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Found 110 results

  1. Hello ark people! Come join us for some PVE goodness. Server name is 'Big PVEness cluster'. Search in 'unofficial dedicated sessions' to find us and pick your map! Rates are reasonably boosted but not crazy. Gathering=8x Taming=15x Maturing=150x Player/dino stats=varied (slightly boosted but definitely not goodly) Everyone is welcome, it is a friendly community but occasionally there is 'adult' humour in chat (and server name) so if you tribe up with your little ones and wish to keep them innocent it may not be for you. Ragnarok has a community crafting building in VB2 and a big PVP arena by green ob where you can vent your frustrations by strategically placing lumps on metal in other survivors faces, with sweet prizes for the victors (see profile for arena pics). And coming soon there will be a race track and dino fighting arena. Ab and island are new so no community stuff there yet i believe. Also I'm not admin on those maps so that's up to those guys if they want to do community stuff and things. ANY ISSUES OR QUESTIONS PLEASE MESSAGE: 'Cupids Wingman' on Xbox. Have a nice day and hopefully see you soon
  2. Hello guys! There is a dedicated ark server that is ran 24/7, it is hosted on the pc for the Xbox one platform. No lag or high ping!! Never crashes. CROSS SERVER *CAN TRANSFER CHARCTER FROM OTHER SERVER! Details: Diff- 400 Dam -200 Harv - 100 Mate - 150 Hatch - 500 Loot - 100 Fishing - 100 Swim - 500 Mature - 1000 Imprint Stats - 5000 Weight - 200 Health - 500 Stam - 100 Craft - 100 Speed - 50 Dino weight - 100 Dino Stan - 500 (stats may be changed depending on the host so please message him for any further questions) Mojoluv2006 To join please search dedication server: Arkaddiction420 - (ragnarok map) OR Arkaddiction420abberation for the new map *FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR INVITES PLEASE ADD HOST Mojoluv2006 on Xbox one ! Thank you .
  3. Greetings fellow survivors! RFG (RageFace Gaming) is looking for more to join our tribe on Hardcore Aberration Official for Xbox One. Waiting for the DC bug to get fixed currently. We are more than willing to help new players or players new to hardcore. Clan leader has over 1600 hours between PC and Xbox, all on hardcore. Thanks for your time, and keep on surviving!
  4. Titan Ark is a dedicated boosted PVP server on Xbox One and we are looking for new members to join in on the fun. We have tons of space left to grow! Add the gamertag to the server for easy access. We are currently playing on Ragnarok and have no intention in changing over anytime soon. ______________________________________________ Gamertag: Titan Ark ______________________________________________ Rules: - Chat **** get banged - don’t join the server giving it the big time and not expect others to raid you.. it is pvp after all! -Help each other out when you can. We are a community and it's nice to see everyone work together when wars aren't breaking out. -Try to keep rich resource zones free from buildings -Give other tribes enough space to grow. Don't claim areas right next to other tribes unless your working together. -Trash talking is allowed, have fun, lose your mind if needs be. -If there's a problem you can't solve message the server or reach out to an admin. -Admins are strictly not allowed to use cheats unless permitted otherwise. Do not ask for items. It won't happen. We believe in fair play and the admins know that. (Don't assume they are the alphas.) Thats open to anyone willing to grow big enough. The admins will have their own individual spots, kitted out and will leave you guys be. The boosted stats are fantastic, cutting breeding and taming times with greatly increased weight, stamina, speed etc.. harvesting is also greatly improved. Any issues feel free to pm one of the following gamertags as hese are the admins for the server. 1) Titan Fin 2) Zakkeryy
  5. OreoArkServer OreoArkServer OreoArkServer XBOX ONE Freshly started PVP server on The Island as of 12/4/17. Structure damage is currently off to allow building. 2x XP 20x Harvest 25x Taming 12x Baby Mature 1.5x Supply Drops Weight boosted Flyer speed boosted Less eating/drinking The admin is TasiMerks He is fair, firm, and consistent. He will help only those who help themselves first. He decides the settings and rules. The only rules I have as the server owner are don't bully and don't troll.
