• Announcements

    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Jatheish

      TLC Update - Ragnarok 'Puzzle' Cave.   03/20/18

        In our most recent Ragnarok Update, the puzzle cave was revised so that it would no longer allow survivors to build within it. Due to this change, player structures found in this location were removed and some dinos became stuck. We will not be rolling back our servers at this time. We would like to keep rollbacks limited to major service-wide disruptions going forward due to complications caused by CrossARK and Tribes (part of being a multi-server persistent open-world survival game). Later today, we'll be rolling a server update which will allow survivors to build in this area for an additional week so that players can move their creatures via a transmitter or teleporter. After the 27th of March, this will no longer be possible so please use this time to remove your creatures swiftly. Console players, please use this time to move out any creatures or structures you have in this cave because once the update hits, you'll no longer be able to do so! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, survivors!

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Found 31 results

  1. Wyverns going crazy

    I'm not sure when it started as I have not raised any wyverns in over a month, and we never had this problem before, but.... I decided to do some this weekend. Every time I take an egg out of my refrigerator, the ground i have it incubating on, or even my dino's inventory it acts as if I picked it up out of the nest and aggro's all the wyvern around. My base and trap are close by the trap, definitely in rendering range so every time I move an egg from a fridge to another. or incubate one then pick it back up to hatch later. I have tons of wyverns coming to attack my base. Wouldn't be much of a problem except the fact fire goes through the walls constantly killing us.
  2. Mutated wyverns

    I dont think im the only one thats dreaming about mutated wyverns.. I would really like to either breed wyverns for mutations or have a chance of a random mutation in the wyvern egg when u pick it up from the scar.. opinions?
  3. Mutated wyverns

    I dont think im the only one thats dreaming about mutated wyverns.. I would really like to either breed wyverns for mutations or have a chance of a random mutation in the wyvern egg when u pick it up from the scar.. opinions?
  4. Wyvern Update

    Remodel the 3 original Wyverns. Add small Wyverns that go on your shoulder. Make them kinda rare and hard to tame. Fix the Poison Wyvern's poison attack. Sometimes it doesn't do dmg at all.
  5. Wyvern Update

    Remodel the 3 original Wyverns. Fix the Poison Wyverns poison attack, sometimes it doesn't do dmg. There should totally be little versions of each Wyvern that goes on your shoulder. Like they're at the bottom of the scar and they're a very hard passive tame or just rare
  6. Ice wyverns but no eggs spawn

    PS4 PVE I have been killing ice wyverns to get high lvl'd ice wyverns eggs. I have killed over 200 ice wyverns this week and there is something that i noticed There were 3 locations where the ice wyvens spawed in the past this has been lowered to 2 1: fallen tree 2: 35.4 61.9 The problem is that when they spawn at 35.4 61.9 they dont drop an egg at all. I think this needs to be fixed. I had to kill really high lvld ice wyverns that spawn there because theres no egg. The only known location where ice eggs spawm in rag is the fallen tree atm... Fix this pls
  7. everybody that plays ARK would like to see more types of wyverns and more Special attacks. For example: Water wyvern : a wyvern with fins that can use Waterbreath and a waterball. Able to dive in the water for a certain amount of time ( scooba suit needed for longer periods ) actual use of the Oxygen attribute Wind wyvern : a wyvern that can create a small tornado with his wings, use windbreath and windball. Rock wyvern : wyvern that can use sandbreath and use a rock ball. I really really want to see more colour variations of wyverns. I always see the same colour patterns. For example : poison wyverns are always greenish.. it would be so freaking awesome if they could be blue or red or any other colour. Please wildcard give it a try..
  8. I was flying with muy poison wyvern an suddenly my carácter diez, i go to my die location and muy loot and the wyvern they are no longer there. The server is PvE The Island 47. I al very sad that i hace passed that bug because the wyvern i bought it yesterday forma 13k metal ingots
  9. Invisible Wyverns

