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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 953 results

  1. What's the toughest part about running your own server. I find that getting people to join isn't the hard part. finding quality survivors willing to bring interesting and diverse game play to the server is the tough part. at least for me it is. Anywho, I was just chilling and building up my village when this question hit me. what are you guy's thoughts?
  2. I was playing some SE on Xbox and went on a very disappointing taming spree. First I tamed a rock golem and waited an hour to feed it sulfur and every bite it took it lost taming effectiveness and levels, it went down to like 50%. So I went to tame another one, same thing happened and this time I hit every cannon dead on. Then lastly I tamed a thylacelo and sure enough the same thing happened. I know for a fact that nothing damaged the cat and I'm assuming nothing would deal damage to the rock golems either but I didn't want to wait around for 2 hours. Has anyone experienced this bug before or is this not a bug? Thanks.
  3. I lease a number of xbox ark servers via nitrado, but have found myself wanting to run a dedicated console so that I might have a PG map based server in the cluster. I admit I rushed into the purchase of an xboxone X without doing the proper research. What exactly are my capabilities for editing the Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini on a console dedicated server? Ideally I would want all the bells and whistles. Engram auto unlocks, crafting requirement overrides, spawn entries via add and replace, spawn weight multipliers, level ramp overrides, stat scale multipliers, custom supply crate items config etc which I use fluently now with my nitrado servers. I have bad feeling I cant effect any of these on a console dedicated server. Please tell me I'm wrong and how it is achieved lol
  4. I need a server admin to watch over the server and program it for me. I have Nitrado host. I want insta tame and 100x gather boost. I want the rest boosted, but I don't know how much. Also I want you to spread my server around and get some active players. Add me on Xbox One GarishCloth1 and msg me for more info.
  5. Devs: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X

    This question goes out to the Dev team and it would be really nice for some feedback from WC. In comparison, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have very similar specs and performance stats with acknowledging the Xbox One X has slightly more RAM specs. Currently. The Xbox One X is the only console to allow No Tether options via split-screen. Meanwhile, PC players have a slider option. With this in mind, Xbox vs Xbox One X players must have different versions of the game allotted to allow the tether distance factor between the two consoles. Why does the PS4 and PS4 Pro players have the same advantage? If at the very least a slider if No Tether is not an option. It’s very frustrating that PS4 Pro players get lumped in with PS4 players even thought the two systems have very different hardware capabilities. Can a WC employee please acknowledge this question and if there is a plan to accommodate this issue? It is the real problem for the game for many gamers like myself that only play this game couch co-op. Addressing this would provide a huge quality of life for this game.
  6. Why not merge legacy and official servers?
  7. A tribemate of ours is unable to transfer his character from our official island server to another official server. He is basically stuck on the island server. He cannot transfer out of an obelisk, nor from our tek transmitter. when he types in the server he is either unable to find any servers, or if he is able to find the server, when he clicks transfer the process doesn't finish and just keeps him on the server. He can upload items and dinos, but not his character. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and/or found a workaround?
  8. Spawned multiple times in every zone for the last 3 hours, every spawn point is spiked. Don't come here, you will lose your character until the developers come.
  9. I just wanted to make you fine folks aware of an issue we encountered, and the resolution we worked out for the problem. We run a PvP server clustered with our PvE servers, and were seeing players having issues transferring from the PvP server to any of the PvE servers. What we found was that, characters created on the PvP server were not able to transfer to any of the PvE servers; whereas, any character created on the PvE servers could bounce around the cluster at-will. We resolved this issue by having the impacted players create new characters on any of the PvE servers, pushing their earned XP to them, and then having them overwrite their character on the PvP server. We have also issued a warning to any perspective member to create their character first on a PvE server, and then transfer to PvP. It's probably not a widespread issue, but I figured someone else out there might be scratching their heads about it like we were.
  10. Giga spawns

    So I'm not sure where to post this, but I was wondering if there was an ini code to add giga spawns too the jungle bioms on the center? I have about 12 players on my server and they all hate that they have to fly to either lava or north snow too look for gigas so I've been Google searching for a way to add giga spawns to say Jung north and Jung mid but the only thing I found was a code to increase the spawns where they currently are is there a way to do this?
  11. Ugh. I'm playing on an Xbox Ragnarok unofficial pc session on PvE, and two people is the average number of player, and that's including myself! It's just me and my tribe mate and sometimes this other dude, but no one else! The taming rates are pretty good, it's a 32 person server, max Dino level is 510, and the max player level is probably like 500 too, but no one wants to join! I've put up looking for group posts on the game hub, but all the people who join just leave and don't come back. I always thought PvE was fun because you don't have to worry about being killed or raided or having your Dinos killed, or anything like that, but apparently it's not? I just don't get it. Anyways, I hope some of you would like to join, the server's name is "Ger Ark p server 545", things like the tribe data and daily messages are in german, but the other people on the server speak english. Anyways, I hope someone joins. Also, what do you guys think about PvE, or what do you think the reasons why people don't play it as much as pvP are, and what more can I do to populate the server?(The server isn't owned by me btw)
  12. Whats yalls favorite armor

