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  1. BigEarnMcCraken

    DDOS attacks on Xbox Servers

    Why does Wildcard still insist on giving server info that allows cheaters to attack servers at will? Just because they are upset or trolling.
  2. SneakyMcGee

    Latest update broke my ark~Xbox

    Many people have suffered crashing of their ARK games wether it be straight to dashboard after loading or while joining a server. Many of us cannot play the game anymore because of the tiny 2GB update and as far as I know, we haven't gotten a single response. Hard resets and reinstallings are very time consuming and do not work for the majority of us. I think I speak for many when I say - We need help here chaps.
  3. After the latest update I have not been able to access any drops or obilisks. When I do access the obilisk or drop my game crashes to the main menu and I am left with the slight chance of being able to get in without restarting my game. This led me to believe I had something wrong with my obilisk and thus I went on my single player to see if there was something in my obilisk and all the engrams that are provided by creative mode were in the ark data tab. This also has happened to my tribe member after using creative mode to build in single player. This has made it hard to play as per habit I generally check higher level drops and because of our tribe I switch between servers a lot. If anyone has this problem and has found a way to solve it feel free to share as me and a tribe member are both stuck
  4. Why is there MORE stuff in the mobile version then the PC and console versions, just why https://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Mobile
  5. Woodsplatypus56

    Persistant bugs....

    - Lumber Doorways: Having to duck even small character to enter. This only happens when another wall is placed above the doorway wall section (happens with/without door). - Simple Bed: After learning engram learning other engrams "may" place another learned engram in personal inventory engram list. These two bugs have been persistant since Prim+ first release.
  6. After the update, all our metal structures disappear and do not snap anymore. Is this suppose to be a thing now?
  7. Hello., Knowing fliers can stop when release of left stick and not have the forward momentum. This happened to me with out keyboard but after relog i can't recreate the effect. If you know how? please write. It would be so nice to be able to stop in the right location and not drift with fliers. The mechanics is in Xbox ARK but as far as I know player need a keyboard. Or? Seems I got the effect by mistake otherwise. Regards, Ariana
  8. Are there any other sites out there besides Nitrado that offer Xbox/PC crossplay hosting? I've had a Nitrado crossplay server up for a little over a month and I'm just really unhappy all around with their web interface, Xbox app, update system/policy, support staff and pricing - oh, and they are based overseas, so the timezone difference (I'm in the US) has caused irritation at times as well. I'd switch in a heartbeat if there were better alternatives that don't involve using my own hardware to run the servers.
  9. A tribemate of ours is unable to transfer his character from our official island server to another official server. He is basically stuck on the island server. He cannot transfer out of an obelisk, nor from our tek transmitter. when he types in the server he is either unable to find any servers, or if he is able to find the server, when he clicks transfer the process doesn't finish and just keeps him on the server. He can upload items and dinos, but not his character. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and/or found a workaround?
  10. First download was stopped at 93% or 5.37GB of 5.78GB, the message installation stopped appears every attempt to continue update. The update after that, went to 7.1% or 1.77GB of 24.72GB and currently will not continue giving the message installation stopped every attempt to resume or try again. The Ark tile is in the Que area in the my games and apps section. Starting the game everything is good until the big "A" to select join ark or host screen. Selecting join or host results in 'missing download content ' message, options and credits still work. Hard reset xbox 4 times, verified good internet and 3TB of storage is available. Ark has been working great for sometime, was building onto base when game kicked me suddenly for the first of these updates. 2 days without being able to feed dinos, orb holding 9 wyvrens and 5 brontos of 175 to over 300 level ranges. Is anyone else having trouble with Ark chronicles 2 update(s)? Any solution would be greatly appreciated.
  11. BeanBoi

    After Update Ark can't start

    So I play ARK on the Xbox one and today there was an update, I installed it and tried to log onto Ark. It won't even start up, it does not even give me an error. I have tried restarting my Xbox, restarting my router (As recommended by people who had the same issue) nothing has worked. I saw a few people saying that deleting saved data will help but I am worried that the progress I've achieved in a few servers will be deleted as well. Can anyone tell me if my server data is protected, I am not worried about private arks, as well as any fixes you know of. I don't want to have to uninstall ark then reinstall but if I have to then I will. Thank you for any responses in the future.
  12. After yesterdays update I am unable to transfer my character off a server. I tried all the typical rain dance type methods to help including killing myself, hard rebooting a few times, using a drop, using an ibi and the transmitter. I logged into my alt account and had no issue at all. Is anyone else having this issue?
  13. Why not merge legacy and official servers?
  14. MajorPayneXII

    Broken Game??!