    On the Ragnarok map the Ice Wyverns are invisible. Pls fix.
  10. Our SE server which we used to get milk for our wyverns was terminated by the developers during the launch phase of the game. We have a bunch of starving wyverns that are almost adolescent and need wyvern milk urgently. Are there any alphas of SE that will allow us to get milk safely?
  11. Hi Guys, Im a solo player and i have all sorts of tricks for surviving as a solo player such as small hidden base, invisible storage etc and a small pen for tames and breeding. Ive just got myself a wyvern and its 4 times the size of my base and tame pen i havent got a clue where to hide it. I used to just upload my tames but this 12 hour cooldown before you can reupload your tames they have now makes that unworkable, like i need to get on tomorrow early to download it then i need to hide it somewhere while i finish my work and dinner, real life stuff etc. Im about to get 2 more wyverns and im really worried all 3 will get killed while im afk or offline and unable to upload them. I really like the idea of flying around on a dragon with 2 dragons behind me lol. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Dinos Falling Through the map

    i had a lvl 180 fire wyv it fell through the map or something and it starved dont know why but it happened to me help?
  13. no wyverns/wyvern eggs spawning??!!

    hi, I really need some help. i've been playing singleplayer on the ragnarok map for a while now, and I already have a wyvern. problem is...I can't get milk because there are no wyverns spawning. I've stolen lots of eggs and I've eaten the ones i did not want. so far i have only seen one wyvern, an Ice wyvern on the entire server but no ice eggs....the normal wyverns were in the trench when I Began playing but eventually they despawned and none have spawned ever since...
  14. Kill all wyverns :/

    I Have a hatred for wyverns Seriously, who thought they were a good idea. Every time i build/swap server and build again there is always 3 big tribes with Wyverns, who must get rock hard erections every time they wipe a early/mid game player out. There needs to be someway for a player with metal and a stone house to defend against the wyvern menace. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can't get shafted by wyverns on pvp when I just begin. PS. I play on PS4 and on the Island but i put this here as this is where the wyvern scourge began
  15. This is an interesting little tidbit. As you all know, the only way to procure wyvern milk is by knocking out eild females and milking them. Why cant tame females produce milk? It can be at a small rate (one milk every 8-12 hours) but would help and add a nice little bit of depth to the game.
  16. New Mythical Creatures

    Salamander- A small amphibian capable of violently combusting it's slimy coating without harming itself. This slime can be harvested as a short term fuel source or to make you fireproof by rubbing it on youreself.(the slime burns slow enough that the fire extinguishes before reaching you.) Chupacabra- A rare, Nocturnal desert predator that has mastered the art of camouflage. The Chupacabra can become nearly invisible to survivors and even the eyes of the Ark's most eagle-eyed creatures. Chupacabra lives on a diet of blood and is passive tamed in a Troodon-like style with sheep as it's "kibble". Desert Wyvern- This rarer variety of Wyvern is capable of using it's wings to create small sandstorms in front of it as well as using it's spiky tail to impale enemies like the Kentrosaurus. Thunderbird- A massive bird capable of creating small yet powerful storms that force other fliers to land. Only spawns in lightning storms.
  17. Wyvern leveling stats

    Just finished my 100% imprinted 180 Fire/Lightining Wyverns Was wondering what stats I should level & what caps should I be reaching for each major stat [Health/Stam/Melee] Note: these are on a PVE server.
  18. Just Wondering...

