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Found 13 results

  1. DarkWizard2207

    Reapers and Wyverns

    So my tribe and our alliances are getting ready for a raid on a tribe that is going to try and knock me out of Alpha, our plan is solid but the main thing I need to know is if its possible to shoot down a Wyvern from the air with the spore attack from a Reaper and keep it on the ground long enough to knock it out and get the milk., we are going to transfer 2-3 Reapers from the other platform and the reason we don't want to build a trap is because we don't want to alert the tribe that we are going after a Wyvern by building a trap because they have their base in the highlands and would easily be able to see the trap. I know that the Reapers spore attack can take Wyverns out of the air but can you keep the Wyvern on the ground and if so do you do any damage?
  2. I am on the East side of the map, not far from the shore a bit inland where there is a hotspot of wyverns flying around a large bay of water with some nice rock overhangs that look likes a bridge, I thought since there are over 100 wyverns the spawn rate was too high, so I changed my game ini to lower it. Same issue. Next step was to use the command DestroyWildDinos before I went into that area. Same issue. I gave the area a wider birth next time. Same issue. The game just goes black and resets itself to the main menu. If you are near the shore at LAT: 87 and LON: 39 and fly due West over a large hill/mountain you will run into the wyvern nest/spawns and then it crashes...every time. I do have mods installed but its hard to find out if that's the issue because if I uninstall a mod I lose all my stuff with it. On a side note there are way too many wyverns, upwards to 200 in the same area at one time (mod issue?) anyone else having this issue?
  3. Is anyone else having issues with landing the wyverns? Lately, everytime I go to land my wyvern, it slams into the ground and takes massive damage (like 5k plus health). This is getting really annoying. It does not matter if I point itsnose into the ground or only 4 walls high when landing, it just slams hard on ground loses lots of health.
  4. baomorph

    Wyverns going crazy

    I'm not sure when it started as I have not raised any wyverns in over a month, and we never had this problem before, but.... I decided to do some this weekend. Every time I take an egg out of my refrigerator, the ground i have it incubating on, or even my dino's inventory it acts as if I picked it up out of the nest and aggro's all the wyvern around. My base and trap are close by the trap, definitely in rendering range so every time I move an egg from a fridge to another. or incubate one then pick it back up to hatch later. I have tons of wyverns coming to attack my base. Wouldn't be much of a problem except the fact fire goes through the walls constantly killing us.
  5. bomhoofdalienkid

    Mutated wyverns

    I dont think im the only one thats dreaming about mutated wyverns.. I would really like to either breed wyverns for mutations or have a chance of a random mutation in the wyvern egg when u pick it up from the scar.. opinions?
  6. bomhoofdalienkid

    Mutated wyverns

    I dont think im the only one thats dreaming about mutated wyverns.. I would really like to either breed wyverns for mutations or have a chance of a random mutation in the wyvern egg when u pick it up from the scar.. opinions?
  7. RyderofTheArk

    Wyvern Update

    Remodel the 3 original Wyverns. Add small Wyverns that go on your shoulder. Make them kinda rare and hard to tame. Fix the Poison Wyvern's poison attack. Sometimes it doesn't do dmg at all.
  8. RyderofTheArk

    Wyvern Update

    Remodel the 3 original Wyverns. Fix the Poison Wyverns poison attack, sometimes it doesn't do dmg. There should totally be little versions of each Wyvern that goes on your shoulder. Like they're at the bottom of the scar and they're a very hard passive tame or just rare
  9. bomhoofdalienkid

    Ice wyverns but no eggs spawn

    PS4 PVE I have been killing ice wyverns to get high lvl'd ice wyverns eggs. I have killed over 200 ice wyverns this week and there is something that i noticed There were 3 locations where the ice wyvens spawed in the past this has been lowered to 2 1: fallen tree 2: 35.4 61.9 The problem is that when they spawn at 35.4 61.9 they dont drop an egg at all. I think this needs to be fixed. I had to kill really high lvld ice wyverns that spawn there because theres no egg. The only known location where ice eggs spawm in rag is the fallen tree atm... Fix this pls
  10. i don't know what everyone else thinks, but i think lightning is far stronger in all cases than the fire or poison. the poison is the most difficult to use and the weakest damage, that makes no sense. For the poison i would suggest making the projectile MUCH larger and do more of a area damage around the projectile even in the air. so a near miss would still do some damage like a poison aura. Even if you could add a damage seep through walls with the gas, that would be an awesome feature to differ from the other two. The fire should be longer range and more of a wider range of damage area. i feel the damage is pretty good. the lightning is just really OP. Its the easiest to aim for accuracy and if u get a direct contact that thing is dead. i would just like to see the other two more on par with the lightning to make them a little more desirable from the lightning. id like to here any other thoughts on the subject. agree or disagree, other suggestions. leave your feedback.
  11. everybody that plays ARK would like to see more types of wyverns and more Special attacks. For example: Water wyvern : a wyvern with fins that can use Waterbreath and a waterball. Able to dive in the water for a certain amount of time ( scooba suit needed for longer periods ) actual use of the Oxygen attribute Wind wyvern : a wyvern that can create a small tornado with his wings, use windbreath and windball. Rock wyvern : wyvern that can use sandbreath and use a rock ball. I really really want to see more colour variations of wyverns. I always see the same colour patterns. For example : poison wyverns are always greenish.. it would be so freaking awesome if they could be blue or red or any other colour. Please wildcard give it a try..
  12. I was flying with muy poison wyvern an suddenly my carácter diez, i go to my die location and muy loot and the wyvern they are no longer there. The server is PvE The Island 47. I al very sad that i hace passed that bug because the wyvern i bought it yesterday forma 13k metal ingots