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Found 176 results

  1. Stuck animals

    My tribe has a high lvl anklyo and wyvern stuck inside the map we need help to get them out. We are playing on ragnarok im not going to say my server until i get a response. We would appreciate you guys getting our dinos from this glitchy game.
  2. Ice Wyvern Revitalisation

    As it stands ice wyverns are commonly regarded as aesthetic tames as they are beautifully crafted models, but lazily programmed fridge birbs. I'm not saying they are underpowered but we could use something for the fella to give it a bit more character to its distinct role as crowd controller. As it currently stands this is how I see the other wyvern's roles; Lightning: Raw DPS dealers good for limited targets | Counter: Standard anti flyer tactics (tbh I'm not too familiar if they have any specialised weaknesses since they seem the jack of all trades out of the wyverns) Fire: Thrower shot with DoT good for decent damage, suppressing crowds and cumbersome large targets | Counter: Superior range engagements and water Poison: AoD that effectively controls perimeter since the poison also hits the riders. | Counter: Gear preparation and other flyers Ice: Thrower shot with slow debuff. people give it too much rag but it is useful to a degree. | Counter: same as fire wyvern's Maybe we can expand on the ice wyvern's concept of ice. The first idea that came to my head was to add a "shatter" dmg multiplier when an enemy has been hit with the breathe attack. I personally think the ice debuff duration is sitting at a comfortable place where it can even be reduced if this shatter suggestion is implemented. The damage multiplier can be what... hm say 1.2x? if its too much or exploitable, the damage can also be a static boost maybe? While having the debuff, dinos should really get a frosted shader to indicate they are affected like creatures on fire. Finally, I think it would be as neat if we can get a direct counter to its attack like the fire wyvern and poison directly relating to its element. First idea that came to my head is players can dramatically reduce the amount of time they have the frosted debuff on themselves and a fraction smaller for their ridden tames by holding a torch for example. Anyway, my intentions isn't exactly to buff ice wyverns, but I just want them to be as defined as the other wyverns.
  3. Chinese dragon / serpent like dragon

    Plss ad a chinese dragon to the game We already have the : manticore, griffin and phoenix so why not a chinese dragon?
  4. Wyvern levelling up

    I just raised my first few wyverns and levelling them all up one by one is quite time consuming, is there a good way to level them up faster? Tips on stats would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys,I love this game but looks like having a wyvern is impossible for players like me...I have a family to take care of, and a job.... raising wyverns taking too much time, i just cant wake up at 3-4 am at night to feed a dino. Or login the game from my work to feed it... IF it could be x2 breeding at weekends its allright but 4 days ... its too much ! Or change the food drop time, i dont know, i could feed him each 10 hours when im back from my job.. another problem is milk, please give us an another food type which we can feed him, any kind of kibble .. or make wywern milk to spoil at least 2 days in a bin.- Probably you will say, join to a tribe and work togetter with your friends.. But still all my friends are working , have a family. i cant just ask them to do [email protected] Admins Please fix-improve it , dont make us delete the game.This makes me angry when i saw a kid flying on a wywern... a kid who has alot of time to play Thank you for your understading...
  6. Hi Guys, I love this game but looks like having a wyvern is impossible for players like me... I have a family to take care of, and a job.... raising wyverns taking too much time, i just cant wake up at 3-4 am at night to feed a dino. Or login the game from my work to feed it... IF it could be x2 breeding at weekends its allright but 4 days ... its too much ! Or change the food drop time, i dont know, i could feed him each 10 hours when im back from my job.. another problem is milk, please give us an another food type which we can feed him, any kind of kibble .. or make wywern milk to spoil at least 2 days in a bin. - Probably you will say, join to a tribe and work togetter with your friends.. But still all my friends are working , have a family. i cant just ask them to do so.. @Dear Admins Please fix-improve it , dont make us delete the game. This makes me angry when i saw a kid flying on a wywern... a kid who has alot of time to play Thank you for your understading...
  7. Ice Wyvern Changes Color