  6. Server Name: (US) MilkTopia (Ragnarok PvE) Server Name: (US) Days of Dust (The Center PvP) Console: Xbox One NOW WITH A 24/7 PvP Server on The Center!!! ALSO on the 12 Aberration will be included into the cluster! JOIN NOW FOR A MASTERCRAFT STARTER KIT!!! Just ask and admin. (PvE Only) Server Stats: Taming 3x, Harvesting 5x, XP 5x, Egg Hatch 6x, Maturation 4x, Baby Cuddle Mutiplier 2.5, Mating Interval 50% less, Imprint times 3-4 hours. Slightly increased player and dino stats. Doubled Spoil Timers with longer days and shorter nights. All containers lockable.(smithy, fridges, forge,ect) (PvE Only) High loot table for fishing and loot drops. Current Maps: Ragnarok PvE, The Center PvP. Steps To Join 1.Click join ARK 2.Change Session Filter to "UNOFFICIAL PC SESSION" 3.Search Name Filter "MilkTopia" or "Days of Dust" 4.Have Fun
  7. Hello everyone! This is a brand new Ragnarok Server with boosted settings. I'm advertising this server because it needs players and everyone is welcome. The map is Ragnarok. Below is gonna be some settings that have been modified. To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Changed stats for players Health 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Stamina 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Oxygen 5.0x -- -- +80 Per Point Food 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Water 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Weight -- -- Infinite Melee -- -- +15 Per Point Movement -- -- +4 Per Point Fortitude -- -- +30 Per Point Server Settings 20x Taming 10x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 72.5x Egg Hatch Speed 15x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop Quality 2x Fishing drop quality 0.25x Mating interval 0.5 Food/Water/Stamina Drain. Rules No Passive Tame Killing. PVP. Don't build in unfair locations. Such as glitched locations. Don't Grief, Such as blocking building locations or just being a troll. When you create a character, don't keep the default name. You'll have up too thirty minutes to change your characters name or you will be kicked on your first offense. Don't raid a thatch house if you have stone. (This stops their motivation to continue playing, and isn't beneficial to anyone involved.) Tribe Dinos are currently unrestricted as too what you can have. This may change if seen fit. A System of Punishment. Bans will be lead on a strike system. It goes as follows: 1st Strike will be a warning. 2nd Strike: Will be a warning + punishment. 3rd Strike: Will result in a kick, and if necessary, a ban. Instant Termination Rules Griefing. (Griefing and raiding are too different things.) Passive Killing Glitch Spot building. (Can Be Negotiated) A failure to change name from the default, which is "Human" Extra Server Info. (Uptime and Events) Server will be up whenever possible. Possible downtime may happen due to crashes or settings changes. Events are possible when the time seems right. They will be announced. Explanations/Reasons Passive Tame killing is very strict. As such, a tame that may not be passive, but not used in combat shall not be killed. If it's not used in combat, Don't kill it. Accidents are possible. If a problem occurs during a raid, please have some form of recording or record. Otherwise no action can be taken against any possible violators. Disclaimer: There is no start packs. Help may be provided by an admin, under specific circumstances only. ----- Admin raiding ---- surely it'll be a brought up issue and the answer is simple. Don't attack the admins and the chances are, they won't attack you. Admins exist to moderate, protect, and provide a great experience while on the server. Shop: A shop was previously existent at the start of the server. It has been abused, and now has been removed. Dino's can still be bought in ways, along with items. Ask the admins if interested. Additional Is there admin abuse? No, nor will there ever be. If an admin is using commands against another player, the reason is probably valid. Such as rule breaking. Can you change this stat? Probably, always open to suggestions about the server. Community Center? Not at the moment. Population of the server needs to be suitable. Can I be in the admin tribe? Probably not. Requires extreme trust if even a chance is possible. Can you spawn me and item or dino? Long answer: Yes. Short answer: No. Can I build here? Depends, if it's not a glitch spot, you probably have the green light. Can you paint my dino? Painting dinos will be a gift or reward. Depending on the current situation of the server, we just might come paint your dino. Can I be admin? No. Why is the server down? Temporary maintenance or Crash How often are you online? Almost all the time. Any admins can be reached at the Gamertags of: XxMCrocker199xX ---- LHateGamertags/CircularInk6028 ---- NavySeals2112 ---- xxxArk247xx ---- To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Credit to Crimson Eclipze or Equinox for the Post Style and a few other things. - Join his server as well @ the Gamertag of Boosted247x
