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Found 836 results

  1. i have been playing ark for a while and i am getting tired of the barrier on non dedicated servers. so i want to become a host. now i know i need another Xbox 1 another gamer tag and another ark. i have been reading and have found no one suggesting anything else. i mean for other Xboxes , ... i could join random players but they always mess with players. why is no one suggesting good host like recommend them.? are all there servers taken.? as for gamer tags, i guess it can't that be helped. you do need to be log into 2 places at once for it to work. you could ask friend that don't use there Xbox instead of buying a new account just to do be host of a dedicated server. now i correct me if i'm wrong i know you can share accounts... make a friends account your home which in turn lets your share games so in theory it should work on ark? so not having to buy it again or is ark one of those games that need a disk to work.? ok that is all i have found out now what i want to know. when being a host what is needed. like internet speed etc. and when being a host what could go wrong. game crashing. game not working. how to keep Xbox on 24/7. does my xbox have to be on 24/7 for it to work and what happens if it isn't. does it wipe everything or go back to the last save like non dedicated? if people have more to add or have ideas on things i have asked about please reply asap. before i buy all the Xbox , gamer tag ,another ark. also whats with the normal ark and primitive does having other one affect the other. so say i made a host dedicated server on normal and them when on primitive does the new one over write the old one or do i get on on each? and can i run servers on both at the same time or only 1 server 1 host? thank you.
  2. Join GentlemansArk on Xbox One! New PVP server on Ragnarok, we are boosted and we are 24/7. We believe in fair play but it is a game of survival. That being said, having respect for other members are important to us. Help each other out, trade, build together, whatever you want. Go ahead and raid a tribe it's part of the game but try to give the tribe a chance and don't pound them into the dirt so they have to start completely over. We have plans to start events on the server when we get a good player base and we do have a club on Xbox that you can join to stay updated and meet other members. If the server is ever down it won't be for long. We try our best to keep it up with no down time. Add "Gentlemans Ark" on your friends list to quickly join the server and get those bases built and those Dino's tamed! If you have any questions shoot the server a message! 3x exp, 6x taming, and 4x harvest. Other stats are boosted too. Thanks and happy Arking!
  3. Hello I am looking for people to join my Ark Server on Xbox Server name: R1gArkServer Gamer Tag: R1g Ark Server Console: Xbox One Map: Scorched Earth Day: 66 Description - PvPvE - Laid back - There are holiday themed events, tames and more (to the best of the admins are able to do) - The Server is always up unless there is a update or maintenance being done, - There is a Facebook page that is kept up to date as much as possible. * * - Admins will not attack unless they are provoked (They are mainly neutral and friendly) - Admins Possibly will build a community area for server (example: industrial forge Trading post, battle grounds.) This will be a neutral zone and will be enforced. Rules "New Players have a 1 week Grace period to build. (when you get on tell one of the admins they keep track and put a number until day 7 in your tribe name), if you raid/attack on period you lose it. If you kill passives you will be caged. Dont attack admins or you will be at their mercy. Raids of any kind are to be recorded its for your protection. Repeat offenders will be banned." Admins will not help anyone at all unless its as mediator to a raid. If raiding party doesn't record and they are accused of killing passives its automatic cage for 2 days. ************************************************ Pve zone has been set up. Only passive player are to build near green lobby and where it's been outlined in the picture. Up to the mountains on the river. (This means no auto turret's) if a passive tribe is attack notify an admin immediately. *If people use this zone as a safe zone but are PvP, fair warning you will be removed from the zone by force and will restart your base. Look to the Red line to know the boundaries of this zone.* Stats Difficulty: 30+ Tame: 25 XP: about 0.5 Harvest: about 6 Egg lay: 0.01 Breed: 0.01 Mature: about 8 Crop Growth: has been upped. Dino Weight: about 2 Person Weight: about 2