    I had a very unusual bug today that is very annoying. I hatched a black and white Ice Wyvern yesterday, he grew up and kept his colors. I login today only to see that my new wyvern lost its colors and is now a pale gray blue and green Ive tried re-logging in but now the game has saved him with these new colors. I want his original colors back. PS4, Single Player, Ragnarok map.
  8. I read some ppl suggestion what wyvern tek saddle should do and they where most time too OP for already OP creature. So there is another one. Wyvern barrage tek saddle. My idea uses mechanic which is used for phenix fire barrage (wiki: triggers a rocket-like high-speed move that damages and burns anything that it hits or that touches the fire trail behind it). Wyvern tek saddle (when activated) will turn breath click into barrage with corresponding element of wyvern (without high-speed feature) which will poison, burn, electric, iced everything what will touch wyvern or trail behind it. It will basically negate wyverns brutal turning radius because you can simply left trail for your chaiser to enjoy (I am aware poison wyvern rider killing issue).
  9. The bug only happens when there are dead wyverns rendered in the area regardless of distance. The wyvern will abandon the rider and focus on eating the dead wyverns, it does not do it with other dinos. When you disable the Victim Item Collection the bug stops happening. My wyvern died because it went straight into lava to eat a dead wild one that had fallen into it.
  10. How do you kite a barn on pve?

    So someone has been greifing me and i want to wipe his base. He has a decent location with all stone, has a barn he keeps his dinos in, but its on a fairly hard to reach location. Its not impossible but i feel like if i try to kite something up it would attack other bases as well. The rag server has no giga spaws and i think only 1 titan spawn, all blocked. Im great at tanking wyverns but idk, if i kite them all the way from the scar to blue ob, how i would get them to agro. Any kiting/wiping techniques or strategies i can get to help?
  11. Aberration PVP

    I'm really interested in how pvp is going to work on the new dlc. I'm guessing it will be mostly players and weapons and less tames. Sure the Reaper Queen seemed powerful when it got forcedtamed during the demo, but how is it useful if everyone has super high up cliff bases? And how will the Rock Drake be able to stand against an army of auto turrets? I'm super excited, I just don't know how the new tames will be useful. I hope they make them useful for raiding, because sometimes rockets and longnecks get boring after a while. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
  12. Okay so I have ark on the ps4, and I have literally searched every known coordinates for ice wyvern nests, and they’re were NONE. Not even an ive wyvern. I’ve spent hours and so much time looking everywhere. I’ve searched the whole map. The game is fully updated, and I have been dying to get an ice wyvern. What should I do? Redownload the game and keep my saves? I’m almost level 100 and would hate to have to delete my saves but I really want this fixed. There are also no otters or jerboas either and they both are suppose to spawn. Again, I’ve searched everywhere. And theres only been like 3 griffins on the entire map. And no more will spawn in. I really need feedback, I would appreciate it a lot
  13. As the title suggests, how can you voluntarily stop Wyvern Eggs from spawning because in the Roleplay Server I’m hosting, Wyverns will only be given to Leaders of Kingdoms. This is to keep the Game of Thrones Roleplay intact because not everyone in GoT has Dragons and this is to keep in line with that.
  14. So I have read the general idea that when it comes to dog fighting the Griffin is the king of the skies. But in practice I just don't see it. Now it's true that the griffin is faster for short spurts when it has a chance to climb high altitude and swoop down. But in almost ever dog fight I have been practicing in with tribe mates I have learned that if the Wyvern rider is aware of the griffins existence, he can bank hard and initiate a dog fight pattern like this: It starts with the Wyvern and Griffin approaching each other at max speeds. Usually there is an initial attempt to pick which usually fails and then both pilots engage this maneuver (The one circle flow or two circle flow) At that point it transitions to a turn circle geometry. In the below pic, look at it as if you were looking down from the sky towards the ground: And at this point The griffin's initial speed bonus is gone and is starting to get low on stamina. The Wyvern has plenty of stamina and now is gaining on the Griffin in this loop. But the biggest benefit for the Wyvern starts when I put his head to as far as I can over his own shoulder and shoot my fire, ice, or lightening breath. It actually hits the Griffin. Did the same with a Pteranodon. So during the dog fight the Wyvern has a stamina advantage, does damage to the enemy while trying to get in position to pick them, AND eventually is traveling faster than the Griffin after the initial one circle flow maneuver. On top of all of that the, the Wyvern has a larger grab area. He can miss the target more and still get a successful grab connection to the rider. And if being played as a defensive unit, the wyvern, not griffin, can pick up stegos dropped on his own base. What am I missing here? How is the Griffin better than a Wyvern unless its a situation where the Griffin ambushes a Wyvern from higher alt without being seen?
  15. artwork Happy Wyvernween