  8. SERVER NAME: [US] FroopyLand TWITTER: @Froopyland_ark Twitter will be the communication platform between server players and admins. We will keep it updated as much as we can with events , server info, as well as many other things. Feel free to report any issues here as well -24/7 Nitrado Hosted PVP Server -Ragnarok - ALL Tekgrams Can be Acquired Through Admin Ran Boss Arena (description at end) -Admin Protected -Element and Skin Store for Top Tier Players -Tapejara and starter items for new players !!!! New Abberation starter items: glider, ziplines - Level 150 Abberation tame gifted to players reaching level 100 JOINING: The server is on the Xbox one ark server list. It is under the Filter: “Unofficial PC Sessions”. Search the server name, and make sure to uncheck password protected as there is no password. If there is trouble joining please comment in this thread THE SERVER IS VERY NEW AND LOOKING TO RECRUIT. AS A REWARD TO NEW PLAYERS LOOT CRATES WILL BE TEMPORARILY BOOSTED! small boosts to player stats(2xhealth,3xstam,2xspeed,5x oxygen, 2.5xmelee, 5xcarry,4xfort) and very small boosts to tame health , carry weight, speed stamina. Max wild Dino level is 200 (it is usually 150 on official servers) overall the server feels like an official when fighting dinos, exploring and PVPing, but does not require the ridiculous grinding hours needed on official servers thanks to boosted harvesting, experience, mating, taming , hatching , and mature speed. The settings preserve the feel of the official game, while making it much more fun thanks to a much easier grind. GENERAL SETTINGS 4x experience 7x gather 10x hatch 10x mature 5x taming speed 1.5x Spoil Time 200 max wild Dino level 1.5x Turret Damage to Dinos 4x Crop Growth 2x Xp From Kills RULES - It is full on PVP. Players trolling other tribes by constantly raiding them or killing noobs will be dealt with by the admins -No Griefing. Repeat offenders will be dealt with by the admins As the server population grows rules will be implemented if the population requests them and the admins are in agreement. ADMINS there are currently 4 admins who will intermittently be on to maintain the state of the server and enforce rules as they develop.The admins will have NO PART in PVP unless you are deemed a threat to the server from continuos trolling and griefing. Here are their gamertags: Salim Zago RogueTable98080 DiverseBook7221 AquaticYeti3430 ELEMENT & SKIN STORE The admins will be running an element and skin store for top tier players. To gain access to the store you must win the ragnarok arena boss fight. The store will sell skins and element for a balanced price allowing only tribes who have earned items to acquire them. TEKGRAMS Upon winning, tribes will also be allowed to request boss drops at a boss arena made by the admins for a price. If you can complete the admin trials tekgrams will be rewarded to you via admin command since they cannot be obtained through regular means Good luck
  9. our server is up, no admin abuse, it is a pvp but there are rules. there are 2 admins myself( bubajub ) ( Evilsatsuma67 ). Starters are given!!!!! it is boosted but we do like to keep it fun. SERVER NAME IS: LADS ON RAG . can be found on unofficial pc servers on the menu. there is no join password so just feel free to join. Due to nitrado servers being new the load in on the main menu is playing up so you have to wait and join twice.
  10. Can not join server 101 pve Na the center (XBOX ONE) I load it up, it goes to PRIMAL DATA_BP then goes back to server list stuck on joining session, PLEASE FIX I HAVE 3 GIGAS ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!
  11. Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our community. Do you want to have the best ARK experience? If so you came to the right place. This a new slightly boosted server so everything will be fresh. I will host a bunch of different events and quests and whatnot so you can win mighty rewards. This is essentially a PvP server but I want to build a great community with no trolls i don't tolerate them. We are here to have the best time possible. I will also do events based on Norse Mythology. Come check it out and feel free to ask any questions. Join my facebook page and/or my discord
  12. Boosted Ragnarok Server

    Hello Welcome to LegendsofArk740 The rules are plain and simple No passive killing AT ALL No blocking of loot caves No harassing or trolling No complete wiping of bases AND HAVE FUN The Stats 8x taming 6x harvest 8x XP 20x egg hatch 20x maturation AND MUCH MORE Message LegendsofArk740 to join
  13. Nitrado servers

    So this week the dedicated xbox server I play on will be switching from box hosted to Nitrado. The question I have is, what are the benefits of this? I've searched around but can't find anything other than they can be controlled from a mobile. Do they reduce lag? (The one I'm.on is terrible atm) do server outages/crashes happen? Nothing worse than being out and about and the host xbox crashing to the home screen. Any info is appreciated. Cheers.
