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Found 1058 results

  1. Do you like playing on the Center, but you want to go grab Wyvern eggs from Ragnarok? Do you want to travel to the Island so you can ascend? Currently running all three with cross ark play enabled! You can take your survivor, gear, and dinos wherever you choose; no cool down between movements. No starters; no admin assists or do overs (Admin lives in Hawaii and only gets on around work). Just come PvP... ADMIN will plan/announce/post events in the Facebook group to pay entry into boss battles and the Ascension Cave. Any Tribe that brings their own dinos/gear can give a go at getting tek and ascending... but be ready for the fight! Details with a schedule to follow. Search in the server list for "A11TCM" to find Nitrado Cross Ark Cluster of The Center, The Island, and Ragnarok! 32 slots per server, plenty of room for now and will grow if demand increases. PvP, boosted (short list is 7x taming, 50x breeding maturing, 4x XP, 5x survivor harvesting, thirst/hunger reduced by 90%). All stats posted on Facebook group M3atL0afCupcak3; screen shots of all settings for public review. Come solo or with a clan. Set up wherever you want. Server has been on since day one of Nitrado, but traffic has been below 10 folks on any given map at a time. I don't check here often, so please lookup and join the facebook group (M3atL0afCupcake) if you have questions and need a response. I look forward to seeing any survivors that want to PvP.
  2. ARK TRADER RATING 0 0 0 TOTAL RATING N/A Forum Trophies Early Birds 0 1 post Report post Posted 10 minutes ago Hosting center server Looking for a fun sever Server name "Later at center" Boosted server Will host events with rewards Sever is on extreme boost for 7 days It's a PvP server but raiding will be monitored No raiding for the first month unless event No building on center Tibe max 10 Dino insurance will be available due to server error 2 free wyverns on set up First tribe that starts building get a max giga My gamertag latermushroom2 I will let the game play out as it is intended The race to alpha is now join server and claim your seat I will not intervene unless provoked Message me for more details
  3. Message GT "doi" if your looking for more players!
  4. Just wanted to find out how everyone was enjoying their low boosted, pvp, nitrado server. If you have a second, leave a comment on the thread; Share a good time you had on a server, as close to official as possible, and maybe the name of that server. Appreciate it. And don't forget to thank the forum police for performing their thankless duties to keep these forums running smoothly.
  5. My tribe on official PVE the island13 on Xbox1 is searching for new members. We just got totally wrecked by an alpha carno level 115 & pretty much all our Dino’s are dead. Therefor we’re looking for members who would be willing to do lots of taming. It’s a pretty small tribe, we’re just 3 people but we’re on everyday grinding. No mic required nobody else rly uses one. If interested let me know I’ll give you more info!
  6. skins Acheivement Skins (xbox)

    Months have passed and i still do not spawn in with my hard earned skins. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I find that ark players usually come up with better solutions than ark devs do. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Boosted pvp 20 slot server on ragnarok max dino lvl 180 friendly server boss events and other things stats on dinos boosted as well. Will be switching to aberration when it finally releases... also will be reducing rates when that time comes to get a more exciting feeling of gameplay server name is Mannibal Cannibals admin gt Ironphoenix18
  8. Australia Ark is a Nitrado 50 Slot US based server **Open to anyone** who fancies Boosted stats and a PVP server with **No Rules.** It's been running for a few days now with a steady population of 10-15 players at all hours of the day and night due to the various US, UK, AUS and NZ players. **Server Stats:** •Difficulty 1 •XP x10 •Harvest x10 •Taming x10 •Egg Hatching x10 •Baby Maturation x10 •Food/Water Drain x0.4 •Baby Food Consumption x0.3 •Tamed Dino Weight x5.0 **Player Stats:** •Health x2.0 •Weight x10.0 •Fortitude x2.5 All other player stats are **Standard** There is also an Xbox Club where you can join to provide any feedback on the state of the server, the club is also called "Australia Ark" There are no Admins as I do not believe I need any, as the owner I am Online most of the time and usually like to walk around and see what people are doing. I don't participate in Raids but I do like a good Fist-fight on the odd occasion. To join the server, search "Australia Ark" in the main menu server listing screen after switching to the "Unofficial PC Sessions" server filter in the bottom left once all the servers have loaded in the list first. I'm very open minded to change, if majority of people don't like some of the stats, I will generally tweak them within reason. **Enjoy!**
  9. I am currently attempting to set up a Public Teleporter system on my Ragnarok Server, but i am unable to find the Enable Public Transport option on the teleporters, or anything dealing with it for a Game.ini.
