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Found 1066 results

  1. XBOX Nitrado Hosted Cluster SERVER NAMES Ark Pro Island - Ark Pro Ragnarok Starter: In Wight Drop Taming Kibble: in Green Drop MAX PLAYER LEVEL: 145 HARVEST: x25 Bird Speed: 205 Taming: x15 XP Multiplier: x15 Egg Hatch Speed: x400 Baby Mature Speed: 50 NO Admins No Rules No Cave Damage 24/7 PvP No offline Raid Protection If Player Slots max out i will Upgrade them as soon as i can
  2. I am playing on Nitrado hosted Xbox One servers using my PC via the Windows 10 ARK version. I am unable to toggle the HUD on/off using the BackSpace key or any other key I assign to that particular function. Does anyone know a work around?
  3. Hey we have a new server up and looking for new players to join us. There will be weekly events to win dinos gear and much more. There is also. Shop open wen admins are online (war lord7702 requiredkiller5 xDragonLionx and iiitoxicvenom) We want to make only weekends pvp and on weekdays pve so that you can build up Stats... 5xp 6gather 15taming 15egg...till done Seed 2.5 Melee 5 Weight 400 Rest ain't that important if you want to know more ask xDragonLionx Add the server fusionlamb47000 he will add you soon as possible if you are waiting a bit toweak long ask requiredkiller5 to add you he is the host of the server
  4. Can't open drops or obilisk terminals without being kicked from the server. Any ideas

    Ark developers please release a patch for this issue ASAP. I keep freezing upon loading into official or non-official servers, and then being sent to dashboard, then having a startup crash once but it works the second time i try, but still freezing. Alot of other people are having this issue aswell, As you can see in the link below.. Please release a patch fixing this as soon as you can, Thanks. http://downdetector.com/status/ark/news/172930-problems-at-ark-survival-evolved
  6. you must be connected to the xbox live service to play online. I cant play multiplayer but im in a party and it works on other games i have restarted everything hundreds of times
  7. Just started a fresh pvp aberration server hosted in NSW Australia and looking for new players to join Server settings are : 5x XP 12.0 Harvesting 30x Taming Speed Increase mating, breeding, hatching decreased stamina, water, food drain on players increased wild dino health and damage Server name : Oz Ark Dedi Add GT to join : Oz Ark Dedi
  8. Alpha reaper king spawn