  4. Before I buy Ark for $60, does it come with scorch earth or will I have to pay $80 to have it?
  5. Betrayed by tribe!!!

    I met a new group of guys on the ragnarock sever. We had a good size base and got raided by some hey bro alphas. When I loged in I just started grinding. I built 6 turrets species x the whole nine by my self on official stats. I tamed farming dinos. MADE HALF THE BASE METAL and FARMED enough cp and metel for them to finish. Got on one day and found out I was kicked. (REASON) I killed my team mates beaver. He tamed the beaver at lvl 100. So he said I had to tame another one he got a lvl 145, a 7 hr tame. I had it HALF way done it was 5 In the morning my Child's mother kept yelling plus I had to get up for work in the morning so i had to log off. I also tamed him a lvl 145 mammoth another 7 hr tame but that wasn't good enough. So I figured I would just tame him one on the weekend when it's 2x taming. Not to mention he killed my teridon and said nothing about they kicked me over this. All said and done I had put up at least 17 turrets 300 bullets in each made a water base. Put armour species x up. Tamed 4 dung beetles, 1 tapejarai, 1 frog, 1 wolf, 1 anklo, 1 doedicurus, 1 megaloceros, lvl 145 griffian, 145 teridon and helped with many of there tames. I thought I met friends they didnt even have a discussion with me. It's just frustrating all the time I put in on this base and I thought we became good friends. Can some one plz help me get REVENGE!!!!!
  6. Hi Guys, I've been googling this all morning trying to get a straight answer and after watching "how to" youtube videos, which don't actually show you anything new! I've decided to ask here! I've heard I can create a dedicated server on my PC, for me and my friends to play on xbox one. I'm not worried about people playing on pc and cross platforming. I just want to host it myself. Can anyone help me with a rough guide on how I start? Thanks alot
  7. Every 30 minutes to an hour (give or take) my single player game boots me straight back to the xbox homescreen, where I have to go through the process of loading up the game from the absolute beginning. Upon reentry, I will end up wherever the game last saved. So, if the game autosaves and I get booted 30 minutes later, I've just lost 30 minutes of progress. Plus, if I'm on a flying mount and the game autosaves while I'm mid-flight, when I log back in, I'll be automatically dismounted and have to deploy my parachute or admincheat ghost as soon as the game starts so that I don't fall to my death. This only started happening on the Ragnarok map about a month and a half ago (never had an issue with The Island). What is going on? Is this something I can fix?
  8. A group of us are looking for a relaxed server to play on, easy going, we won’t mess with anyone, looking for one with a little boosted stats, we are a bunch of guys with kids just looking to relax, not spend all day grinding, anyone know of any good servers that won’t crash or change their stats or bail on us, tired of switching servers every week
  9. Me and my friends have started ragnarok PVE server the server name is Zombie8705 please add the gamertag thanks. it's a Fun Server and we are very friendly group. its going to be on from Monday-Thursday 3:30 pm to 12:30 am Friday- Saturday from 10 am to 1:00 am Sunday 10 am to 12:30 am?. my gamertag is zVampireHunterz if you have any questions to ask me. Please join I'M trying to build a community on the server. THIS IS A NO RAID SERVER!!! player Xp. 2.5 Increased Tame 20x Increased 6.01x breeding Increased Player Health, Oxyen, Weight Increased Harvest Amount increased Dino stats Tamed XP per level
  10. Server is 24/7 and is pretty new. No super alpha tribes. Great settings.
  11. Have had several crashes on XBox One NA PVE 470 server, and judging from in game chat, this is affecting all server members. The game will crash and then rollback up to an hour, causing survivors to lose that much progress. I have personally witnessed this happening at least once per day for the last week. I don't want any items or dino returned, nor any other form of compensation. This is no longer a game preview, structural issues have had, what, two years of testing? I think It's reasonable to be disappointed and expect a proper response and maybe an eta on when this will be repaired. I don't recommend purchasing this game, at this time, with these issues occuring, as you will not be satisfied with losing an hour or more of progress so often. Has happened approx hourly, going to begin recording times (EST) crash occurs and estimate of rollback time. If any other servers are dropping and rolling back at these same times (don't forget time zone difference), please post so we can all rule out duping. 5:45pm - 30min 5:55pm - 10min 6:15pm - 20min 7:24pm - 20min 8:35pm - n/s 9:25pm - 10min 10:00pm - 35min --8 October 2017-- 11:20am - 10min
  12. Server Name - Bouffanttrout73 Day In Game As of Post - 242 Active Population As of Post - 8-10 people Admins- MMAI Swattpup89 and Smilingdazeanna All stats are boosted but balanced. Wyverns do not require milk but do take about 10-15 minutes to mature. Server needs more population. All players from all experiences are welcome. Add and join via Bouffanttrout73.