    So if you can't upgrade speed on fliers anymore, how are you supposed to get wyvern eggs?
  19. Birthday Event

    On the Xbone, has anyone else been having trouble getting candles in these supply drops? I've hit over 30-40 throughout the weekend when I could get a chance to play, and I have yet to see a single one. Are they supposed to be rare, or something of the sort..?
  20. Hi there, we have started our own new server on the centre island map with SE dinos and materials on the map as well! We have a few players playing everyday but want to bring more people to the server! We invite all players to join our 70 slot server for PVP mayhem all rates are 15x the server will be action packed there will be admins playing as well who will not use admin powers at all please see the mod compliation below and download the mods before you join it should only take a couple of minutes! Mod Workshop Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932708197 Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/wqMZt39 SERVER RULES: 1. NO CAGING PEOPLE FOR LONGER THAN A DAY 2. NO INSIDE RAIDING 3. ENGLISH IN GLOBAL PLEASE THANK YOU Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FIRSTORDERPVP/ You can join the server via this link all you have to do is click connect on the page: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1103500 Please invite as many people as you can so we can have a busy and fun server!
  21. Host Xbox GT: ReeedRobinYummm Admin GT's: BigEmpty (host) + TheIllestPickle (me) ----- We're going to try our hand at a new approach to a past server we've done. It will be an extremely light RP, heavily PvP focused server with 3 major factions (red, blue, green). Players will pick their faction and do what they can to make their respective kingdom the strongest. Each faction will have its own ruler that makes the rules for their kingdom. That's the basic premise. Details and territories below. The server will open to the public in a few hours. ----- Server Information: • Offline PvP is disabled, which means your stuff is safe while you're entire tribe is offline. If you're caught logging off in order to defend yourself from being raided, you will be punished however. This ruins the spirit of PvP. • Players and dinos are slightly boosted. Breeding and crop growth is heavily boosted. For a complete list of server stats, look at the host GT's recent captures. • Rockets, turrets and many metal structures were turned off. Structure resistance and turret damage were buffed because of this. Tactical PvP and dino usage is encouraged in terms of raiding. • BERRYBUSH SEEDS will be the currency. All new players will receive 200 (please tell an admin when you're ready to claim it). They can also be gained through events and PvP. Turning in illegal items (rockets/launchers/metal blueprints/etc) and/or troll players will also yield you some extra currency. • Kings of their respective territory (red/blue/green) aren't decided by admins. They can either be decided as a community or become one by force. They can impose any rules they want while they are ruler. • Every kingdom will have an admin in order to make things fair. Admin logging will be turned on. Blue admin is BigEmpty, I will be green's (I'll also be hosting events and monitoring other admin responsibilities). Red is TBA. ----- Rules: (punishment: 1st offense - Warning, 2nd offense - Dino Wipe, 3rd offense - Complete Tribe Wipe, 4th offense - Ban.) Rules 1-3 are specific to kingdom in-fighting and don't apply to kingdom vs. kingdom fighting. 1. Admins aren't in control of the rules that the rulers of your kingdoms impose. If they demand you give them tribute in the form of t-rexes every day or risk being wiped, you gotta do it. If you don't want to, then you gotta either move, seek outside help, or rally other tribes from your territory to dethrone the ruler. 2. In order to dethrone your own ruler, you must tell them of your intentions beforehand. You must also be in a tribe independent of theirs (can't alliance them either). Insiding them will result in a ban. Pretending to be their ally and then raiding them will also be a bannable offense. ALWAYS MAKE YOUR INTENTIONS CLEAR. Make allies in secret and when you think you're ready, then announce your plan to dethrone your kingdoms ruler. 3. Rulers, you may not go around wiping anyone in your kingdom you find a threat or that disobeys you. If someone in your kingdom disobeys your rules, give them at least 1 hour before punishing them. This 1 hour grace period must be made clear to at least one person in the tribe, preferably an admin or founder of that tribe. If an admin or founder of the tribe is not present, then tell a basic member of that tribe and give them 3 hours grace period. 4. PvP among kingdoms is pretty lenient. Feel free to raid one another as you please, unless your leaders specifically tell you not to. Being caught in another kingdoms territory is punishable however the other leader seems fit, so asking permission might be the best idea... or just be stealthy. Yes, this even applies to caves, resource and dino spawns. Want to access the cave in green kingdom? Ask the green ruler what you gotta do/trade in order to do that. 5. Wyvern spawns are not owned by any 1 kingdom. Anyone is allowed there. 6. Red Kingdom tribes can only have Fire Wyverns. Blue Kingdom tribes may only have Lightning Wyverns. Green Kingdom tribes may only have Poison Wyverns. 7. You can trade in wyverns for one's that match your kingdom. For instance, if you steal a fire wyvern egg, but are part of green kingdom, ask an admin to give you a similarly leveled wyvern of your kingdoms type in exchange (you must raise it to full maturity and have put 0 levels into its stats otherwise it's void and you just end up having to kill the wyvern you just put time into raising). 8. Using items/weapons that are banned is a violation of the rules. Turn them in for a reward. 9. If you want to be a neutral player that is unaligned to any one kingdom, you must build around the 50/50 mark of the map. You may not own wyverns, but can own golems. Neutral players may not raid the three main kingdoms. They can run shops, breed + sell dinos, or perform other oddjobs including being assassin's/merc's for hire (if you want to do this talk to me first for rules). 10. Visiting a neutral tribe is neutral ground. This means that you can not kill players from other factions that are also there. Neutral tribes should also not be raided by main kingdoms, but can be raided by other neutral tribes. 11. Raiding and PvP is 100% not allowed during server events or other admin approved time periods, and grace period persist for 30 minutes after the event. Doing so during this time will result in punishment. 12. No overkill. This means no killing passive tames (tames set on passive that can't fight back) or completely wiping a base. If you blast your way in, grab what you need and leave through the same exit unless you can't for some reason. The only exception to passive killing is if they completely surround their base in passive tames, making it impossible to raid them without killing a couple tames. If this is the case, kill the bare minimum of their passive tames. 13. Admins will do their best to fulfill all requests... don't demand things to be done immediately. It also helps if you come to them instead of them having to find you. Going into another kingdoms territory to meet with an admin gives you immunity from being killed by other players as long as you're quick and to the point. 14. If you witness someone break the rules, SCREENSHOT or CAPTURE A VIDEO and send it to an admin in order to get that person punished. We need concrete proof before dishing out punishment. If getting proof is impossible somehow, try to get other players to be your allibi. 15. Join and check the Xbox club, "Ark Kingdoms PvP" in order to stay updated. Check it DAILY! If you have a question about an event, updated rules, or any new happenings in the server, check the club first. It's updated often and I don't have time to repeat what's in the club 15x over Ark chat. Please! Check! The! Club! First!
  22. Wyverns and Metal Spikes

