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  2. WELCOME to Legends of Ark! 🏆 This is a 24/7 FULL PvP 5 Map Cluster! 24/7 structure damage with a 1 Week Tribe grace period, however if you raid while under protection, it’s voided. We have Auto Unlock with the STACKING mod and we are adding always being able to pick up items! Max level Dino’s are 300! Player and Dino stats are boosted but not game breaking. Maps we have; 🐉Aberration 🌋Extinction 🌴Island 🏔Ragnarok ⛲️Center Our RATES 🎰 XP: x8 🥊 Harvest: x10🌱 Taming: x15 with x2 consumption speed🦖 Drop Quality: x2 🎈 Fishing Quality: x5🐡 Hatch Speed: x40 🐣 Maturation: x18 with 100% imprint 🦖 The server is a month old however the player base is very low and needs new players with most building locations still available Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/648554368935778/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/DArHJMA?fbclid=IwAR3M2TGlfHv5PgI_perh-giHRWWw9UCMRtAIzZ77e_a7oOCqRUOKhScCzwc
  3. Traps can be build everywhere but decay within the day, cannot be reset when in render, utility beacon is perma.
  4. TheDonn

    Bring back Managarmrs!

    The below is my opinion as a very inexperienced/bad PvPer and PvEer. 1: Mhmmm. A point that requires no change. Sure! 2: Absolutely not. It would be back to an unstoppable unkillable tool of the griefer. 3: If I understand, take away diminishing damage with range? If so, absolutely not for the above reason. 4: It is not an Apex creature, as evidenced by the fact that it is attacked by nearly everything, even when wild. The flinching shows even more character toward the Mana being a skittish, fast travelling, strike-and-retreat creature, not a KILL EVERY OTHER DINO IN THE raptorING GAME WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHALLENGE creature (related to two things only: icelazer damage and range). 5: Carry capacity scaling tweak? Why not? Give them a bit more additional weight per level while domesticated. HP scaling tweak? Absolutely not. Birth-stats are already floating around official servers that are over 10k. This creature took over ARK on the PvE and PvP side. It deserves to be where it is now, it is far more than usable in its current state, and absolutely no one would want to ride a Rex in a fight over a Managarmr. It is still the dead-locked number-one most agile mount in the game, and even after range nerfs it can dominate by freezing dinos/animals/fliers solid and then chewing their HP up with a close-range icelazer.
  5. AGreenEyedBeauty

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Can’t post pics of real eggs, can not get file size small enough to post😫
  6. Aylana314159

    Are there any Official PvE servers that don't lag?

    There is always single player mode.
  7. Boyster

    The Center Map Flashing Sky Problem

    Only way i can fix this is putting General Shadows on Epic...which really scks because its a major fps drop!
  8. No support = No support Don't play legacy if you want support.
  9. Moranweiliang

    Bug dinosaur

    Hello! I'm a big fan of ark mobile. But one thing I found in the PVP server did affect the player experience. Someone USES bugs to create dinosaurs that shouldn't be on this server, and then seems to use bugs to create floating buildings. Server is the tombstone of North America, the difficulty is easy, the tribe is KR- MAX.The tribe is located at the far peak and The big volcano. I hope your can work this out. Thank you very much!
  10. Im also intrested in that idea, sounds just like what i've been looking for. i would like to get that IP if its possible.
  11. Today
  12. nonamesallowed

    Constantly having to report the server as being offline

    Can any GM give us some attention?, lots of people loose a lot of things the last days, we could not enjoy the event and theres not a single explanation? like, for real?
  13. Jemcrystal

    Are there any Official PvE servers that don't lag?

    I made all this kibble and cannot use it. When I logged in last night I couldn't even pick berries. They would pick but not appear in my inventory. Official PvE PC. Where's all those UNofficial pushers that keep pushing their servers until we all scream at them to shut up? It's their time to shine now. Get out and push your stuff. There is not a single Official server that works because the game went on SALE on EASTER WEEKEND when EVERYONE logs in to play. So now I gotta figure out where that page is that tells us news or something so I can find out when the easter event ends cause I wanted to get me some pretty dinos but I can't. My only hope is that I will get a chance after everyone leaves.
  14. Hi, I haven't been playing Ark for more than 1 year. Recently, I go back to play Ragnarok on Asia-PVP-Ragnarok103 server. Today, I've been killed 3 times and my ptera was killed too. I think my tribe log would show player's name If I've been killed by another player. (but it didn't...) So it was a bug? or a cheater? or I miss something new rules/settings update? Could anyone tell me what's going on? I know being killed is ...kind of daily life in Ark... lol~ I just want to know how or why Here's the gameplay I just recorded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipnk_lKan-c
  15. fbcoachjoa

    Players age

    Not to get personal with anyone and you have no obligation to answer. I was wondering who is the oldest Ark player. I am 53 years old. Love the game. Even though its frustrating often.
  16. YellowJacket

    fix mantis

    To give a bit more of a valid explanation: Since the easter event patch mantis can't be equipped with tools anymore due to some weird bug, they still hold the tools they had in hands before the patch hit, but they cant be removed and no new tools can be equipped on any mantis at all, basically taking away any reason to use them.
  17. EddyDOTexe

    People who messaged in Adding

    Add me on PSN: EddyDOTexe Would love to join
  18. Sphere

    HELP Somebody pillared in my base area.

    Feel free to submit a support ticket.
  19. I am interested to join. Had a break for some time and i am looking for a new server with low rates. Any chance to get the IP?
  20. I am very sad for being such a great game, It was the only game that re ally caught me ... And the developers neither come to give a satisfaction to us, thirsty to play. 😕
  21. I agree Sibylla! Why are we missing out on the x2 and Easter events, because we're not getting to play. I can not talk to some people there on Twitter and they do not even respond to me. I'm changing, that way it does not work. I bought the game to have fun and not to pass anger.
  22. Yes, it feels like that the contrast in this game is way over the top.
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