  10. I picked up to game with the wife, she likes 7 days to die so I thought natural fit. We both hate the map, and she can't read the menus. Could we add a description box in the menus? For the map can we get a player markers? At this point she doesn't want to play but I like game concept and want us to keep going.
  11. Hello i'm running a 24/7 PVP server on the Island. All stats and rules are below. If you have any questions at all feel free to message my main account: TwoStomachKoopa or my brothers account: Vz x Damage To join add GT: Koopas World and make sure you have your game set to Primitive+Events almost every Sunday with huge rewards! There is an Ark store that sells various items and dinos as well as other services such as dino painting and skins. Currency will be hair so start saving up! You also win hair from events There will be a 1200 hair payday every Sunday 1 per tribe. I will only be giving it out that day, so make sure you're onI also placed 10 chests around the map containing good loot! if you find one let me know and i'll cross it off the list. Please let me know before you open it. Creating bases anyone can raid. If successful there will be a huge reward inside well worth it! However there will be a time limit (usually 24 hrs.) and only 1 tribe at a time can raid the base. No Data Downloads Boosted Stats: XP: 5x Tame Speed: 4x Harvest Amount : 6x Harvest Health: 2.05x Harvest Respawn Period: 0.7x Floating Damage Text: On Crosshair: On Boosted Player Stats: Stamina: 2.4x Food: 3x Water: 3x Weight: 3x Fortitude: 5x Boosted Dino Stats: Weight: 5x Stamina: 2.5x Speed: 2.05x Boosted Breeding Stats: Mating Interval: 1x Egg Hatch Speed: 50x Baby Mature Speed: 15x Baby Food Consumption Speed: 0.5x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier: 50x RULES: 1. No raiding tribe named "Umbrella Corporation" Since he runs the store. 2. No Trolling/Griefing anyone. 3. No wiping allowed, no reason to destroy all their structures and kill all dinos. 4. No bullying new players 5. No killing passive dinos (Resource dinos such as Beavers, Ankylos, Parasuar, Frogs, etc..) unless they attack you first (Brontos, Stegos, and Therizinosaurus are ok to kill) If you see anyone breaking any of the rules please record it and message me EVEN IF IT'S AN ADMIN OR MODERATOR. i will not side with them. There is currently one player that has admin control my brother (He will be running the store) and two moderators that let me know what happens through out the day. This is a friendly server and we all want to enjoy the game so PVP is encouraged. If you see anyone breaking a rule please record it and send it to me and i will view it ASAP.
  12. Berries from pots

    I think they should add an option in the action wheel of crop pots to take all berries / crops from it. Opening the inventory, bumping the cursor across, then pressing and holding on each stack gets laborious after a while. Just a thought
  13. I am already well aware of this issue but wanted to let others know that this is ongoing. Nitrado made Wildcard aware of the issue immediately after launch so I’m hoping it is addressed soon. I would suggest server hosts to be extra vigilant, letting your community know in advance of commands if logging is enabled or potential outages. I use my Xbox club for all announcements but discord is also a great alternative. Once broadcasts have been fixed, Nitrado already implemented a countdown timer to appear before your server closes down for restarts/updates which counts down every 10 seconds (max 5 mins). Edit: I have timed restarts at 12pm everyday, and everyone knows to log out before that time. It’s the server updates that throw me off. Unfortunately, the Nitrado phone app only warns you when the update is about to drop, not leaving enough time for peeps to log out, as that would have been what the currently invisible countdown timer was for.