  14. About a week ago my game would randomly freeze on me when I would either get on or off a mount and then I would have to close the game out completely and it would take me about three attempts signing into a server and closing it out because it freezing up again before I be able to play some what properly, is anyone else having this problem I'm confused if it's a connection issue or an ARK issue I'm not having any other problems with my internet just this and I would like to figure out how to fix it because it has already cost me a few tames by the game freezing at the wrong time and not being able to get right back in to save my stuff
  15. (Xbox One) Hello, we are looking for new players to play on our server. We are running a 24/7 dedicated always online server that will always be available to play on. To join any time and always please add server runner WiryNebula8962
  16. Talk on my chat if i'm not on sorry my schedule is Monday, Tuesday, "Fryday" Saturday. If you are lucky and i'm on playing ark other days then message me on XBOX one!!!!!!!
  17. Hello, i want to do a question, my server is a ragnarok server, we have a los of big tribes there, like 6 are super big bases. The problem here is that every day every single hour the server is lagged. 5 minutes lags and 5 minutes you can play. The problem here, is that i knew that before there where issues with the servers when the full game came out for xbox, the servers was kinda lagged and that, but, now i want to ask if this lag is still existing or it is a problem for the bases on the server, because when we played on legacy, we played with this same people, and they're bases were a lot bigger than now, and the lag was soportable, but in this ragnarok server is super anoying. Just want to know if this is a problem of the servers by parto of wildcard or is a problem for the bases on the server. Hope i can talk with someone of wildcard and get a solution please.
  18. Hello! I just want to do a quick question. All the rgnarok servers are super lagged? I play in an official pvp xbox one ragnarok server. In this server are like 6 tribes with big bases. The problem here, is that there is a lot of lag on this server, every 5 or 10 minutes, even less the server lags and you cant do nothing. Sometimes it kicks you but the times you survive you have issues to join to the server and its really anoying. I have another center and Island server, and those servers are really ok, anything of lag. I want to ask, because i knew that when the game came out the were problems with official servers and the lag. I just want to know if this lag is an issue of the game servers or is for the bases? because like in my center there are big bases too, but theres no lag like in this ragnarok server. I hope to get an answer by part of wildcard team, because all my friend on that server are really tired of that lag. It is a xbox one server.
  19. New Server

    New US server on Xbox one My buddy and I have running, looking for Mature friendly players. Server will be up everyday my friend works and is a father so be patient server will be up everyday not always morning times though. This is a PvE server lets all enjoy the game and have fun. Message and friend request hashirama 1st for a server invite Map: Ragnarok Taming 5x, Harvesting 7x all other stats boosted just a bit rules: No building in caves or in the tower, No taming brontosaurus/using Brontosaurus/ No leaving pillars around, remove unused buildings/crafting stations/rafts/campfires etc., Be mindful of resource spawns when building, No Raiding/PvP/wars of any kind respect your neighbors respect the server.
  20. Dear Survivors, *New Ragnarok Nitrado Dedicated Server 24/7 PVP/PVE Hybrid* Limited Invites. 2XP/ 3X Tame/ 2X Harvest (*3X on Weekends for XP/Harvest) Choose Join Ark> Unofficial PC Sessions> Select Ragnarok PVP> Filter Search "DediArk247" Even though its PVP, Offline raiding is not permitted. If you wish to raid a tribe, you must request for permission from that tribe. Our goal is to keep the server as a PVP/PVE Hybrid, allowing you to tame/build, along with limited raiding options. If you are tired of getting raided on official servers and looking for a place to build up and have a peaceful environment, you are encouraged to join. This server was initially hosted under Xbox and is migrated to Nitrado. No Trolls, No Admin Abuse. Immediate Ban for breaking any rules. Current Stats: 7 Tribes 15 Players Mixed from USA/UK. Thanks for Reading! DediArk247
  21. Otters Not On Prim Plus?

    So, since the otter has been released for xbox one I've been searching non stop for one and just can NOT find them... I play on Primitive Plus and can find them on single player on The Island, The Center, and Ragnarok, but I can't find them anywhere on the official servers. Now, someone had recently told me that Primitive Plus for xbox one is behind an update, and that we wouldn't be getting the otter until the next update comes out, but then why can I find them on single player, which is also prim plus? I check the spawn locations, I clear them using our spino and then leave the rendering area and come to find that no otters have spawned, but the hesperornis does... like 4 of them... so I keep killing all of the fish and hesperornis that spawn, but still nothing shows up... I'm honestly convinced they just don't exist for Prim Plus yet...