  13. 24/7 , PvP, Player Dedicated Server, Xbox XBOX GAMERTAG: Oblongplanet53 Message for questions: Oblongplanet53, Skooma Merchant, Akstonedfreak Ragnarok This is a no Rules Server. all are welcome experienced or not. Currently only one Admin and he does not abuse his power. he is there to regulate the server that is all. Stats are very close to official with a little boost to make things a little less stressful. there is a list of most of the stats and their rates below. Server Stats: Xp: x6 Taming: x8 Harvest: x12 Maturation: x8 Egg hatch: x20 Crop growth: x6 Crop decay: x0.01 Player Stats: Health: x1.3 Stamina: x1.3 Oxygen: x2 Food: x3 Water: x3 Weight: x20 Melee: x1.0 Fortitude: x6 Dino Stats: Health: x0.2 Stamina: x2.5 Weight: x10 Melee: x0.14
  14. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere Dear Ark: Survival Evolved Dev's, Back in November you gave us an update about a possible December release date for Xbox One's Play Anywhere program; Then in January/February you gave us a simple answer as of Spring 2017. I'd like to request for a more detailed update into this subject as there are many gamer's out there, including myself, that'd like more of throughout answer. Thank you for your time! Ifinx
  15. Prim plus is unplayable on ragnarok (im not 100% how it is on other maps) at this point and its pretty discouraging. I love all the extra options for crafting, cooking, building, everything about prim plus. But theres been multiple issues when i play prim plus (none of these things im about to list happen on regular mode fyi just when im playing prim plus) -My long neck rifle and tranq darts disappeared after the last ark update (9.22.17) -Some dinos are acting abnormal? (the wyverns in the south park of the map all have their heads in the wall, sabertooth salmon are going above the water line and suffocating themselves, on land creatures are underwater for longer amount of times then they should be, just walking like they are on land) they did not do this before the update. -The graphics on the rag map are horrid. I clip through mountains and have lost multiple tames/backpacks this way (this does NOT happen when i play regular ark on the same map). -I only could find one otter after hours of killing other animals, using the command destroywilddinos, and logging off/restarting my xbox. *These next issues happen on prim plus and regular i thought id just throw these in* -No matter what color griffin i tame they always change back to the original colors (brown, gold) -I have not seen one giga and ive spent hours looking and killing and clearing dinos. Im just so sad I dont like regular mode, there arent as many options for crafting, cooking, building. My house is just a big empty space with a smithy, forge, a few cabinets, a fridge, and motar/pestle now that ive had to switch back. I hope there is an update soon for prim plus because i could lose hours on ark playing with that mod. Ive had this game since it came out in beta mode 2015. Thank you for everything you guys do i know bugs happen and rag is also an unfinished project, I just thought id put this ticket in/post this in the forums and let you know all the issues i am having.
  16. Looking for players

    Dedicated server looking for more people. Increased taming, harvesting, experience and stats for a more accelerated game but not instant max level/game breaking. Welcome all players new and old no mic required. Contact GT: LimeGreenGuy or MAJ BUZZKILLER
  17. Two days ago I put up a total of 27 pillars around my base and when i logged back in yesterday they were all gone. There is nothing in my tribe log saying they were destroyed. Was there a server rollback or a glitch? Love the map but I have to say i never had this problem on The Island. This is on Xbox One.
  18. Just went through the Northwest cave on the Island. I play single player, splitscreen with the wife on xbox one. We spent hours trying to figure out if we'd missed something in that cave. No loot drops, no Artifact of the Skylord. We had to go onto bloody youtube to figure out where it was supposed to spawn so we know where it's supposed to be and it's just not there. Look, I've bloody supported you guys, defended you guys, been supportive of the development process, but this is just too much. This is supposed to be a finished damned game and I can't even play it the way it's meant to be played because one of the primary elements to ascend is freaking MISSING! I'd be a whole let less angry if this game was in Beta, but as a full release!? This is just damned ridiculous! I am very glad I bought Ark in beta, because if I'd spent $60.00 on this game, I'd be absolutely livid. Sorry for the rant, but this is just so disappointing. It's like you don't even care about the folks who play single player.
