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  2. RUBBERBANDING AFTER GETTING ON QUETZ So this is the 2nd time this has happened now. I set my quetz on a tower above a stone hatchframe, Ark let's me mount the quetz from the ladder through the hatchframe and now my controls are literally backwards when I dismount. Touching the screen and sliding my finger slightly downwards causes me to go forward and the opposite for opposite. Not to mention I'm rubberbanding anytime I walk forwards which is a pain in the neck. I can jump with no problems and no slingshoting so this doesn't make any sense to me. I play on the s9 and have had no other problems playing other than usual server rollbacks and slight lag in some places but it quickly levels out. I play on low settings and have tried restarting, clearing cache/data. Any quick fixes? The last time this happened I just waited a day or two and it corrected itself but I'm not sticking around if this is going to continue happening.
  3. heres a simple and easy idea the WC can do, either get another company to work on SOTF or just spend time refurbishing it. i mean they are constantly just throwing new content at us that we dont want or ask for. so why not stop that and just work on SOTF. also release it on console. depending on what is changed and improved i dont mind paying for SOTF. release it on console. honestly i dont mind if SOTF comes to console as it is. i just want it on console.
  4. If they were to update SotF then it would need to be different from normal ark pvp because if you start adding stuff from the main game then it will become virtually the same, look at Pixark and Atlas they are both games i enjoy but there are many mechanics from ark that make players (i included) just feel ripped off. Atlas for one was pretty much the exact same just had creature reskins, new map, some new creatures, even the inventory layout was the same ( I do play ATLAS and am editing the first couple videos when i get home this arvo), if SotF ends up like this it will die pretty quick again similar to the other 2 games. The Point is give people a reason to choose SotF over just normal pvp ark which atm there really isn't.
  5. plz no fortnite style shop ingame purchases. i hate those mechanics, they are cheap ways of making money, paying real money for useless cosmetics and items.
  6. I have wrote about this problem before but the forum mods keep moving this thread to the ext. posts even thought no one really reads it here. I have given up trying to bring this matter up. The mods know themselves that everything in those sections won't be seen by many, the Forum has lost of his active users and they still move such an important matter out from General where it could have gotten traction because many people have experienced this happening or heard of it. It's not a problem bound to ext. even if it's the worst there. I have seen people teleport wild gigas or tons of golems just to grief others on other maps. But moving the post into a dead part of the forum is like the old saying ''out of sight, out of mind''.
  7. Chinese tribes have been placing teleporters above peoples bases on cliff platforms so they can send through tons of lvl 500 corrupted from the wastelands, and they rain down into peoples bases. Wildcard can stop this sh*t tomorrow by blocking wild dinos from being teleported. Will they? Nope. They also apparently refuse to punish chinese tribes. I have allies who have clear videos recorded via shadowplay of them kiting corrupted gigas into their base and wildcard did nothing. said there wasn't enough evidence. One thing is for sure though.... the moment one of us takes matters into our own hands and retaliates.... the ban will be immediate. It's not like they even pay for the damn game anyway. It's FREE TO PLAY which is why they have 20 accounts each and dont care about the rules.
  8. Fix it. I just L1 HLNA now to get it off my inventory screen. it's trash without this ability. It was already pretty much trash prior to this because it's dye colors always reset when you bed warp or die.
  9. @caleb68, if you ever played during the fear evolved the dodorex and wyvern were har dto kill cause we did not have the op gear we can get now, and with all the new creatures and breeding for mutations. i doubt the dodorex or dodowyvern will be a problem for you. but just in case i applaud you for prepping for the event.
  10. 'Options' not available on the dino wheel I have noticed with some dinos you need to be extremely close to them for the 'options' option to appear on the wheel when you hold down triangle. The ‘options’ option allows you to change a dinos name, unclaim, etc. But unfortunately some dinos it doesn’t matter how close you are to them, you still never get the ‘options’ option on the wheel when you hold down triangle. So you can never rename them or unclaim.
  11. They are nowhere near completely pillared. The only places that are heavily pillared on the 5 servers i have bases on are the spawn zones. And thats because 1,000+ other people had the same idea as you and got there first. My advice would be to take whatever you can find, no matter how crappy... and start looking away from spawn zones. You're not going to get hidden lake on island, or the canyon on ragnarok, or any of the really cool ruins on the Center on day 1.
  12. 'Options' not available on the dino wheel I have noticed with some dinos you need to be extremely close to them for the 'options' option to appear on the wheel when you hold down triangle. The ‘options’ option allows you to change a dinos name, unclaim, etc. But unfortunately some dinos it doesn’t matter how close you are to them, you still never get the ‘options’ option on the wheel when you hold down triangle. So you can never rename them or unclaim.
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  14. Any recent luck on this, I've managed to find the studio wildcard folder but I can't find my ragnarok save. I found the folder thru User>username>appdata>local>packages>studiowildcard.455>local state>saved>maps>clientpaintings> then it shows just rag and valguero. I don't really know where to go from here, Ragnarok just opens to a locked PNT file. Where exactly is the save file?
  15. Official PVE Valguero, all by myself. Thanks for the info, Caleb. As a reward, here is a picture of my nearly-completed castle. In regular news, I have nearly completed the main structure of Castle Aaaargh. A coupl eof the turrets will have another layer or two added but they are mostly complete.
