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Found 345 results

  1. Were you not supposed to be able to download the Win10 version of ARK if you had bought the ARK game on Xbox One, for free? If correct; How/where does one download it. Couldn't find an option in the Win10 store and neither on the smartglass.
  2. If you are interested in playing on my ark world with some friends let me know its on xbox one.
  3. can anyone with experience renting servers from nitrado give me an idea of what kind of time frame i am looking at on my pre order for a nyc server? nitrado literally won't tell me anything... what are the chances if i ordered yesterday that it is ready for crossplay tomorrow when it launches? i woulda ordered way further in advance, but similarly, nitrado would not or could not tell me whether or not i needed to be ordering an xbox or a pc server. so here we are...
  4. aberration lvl

    I'm sure everyone knows this silly question, but I'm new to the game and love it and wanted to get aberration but had one big question. Will everyone start at lvl 1 at aberration new dlc?
  5. I have my own dedicated server for xbox, however; after the last major update, I have to manually re-add the server admins every time I shut the server down for a few hours. Happens on a day one Xbox one and my xbox one X. Inconvenient for those who are server admins who don't have commands if I'm not online when they first join for the day..
  6. Hey guys i have set up a boosted pvp server on ragnarok you are more than welcome to join. Our Rates are Tame 3x XP 3x food and water drain have been turned down fortitude, and weight have been turned up resource gathering is turned up resource respawn is turned up and other minor rates have been adjusted There are some rules, Raids are allowed but no griefing animals left on passive are not to be killed admins aren't allowed to raid they are only here to help if you would like to join add AnotherBubble53 on Xbox Thanks
  7. Hello survivors, Me & a friend recently opened a Nitrado server on Xbox. We're running a "loose" PvP Ragnarok map with some boosted stats. I say loose as yes it's PvP but there are rules to keep it fair. We have 2 admins that are on pretty much every night & I am contactable at pretty much any time. I will list bellow some of the stat changes...... XP x3.0 Harvesting x4.0 Taming x10 Mating intervals x0.6 Egg hatch speed x15 Baby mature speed x15 Override Official difficulty x5.0 Now because it's a new server, we are still playing with some of the stats like taming speed & egg hatch speed to see what works best for people without making it too easy as I know for the average person who has a 9 - 5 job, spending hours taming a dino is just not going to happen. With that in mind we are basically trying to make it a server for everyone & keep it as balanced as possible. We do have a couple of rules, mostly regarding the PvP side of things, il list briefly below.... if there is any thing else you would like to know, feel free to contact me on Xbox. Rules: 1. Must be over 16. 2. No offline griefing. 3. No offline stealing 4. Can only declare was aslong as both tribes are online to agree. 5. If you agree to "war" you accept the consequences & can't cry if you lose. 6. War can be ended with both tribes online & agreeing to end or leaving a white banner outside your base. 7. 1 base per tribe, if you move, you must destroy your old base. 8. Have fun! *Broken rules will be looked into & players banned if necessary* Obviously if PvP is not your thing then thats fine also, as stated, PvP must be a mutual agreement! Im all for the PvE experience myself. We are definitely open to the idea of having separate or one big tribe, totally your call when you join. & also will be holding events & boss fights in the not so distant future. If it sounds like your kinda server, you will need to contact me "Just Rixta" on Xbox for a little introduction chat & then given the password to join 😊 We want it to have all the great elements of Ark but in a fair environment, unlike the official servers. Contact Xbox gamer tags: Just Rixta (Owner) Jonah Grey (Admin) Hopefully see some of you stomping past soon ✌
  8. I lost my character

    Hi, me and my brother where playing on Xbox one and we got sort of far and after we finished my sister played under a different profile and when we came back I had to respawn and had my sister’s player! I still a have all my structures and Dinos but I can’t command them and it says that it belongs to my old player. My brother still has his player. Please help I really don’t want to restart. (We have had to already) also I can’t do anything to try to control my Dinos because I can’t get back into my tribe
  9. New Nitrado Server! Currently day 165 Server Name - "[US]Jacks Official PVP Boost weight 8x Gather No Rules" 50 Slots Hate those mega boosted servers? Sick of admins that cant handle getting raided? Love official pvp but hate the official grind? Join our server and get started. There are no admins. The server owner (me) plays on the server, but is not an admin. MAP. The Island PVP NO RULES We don't have any specific rules, but we ask that you be respectful. Please don't cage noobs on the beach lol. If you wipe someone, don't get mad if they wipe you back. No Starters. RATES/STATS. Rates are slightly boosted to take the edge off. Weight stat is boosted on players and dinos to help gather more efficiently. 8X Gather & Taming 4X Exp Weight - 100 Per lvl Boosted breeding/hatching. A Ptera will hatch, and fully grow in about 20 minutes Crop growth is almost instant. Stats are able to be slightly changed. We are open to suggestions. Message "A Vampire Pie" or "Cc Smoke cC" on xbox For more info. Tribes are beginning to build up! Come reserve your spot today!
  10. Do you love Dodos?: Well Yes! With some cheese and a side of salad Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I've played ark for over 2 years now, I like bigger groups cause stuff gets done faster and more progress, strength in numbers they say, I am also 31 with alpha, mega alpha tribe experience and I miss playing ark. Timezone: central, minnesota
  11. Do you love Dodos?: Well Yes! With some cheese and a side of salad Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I've played ark for over 2 years now, I like bigger groups cause stuff gets done faster and more progress, strength in numbers they say, I am also 31 with alpha, mega alpha tribe experience and I miss playing ark. Timezone: central, minnesota
  12. Dung Beetles

