams and abilities like increased movement speed/strength/no oxygen stat when underwater, but have significant penalties when above water like seriously decreased movement speed, health, and taking damage over time slowly due to being out of their natural environment, like we would in the snow or desert biomes Dwarf- Excellent cave builders, reduced cave damage on structures from 6x to 2x. All stats in caves would be increased by say 30%, but stats above ground are reduced by 30%. Tames would take the same penalties as the player, maybe more. These outlier classes and abilities would only be able to be utilized when playing solo or if you are a part of a tribe that consists of all the same character classes. So Dwarfs could keep their abilities when underground by only having a tribe of dwarf-classed characters. Same goes for Atlanteans, abilities can only be kept when in a tribe of same classed players or solo playing. If you were to have an outlier class character (Dwarf/Atlantean) and join a tribe though of different classed players, you would simply have to play as a regular individual as you do now. My goal with this post isn't to suggest that ARK should become a more fantasy based game, but instead to shed some light on a game aspect that needs some TLC..... ….our characters. Many of us have been playing the ARK for a couple years now, some since the beginning. Everyone is so caught up with TLC for dinos like the griffin/quetz/carno etc., that we seem not be getting (asking for at least) improvements for our characters. Sure we get to level up some stats, but other than that there is nothing that makes a character actually stand out from the crowd. Points can be redistributed with a mindwipe potion to make a character different for a short while, but it doesn't make a character unique. I hope yall like my idea. Suggestions, changes, and criticism are welcome and encouraged. Please do be respectful though.
  16. GENIESIS Anyone know the exact release date for genesis on xbox??
  17. I actually would enjoy a more in person ark experience, it would feel a bit more role play which could be fun on official. It would give the useless radio a actual purpose again finally. I know some games have (on console) that blocks you from playing certain gamemodes if you are in a party chat. Wouldnt mind a server with a plugin that detects chat party software like discord or others to make people play with in game chat only.
  18. bahi yr man nhi lagta yr sww bahi yr man nhi lagta yr sww
  19. Nothing works. Still crashes to the shooter message. Guess im out of luck on this game. Anyone know how to get a hold of tech support? if that is a thing one can do.
  20. Hey Everyone Hey there. A friend showed me Ark a little while ago and I loved it. I have been playing it on XBL pretty steadily, been learning, and have met quite a few people. I'm hoping to meet more players on here and/or learn some things. My favorite things about Ark are that it's challenging and involves much teamwork. Nice to meet you all
  21. Yes. Despite numerous posts and threads about it, there has been no comment on it from Wildcard. I think doing a ticket is the best option, unless you just bought the game in which case get a refund.
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