  16. And the duping continues to happen. So how about you slow your roll and once wildcard manages to find a solution to duping/meshing... then come back and we'll discuss a wipe. Till then, it will be no different than it is now. Maybe wildcard should actually enforce the game rules and when given video/screenshots of rule breakers, drop the f'ing hammer on them. And how about banning all the Chinese dupers selling 124 armor giga blueprints (and many other things) for REAL money. better yet.... region lock or at the very least kick players with high pings. High ping players absolutely wreck server performance .
  17. i remember when my base on offiicial (back when i played official) was attacked by a dodo rex. they are aggressive naturally and are vicious. back in the last fear events they were super hard to kill, but to be honest back then we did not have all the OP stuff we have now like tek and new creatures and mutation breeding. so either they make it more OP by buffing it up or we are gonna be seeing alot of easy dodorex kills. i remember the entire server teamed up to kill the dodorex on the official server iw as on. it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. now i bet people are just gonna lead it to basses and destroy each other. i would love to see purple, orange, yellow, black, grey, greens and possibly white. would love to tame ghostly colours creatures. since the rex rlc i cant seem to find any black or white rexes like you could get them before the tlc so i would love to tame some black and white rexes. also i would love if u could get skins for weapons like a pumkin launcher for rocket launcher. maybe a wand skin for the club. a skeleton skin for players would bee super cool. i would love scaring people in the nigh dressed as a skeleton. for the maps. a dodoreaper for abberation would be cool, and it spawns zombie nameless. for extinction a corrupt dodorex and dodo wyvern or one of the two. for rag both a dodorex and dodowyvern would be cool, for val maybe a dodorex, dodowyvern and dodoreaper would be awsome. a cool idea would be a witch that flies across and drops pumpkin beacons. where you can get boosted loot and you collect pumpkins that can be used to craft certain things like the pumkin launcher skin. if you collect maybe 1000 you can summon the dodorex as a tame, but like a titan it dies or decomposes. you could possible also spawn a dodowyvern and the other dodo creatures. depending on the map determines what you can spawn. maybe the bosses could be zombie versions of their normal forms, or wear witches hats. zombie versions of common dinos would be cool, if i recall the saber on the fear evolved poster is a zombie saber. yet i dont ever recall seeing or getting a zombie saber in ark. i would love to see a zombie argent. they are harder to tame than normal creatures but are slightly stronger than regular creaturs. they cant breed aswell. maybe make nights slightly longer.
  18. if it is summonable, hopefully it will be a fixed location to summon it at.
  19. Most of the PVE servers i play on have plenty of open land. The problem is people you login and after 5 minutes of not being able to place a fire in the spawn zone, start complaining on global about pillars. How hard it it to understand that 1,000 other poeple have had the same idea before you did? You have to get well away from the spawn areas in order to get some dirt. I remember a while back a noob logged into our island server and needed a ride, and was pretty rude about it. Of course we had to ask him where needed a ride to.... and he replied that he's going to be building his base at 22-69. He proceeded to blow a fuse when all the laughing subsided. so entitled. lol.
  20. babies remain imprinted to whoever claimed the baby when it was born reguardless who the cryo'ed baby was given to, imprinting can not be changed in game without the assistance of a GM to do it. to prevent it from happening in the future, have them give you a egg instead, or be there for the birth of a mammal, and claim the baby yourself.
  21. The player count is exactly where its been at this point between major releases in the past. https://steamcharts.com/app/346110#All The numbers would be much higher today had Valguero not been such a massive flop. All it needed was a reason to go there, especially in regards to the aberration area. I mean, whats the point of the radiation zone? A single artifact half way down? The loot is so horrible, it makes the crop plot bp/compass bp/etc loot on the island seem amazing. Im sure the PVP crowd thinks even less of the map because i can't see any reason stratigically to setup shop in the aberration area. Without a powerful tame spawning down there, its pretty much a tomb.
  22. like this for example!!! this base was built on a spawn look at these poor souls trapped here forever!! like a body totem pole^^ fairly old pic lol my potatoe of a laptop I barely made it out of that spawn trap lol
  23. EatMyDust

    Exploits or?

    Because if nobody reports this misconduct it's going to keep happening genius. You aren't supposed to be able to build on the surface, and if you manage to do so, it should decay because of the Sun. Obviously players are going against the intent of the game devs by doing this. If it's against the rules, he has every right to complain and send in a ticket. Also, just because an admin labeled your ticket as "resolved" does not mean nothing was done. They are forbidden to tell you the result of your ticket; but if you put 2 and 2 together, if the person is still online, your argument/evidence was weak or the evidence is being piled up with other tickets against the same person. Even if you lose, the evidence is kept and if enough people report with decent evidence, they'll take action. If they are no longer online or their pillars/base is gone, obviously an admin took care of it. People like YOU are the reason these exploiters keep doing what they're doing. "Oh well, nothing will happen so I won't report." With this mentality you have only yourself to blame for your losses, so don't discourage others from doing it. My most recent ticket was analyzed and resolved within 2 days, and so have all of my other tickets in the past months. They like screenshot evidence so take screenshots and build a better argument.
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