  14. The Midgard Tribunal Welcome to The Midgard Tribunal, the official Ark server for TICGN. Our goal with our servers to bring the gaming community together through games. Here you will be able to play alongside members of our podcasts, stream teams and writers from the website; engage in gaming where we hope to have fun interacting together. We propose this server as an alternative to Official servers with a slight boost to the grind. The Midgard Tribunal features the following: Adjusted Stats: - Taming 4x - Breeding 4x - Harvest Gathering 2.5x - Crafting Boosts 1.5x - Fishing/Loot Crate Reward Qualities 1.5x - Official Difficulty (Level 150 Wild) - No adjustments for XP Role-Playing[Lite]: RP-Lite will be used to help bring the server community alive. We want you to play your style. Want to be a server renowned farmer? Become one. Want to start your own tavern? Become a barkeep! Want to just play the game? You can do just that. For the RPers, events will be held to enable you to enjoy your experience on the server. *Currently exploring the concept of removing blueprints to emphasize a focus on character building with the crafting skills. This will not remove the possibility of receiving greater quality items in fishing and loot crates. PvPvE[Lite]: PvP is a major part of Ark: Survival Evolved. However, we all know that it can also be a mess with a lot of downside when you log out of the game. In effort to ensure that we keep the server community driven, we will be employing some tactics to help ensure friendly/agreed-upon PvP battles. - Offline Raid Protection - "White Flag" protocol; Wars instead of raids where tribes can surrender and negotiate peace terms. - Hosted PvP events including Gladiator battles, Purge-like events, etc. - Community feedback to adjust PvP tactics when necessary Events: Events are a major part of any community. With this we plan to push forward community driven events and contests. Some events will include rewards such as improved quality items and even rare tames not accessible in Ragnarok. - Market Day to sell/trade your goods to others on the server - PvP Events TBA - Server Wide RP/Story-Building Events TBA - Server-Wide Contests Community Driven: One of the biggest concerns of any dedicated server is whether or not there will be any admin abuse? This is a fair question because it is all too common. In effort to ensure that you KNOW who the admins are, all admin gamer tags and contact info will be shared to the community. We will be holding all of our admins to the highest standard and integrity to do the right thing. Any proven case of abuse of any kind will not be permitted. Another question is how will trolls be handled? Again, another fair question. For the simple part, trolls attempting to cause intentional harm to the community will be removed and permanently banned. Since this is an RP/PvP-lite server, we have to take each action into account of whether it is someone acting in character as a bandit or pirate, or someone who is literally trying to have fun by ruining the server we wish to build. Donate: We want to run a fun community of servers that we can continue to build upon and deliver to the community of TiCGN. While we will not be charging the community to play on these servers, we will leave options of ways to donate to help keep the servers running. In time, we will be looking to the community for feedback on increasing server populations as well as opening up new servers to create a TiCGN cluster. Patreon/Donation links TBA Join Us: To keep updated on what is going on with our servers and anything TiCGN related, join us on the TiCGN Discord Channel. TICGN -
  15. Hello, so I've mostly been a single player gamer, but in recent weeks, I've been playing on a pve official server. And I've noticed some major issues. Currently, these are the bugs I am suffering from on the Xbox. 1. Rubber banding. This is more of an annoyance than game breaking, walking for 15-20 seconds and doing stuff within that time window, just to go back in time as if I didn't do anything in that time frame. Like I said, this is more of an annoyance, but annoy someone enough and they stop playing, and as far as I can tell, this has been going on for a while. When will this issue be fixed? Are there any plans of a fix? Or is this going to go down in history as one of those notorious bugs that there are just no intentions of fixing, like I see many developers doing with their games and certain bugs. 2. Structures not placing where they say they will. Side note, the construction in this game needs an entire overhaul. It works, but it's lacking important features, like the ability to place down an object and preview it by walking around it without it turning with me or moving, and then lock it in place. But aside from that, there is a major bug, that I do think is borderline game breaking. And that's when i try to place a ceiling, pillar, fence foundations, mostly anything, more than half the time, it places somewhere else than it says it would. Example: trying to place a fence foundation, straight line. I place one, then go to place the other, it's shining green and snapped where it would be going straight with the other one, but then when I click to place, it goes angled and I'm forced to destroy it, wasting resources. This is really bad with things like walls and pillars. I will build some pillars going from a ceiling down to the ground, and when I get to needing one more to connect the pillar tower to the floor, it'll be green, I click the button to place it, and suddenly it's sticking out of the ground, 2 feet away from where it says it would place. I say this is borderline game breaking because I created a platform that consisted of 364 ceilings. A quarter of which would be connected to pillars, and then the rest not, because they would have the support from the ones connected to the pillars. Out of 364, I lost 40 because they kept snapping to the pillars in a way they weren't showing they would in the preview and I would be forced to destroy them. That's a lot of