    Seven cave runs in a span of nearly 2 days, suffering through the masses of ebola-spreading harbingers, torpor-inducing ankle-biters, and endless webbing tirades, only to leave me with this all-important question. . . . . .Where the hell are all the dung beetles? They're supposed to be a 'common spawn' in Central cave, and yet...nothing. Seven runs, two days, not a single dung beetle. Just like the ever-elusive megalosaurus, are the spawns broken? Is anyone else having an issue finding dung beetles in Central cave? Or am I just the most unfortunate basket case on my server?
  13. Hi Fellow survivors, We have just opened up a new Nitrado server running a PVE Ragnarok map with boosted rates. The server has three admins which live in different timezones so an admin is reachable most of the time. We are looking to add new members to our server who want to build, tame and breed without having to put up with the griefing that goes on on official servers. The server is boosted by the following rates: XP x3.0 Harvesting x3.0 Taming x4.5 with Dino food consumption turned up slightly (x1.1) Mating Intervals x0.6 (Slightly reduced time between Mating) Egg Hatching x7.5 Baby Mature Speed x7.5 Override Official Difficulty: x7.0 We have also included boosts to player and dinos which we feel is balanced for the game has increased the difficulty level of the dinos. Also, we have longer days and shorter nights for those who may be afraid of the dark. Rules ===== 1. Must be over 16 to join 2. No Griefing (Instant Ban if proof provided) 3. No Stealing (Instant Ban if proof provided) 4. No Foundation or pillaring - Will be warned before being banned 5. No Bronto or Titan taming 6. One base per tribe - You move then you destroy the base you are leaving. To join you will need to contact one of the three admins for a quick chat and you will be given the password to join. We want the server to become a community for everyone to enjoy. (Community Centre near Blue Ob(Jungle 2)) Start Packs will be made available and events will be scheduled soon including boss fights to allow everyone to get the TEK Engrams. US Contacts: xEGxTalos (Owner) or NOVAwiz00 (Admin) UK Contact: Furnace1969 (Admin) SERVER: Peta Police (Password Required) We look forward to seeing you all soon
  14. My friends and myself are trying to play together on undedicated host and we can’t invite each other or join each other. Can you fix this please!! Also after last update I can’t type anything, keyboard doesn’t even display
  15. VenomArk

    hi all I just wanted to advertise my dedicated server. stats are attached below. we don't do starter packs but we will help out where we can no abusive admins but we expect what few rules we have must be followed and we will enforce them.
  16. 5x ragnarok server that is always pve and never changes to pvp! The map will also always be ragnorak! The level cap is set to 200, tamed dinos increase weight health and melle at a high rate each level and player stats all increase by 3x each level with weight increasing by 15x each level! Breeding taming harvesting maturing are all at 5x experience is 6x imprinting is able to be 100%! The server runs off of the extremely reliable nitrado server host! The ping is always around 20 and no lag!!! There's a massive community center at the lighthouse and a small one at blue ob. I run a store where I sell anything in exchange for Ingots!!! Only rules are no trolling! Come help build up a great server! Name is 5x ragnorak 24/7 pve! Xbox one pc dedicated session.
  17. So recently we swopped to a new dedicated xbox one server. Great server fun to play. Easy joinable. But after a while i get kicked out with eiter host time out or no error at all. When i want to join the sever again then the join icon disappears on the server gamertag. When i try to join my friend that is still in the game i get the error game does not exist and kicks me out. I reset my xbox, game data, cache but still i get the error. And even if someone new wants to join it says the same. Something is happening to the host server where it doesnt allow guys to join. only way to join back is if server gets restarted. Anyone els got this problem and know why the server acts like that?
  18. Just started hosting a new Nitrado pvp server on the Center map. There are currently no rules however no PVP in the community/event area. You can also buy dinos from our community shop. Joining is different to your usual ways of adding and joining the host as you would for a player dedicated server. Just in case you don't know how to join Nitrado hosted servers here it is. From the main menu select "Join Ark" Then change the session filter in the bottom left corner to Unofficial PC Sessions and search for the session. If you search, "Ace Of Meqqa9" It will come up. If you want any stats changed let me know (breeding especially), events and such will be sorted over the next few days. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Stats below: XP 6 Taming 15 Harvest 5 (2.5 player harvest damage) Around 12 stone pick up. Player stats. Health. 20 per level Stamina. 30 per level Oxygen. 100 Weight. 200 Melee. 10 Fortitude. 10 Dino stats will go up if needed currently in testing as server is new still. There'll be rewards to players who participate in events. There is also starter kits in this server. You get a: Metal Pick, Metal Hatchet, and a 150 Pteranodon to start your adventures. Please let me know if you're interested and I will add you to our Facebook group.
  19. Can’t join