    Can someone explain why this popular game that has been out for roughly three years and developers have yet to fix game breaking problems? I've played ever since it was in early release for xbox, and have had problems with my game freezing, randomly closing, and worst of all just not working ever since it came out. Just like many other people that enjoy this game immensely, I went out and purchased a second xbox to run my own dedicated server. I have had nothing but problems with this game ever since I made the decision. From corrupt saves, to servers just not loading, and having to restart my xbox countless times just to try to play (and try to get friends into servers). This game could have been so much better on release and now, if these problems were fixed long ago. Other games have their crap together and provide nearly flawless interfaces and game mechanics to allow the user a non-problematic experience. Minecraft for example, has never had a single problem for me and my friends ever since it was released. This game has a much more potential for an enjoyable experience for players that want more than just pixelated blocks to build with. Why can't they deliver this experience? The developers decided to release the game for mobile devices, but have yet to fix their game. I don't fully understand the logic behind it. So, if anyone has any information on how I could fix their game, specifically for an xbox dedicated server not allowing players to join, please let me know. Edit: Here is another thread I didn't have to even look for because there are so many, of a person with way more time played in this game and his rant on more problems this game has. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/349830-had-enough/
  15. Ark PvPvE RP Server- To join Server, please join Facebook Page and post your Gamertag, In Game Character Name and Backstory on Character _________________________________________ Rules- +1. NO TROLLING/NO INSIDING +2. If the stat is not shown below, it is at Official Levels and Multipliers +3a. No Wiping is allowed. This is to keep the population on the server alive and well and not cause people to leave. +3b. If you raiding or participating in a war, (There is a difference) take what you need to take and leave. Unnecessary breaking of structures is against the rules and penalties will be enforced. +4. Difference between Raiding & War: 💢Raiding: Small Scale attacks that your tribe initiates where you break into another Tribe’s property to steal resources ⭕️: -Breaking Doors, Walls, etc. to access resources, BP’s, etc. ❌: -Can’t kill passive tames -(If you want to kill passive tames and break into safes, you must initiate a War) 💢War: Large Scale Attacks between 2 or more tribes that begin because of disputes between Unwarranted Violence, Land and Property Lines, etc. (Main Purpose of War but it doesn’t haven’t to be is to take over Kingdoms. How to take over Kingdoms is explained in rule #5) ⭕️: -Can kill all tames of Opposing Tribes -Can break into structures that contain resources to steal them. ❌: Can’t wipe kingdoms +5. How to take over Kingdoms: Taking over a Kingdom means that you become the new King/Queen in that respective Kingdom. You must complete 2 of the 3 Objectives +5a. You must Take the Given Note with the code on it to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins(Required) +5b. You must Capture the King or Queen and take their Living Body/ Dead Body/ Speciman Implant to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins (Optional) +5c. You must take all of the Artifacts located in the Kingdom within 12 hours and take them to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins. +6. How to start a Kingdom: Starting a Kingdom means that 5 or more people come together to control a piece of land and are given ___ Behemoth Gates, can claim an Apex Animal, and a King/Queen controls everything from the Rules the Economy to the Delegation of Jobs. +6a. Must have 5+ people in your Kingdom(Will become 10 when the server gets bigger) +6b. Must have: 1 Throne Room 1 Store 1 Hotel Houses for the original tribe members 1 Animal Pen/Garage +7. You may apply for Kingdomship once a week and you get 24 hours of Protection to fully reach the necessary requirements to become a Kingdom. To apply you must have: 5+ people 1 Store 1 Hotel Land Claiming Markers 10 Behemoth Gates +8. The Wastelands, which is any area that isn’t occupied by a Kingdom, is a complete PvP area +9. The Community Kingdom will contain a: Store: Will contain Limited Time items and Blueprints Bank: Place to store important items for a cost depending on rarity and quality of item +10. If a player or group of players collectively turn in a player’s Speciman Implant 10 Times, that player will be forced to start over from level 1. +10a. When turning in Speciman Implants for high ranking players in a Kingdom, you will be paid: King/Queen- _____ 2nd in Command- _____ +11. To be a PvE player/tribe, you must put “PvE” in your character and tribe name and can only switch between PvE and PvP every 2 weeks. No player/tribe with the “PvE” tag can be attacked or attack anyone under any circumstance. +12. Any chat in game must take place in the realm of Roleplaying, which means conversation that doesn’t pertain to any subject outside of the story is prohibited. +13. NO META-GAMING: Gaining Information on a Character and their Location via Streaming and other outside sources is Prohibited +14. MUST JOIN FACEBOOK PAGE AND/OR DISCORD SERVER +15. BLACK PEARLS IS THE CURRENCY +16. First Few Weeks will be an experimental phase. Stats and Rules are liable to change _________________________________________ _________________________________________ General Difficulty Level- 0.1x XP Multiplier- 2x Harvest Amount- 8x Player Water/Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Dino Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Max Players In Tribe- 6 _______________________________________ Taming Taming Speed- 3x _______________________________________ Crops Crop Growth Speed- 2.5x Crop Decay Speed- 2x _______________________________________ Spoil/Decomposition Spoil Time- 2x Item Decomposition- 2x Corpse Decomposition- 2x _______________________________________ Breeding Egg Hatch Speed- 20x Baby Mature Speed- 20x Baby Food Consumption- 0.5x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier- 0.2x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier- 3x Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality SM- 0.5x _______________________________________ Player Stats Health- 2x (20) Stamina- 2.5x (25) Oxygen- 1.25x (25) Food- 5x (50) Water- 5x (50) Weight- 10x (100) Damage- 2x (10) Speed- 5x (7.5) Fortitude- 2.5x (2) _______________________________________ Tamed Dino Stats Weight- 5x _______________________________________ Misc. Increase Platform Structure Limit- 3x __________________________________________________________________________________ Random Information: 1. First 10-15 people on the Server gets a starter pack when they first get on the server and when they make/join a Kingdom 2. Donations always help with keeping the server up and running and with the help of donations from members of the server, I can increase the quality of the server and the amount of people that can be on the server😁 3. People who donate will get in game perks and resources and animals depending on the amount that was donated.
  16. I am scouring the Internet for the right .ini file or whatever it is I need. I keep finding outdated documents from two years ago, or videos in German. I pre-ordered a server for Xbox. I want to do more custom stuff, which involved changing up engrams and per-species dinosaur stats, as well as supply drops and bosses. I cannot find any of that information. The best I can get is like two lines of cost someone needed help with, and that is it. Would anyone know of a dropbox, website, or video to help me out here? Thank you.
  17. Hi guys I tell you, after having downloaded my beloved Ark Survival Evolved Explorer's edition for my Xbox One X, is that I started to play it and I realized that something was wrong, either in The Island or a custom map, my game was beginning to give Graphic faults in which a certain part of the screen was black for fractions of a second. This happens to me in a random way in any part of the game except for the menu at intervals, sometimes recurring and sometimes not. I already tried using the Vsync, using a 1080p screen instead of 4k and the worst of all is that I already sent my Xbox One X to the technical service and came back with the same problem. And well, I would like to know, if it happens to you, what you tried to do to remedy it, and some advice if you can from now on. Personally, I thought that sending it to the technical service of Xbox, the problem was going to disappear, but it was not like that. I leave a link to a video that shows the problem , as an example (play in the 7 second): Glich in-game Regards.
  18. Server 630 is still down and my main base is on 548 all my dinos and base are going to auto decay this is extremely frustrating.what is going on.iv put tickets in to get my character back but that won't happen for 2 or 3 week so I'm going to lose everything 300 + dinos and a massive base all solo just lost because of this.7 months work for no reason.
  19. Hey all! I am working on breeding some bears right now and can not for the life of me figure out a good pen design. With th cubs coming out under the mother's I would prefer to have something elevated so they could drop down and run less risk of getting stuck under the mother. Does anyone have any good pen designs? Thanks!
  20. RSG is now taking applications to join the tribe. you must be 18+ have a facebook account older than 2 years. PVP experience preferred but not required if you are a PVE grinder/breeder there is a place for you too. PM ooStuStu on Xbox live to set up a live interview. We have tribes on all maps so you must own all DLC maps.
  21. MetalstormHaze