wasted resources and was very irritating. I have not heard anyone talking about this issue, but I know this is an issue affecting everyone I play with. Is this another bug that will be swept under the rug? 3. Won't load Primalgamedata_BP, stuck at Joining Sessions. This one I have kind of heard talks about. I've heard you guys talking about issues with connecting to the servers, but you're not describing the issue that me and 3 others are suffering from on Xbox. And that's when I click to join a server, it tries to load primalgamedata_bp, then when it gets to the end, it goes to Joining Session, and just stays there til it times out. I've figured out a fix for this, while it says Joining session, go to setting, go offline for about 5 seconds, reconnect, go back to game, and it's already loading The Island. Just sucks have to do this every single time. Only started happening after the Halloween event. I've tried with different accounts, uninstalling, reinstalling, I've even tried different console's, since I just got the new Xbox One X. Still has the issue. You recently sent out a 200mb patch, that I thought was suppose to fix this issue, but as far as I can tell, it's as if an update was never handed out. I have submitted a ticket for this about a week ago, and have not heard any reaponse. Time frame on fix? These are the 3 bigger issue bugs currently on Xbox I have personally suffered from. There are other, more minor ones, like how I try to roll away from a sabertooth on a doedicerus, but suddenly the sabertooth becomes hollow, goes into my doedicerus, then becomes solid again, and we are basically stuck together and I cant move. Not sure if things like these are actual bugs though or just the way the game is designed and will always be an issue. But the rest need addressed. And when I ask for more transparency, that's all we want as a community. To us, right now it seems like 99% of you are working on making this new doc, when your current thing is broken and you have one person, working one hour a day on the bugs. That's just what it feels like to us, because all we see is you pushing for people to buy this dlc, but aren't acknowledging how your base game should actually still be in early access, with the bugs it has. A few examples. You showed off the 4k features of ark on the X but that's NOTHING how it looks like in real life. When you go up in the clouds, you can't see ANYTHING. Everything is pure white. Not only that, when it rains or is foggy, I get like 1x1inch pixels outlining things like trees, Dino's, and structures that become very visible and just look like they're trying to show what they are suppose to, and also trying to show me what's behind the item at the same time. It's hard to explain. But you don't see these issues in your demo. It's as if you super tweaked just that version, or it was rendered on a super duty computer, not an actual Xbox. And that to me, seems like false advertising, and again, an example of just not caring about the current issues. Another example, your CEO, Dave Kennedy, recently had an interview with PC Gamer. And the whole interview just feels detached from reality. He talks about the mixed reviews on steam, and blames it on people getting the game in early access and and expecting a polished game. Nobody gets a game in early access, and expects it to be polished. But also, nobody gets a game in early access, and expects to be sold DLC for it while it's in early access. And when your team got heat from that during the time of Scorched Earth, you excused it by bringing up how many free updates you give us. But it was in EARLY ACCESS. We already prepaid for a complete game, and those free updates were you fulfilling your promise of completing the game. Also, he brings up how he wishes there would be a way to show all time ratings and ratings after launch, but we are so far out of launch that, there is a way. The most recent reviews, are also mixed, because this game is still broken. To say this is currently a polished game would be a joke. So again, the CEO in that interview doesn't even once mention that it's still buggy, and acts as if it is now polished and should be getting 5 star reviews. Here is a quote from him about the future of Ark "“We’re very concerned about quality, experience, and making sure we’re not just tossing stuff out there.”, but that's what it feels like. Because the base game feels like it was tossed out so you could rush out Aberration. The interview makes him sound like he is selling this game as a complete and polished game, when it isn't. And because of that, sounds like the CEO of your company just lied to your entire player base (at least on the Xbox, since I don't know how the PC/PS4 experience is). We need more transparency, we need these bugs addressed so we KNOW we are being heard. Saying "We are listening", doesn't mean anything. Actions speak louder than words. Address the bugs. Don't sweep them under a rug like you don't care about the people who have already given you their hard earned money.
  16. When will us Xbox users be getting the first of three Desert Biome update??
  17. Not Unlock two achievements

    I can not unlock these two achievements: 1) Veteran Survivor You defeated ARK's first Guardian! 2) Artifact Archaeologist You personally retrieved all the Artifacts! I've tried all the guides, but the achievements do not unlock !! Solutions?
  18. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  19. Someone was stuck in the Iceworm Queen boss area with out a pick/tool to break the ice to get out. I went to help them out but there is a barrier blocking other players from entering understandably. So I threw down a pick but when I touched the barrier I became stuck in it. I could not move any direction or eat anything. Additionally the terrain near the invisible flyer wall near the beginning of the cave has some issues. Ex. When leaving the cave entrance where the call space is stick to the right side about where it starts to incline there is a transition where you can get temporally stuck.