    So my mate is hosting a dedicated server for his mates and since the update on the 14th November I can’t join the server via friends list and the server doesn’t show up on the list in game how can you fix this or is there no fix
  20. I have rented a server through Nitrado and want to let any one in. This is a PvP with increase taming and XP. We do encourage Tribes and some Pvp, as that is what makes the game fun, and want any one who wants to join. There are NO admin cheats used so we are completely fair in that aspect. Come join!!! Server name is Gatorade is Better.
  21. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  22. Dragon Errors

    I’m playing single player on the island, just messing around using codes & entertaining myself, but I’ve never been able to ride the Boss Dragon after spawning it. It’s like it’s wearing concrete shoes, but the best part is it takes off & just sits there, I can bite & the stamina bar is affected when I press LT, but no fire is present? I just really really want to fly & Wall & spring my new godly companion about slaughtering Dino’s out of boredom, but it seems I’ve hit a brick wall. Any & all help is appreciated.
  23. GTA Style Loading times

    I recently read @Jens post to let the server selection load up then select the server you want to play on. I have done this and still need to endure a 4-5min load time with this update as opposed to 30 seconds before hand. This game is only going backwards since the release not forward I personally would not like to see these new DLC's as much as I would like to see bug fixes. Ohh and just to rub in the salt. Game loaded and instantly disconnects.. GG
  24. AHODIN Network would like to invite you to our Ark Survival Evolved Ragnarok server! Boosted Harvesting, taming and loot! We offer starters for those who ask in the form of: LvL 50 Pteradon Metal Pike Metal Pickaxe Metal Hatchet and some bonuses depending on the admin, but beware: each admin has a purpose. Survive the mischief, the dino spawns, the arena and the PvP paradise that is: Available on PC dedicated servers in your server filter on Xbox one, Rules are simple: No Bronto taming to avoid lag issues Viking Bay is PvE for Thatch buildings only, within it you will find our arena for future events. Team of admins are: All are welcomed. KCCO folks! ...and NO I will not make you an admin Please donate to give the server life!
  25. After a yet another new patch (765) and no details on dedicated servers being fixed. I wanted to see if other host are still experiencing these issues on your Xbox one dedicated servers. 1. After loading your dedi server map players can not join because the "join game" option in server friend's list is greyed out. This happens alot after the server carshes and usually has to be restarted 5 to 10 times before players can get the option to join again. 2. After loading your dedi server map players get a "failed connection" message. Same as number 1 problem, and usually requires network and console resets over and over. 3. Server crashes to dashboard randomly regardless of map. SE seems to be the most stable map at the moment, most likely due to low dino count and dino types. 4. Admin deletion; before an update use to drop it would delete all my admins and I would have add them all back and everything would be fine even after a server crash. Now everytime the server crashes to dashboard (daily, hourly, etc) I have to add my admins all over again. 5. "Run Dedicated Server" unclickable after crash. Since patch 762 after the server crashes to the dashboard, after relaunching the game and selecting "Host game" you can not click on "run dedicated server" unless you completely power down your console and restart. 6. Unbalanced dino spawns. Not sure if this is an issue on official servers as well but ever since Ragnarok release it seems like you have to do a dino wipe every other day. If you kill dinos the game seems to only respawn a lesser number. Example: kill 10 dinos and only 5 or 6 repawn in its place. So after a while of killing dinos you get smaller amounts around the map making it harder to find certain dino types. Another spawn issue is a group of the same dino (3 to 6) spawning at the same time in the same spot and they are all stuck together. I have turned down the dino count to .65 and still the spawns are over populated. 7. Unable to unlock all Tek Tier engrams for players. Since the removal of the "upload character" option at the ob's a few patches back you can no longer transfer your physical toon to another map unless running another dedicated server on a visible cluster. All you can do now is transfer dinos and items but you have to create a new toon which starts you at level 1 and no engrams. So you can only unlock the tek engrams from the available bosses on that particular map. Which brings us to number 8. 8. Running 2 dedi servers but cant see them in cluster. All players are located in different areas but when I run 2 dedi servers on the same network at home from the same location I cant even see them when I go to the OB to see if I can transfer. 9. Load file map crash. Not sure what the right term is here but these issues are still happening. The island will crash at Volcano_Entrance file, The Center will crash at Underworld_near, and now Ragnarok is crashing at Old_z_Splines file. I can usually reboot and it will load but ever since patch 757 my island map and center have never loaded again since. 10. Dedi server not showing in server list. I have never been able to see my dedi server in the server list on the join ark page. I can see some but never mind. Does anyone know when they are fixing this? This would help out when situations like a greyed out "join game" option is happening. Sorry if this is a repeat guys and girls but these issues with dedi servers has been around why longer than some of these topics. Im not a big fan of game expansions, upgrades, etc. If the base game and mechanics has not even been fixed yet. I know there are more issues but these are the ones that tie up my time the most when trying to keep a dedi server up and running for my community.