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  2. Sides of mountains mainly, occasionally spawn at carno point or in the snow. They're a pretty rare spawn and they also tend to die fairly quick.
  3. I’ve been around ark for years and if there’s one thing most veterans do know, the wildcard support team seems to be kind of non existent and almost mythological at times unless your problem is something simple like “oof I just started and spawned inside a foundation. Plz help”. I always hoped that with each dlc release they would maybe put some more effort into the support aspect of the game. It is true when someone blatantly breaks CoC openly in global chat and basically laughs it off in chat when threatened with being reported with evidence. People still out here kiting people and to my knowledge it is a reportable offense now. And as far as moderation here goes just do your best to let it go because they like to close out topics real quick because they get called out.
  4. And before you started your assault you could have just reported that. Enforcement team is pretty fast on dealing with stuff like that. Record so far has been 2 days and pillars are gone. But you went the same route so your as guilty as the other participant.
  5. Resource Calculator With the recent update and newer players joining I thought I'd share the resource calculator I made. https://tristan.games/apps/resourcecalc/ I also have other tools for the game here https://tristan.games/apps/arkbuddy/
  6. Luckily they’ll likely never update my version of Ark. Stinks for most people though. Anyone got any other examples?
  7. I am afraid this wont work for long. They have said that they will remove vaults surviving falls etc on future patch.
  8. How old are you? Mentally I mean. I paid this game 120 bucks and have every right to play it and report issues while it's still supported, for said issues to be fixed. No forum autistic will stop me from doing so.
  9. Hi,i've had ark since previous year July the first two weeks when i got it we're rough to survive i barely got any chance to start cause i got over and over killed by dinos on the spawn or same dino that killed me twice so that is my first issue with the game and suggestion i am about to give i wish they could change that and they only will attack you if their hungery or you're to close to their envirorement instead of them random killing you over again just a suggestion.Cause i was getting that negative atmosphere back then even now sometimes that this game is only get money off me and that i stay here cause i spend $60 euros on it.Think about it you spend two weeks trying to get a proper life(or a few days depends on you)but you keep getting killed by creatures or invisbile cliffside and you happen to fall through or why not a invisbile creature or lagg during the gameplay.I actaully thought about getting a refund but then it is the case that it is only valid for 14 days.I still enjoy the game today but just the glitches,lagg,bugs just ruins it for me and surviving is boring if i gotta be honest.
  10. I never killed him without cheats but i know what happens if you kill him with cheats. Btw if you transfer you char into a other server, all skins are gone again+ the map discovery. So if i take my argy with me into the new server, i get the first skin again( riding your first dino skin). If that isnt bad enough, wildcard is doing like nothing! W/tf , i saw that im not the only person which happened the same... my hatred for the game is getting worse.
  11. hello, my name is Isaac but you can just call me Titan (my user) i live in canada and i am 15. i have been playing ark since beta and used to play it on the ps4. i have 1500 hours, most of it in pvp, and i want to do something different. my discord is Split Eye#4526
  12. ARK 50xGenesis Cluster Come check out the New ARK 50xGenesis cluster. We have all of the current maps, boosted drops, excellent admin, and amazing events with great prizes. Mention this post on the discord and get a free $10 donation pack. https://discord.gg/XPHGp7k This includes: $10 PACK - 5 Max Level Tames Of Your Choice - 4 Blueprints Of Your Choice - 5 Advanced Rifle Bullet BPS - 2000 Bush Berry Seeds - 1 Tek Pod - 1 Cloning Chamber - 1 Replicator. Don't just survive the Ark. OWN the ARK.
  13. Or better yet. Is there a command line for ark windows 10. I may have found the location where to place the file if relevant at this point
  14. So, just to be clear, your dislike of the Chinese players should mean that WC should lock them out of your server? If you wish to have a "pure race" server, as Hitler would call it, I would probably suggest renting your own server and banning Chinese players.
  15. PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt!! Where do I modify this function for the windows 10 not steam version?
  16. If this is for the mobile game of Ark it probably would have been good to post this in the mobile section on the forums
  17. We have no playing Admins on our servers, Admins will only join if there is any shenanigans going on within the servers.
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  19. Please remake this advertisement in the Xbox Server Advertisements section: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/20916-server-advertisements/
  20. Once again, and for the last time. Yes. That was the only response. Just like I just said. I can't spell it out any more for you. That said. We are absolutely done discussing further moderation. Now have at the topic.
  21. Base defense ideas people may not have thought of: There are many different things you can do to defend your base. Some include auto turrets/x, gates/spikes/vault walls, aggressive dinos, traps, and many more. Some are simple. Some are complex. Some are well known. A few are not. What are some base defense ideas that you use or have seen that most people probably wouldn’t think to use? One example I could give is how my base has a complete vault wall around it. It even protects the front door. I did this by building a stone door structure and roof barely separate from the actual base in front of my actual front door. I placed the vault on top of this structure and stuck C4 inside the door. Should they destroy the separate door the C4 explodes blowing the separate roof dropping the vault in their path. Not fool proof, but it does work and will slow them more than not having a vault there.
  22. Recruitment My gt is DripKinglk
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