  20. Grinder Bugs

    1) When using the industrial grinder, select an item to grind the grind selected item button will appear but the "turn off" button will change text to "set pin". 2) When using a non tribe grinder the user in unable to grind items other then stone and wood. The UI looks like it makes room for the grind selected item button but it does not appear.
  21. Awkward Dino Ark Server is Going Primitive! Starting on Friday, November 17th, our server will start a freshly wiped map on Ragnarok as a Primitive Plus server! Here are the stats, rules, and how to join the server! If you are interested in joining, please either message me or reply to this thread with your Xbox gamer tag. Server Stats: Environment: x4 Gathering X5 Taming x2 XP X40 Egg Hatch x16 Maturation -0.5 Food Drain -0.5 Water Drain Offline Raid Protection (ORP) is active Monday-Thursday and disabled Friday-Sunday. Dino Stats: x4 Carry Weight x2 Movement Speed +0.5% Health x2 Stamina Player Stats: x3 Carry Weight x2 Health x2 Stamina x2 Fortitude Rules of the Server: No Flyers (Except the Griffin) The reason for this rule- and actually a server restriction- is to increase the challenge of PVP and environment gameplay. Primitive Plus allows for more chances to have interactions with other players, especially with PVP as raiding bases is much easier. To help bases use good hiding spots, and to increase the challenge of the landscape, our current players have voted to only allow Griffins as flyers. Tame one and you can rule the skies! No Wyverns In Primitive plus, Wyverns can be very difficult to raise, but to over powered if done so. We ask people to place their time in other dinos and not bother with Wyverns on our server. We might use Wyvern eggs as a sort of currency perhaps, but we ask no one to raise one. No building at any Obelisks No Blocking/ Building/ or leaving tames at Artifact Caves No blocking/Building/ or leaving tames at valuable resource spawns Blocking resource spawns can be a bit tricky to notice. Use your best judgement. If you are building in an area filled with Obsidian, Crystal, or Rich Metal(iron) and there isn't another location for a ways, then this might be a bad place to settle. We suggest settle NEAR that location so you can use the resources but with enough space that they can then respawn. No Foundation wiping when raiding- Get in, Get the items, Get out This is meant as literal foundation wiping, but also don't be THAT GUY that destroys all of someone's farm, crafting equipment, and beds. Part of the fun is preparing for the eventual retaliation. No Passive tame killing (Video evidence is required) We take exception to this when the dinos are CLEARLY being used as defense. I mean if someone surrounds their base completely with dinos that are passive, then that is a violation on its own. No trolling/griefing of other players (Video evidence is required) No Bronto Taming. They cause too much lag when they harvest- whether it is intentional or not.- If you want a large platform dino we suggest the Parcer. Each tribe can have 2 bases MAX A Base is defined as a close set of structures, usually enclosed by a single wall in a small area. We ask only 2 bases because we want to allow for lots of open spots for new player/tribes to settle and explore. 2 Bases can be as far apart as you would like them to be. This will allow tribes to have an ocean front base for water tames, and an inland base. This does not include Rafts/Dingys No PVP at the Community Trading Post The community trading post is made to be a safe haven for peaceful trades. We wanted to give players an opportunity to meet other tribes without giving away their location and to have a secured spot where they can feel confident they won't be harassed. The location of the Community Trading Post will be announced upon completion More information: The server is located in Southern California so all times will be in Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is -8 GMT. The server runs 24/7 on a dedicated Xbox One, with 300 Mbps internet. The admins of the server are Kitamoto and Wyvernspirit. Admin logging will be active so the admins can play as regular players in addition to the occasional Dino Wipe. We, as admins, both have full-time jobs during the week and so we are not on as often as we would prefer- however, we encourage players to contact us via xbox message if you have any problems and we will help as soon as we can. How to join our server: Since our server will not be transferring to Primitive Plus until Friday, November 17th, we ask any prospective survivors to reply to this thread with their Xbox Gamertags so we can send invitations on the day of. We also have a forum where our players can discuss trades, bugs, breeding, etc. We ask that all our players register on our forum with their Xbox Gamertags as their usernames so it will be easier to communicate with everyone. You can find our forum at If you are really interested and want to potentially speed up the process, you can Xbox message either Spirit (Xbox gamer tag: Wyvernspirit) or Kita (Xbox gamer tag: Kitamoto). We will be more than happy to help get you onto our server! We hope you join our server and enjoy it as much as we do! Sincerely, Spirit
  22. Current event running-We are currently having a Veterans weekend event for double rates (gather, taming, breeding) We are running PvPvE on Ragnarok, The Island clustered. Structure damage will be OFF. This means, open world PvP and event PvP will exist. However, raiding will not. Rates: 4x gather 6x taming 10x mature 15x hatching Max dino level ~450 There will be events minimum 3 days a week. To see more info, please see us at the unofficial ark listing, If you want to directly join, please come to our Facebook group to get sorted.
