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  2. You can transfer your character to extinction and learn the engrams and the transfer back.
  3. Converting Element Dust to Element on The Island Hi Folks, Long time lurker first time poster. Just wondering if there was a way to convert the element dust i have piling up to element on The Island map. I read that it can be done on extinction in your inventory. Is there a command or engram that will allow me to do this? I have purchased extinction but still playing with friends on The Island. Kind regards Woodicus
  4. No, don't think you can remap it, cold be wrong. There is a difference to sometimes working on point blank not working, the Whistle Stop all for example doesn't even whistle and noting happens. The whistle aggressive from the radial menu is different to the key command for some reason and the other two options is attack my target and move to, on the Xbox the move to is reversed to Steam and the Attack My Target simply just doesn't work on Steam. Now I also took note of other comments about just switching over to a mouse and keyboard, not everyone uses a PC like a PC. Some of us tend to use one like a Games System and couch play, where it is inconvenient to have to switch to a mouse and keyboard just to play a game that is supposed to fully support something that it doesn't. And don't get me started on all the places in the menus, where there is no controller support at all.
  5. Possible Easter Egg or Glitch? So, I play Xbox version, and when creating a character, I named her 'Hoba'. But, it erased the text every time I put in that name. Tried other names, and they input nirmally. Curious, I left it blank after entering Hoba, and it has apparently named her 'Bobette'. No clue what to make of this.
  6. whos to say character progress will even carry over? being that if as the devs say - genesis is a simulation? couple that with it being two parts.......it seems were are going to be assisted in part one with bob characters preparing us for "the arrival is soon" alluding to something is coming while also being told by homodues that "where we're going i can not follow, but i can grant you a fragment of myself to assist you towards your ultimate survival, is it strength?, Will power?, Apathy/Empathy? - the TASK" HLNA at 0:42 of the genesis trailer sounds as if she is saying "parallel universe, starting now", after teleportation/breaching " maybe not this one first" then send us through another teleportation/breach with hardly any effort. the A icon (ark logo) does appear highly tek yet if genesis is in fact a simulation (not doubting the devs) then none of what is simulated (part 1) would at first be real.... we are just data, for now - Genesis = ARK 1.5
  7. getting abit off topic now and i wasn't trying to derail it. one reply was enough, honestly. Can you reassign the controller functions like you can with they keyboard? I don't have a controller hooked up to my pc, so can't see myself, but if you can could you try resigning the whistles? or is it the wheel that pops up and you select it? for the keyboard i know the whistle wheel malfunctions off and on, i've had the wrong whistle fire off many different times, and my tribe mate ends up getting a whistle 1/2 the time when they try to play a emote. I disabled all the keyboard whistles so I have to use the wheel to do any of them.
  8. Official server, 32 ac's, 9 deino eggs out, all level 150, same time on eggs minus a few seconds, with 1 hour left on eggs, 4 of them just poofed out of existence. this happened today.
  9. now here's the key statement in what you said, and if you've remembered microsoft in the past with its previous OS releases when they say "current systems" they don't mean currently developed unreleased versions, most recent recollection with that for me is windows 8 to windows 10. If they indeed intend to make the xbox one games work on the next system, that truly will be a step forward for xbox and make the console more desirable over other consoles.
  10. Yes and I had already stated this before as a solution. And you're right, 3 years on we should not have to do this.
  11. I can't vouch for Sony, but what I can say is that games that run on your Xbox One or Xbox One X, will just work on the next Xbox console. The major difference between the previous ones has been the CPU, GPU and Operating System. Xbox this time, are sticking with the same instruction set for both CPU and GPU, just enhanced for todays market on release. The Operating System will not change, it may have a different look about it, but it will still be Windows 10 under the hood. Microsoft have made it clear, that any game released as to run on any current system and that means the entire Xbox One family of devices, now it is not really been discussed by Microsoft, as to the name of Scarlett. But rest assured it will be in the Xbox One family of devices.
  12. i too am still waiting on the update for the linux client. its been 11 days. Come on wildcard. This is ridiculous. It can't be that difficult to have the update ready for all systems in the same day or even within a day or two of each other.
  13. Yeah, PC has Steam and I'm guessing WildCard considers Steam to be vetted enough that you all use it as mod-distribution. Nice and easy for us, and I'm sure it makes it a bit easier for WildCard too, having Steam handle that! But setting up 3 others for PS4, Xbox, and Switch, I just wonder what it would take and if they would even be interested. These other companies with console mods are fairly big players with a bit more history and "pull," if you will, so I wonder if they would be stricter (with regulating and certifying mods than they would be with the other companies) with WildCard.
  14. And yet Bethesda did it with ease, with Fall out 4.
  15. i too am still waiting on the update for the linux client. its been 11 days. Come on wildcard. This is ridiculous. It can't be that difficult to have the update ready for all systems in the same day or even within a day or two of each other.
  16. Been quite a long time and this bug still exists. At least for me it does. I can't seem to find any fixes if there has been one since this thread was created. Does anyone have a fix? Same exact problem for me. Windows 10 version. All whistles work except for "All move to". Tried swapping hotkey to many different keys and still doesn't work. I play crossplay with my mate on a server I own. I need to have him use the command because it somehow works for him, just not me.
  17. Today
  18. . . . Seriously? Spent a good 2 hours troubleshooting this yesterday only to discover "Hey, no, they just like don't update the Mac clients." NOT. COOL. If you don't want to support the platform just say "Windows Only." It's cool. I wouldn't mind. Don't pretend you support multiple platforms and that they're compatible when they're not though: If one routinely gets updated ahead of the other then sell two separate versions and don't let them interact.
  19. Xbox Aberration PvP server for casual/ new players! This is a casual pvp server for new or busy players alike! Gather rates are 2x. Tame, baby maturation are 2x. Xp is 1.5x. Breeding is practically instant. Griefing will not be tolerated on this server. If interested, message FeelGoodBrandon!
  20. Only tribe cap. When a server is capped, the incubating process are globally paused (incubating time displays [Too many creatures on this ARK!]).
  21. Sucks to play on Official servers with that Level of Tames cap... But yeas as others have pointed out this is nothing new and it is not hard for Official Servers to reach either your tame limit or the servers tame limit. And the result is disappearing eggs when those conditions are met. Don't know about anyone else, as I don't play Official any more. But it would be handy to know how close the server is to Tame Limits, like a warning or something if you go to breed.
  22. It's a good question. In practice I've never gone far enough down this particular part of the rabbit hole to be able to find out if they have specific rules for such a thing. I know it's possible, but to my knowledge the console manufacturers provide no support for this, and setting up a distribution system like that even on PC isn't a trivial thing to do. I imagine consoles will also have extra rules regarding security and transfer methods as well.
  23. Edited my post up there to also add that Wyvern eggs vanish in the upload, referring to
  24. Same goes for Server cap or only tribe cap?
  25. I've migrated hardware three times (by copying save folders), but never experienced this problem. I usually put the "old" drive into the new system as a secondary drive, then copy files over. Once the new server has been tested, the "old" drive is returned to its original system. Random thoughts because you've got me curious about the problem:- When you copy the directories, are the original timestamps on the files kept, or do the files end up with the current date and time? I wonder: if the files keep their last updated timestamp (i.e. some date in the past), then maybe Ark is seeing that as a signal to respawn resources? I dunno. Is your server on Linux or Windows? If I were you, I would do a test migration and document all the steps you take. Let us know your process and results.
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