  19. we just recently opened up our private dedicated server to the public and are looking for new friendly and fun people to populate it. the server is PvP however raiding is EXTREMELY DISCOURAGED (a lot of us are all old PvE players and no one could decide if we wanted PvE or PvP). the stats are 3x on everything for the most part except for breeding and tame which are 9x. Admins are active and extremely limited on what they're allowed to do ( basically only dino wipes). Message my gamertag Baka Surviver for an invite or any additional info.
  20. Forever falling

    ok so here I am minding my own buisness killing sea scorpions in Vikings bay were I keep my water tames on my newly 3 hours ago tamed baslo now I D.C. Get back on and I'm dead and my passive baslo is just gone haveing Vikings bay gated off it had no were to run and haveing no proof to the ark admins that it's gone except the pictures of when I tamed the baslo till when I died . I really whant my 135 mutton tamed baby back so I can once agin kill sea scorpions and loose it by dieing not glitching threw the map when ever I D.C. To close to the ground of the Vikings bayy. Here are the pics may he be remembered wait nvm it only lets me upload a 39 my picture thank you
  21. My dedicated server on Xbox one was wiped unexpectedly... we got on and all of our structures and items were there but all of our dinos were killed by random level wild dinos (we live in the NE Scotland area (by the lighthouse) on ragnarok so there aren't very many dinos that could have attacked us). Our dinos were killed by two gigas, two rexes, a wyvern, and a dire wolf. All of our unconscious bodies are replaced with "player lvl 1" and the items in them are missing. Some of our structures are no longer owned by us. Please help.
  22. 3x Gathering 8x taming The rest of the stats are evenly balanced, other than food and water which will only require 1 upgrade each Server Gamertag: ARK SERVER 4RK The server has been open a few days however they were to test and make sure the stats and everything is balanced, at the current time there is 4 tribes meaning most of the best locations are still free to build within. There is also no blocking off artifact caves! The admin of the server plays 100% legit, the only command used is Dino wiping to refresh spawns or lower the ping.
  23. Problem joining dedicated server

    I'm having a problem joining player dedicated server's off the list. Won't allow me to join any
  24. for ideas on stat modifications, message ToxicPhantom76. To join the server add Darkcub 96
  25. Hello Everyone. Me and a couple of my friends have been on numerous "24/7 Ragnarok Servers" got so far and started to feel like things were coming along nicely and the host has decided to change map or take their server down - some of you may be able to relate - frustrating as ever!!. Due to this we have decided to host our own server that IS going to be "24/7 Ragnarok" - we are an active bunch of lads who usually play 3-4 times a week, however if anybody has any queries we do have the app on our phones to answer any questions or problems you may have. We would like to get the server as ACTIVE as possible with numerous tribes and players. If this sounds like something you/your tribe could be interested in then please get in touch. Server We have created a Community Safe Zone in Viking Bay 3 for new starters that may need a little kick start to get them going. We have a stone house with refining forges, smithy, mortar and pestle and campfire- Use at your own free will. As stated this is a Community Safe Zone - please no attacking one and other here - please also be civil and do not steal one and others crafted items. Rates - Subject to Change upon request by playing members of the community We have been adjusting these as we started out to try get the right happy medium - if you feel like they could be altered slightly - please let us know - we are willing to listen. The rates are increased to give you a slight advantage but not to ruin the aspect and struggles of the map. XP, Harvesting, Taming, Hatching, Maturing, Gathering and Player and Dino stats are all boosted, however nothing too ridiculous - we didn't want to make it too easy for you all! Rules - again open to ideas Passive Tame Kills - This will not be tolerated - however people sometimes like to break the rules - please leave your dinos on Neutral / Aggressive Community Safe Zone - This is a friendly area - please abide by this rule - anyone who breaks it will be punished Please note: this is a PVP server - we expect you to fight one an other We would love for you to come and join our server and community. If you have any questions please either respond below or add gamer tags: W1LS0N91 - that is a zero not an O Benson010 - again 2 zero's To join the host of the server and start playing please add GamerTag: ARK UK GOLD Thanks and may the odds be forever in your favour