  23. I've posted this on the Nitrado forums, but no luck. I'm hoping someone may have heard something about this functionality. Essentially will we get the ability to Assign Guest Access to Xbox Servers? Thanks Daman
  24. Friendly PVP server Xbox1

    I've Started A Fresh Server And Am Opening It Up To Everyone. Complete Blank Slate Please Bare In Mind Before Asking To Join I Am A Normal Person. Not An Established Company. The Server MAY Go Down Occasionally While I'm At Work But Will Be Back On When I'm Back. My Aim Is To Keep This Server Going With A Mature Community. I Got Fed Up Worrying About Getting My Base Raided Every Time I Logged Off An Official Server And Therefore Was Spending Way Too Much Time On It Only To Have Everything Destroy By An Alpha or Tamed Dino Over And Over Again. So I Went To The Shops And Bought An Xbox To Host My Own Server... And Now I Actually Enjoy The Game Alot More. I'm Looking Forward To Building A New Community So Please Bare In Mind When You Join It May Be A Bit Quiet While We Are Building Up :-) At The Moment I Am Running It A Bit Like The Famous Pooping Evolved Server On YouTube. PvE But With PvP Enabled In Case We Change It For The Future. I Am Keeping It As My Self As The Only Admin But I Am Rather Funny About Cheating And Never Have Or Will Spawn Or Change Anything To Benefit Myself Or Others, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MATERIALS FOR A HUGE PVP ARENA FOR SCHEDULED PVP EVENTS. So If You Join, Don't Ask. We Have Been Running For A Little Bit But Now I Would Like To Open It Up For You To Join ! So With A Bit About Us I Have Put Our Rules And A Few Settings Below (settings may not be exactly a x2 multiplier may actually a 1.8 or 2.4, etc..) Map - Ragnarok Difficulty Level - 1 ( Max ) Crosshairs - Enabled Show Player Map Location - On No Obelisk Downloads Of Any Kind Apart From Bosses Exp Multiplier - 2.0 Taming Speed - 2.0 Harvest Amount - 2.0 Hatching Speed - 6.0 Maturing Speed - 9.0 Cave Flyers - Enabled DO NOT BUILD CLOSE TO OTHER PLAYERS. YOUR STRUCTURE MAY BE DESTROYED WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION. All Dino And Player Stats Have Remained UNALTERED. After Many Weeks If Not Months Of Playing Around With The Settings And Testing I Believe This Is One Of The Most Fun Set Ups For A PvE Dedicated Server Without It Becoming Stupidly Easy / Overpowered. I Of Corse Take Suggestions From Members Of The Server If They Are Sensible And Will Benefit Everyone But If It's Something Like " ARRGGH MAKE THE TAMING MULTIPLIER 100000000000000000000 AND HARVESTING 100000000000000000000 " I Will Ban You And You Shall Not Return. I Have Played This Long Without You I Can Go On Without You :-) If I Have Not Covered Anything On Here That You Would Like To Know Before Joining You Can Message Me On This Or My Gamertag ----- WhiteDynamite32 If All Your Message Says Is - Inv Server - Or Something Just As Rude Or Ignorrant I'll Block You :-) Again, We Want To Foster A Community Setting. If You Would Like To Join Message Me On This Or On My Gamertag ------- WhiteDynamite32 -------- And We Will Go From There. I Look Forward To Seeing You On Our Server Soon. This Is NOT The Server. I Will Give You The Servers Gamtertag If You Seem Alright Must Be Able To Understand And Speak Acceptable English. Happy Surviving !!! Dynamite
  25. Can't get onto ark after the latest Xbox one x graphics update ... in the bottom left it says I'm running 765.2 client version and then when I look for a lobby at the top it says server status ; Healthy (v765.3) it's all updated ... I've tried redownloading the whole game and had no luck