    So this is a very simple question: Why do wyverns not aggro on metal spikes? Is it because they cannot damage them, or is it because that would make killing them "too easy". Or, is it possible to aggro them onto metal spikes? We need answers!
  23. Anyone else find themselves straying away from Ark lately? I log on once a week now just to feed stuff and keep it from being demolished on PVE. This mostly happened after the flyer nerf, but is that the only reason? Anyone else been too lazy to launch ark and start a project lately, or didn't feel like taming the new ______ dino? Did anything else change significantly enough to make this game lose my interest so heavily, and am I the only one that feels the same, speaking as a player with 1.2k+ hours invested and bases across multiple servers.

    I am going to be completely honest!! I am truly disgusted by this past update! They flyer nerf for one! Wyverns lost 20 plus levels and now are worthless and didn't get any points back to level them back up. 2 shots of lightning or attribute at a rex and its stamina is gone!! That's ridiculous!! Quetzals are even slower than ever and taking away the stam regen when you are in the air?? really? Quetzals are not supposed to have to land! and all because PVP needs to stop complaining about things. You chose to go to PVP stop whining! The flyers need to be fixed and where are the levels we were supposed to get back? I have to tell you this has truly ruined the game! This inventory makes me feel like I am playing final fantasy and its hard to see! Not just for me but everyone that I know has a problem reading this thing not only that but looking for the resource list when trying to craft an item is nearly impossible without putting your face up to the tv screen with a magnifying glass!! Also when typing in the game chat or even to choose the server the keyboard lags that's just an FYI