  22. Map Ragnarok Server Gamertag Tribesht Add and Join Admins will use command to help themself and others and to put on server events and anything else they decide to do any items or help will be givin within reason just have fun and start some Server wide wars on a massive scale high resources increases stats and setting all are welcome
  23. We decided to open our dedicated up to all, come join us guys! We have a 8x Harvest, 10x Taming PVP Ragnarok server here with upcoming events... Mating, egg laying, etc are all boosted. There are community forges at all the Obs as well as a community center by Green Ob which is a PVP free zone. Admins police for trolling and abuse, wipes and bans will be issued. Plan to do events for the server as we get a community going. (ie. ptera tunnel races, coliseum for prize based matches, etc) RULES: -Trolling is against the rules, -Do not pvp at the Obs or at the community center, -Do not kill passive tames. Otherwise, build up and have fun! Xbox One GT: ARK247DEDICATED
  24. I was able to play Ragnarok for 3 days before it started giving me 0 Ping on the server I played, so I tried another server for the same 0 Ping to happen. This even happens on Official servers. I've looked everywhere that I can and nobody else seems to have this issue. Is there any ideas on how I can fix it? (I've already uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted router, and restarted console).
  25. ANCIENT KINGDOMS (ARK PRIM PLUS Nitrado based server) +18 stats- xp-x5 tame- x5 Harvesting- x4 For more info on stats they are posted in the group. Rules- Weekdays are PVE Weekends PVP. 1.) NO RAIDING DURING PVE WEEK First violation - 7 day ban Second violation - 2 week ban Third violation - Perma ban 2.) NO SEXUALLY DISRESPECTING FELLOW PLAYERS First violation - 7 day ban Second violation - perma ban 3.) NO TROLLING OF ANY KIND. (This doesn't include knocking someone out during PVE) First violation - 7 day ban Second violation - 2 week ban Third violation - Perma ban 4.) RULERS WILL NOT BELITTLE PLAYERS First violation - 3 dinos deaths Second violation - 6 dinos deaths Third violation - removed from position 5.) ONLY 4 DRAGONS TO EACH TRIBE AND NO RAIDING WITH MORE THAN 2 DRAGONS AND ONE BRONTO First violation - dragons and brontos die Second violation - dragons, brontos and 5 tames die Third violation - Perma ban Fourth violation from same tribe - tribe ban 6.) PLAYERS ON SERVER MUST BE ON FB GROUP FIRST First violation - 24hr ban Second violation - 72hr ban Third violation - Perma ban 7.) ON PVP WEEKENDS YOU MUST CALL OUT 24HRS PRIOR TO RAIDING / TRIBE vs TRIBE / RACE WAR RAID CAN ONLY BE CALLED OUT BY YOUR RACE LEADER 8.) A TRIBE CAN CALL OUT ANOTHER TRIBE BUT BE CAREFUL THE ATTACKED TRIBE ONLY CAN GET HELP FROM ALLIANCES. 9.) ONLY A RACE LEADER CAN CALL A VOTE FOR A RACE WAR(majority vote wins). THE ATTACKING TRIBE CAN BRING ANYONE FROM THERE KINGDOM/ THE ATTACKED TRIBE ONLY CAN GET HELP FROM ALLIANCES AND MEMBERS FROM THEIR KINGDOM. 10.) IF SOMEONE ENTERS YOUR TERRITORY YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL THEM IF YOU CHOSE / THE PLAYER BEING ATTACKED CAN HOWEVER PICK YOU IF IT'S A BIRD FIGHT OR KNOCK YOU OUT IF HAND TO HAND. 11.) WHEN BUILDING YOU MUST BE ABLE TO RENDER YOUR ENTIRE BASE WHEN STANDING IN THE CENTER, AND WHILE STANDING ON THE EDGE YOU MUST'NT BE ABLE TO RENDER ANY NEIGHBORING BASES. 12.) WHILE RAIDING THERE WILL NOT BE ANY UNNECESSARY BASE DESTRUCTION. BLOW IN KILL AS YOU SEE FIT GRAB YOUR NEW LOOT AND GET OUT. First violation - 7 day ban Second violation - 2 week ban Third violation - Perma ban 13.) MINOR INFRACTIONS WILL BE DEALT WITH THE RULERS OF THE THE LANDS AND YOU CAN BE TRIED BY A TRIAL OF YOUR PEERS IF YOU SO CHOOSE. Face book Page