    Is anyone else having issues spawning alpha surface reaper kings on official servers or is it just me? Is there a specific method or tactic people use? Our tribe is trying to do alpha rockwell and the alpha reaper king barb is the last thing we need Xbox Official servers btw so cant use spawn codes or anything like that
  9. Are you looking for a place to settle down, build elaborate structures, breed pretty dino mutations, or just kick back and have some fun, without the worry of being wiped? Well Fallen Kingdom is the place for you! Our goal is to establish a community where everyone can come to kick back and relax, without the worries that come along with playing PVP. Whether you enjoy building, breeding, bossing, taming, or just messing around, Fallen Kingdom is the perfect place for that. Our servers are still only fresh, so there are plenty of amazing locations for you to choose from to set up shop. We provide Community Centers on all our maps that are equip with Industrial Forges, Fabricators, Chem Benches, and Industrial Grills, as well as a level 150 Griffin and metal tools pack to help any new comers get started. If you're over on Ragnarok don't forget to visit our Community town located by Blue Obelisk, there you can find our Tavern, Church, General Store and more! Discord is our main hub for everything, from updates on any changes that may happen to the servers, notifying players when events will be happening, all the way to giving players a platform to buy/sell/trade with one another! If you are thinking of joining us be sure to check it out over at discord.gg/k3F2hD2 We do not ask much apart from that you follow these simple rules which we have put into place to ensure that all our members have an enjoyable Ark experience: No land claiming or pillar spamming Don't leave tames on obelisks No building near obelisks or main spawns Only 1 bronto per tribe Respect your admins and fellow players We have friendly admins who are extremely active and are always willing to help out with anything that you may need. Please don't hesitate to message either kimberieyy or ubisassy on xbox live if you have any questions. We hope to see you soon!
  10. Hello! We are a small community as of right now, me personally being a PC Veteran and multiple Xbox Vets as well. I personally have a huge amount of experience with Roleplay servers from my PC days, So we thought we can hopefully open up a server for people that are also looking for roleplay or PVP. (EU)ValhallaArkRPPVP Alright so, straight to the point. I'm hosting an Xbox PC Dedicated (Through Nitrado) light roleplay/PVP server. Roleplay is not mandatory, But stronger suggested and encouraged! We're happy to ease new people looking to try it out or people who are new to Ark or Aberration as well! We're paying the server month by month. We have slightly boosted rates, still working out kinks however. (Around 3.5 Gathering and Taming) We prefer that the game takes time, but not a grueling grind. Also with increased baby raising and imprinting. We are on Aberration for the time being at least, this might possibly change in the future. Currently one admin, and one moderator. (Probably will stay that way.) We have only a few rules on our server, 1. Do not ruin the fun for others. (Includes Griefing. Just being a sausage, etc.) 2. Nothing too Vulgar,Extreme or Racist, Etc. (We have a sense of humor, just don't go too far.) 3. If you are including yourself in Roleplay, Please make sure you have a REAL REASON. We're not going to accept "I felt like killing him" If the person is on your land, Taking your resources or threatens you in character, Feel free to slaughter them as you wish! We don't expect your roleplay to be perfect, nobody's is. 4. We have no age limit, Everyone and anyone is welcome. Finally we have one policy as well, Ark can sometimes be a tough game to get started on. So we're offering to those who want it. One free starter tame, of your choosing to take to help you get you off your feet. We do have limits on the tame, We aren't allowing fliers on Aberration, Nor anything larger than a Megalosaurus. So no Rex, Giga, Spino, Yuty, Etc. This is just to get you on your way. So ask away if you wish! Please enjoy yourself, and please if you have any questions ask me, BNW1214.
  11. Ark Server 6789 Xbox One Dedicated Server 24/7 Boosted Aberration Server PVPVE NEW! NO ADMINS!! ADMIN LOGGING ENABLED! ADD GT: Ark Server 6789 Don't Forget the spaces^^^^ Stats: If I don't reference it then it is most likely set to default. Stats subject to change to improve game play. Difficulty: 1 Xp Multiplier: 7 Taming Speed: 30 Player Harvest Damage: 5 Dino Harvest Damage: 5 Harvest Amount: 7 Player Character Water Drain: .25 Player Charcter Food Drain: .25 Dino Character Food Drain: 1.5 Dino Character Stamina Drain: .5 Poop Interval: 50 Lay Egg Interveval: .01 Mating Interval: .01 Egg Hatch Speed: 200 Baby M. Rate: 200 Various Player/Dino Stats Boosted Like Weight, Speed, Food, Water, and, Oxygen.
  12. Voice chat in the server is global even when the enable global voice chat option is disabled. Also voice chat while in an xbox party is still going through voice chat without showing the in game chat icon onscreen.
  13. When I started my nitrado server i wanted the engrams to auto unlock and so now ill be telling you how to make this happen on your nitrado server for xbox,pc or ps4 servers. So first if you want engrams to auto unlock make sure that you are under general then turn on expert settings and save changes now under the settings tab there should be a tab called expert settings you click that now there should be a slide box that says gameusersettings.ini change that to game.ini now scroll all the way down till to the bottom click at the ned of the last setting there and hit enter and type bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true this will allow you to unlock every engram at your level when leveling up but if you spam something into like stamina the screen will be filled with the learning of the engrams also when you reach level 100 or higher you will unlock all the tea engrams i do not know how to fix this but if you use this be aware of that. Also make sure your server was stopped when you changed the settings in the game.ini and if your server is stopped there will be an option to save changes. This is all you need to know if you want to make your engrams to auto unlock in your server. Let me know if this was helpful and bye.
  14. No sessions found

    As of 1/15/2018 I am currently unable to search for any Unofficial PC Servers on Xbox. All other server types including: Official, Player Dedicated, Non-Dedicated, Legacy, etc I can find and join. However when searching for any or all of the Unofficial PC Servers aka Nitrado servers the only search result I get is: No Sessions Found!. I have already reset my router, swapped from wifi to wired ethernet, hard reset the xbox approximately 13-15 times, and reset ark many more times than that. I know some people are having issues not finding THEIR Nitrado server, but I can't find ANY Nitrado server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Wild plant species Z won't heal

    I've read that wild plant species Z are supposed to heal you significantly while standing near them and I've caught a glimpse of that in a video, but whenever I want to go to one to heal after fighting queens, It just won't heal my drake. I've even tried to wait for about 8 minutes but the health regeneration stays normal. Does it not affect dinos? I play singleplayer if that helps
  16. New cluster with cool admins come claim alpha we are building community and having fun no admin abuse and will have events in future slots will grow with communityGT ReekDaRulla662 cluster name is gawl darn cluster write me on here or on live prepare for battle!!!
  17. Hey guys! Newly purchased Nitrado server, cross play enabled. Boosted crate and fishing drops. No Building collision. Player location. Max spoil time. Corpse locator. In addition to the above listed stats, Egg lay x5, Dino Harvesting x8, mating speed x.5, egg hatch x10, kill xp x5, craft xp x5, generic xp x2, mature speed x10, level max 310, difficulty x9. 6 max tribe size, alliances allowed. No rules pvp except for one: no Building in surface caves. PC: Xbox: [US] ~Pantheon~ Lvl. 310 Max (10x Harvest, 10x Tame, 5x XP) Admins are active but do not interfere with any tribe dynamic. They have their own tribe, you have yours. You'll never see their tribe name in your log. They exist just to play like everyone else and assist when Dinos get stuck etc.. Thanks for reading! Day 50ish as of 1/15/18. Any questions? Pm or reply below.
  18. I am playing aberration on xbox one. I've been trying to tame a queen bee. Everytime I try to tame the queen, the Y button for taming does not pop up. I use rare flowers in last slot and everything. Is this a bug. Has anyone tamed one on (Xbox One) ?? Not PC.... On Aberration??
  19. The Center Boss Arena Glitch