    This is an image I put together from a recent screenshot of a new Wyvern I have, & a screenshot I took from last years Halloween event as the background. I think you will agree that this combo is perfect for this season... All in Halloween orange... I am afraid the image is not as clear because you can only upload smaller files... But the original is beautifully crisp... Anyway... I hope you enjoy...
  16. Hello! I need help, was flying home with my ice wyvern and server just started to lagg, server ping 255 again, and my wyvern just got under someone's base, the lagg ended and the base loaded so now I can't get her out as no one is online from the tribe. The wyvern is in water, but luckily can get air, but no way out for her Any idea how could i get her out? I've already made a ticket about it, but no answer so far, and i'm affraid that somehow she is gonna die there.
  17. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, Recently our channel has reached 200 subscribers so first of all we would like to thank everyone for all your support on our videos. As requested in the comment section, we are going to take a closer look at Wyverns The Wyvern is a legendary flying creature that has often been confused with a dragon due to the similarities in appearance between them, the key distinction however is that a Wyvern only has two legs, whereas a dragon has four. There are 4 different variations of Wyverns, each with a unique pattern of spikes and fins covering it from head to tail Each type also possesses a different breath attack Fire Wyverns use a short range fire breath which leaves a damage over time effect for 10 seconds on any creature they hit, burning away 20% of the maximum health of that creature. The fire Wyvern is also the only variation that can come in an Alpha form. An Alpha Wyvern is a bigger and stronger version of the normal Fire Wyvern Lightning Wyverns use a concentrated beam of lightning against their targets, this lightening beam can do a devastating amount of damage at a decent range. The Shock coming from this attack will temporarily immobilize a survivor or mount, making melee attacks against a Lightning Wyvern nearly impossible and very dangerous. Poison Wyverns shoot acidic projectiles like the Arthropluera. This projectile of poisonous gas ignores armor and will explode on impact leaving a toxic cloud which deals damage to survivors and their mount simultaneously for 5 seconds. Ice Wyverns use a short range ice breath which deals a decent amount of damage and also will significantly slow down a target's movement speed for a few seconds. This gives the ice Wyvern enough time to attack again making an escape nearly impossible even when on a fast flying mount like a Pteranodon. All 4 variations of Wyverns are highly territorial and aggressive carnivores they will defend their airspace and nests at all costs. Poison, fire and lightning Wyverns can be found in the dragon trench called the world scar on the west side of the scorched earth map and sometimes in mountainous areas, On ragnarok they can be found in the Wyvern trench in the north east region and among the rivers in the south west tropical region. Ice Wyverns can exclusively be found on Ragnarok, they inhabit the snow covered mountain ranges from the highlands al the way west to the green obelisk and back towards viking bay Killing a Wyvern can be a very challenging undertaking. Not only are Wyverns one of the fastest fliers in the game but their ranged attacks can also deal a massive amount of damage, they do however have a rather large turning radius. This makes attacking it with an Argentavis or Griffin that is upgraded in health, stamina and melee possible as long as you can stay close enough to keep out turning it. Survivors that don't want to risk losing their mount or don't have access to a decent flier can also make use of heavy ranged weapons like homing missiles, ballistas or auto turrets. This can be very effective due to the fact that Wyverns are vulnerable to the same ranged damage modifiers as all other flying creatures. When killed a Wyvern can be harvested for hide, raw prime meat, sulfur and a Wyvern talon. Talons from fire, poison and lightning Wyverns are needed in order to be able to summon the Manticore boss in Scorched Earth on all difficulties. At this moment the Ice Wyvren does not drop a talon, this however might change in a future patch or update Wyverns can not be tamed in the wild. In order to get a Wyvern, a survivor must steal a fertilized Wyvern egg from a nest. Stealing an egg is however very dangerous due to the fact that Wyverns are very territorial and protective, they will attack and chase anything that comes to close. In order to get close to a nest a survivor will have to kill or lure away the Wyverns. The safest way to do this is with a kill box containing a generator and at least 2 auto turrets, set to high range and attack wild creatures. This will take care of a group of Wyverns in a few seconds. Once the Wyverns are dead or lured away a survivor can check the nests and collect the fertilized eggs without any risk. Unlike other creatures in the game Wyverns have 38 levels in the wild, giving eggs a maximum level of 190 when a server is set to the maximum difficulty Wyvren Eggs require a lot of heat to incubate properly This can be done with a minimum of 14 campfires or at least 15 air conditioners depending on the location. Once the egg is hatched the Wyvern baby can not be fed raw meat like other carnivores, they require Wyvern Milk as food and may even ask for it while imprinting. Wyvern milk gives 1200 food to a baby Wyvern and will keep it fed for a little more than 3 hours. Keep in mind that Wyvern milk is the only food a Wyvern will eat before it reaches adulthood. 5 Wyvern Milk can be collected from the inventory of a knocked out a female Wyvern. It is possible to trap a female Wyvern in a large closed of pen before tranquilizing it, this can make collecting milk a lot easier due to the fact that female Wyverns generate milk over time. A trapped female Wyvern can be knocked out every hour to collect an additional 5 milk. Keep in mind that a Wyverns torpor depletes very fast, it is therefor recommended that a survivor collects the milk as soon as possible. Killing an Alpha Wyvern will reward a survivor with 50 Wyvern Milk. The spoil timer on milk can be increased by storing it in a preserving bin. Wyvern milk can not be stored in a Refrigerator It's also possible to raise a baby Wyvern without milk, by using a Daeodon and stimulant. Not feeding the baby milk will drop its food to 0, this will cause the baby's health to drop and its torpor to rise. A Daeodon set to passive healing will restore or keep up the baby's health while the gained torpor can be countered by force feeding the baby stimulant or stimberries. Survivors will have to keep in mind that a Daeodon set to passive healing will use an enormous amount of food. Raised Wyverns do not require a saddle in order to be ridden. A raised Wyvern has 2 main attacks. Its signature breath attack can be executed by pressing the left trigger on your controller, this attack will however rapidly drain the stamina of the Wyvern and can damage tribe-mates and tamed creatures.Wyverns can also bite their opponents by pressing the right trigger on your controller. Both main attacks can be used by a Wyvern when on the ground or when airborne. Wyverns are also capable of carrying small and medium sized creatures. This can be done by pressing the right joystick on your controller while flying or hovering over a creature. When grounded a Wyvern can use its wings to perform a knock back, by pressing the right joystick on your controller. When using the knock back near a tree the Wyvern will collect thatch and small amounts of wood, when performed near a Joshua tree on scorched earth and in the future on Ragnarok a Wyvern will also collect cactus sap. A raised Wyvern can also be turned into a turret in its behavior options in the radial menu, this will make the Wyvern use it's signature breath attack to anything that comes into it's line of sight when its stance is set to aggressive. Keep in mind that this will only work on wild creatures in pve. In my opinion the Wyvern has its weaknesses however they are extremely fun to ride Wyverns are very powerful mounts on pve, their high movement speed and decent health will allow you to kill almost any other wild creature with ease. On pvp however there is hardly any use for a Wyvern because they are very vulnerable to any type of ranged weapons. The fact that a Wyverns breath attack uses a large portion of its already low stamina and its large turning radius make it a mount that is hardly suitable for aerial combat. Aiming a Wyverns breath attack can be very challenging for inexperienced riders and may require some practice at first. All variations of the Wyverns breath attack can also harm allies in both pvp and pve, survivors will have to keep an eye on their tribe mates and tames when using the Wyvern in combat to prevent their accidental deaths. When set to turret mode a Wyvern is not much of a defense due to the fact that their aim currently only hits the ground right in front of them, this may require some attention from the devs. That concludes our spotlight on Wyverns. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  18. Where are the wyvern eggs?