    No Sessions Found OC 629

    So. My tribe leader and his main character are stuck on a server that's down. Just looking for information as to why the Xbox OC629 (THE ONLY SE FOR OC) isn't showing up on any list no matter the filter. "No sessions found" and absolutely NO response to reports. I'm watching a good PvP player and friend consider giving up all the effort he's put in since day one on Xbox early access. Just a tiny piece of info as to why it's down and/or when we can get him back to do his imprints... Drake imprints, you know how annoying it is to see anything but 100% on a drake? I don't want my tribe mate and tribe owner to quit, leaving me with a tribe no one owns and a damn good grinder out the door. I get stuck with everything, and this is official PvP, we need all hands on deck, especially the owner. Get back to me, he's the one that got me into ark and this may be a reason to quit, given the circumstances, regardless of any fancy teal toys we have or element that was wasted on the transmitter that despawned in the ob because of this. Thankyou. End rant!
  22. TheMantislug

    Artifacts not Spawning

    So I've been playing singleplayer on the Island, fighting bosses, getting tek tier, etc, but I've run into a rather crippling issue. While retrieving artifacts in preparation for fighting the Beta Dragon, I noticed the Artifact of the Skylord does not appear in its corresponding cave. I have searched all around, ghosted through the walls and ceilings, waited for hours, turned off the singleplayer option, and started the world as a non-dedicated session. The artifact drop doesn't show up. I had hoped today's patch would fix this, but sadly it hasn't. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thank you. Edit: I have also noticed that the artifact drop for the Artifact of the Hunter shows up but doesn't contain the artifact itself, only the blueprint to build the tek replicator. 2-23-18: Just checked Skylord cave cause I figured maybe they fixed it. It still isn't there.
  23. I’m trying to play on my friends dedicated server and when I try to join him, it lets me into the game but when I try to make a character, it won’t let me control anything, the game freezes. Does anyone know a fix to this?
  24. Does anyone know if there’s a way to merge my characters into one account? Or be able to play same character on all devices?? This having a different character for each device is frustrating to say the least... 😔😳 thanks in advance!!!!
  25. So I have set up a Primitive + cluster with Ragnarok and aberration and they won't show up in the server list. If I take them off cluster they show up. I'm not sure whats wrong or how to fix this and I have not heard back from nitrado support yet about this problem. Any thought would be helpful. Thanks!