    So... Today I was playing single-player on The Center. I had finally gotten the stuff to open a portal to the boss arena. I put everything into the obelisk, I make sure my dinos are in the circle. I activate the Beta Arena. I teleport to the Arena and next thing I know I'm inside that mountain that is in the redwood forest. I use the ghost command to escape. I use my glider to make my way back to the green obelisk (where I started) to see if my dinos were there. My Quetzal, Rock Drake, and 2 Thylacoleos were there. But my 2 Spinos, 2 Rexes, 2 Baryonyx, and 2 Allosaurus were missing. I quickly spawned the artifacts to get back to the Arena. I teleported to the arena what did I find? NOTHING, and it happened again. I teleported to the redwood mountain but this time I died and lost my: Ascendant Compound Bow and 388 Metal Arrows, My Ascendant Climbing Pick, Metal Pick, Metal Hatchet, My Glider Suit, Journeyman to Ascendant Riot Gear and LvL 76 Dimorphodon. Not to mention my dinos. WILD CARD FIX THIS! Can I Have My Dinos Back? Please! Thank you all for reading this! -Slacker
  20. 456 mb update

    Where's the notes for this patch? This is getting old.
  21. This is a post to address both PS4 and Xbox communites that host a player dedicated server on their console. I’m intrigued to know what issues still persist, what new things need to be addressed, and the general feel of hosting via console. I’d also like to address what impact unofficial PC hosting has had on atracting people to your servers?
  22. I currently have 10 player cluster has med to high boosted stats, level 300 dinos and currently pve arm. Mainly hosted for relaxed gameplay to build, trade, tame etc. Enjoy the game in bit of a faster pace. Crossplay is also enabled Munki Island - island Munki Land - aberration All welcome 1 admin give it a try if interested feedback welcome also.
  23. Since the patch this weekend both my server and personal xbox have had the same issue. When trying to load Ark the program will not start, the error screen appears saying 'Something went wrong' with error code 0x8b050033. I have gone to xbox.com/errorhelp but I cannot locate this error. The only info xbox help can supply me with is that the download has not completed properly- or isn't available? But the update is showing as complete- although it did have problems downloading and had to be restarted a few times on both machines before it took. My dedicated server will eventually start the program (after hard reboot and cashe clear), but after some time crashes to dashboard with the above error. Probably unrelated, but for at least a month my server has also had issues with not being joinable- the 'join game' button/link thingy becomes greyed out.... I put this down to xbox live issues as sometimes it just remedies itself after a while, although a reboot will also fix it. Pain in the b**t though as it happens often. Have this morning rest the mac address as this might be the issue? ?? Anyone else getting this, or have a remedy?
  24. Reaper King Ideas

    Ok this is my first time making one of these so bear with me. I just had of few ideas about one of my newly favorite dinos the reaper king. Although fun to use i still feel like its lacking so here are a few additions that i think should be added to an awesome creature to make it that much more awsomer .A dedicated roar button on consoles: I play on Xbox and theres no way to roar even though its a feature on pc,please add,it can go right where the change ride view camera button is Rb .More utility features:What about an ability that lets you track wounded prey, or an immunity to nameless and other reapers agro .Switching up the jump:Jumping is cool in all but on the reaper it just looks kinda silly just floating there with a static fall animation,i was thinking that it could have a cool agile non static jump animation and run animation worthy of sush a magnificent beast. .A Pounce attack: Like the Thyla but works on bigger creatures,also it could have the same arc aim as the pick axes and maybe adds acid damage over time and ignores armour. Also the pounce could be used to climb up near by ledges .Better stats:pretty self explanatory,this thing is a monster it should fight like one too .Friendly Charge light:it shouldn't hurt it .Better tamed damage reduction:it should have enough at least to make up for lack of a saddle so what do you guys think,and also thank you WildCard for such an awesome game,keep up the good work.
  25. If your like me and my small tribe, we seem to never to be able to successfully find a server to call home for longer than 1 week max. We have decided we should make our own server which would be a relatively friendly creative server with the odd war or raid every once and a while. Thought it would be cool to make prison and pits for our dinos and our own people to fight in. we dont really need people to join but we wanted to see if anyone elses tribe would kinda be into this sort of idea. the server is not yet created but if you like the idea of tribes dinos fighting in a big gladiator like arena like pokemon haha then consider joining when its made . Rememeber were on Xbox one (gt; xPianoPandax) and no dont worry, we wont kick abuse or over rule the server and when you join everyone has like three weeks care free as no one is allowed to raid you unless you mess up xD. Offical PvP ark servers were way to time consuming for me as of school, homework and sleep. So heres the closest we can get to Pvp ark fun but you get to keep your social life and job!!