    I started playing on an xbox player dedicated server a few days ago to take a break from officials. (ragnarok) since i'm already somewhat familiar with the map, it was easy for me to figure out where things normally are and where i want to live. i was finally able to tame a griffin and it is a very wonderful flyer...but i wanted something more. i set sail on my journey to obtain a wyvern egg. first i search for nests on the south of the map (where wyverns are most prevalent) but find none. i search in the purple crystal cave and see none either, which indicates to me that i need to travel a bit farther. my next stop is the trench, where i was confident that i would be flying home with an egg. being my first trip to the trench, i entered with caution and searched slowly for any dangers...only to discover the absence of any wyverns at all. I looked into the alcoves and crevices lining the interior of the trench where egg nests should be, deep into the lava cavern and all around the area. even after leaving the area for several minutes and returning, there is not a single wyvern, egg, or nest anywhere in the trench. disappointed, i travel to the killing-cold biome and search for an ice wyvern. finally, i see a wild one! but lo and behold, NO EGG NESTS ANYWHERE in the vicinity of it. i left three times for my health to regenerate and searched again upon every return and was unable to find out. at this point i was very confused and angry, but still determined to get an egg. its been about an hour since the ice wyvern egg hunt, and i return to the trench to see if my luck might change...but it did not. my trip ended with me headed back to base without having seen any wild wyverns or egg nests in the trench. a very discouraged me was done for the night. so what's up with this? is there a particular reason that the trench was so vacant? the area near the main south of the map has wild ones roaming around like crazy all the time, but i have yet to ever see a nest around there. can someone help me out and let me know if i'm not hunting in the right places or doing something wrong? from what i'm aware of the host has not changed anything regarding wyvern spawns. maybe it's a console thing? i don't know. i want a wyvern very badly but i don't want to have to buy scorched earth to get one.
  19. Ice Wvyern at 36/60 (Ice Lake)