    So whats yalls favorite armor in the game Mine is ghillie because it is cool like keeps you not hot easy to hide from big tribes because i a m small so whats yalls
  13. So i know its ark but still half the time on xbox ark you always get passives killed even dodo and yes i understand there could be stuff in them. But i see pc game play and there so nice is it because xbox players are mostly kids and yes i am a kid i will be getting a pc in the next month if your looking for friends
  14. So my friend and I have a non dedicated session on Xbox where we both are level 100, huge base, Dino’s , whole 9 yards, Through all this we delt with the host bubble/tether but we are kind of fed up with it, but now I have 2 Xbox’s so I want to run a dedicated session with one of them and play on the other, is there anyway I can change the non dedicated to dedicated and keep all my progress? But I would have to use a Seperate account right to play so I would lose my level anyway right ? And to play I would need a whole other account + Buy ark and Xbox membership too ? Just a thought, any suggestions help, thanks a lot. Cheers
  15. So I came across something I found strange. It's a giant what looks like gigantosaurus skeleton, and it has a bright glowing blue crystal in its mouth. I'm deep in the purple zone by the element river. I, did some digging. I couldn't find anyone who mentioned this before. If anyone knows what this is, let me know. (I was messing around and using ghost to see how far down I could go before I died and found this spot. I was also at slomo 1000)
  16. Hello there

    Been playing ARK for awhile but pretty new to forums! Also just started my own dedicated server on the Island and not sure if this was the place to post to advertise! Anyways my GT is ThePikle and I'm looking for people to play with!
  17. Xbox 536 Server DDos

    Xbox server 536 is getting ddosd halp
  18. REQUEST #820480 DEDI SERVER TURNS ALL BUILDINGS INTO NPC'S AND REMOVES TAMES AND OBJECTS Got a ticket for this one (support) who advised me to put it on here (see below). Will copy and paste all conversation which includes a link to a video file showing our treehouse on Rag after the save file corruption occurred (I have removed links that I was given by support). @Jatheish I have also emailed Wildcard and filed an error report, and tweeted Jat.... no response/s as yet. I Hhve now removed single player data from server (one from initial test after install- the other- well, I have no idea how that single player data got there?) I am wondering if this could this be a save issue related to save file size? Any responses on how to fix this would be very appreciated! TICKET CONVERSATION AS FOLLOWS: DebzyzZzMarch 23, 2018 14:27 I run a dedicated server. Previously this has happened three times on Ragnarock, and now on The Island. The server join game greyed out- so I rebooted the game. When it started it has all our characters with same level and engrams- but we are homeless and naked with no objects (tools, armour etc- everything). It asks us where to spawn. Our houses are now no longer ours- they appear to have become NPC's. Server count rockets to 52610 with a stasised count of 77. In buildings all cupboards are empty, as are smithy fabricator etc. Stasised count was previously 750 plus and growing... All tames have vanished. I want to know how I can run my dedi and keep it running until we reach end game- or is the game fundamentally broken as far as running on a dedicated server? Additional info- we recently got on the list and had an influx of new joiners, the server did crash a couple of days ago, but had been running stably since then. What can I do to stop this happening every couple of months- its heart breaking. I just want to complete the bosses and hopefully ascend. DebzyzZzMarch 23, 2018 14:44 I have put dedi on centre map so we can still play- Would be really, really appreciated if you could somehow restore the save on the Island map. DazeMarch 27, 2018 21:02 Hello Survivor, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. I am GM Daze and unfortunately we here in customer support are unable to assist you on your dedicated server. I will be providing a link to the console commands page so you are able to join your old tribe and spawn in the resources that were lost. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands Sincerely, GM Daze Studio Wildcard http://www.studiowildcard.com/ DebzyzZzMarch 28, 2018 11:49 Hi GM Daze, I am quite aware of console commands. This solution is impractical- our tribe buildings are no longer ours- they belong to no one (and cannot be claimed) they have become non player characters. DebzyzZzMarch 28, 2018 12:07 Furthermore, there were 30+ players on my dedicated server. Some of us were very advanced and already completing brood mother on hard. What we really need is to be returned to a previous save- before this save file corruption occurred- if that is at all possible? If not, please can you advise me how to run the server in order for this save file corruption to not happen again (as this is the forth time in approximately six months that this has happened). As mentioned- we would like to ascend- please can you tell me if this is not possible on dedicated servers because of this problem? I do have a video file taken on xbox of the NPC buildings (taken the previous time this happened, on the Ragnarok map) but I do not know how to attach this on here as I am on PC. Debz DebzyzZzMarch 28, 2018 13:02 I have managed to save the file to Twitter- but can't find a way to download... but have copied the link to the tweet https://twitter.com/Debdobski/status/978960768602460161 This is our treehouse on Rag, npc owned PVE but able to be demolished.... our old bodies are lvl 1 and empty- interestingly you will see that the implants are now blank... If you want I will reboot the Island and get a video of our house there- it will be the same and unclaimable (well- claimable one piece at a time). As said, npc count went from 27k to 52k as all structures are now npc's and our plant species will shoot at us- even though we are on PVE DazeMarch 28, 2018 18:23 I will definitely bring this issue to our development team in case that they are not already aware of the issue. I would also like you to fill out a report using the link below: xxxxxxxx Our development team will review this issue and investigate as soon as possible. You could also reach out to our development team with forum/twitter as well as via email at xxxx. Since there's no further assistance that I could offer at the moment, I will be closing this ticket right now. Hopefully you will get a reply from our development team and get this issue resolved! Take care and have a great day! Sincerely, GM Daze Studio Wildcard http://www.studiowildcard.com/
  19. Hello there! Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I was unsure where I should post this. I've recently bought Ark for Xbox one, and will be playing primarily in split screen. I have a few questions however and was wondering if anyone could help? *Can we have the guest who joins the game on split screen save their character and progress (such as tames, levels, etc)? I believe I read somewhere that it's possible if we sign in the second controller to another account beforehand. Is this correct? *If we wanted to play on solo too, could we create say three microsoft accounts (call them A, B, and C), and play split screen co-op on A, then have our own, solo games on B and C? Would this risk us losing our progress? *Is there a way to have the screen split horizontally rather than vertically? Sorry if any if these questions are answered in game, I've only just bought the game and am currently waiting for it to install before playing. Thank you very much for any help!
  20. Hello, I just noriced that xp is not something that are fastly growing now 1x is still 1x. So I decided to test it found a lvl 5 alpha raptor kulled it to get a wacked number like 188 xp gain. Egg laying stoped and swimming speed is gone. So is the purpose to troll everyone on offical with wacked settings. Atleast we get possitive xp and not negative. Console version 771.3 (client), server version 771.4 the island map! Regards, Ariana
  21. Egg layer rates

