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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 302 results

  1. Server name- AbrasiveLace294 Admin- HMTCORVETTE713 All messages and questions be sent to this person, not the server name. Starting the server- A 15 day grace period will be active, no killing in the first 15 days. After that fill free to attack players at your own risk. Up in the air - We do not know how we are going to do raid days yet. We might have certain days, or allow raiding everyday. We could also have purge days( no rules for a certain period of time). Or we could just do weekend raid days. Message admin if you have suggestions. Server setting - Difficulty- maxed - XP- 2 - Taming- 5 - harvest amount- 10 - Dino count- .7 - no downloads allowed - egg hatch speed, and mating interval will be changed - platform limit- 100,000 Rules - No spamming or hateful speech - 8 people per group. - 150 Dino’s per group. - Carno island, and herb island are not claimable. - 2 base locations per group ( you are only allowed to build in 2 places, if you leave destroy your base). - Bases on Dino’s don’t count as a base location. (since they are movable) - caves are not claimable - DO NOT fly around picking players up and dropping them. - DO NOT troll - Do NOT ask the admin for help. - Do NOT team up with other groups to raid, you can team up to help tame or build. - If you see someone cheating please record it and send it to the admin. - Offline raid will be on. - We will reset the server once a day, or as needed. - Please lock your stuff up and keep your Dino’s safe, if you have stuff stolen or Dino’s killed, it’s your fault. Do not ask the admin to spawn stuff in. - DO NOT exploit glitches. More rules will be added, and current rules will be changed as fit. If you have suggestions please message the admin. If you see someone breaking rules, record and report to the admin. We do not do three strikes and you are out, we will make decisions based off your actions.
  2. Not sure if anyone else gets this, but i am trying to start up Primitive Plus on my Xbox for the first time and it stops registering my controller once i get to the character creator or map/rez area select. this happens both with New Character and with Upload character and I have tried restarting the controller, restarting the Xbox, restarting the game itself and nothing seems to be working... any ideas?? this only happens with Prim+, I have no issues with Survival Evolved...
  3. xbox one: Rosie1994x hi ive played ark for a while but only on single player and never played much on pvp or pve. i am looking for people too join with so we can build, tame etc together but i will be starting from level 1. add my xbox gt if you fancy starting fresh
  4. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    On my ark on Xbox I’ve been playing a lot on ragnarok for the past week. I’ve gotten up to the point where whenever the game try’s to save it exits the game completely put me back on to my dashboard/Xbox home screen. It’s been a problem for a while now and it’s really annoying. Could anyone help?

    You guys should make it were we can spawn Element in though creative mode on XBOX ONE so we can use the tek supplys right when we spawn them
  6. Mods On Console?

    Are mods ever coming to ark xbox one xbox one gets no love from devs we only just now got the dino tlc update and you could do mods like in fallout 4 where its like the steam workshop
  7. Looking to get some additional players on the new server. Ragnarok PVP, no Bullies. Friend request BrightSteak3511.
  8. Server went down on friday and has yet to come back up anyone got any info
  9. abberration engrams