    Hey all, I'm curious about the Ice wyvern that spawns around 36/60 on the Ice Lake. I almost always find an ice wyvern there but have never been able to find a nest near that location. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. Grappling hook a wyvern

    Are you able to attach a hook to a flying dino and attack it without it breaking?
  21. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    So I was re-watching the aberration trailer after a failed wyvern egg run, and I had an idea. I thought that one might be able to use a rockdrake to steal wyvern eggs, via using camouflage to hide from the wyverns, climb into a nest, quickly grab an egg, and then either go to another nest via gliding, or climb out and run. I'm pretty sure we will be able to increase its speed stat since it's not a true flyer, so it could become a good egg stealing mount. Otherwise, people who don't play ragnarok will have a very hard time getting their first wyvern eggs, since no flyer other than the griffin or wyverns themselves can outrun wild wyverns (unless you have the luck of getting a Phoenix) So, what do you guys think of this idea? Is there a flaw in this idea I have missed, or have I figured out how to get tons of wyvern eggs more easily than with even a super-speedy argy?
  22. So, recently got a PvP fight with my fire wyvern (grown from lvl 175 egg) which got aprox 430% damage, against Griffin (dunno stats). Have set him in flames about 5-6times, and realised I did NO damage to him. After that we decided to try it with my tribemate on one of ours Griffins, and what was my surprising face, when from Fire breathe right in a face to a griffin I dealt only 900dmg, out of hes 16k HP....(it's 5.625% of hp approx.) So: 1. - Am I missing something? As wiki says it deals 20% damage of hp during 10 seconds, excluding fire resistance...(actually burning it for 5sec. only) So logically to think that Griffins feathers made of steel and have amazing fire resistance??!!? 2. - Where I can find out those resistances if they actually existing? Can someone make it clear for me please???
  23. i'm beginning to get my dinos back after the last raid and i've made the decision that i will definitely be getting a wyvern soon, but i have questions first. to be clear, this is an official pvp xbox ragnarok server, and we will assume the wyvern egg is a level 180. 1. what should i use to obtain the egg? i currently have no flyers, so what should i tame in order to get the egg? should i tame an argie or a ptera or what? 2. if there are no wyverns rendered in the trench when i get the egg, will they aggro me once they are within render range? 3. what will cause the parent to de-aggro? do the wyverns continue aggro after you have left render range? will a wild animal distract it? 4. how many standing torches would i need to hatch the egg? how about campfires? i know ACs are the most effective but i don't have the resources to make them yet. 5. what do the babies eat? some have told me i will only need milk, others say you have to feed it meat and milk is only optional. so which is it? is milk a substitute for food? if so, how many units of meat would milk cover? 6. what's the best method for obtaining milk? obviously i would need to make a wyvern trap but should i go after regular wyverns or alphas? does wyvern level affect milk output? 7. how long do they typically take to raise? on normal rates, will i be raising for a week or less? how does raising one compare to a rex? 8. i know this is more subjective, but what is the best type of wyvern to get? does the ice wyvern compare equally to the others? i apologize for all the questions, but i want to be informed about this as much as i can before i make the leap to tame one of those beasts. if anyone is willing to contribute then that would be very much appreciated!
  24. Good day! 194 was down for more than a day and now its up, I lost the most important dino that i have, my poison wyvern 'Big Bird'. I tried finding it, trying to recall what I was doing before the server was down but cant find it, is there any way I can get a help from devs? I could blame the server outage for it but I don't want to do that
  25. Weight icon bug

    I was out hunting Wyverns and when I killed a wyvern by biting and this icon appeared and disappeared from time to time. It appeared when the Wyverns were killed and that's about it.