    I was wondering if anyone had issues with egg layers in the last couple days? Were egg laying rates changed during the event? Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like the egg laying dinos are not dropping eggs like they should be. Were the rates on legacy different? I recently started over on the new servers. Can a server cap cause dinos to not lay eggs?
  22. Xbox Trading Clubs are so bad

    I just recently got into the trading scene on xbox 5 or 4 months ago and through the scams that have happened to me and my tribemate. I just think the moderation on the clubs is horrible it's so easy to scam to since the Admins/Mods just accept every join request so all it takes is a quick fake gmail account and creating a new microsoft account and if you have gold it will be shared to that account due to the home xbox feature microsoft implemented when Xbox one was released and boom you have a fresh account all you need to do is apply to a club wait a day then go look at all the stuff people are selling and it's as simple as porting fake screenshots to the spoof account to show to the seller that it's real. It's ridiculous and I'm not here to complain about how I've lost So much stuff I just think wildcard should make their own verified club so it can be heavily moderated. And I know what your gonna say ''Well just use facebook or a Subreddit or the Official Ark Trader Group'' I agree but as an avid ark player I know the majority of Trades are PvE related and people on PvE are usually casual laid back Older People with Daily Jobs they don't wanna hop on Reddit or Facebook to contact a person Via Dm's they would rather just press 4 buttons to go to a club where things are simpler and the majority of victims are these types of people and this primarily goes to Console Players as console is just simpler as opposed to Pc. I think an easy fix would to have an Official Ark Club for Consoles I don't know about Ps4 but they have something similar I'm sure but if this were to happen I know people would like it. 2:54AM damn what am I doing up this late I'm not even gonna spell check this lol
  23. youtube ark on youtube

    I wonder if it is allowed to place videos of ark on youtube because I probely want to make a youtube channal with ark.
  24. Sponsored mods on console?

    After seeing that in the community crunch 125, the immersive taming mod was added to the sponsored mods program, I'd figured that many console players would really enjoy a change of pace and some bit of freshness. And not only because of that prticular mod but many of the mods in the program would be really appreciated such as the different arks or the new creatures. I'm pretty sure that adding some sort of menu or workshop for mods in ARK on consoles would even attract more people like in Skyrim:SE
  25. Hello, I just noriced that the Thylacoleo just sits on the redwood tree not attacking during this Easter event. The Thylacoleo moves suddenly when approached but not jumping. Tested with walking, sitting on a Rex and on Argent (Argentavis). Maybe I now have so much armor that the thyla gives up (each 300+ armor). Console version 771.3 (client), server version 771.4 Regards, Ariana