    when i go back to aberration map and engrams are not showing, is there any fix for engrams?
  10. EVERFORTH ROLEPLAY SEVER XBOX ONE Hello everybody, we are hosting a 4x Roleplay server on Unoffical PC servers for the Xbox one, if you want to join a server with serious roleplay and fun scenarios, events, roleplay interactions join us, MUST JOIN DISCORD AT: https://discord.gg/d6gYzs NO DEFORMED CHARACTERS! No midgets, no Popeye characters etc! to Join step one: switch over to Primitive Plus step two: search up "Everforth" in the search bar but make sure it's on maps Ragnarok, and unofficial PC Servers, it is a Nitrado server and on PVP step three: Spawn at the welcome Center in Highlands North and read rules OIF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS MESSAGE GAMERTAG "Diego" yes, it's Just Diego no numbers "X's" etc. GT:Diego
  11. xbox one Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I am on Xbox One: Myself and some of my friends have been Experiencing a lot of Ark Crashing or Booting us or me to the Xbox one home screen. I just been booted from the game 20 mins ago right to my home screen. only got to play for about 25 mins on ark. What is the Deal with Ark. I paid good money for this game so I can enjoy the game. please say this can be fixed?!?
  12. I recently purchased an Xbox One X and decided to use my old Xbox One to set up a player dedicated server. Everything works fine, with the occasional and expected Ragnarok crashes, except for a very specific problem that has been plaguing the members of the server since it's inception. My internet is fine, I have a constant 100+ Mbps, my Xbox One works fine and sounds fine. My other Xbox along with a handful of people have limited or no problems joining. The problem is a quite random and seemingly arbitrary inability for a person or at times persons to join my server. On occasion, an unlocky member freeze at the starting primal game data or it times out. The only thing that fixes the problem for the often single player who is unable to join is to reset the server, which is terribly inconvenient for the rest of the people on the server. And half the time when i do reset the server another person gets the problem the next time they crash. Combine the occasional crashing and an inability to join afterwords and it becomes a massive problem and deterrent to everybody on the server. We have tried everything from deleting save data to hard resets to internet resets and all the tricks in between, including having them join various sessions first. The problem is always the same and it is certainly a connection failure between the client and the server and quite likely an ark bug. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this, anything I haven't thought of, and does it even pay to go to support?
  13. A decent somewhat boosted server, only rule is no complaining. Max wild dino level is 300. Search rockwells pit under unofficial pc servers or message iSmokeTree420 x for an invite. Xbox one.
  14. Hello All, My friend hosts a player dedicated server on a separate xbox one and separate xbox live account. I have been playing with no issues for the past month and the other day I tried to join his server and was stuck on the loading screen. The owner left corner says "PrimalGameData_BP" and after about 2 minutes it says "Join Failed" and sends me back to the Ark Main Menu. I've tried... 1. Hard reboot on xbox / clear cache 2. Reset my wifi - modem and router 3. Reset the server from friends xbox 4. Hard reboot friends xbox 5. Reset friends modem / router 6. Joining game from different menus 7. In Network Settings I went "offline" then back "online" 8. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game 9. All my friends can join server, but I cannot Any suggestions on how to get around this bulls***? I just want to play the game.
  15. cross-play servers

    Hello my tribe plays on cross-play server but i was just wondering why cross servers doesn't have any forms of their own. I was just wondering this because I got a few bugs I would like to report but i'm sure where to go. And I wouldn't mind having a cross server trading forum where we can buy/sell cross servers
  16. Name: Theodore I love dodos(especially when they are stewed). But I gigas more. I want to join the tribe because I like being part of massive tribes, where everyone knows what they are doing. US MT time
  17. As the title says. I have a single server 32 slot that has died alot of people went to these new cluster servers for many reasons. I debating on letting mine just die or reach out and see if anyone would be interested in teaming up and make a cluster. I want it to be PvP and balanced open to game types or even extinction clusters, just hit me up if interested at all. We can discuss it. Thank you
  18. For over a year my global chat does not work. I can see tribe chat fine,but unable to see global, aside from what my chat mate writes. At first thought it was an issue with early access but game is full now and I've reinstalled several times, switching from external HD to internal. Tried taking out usb ports and deleting cache. Changed options to default and went through tribe mates settings to match. Played on all maps, official and legacy. Raised a ticket but that went no where, as guy who answers tickets does not work on development team. Anyone have any solutions? Missing out on the trades, banter and camaraderie that goes with playing online on ark. Frustrating beyond belief
  19. For over a year my global chat does not work. I can see tribe chat fine,but unable to see global, aside from what my chat mate writes. At first thought it was an issue with early access but game is full now and I've reinstalled several times, switching from external HD to internal. Tried taking out usb ports and deleting cache. Changed options to default and went through tribe mates settings to match. Played on all maps, official and legacy. Raised a ticket but that went no where, as guy who answers tickets does not work on development team. Anyone have any solutions? Missing out on the trades, banter and camaraderie that goes with playing online on ark. Frustrating beyond belief
  20. Our server is a clean and we'll managed server and it's hosted by Nitrado. Any suggestions for the server is noted and could be used to make our server better. There is open world PvP on weekdays and base raiding on weekends. It's a server of 32 slots, and taming is instant, you will always have a fighting chance as gathering is 20x and stats are boosted Trolling will be banned.No foundation wiping.
  21. Hey everyone, My friends and I are running a Nitrado Xbox One server on Ragnarok, and are looking for more people who want to play on our server. It is a PvE Server, with the goal that everyone has a fun time. All of us are friendly, and there is plenty of room for anyone to build just about anywhere. We have a system of Tek Teleporters set up around the map, and periodically I will be getting things together for new players to gain the Tekgrams. New players also may choose a single medium sized mount to start off with, and will get a care package with some basic supplies to help get started. Rates: 5x taming, 2xXP gains, faster breeding, increased player and dino stats, and increased harvesting. To join, look us up on the server list! We are the Spoop Group Official Server. Any further questions can be sent to ZMammothCheeseZ on Xbox live.
  22. SERVER SPECS Server name: MD Ark Server Category: Unofficial PC Session Server Map: Aberration Server Host: Nitrado 24/7 Current Server Player Slots: 20 Server Admin: 1 - xMaleficDragonx CrossPlay: Enabled PLAYER DETAILS Server Type: PVP/PVE (zones) Offline PVP: No offline pvp & Timer enabled Tribe Tame Limit: 500 Tribe Player Limit: 50 Friendly Fire: Disabled Respecs Allowed: Unlimited ** If you want the new player character boost to level 100 just ask for xMaleficDragonx ** PERSONAL BOOSTS XP Multiplier: 5X Harvest Multiplier: 5X DINO BOOSTS Taming Speed: 3X Dino-Health-Regen Multiplier: 10X Dino Mating Interval: 0.001X Dino Egg Lay: 2X Dino Egg Hatch Speed: 10X (This also affects Gestation timers) Dino Baby Mature Speed: 5X Dino Baby Cuddle Interval: .125 (Imprint every 60 minutes) OTHER BOOSTS Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 2X Crop Growth Speed: 3X Battery Consumption speed: .5X (Less battery use) Server Boost code: 5lwybvtg (5LWYBVTG all lowercase) *** This code is so that anyone may help financially support the server through the Nitrado app on the Xbox or Microsoft store. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this server please message my gt: xMaleficDragonx
  23. Hello, Unwanted creature movement: In client version 769 Rex and Argentavis started to walk as if on wandering command. No order/command issued. Under some circumstances they also started to walk faster and faster until ridiculous. I did not mind. Now in client version 770 Argentavis just take off near my base and stop just outside the render distance of my base in direction of 50/50 (map coord). I only noticed it with my Argent this far. The noticeable is that it takes several seconds (15-20) for the creature to start its unwanted movement. This has happened to me before because of commands given while in a creature saddle. Not visible on Xbox for some reason (green text). I read something about it in general discussion -> PC: creatures take off into swamp. So now it is here for us XBOXers. Regards, Ariana
  24. Im having trouble finding an answer to this. I am playing on my own private server (xbox one) with a few people on the Aberration map. We would like to transfer our characters to the Island map to try to beat the Island first. Only issue is we went to a beacon, obelisk, boss trasmitter and Tek Transmitter and there is no option to upload character. Is this intended? Are we not allowed to upload characters in the Aberration map? The only option we see is Transfer character which brings us to a server list. We cannot transfer that way because we only have one server running one map. Nothing would show up on the server list. Anyone know if the devs did this intentionally or if there is something im missing or a possible workaround? All the options in our server settings seem to be correct. Thanks.
  25. Plant Species X on Aberration

    Plant Species X, on Aberration: XBox One edition, are not functioning properly. They will not fire/activate until an animal gets directly on top of them. Afterward, they work for a short time, until they are cleared from render distance. Please fix the initialize distance, make them persistent again, and work on target options (those seem to be disfunctional too).