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Found 214 results

  1. Good day! 194 was down for more than a day and now its up, I lost the most important dino that i have, my poison wyvern 'Big Bird'. I tried finding it, trying to recall what I was doing before the server was down but cant find it, is there any way I can get a help from devs? I could blame the server outage for it but I don't want to do that
  2. Weight icon bug

    I was out hunting Wyverns and when I killed a wyvern by biting and this icon appeared and disappeared from time to time. It appeared when the Wyverns were killed and that's about it.
  3. Wyvern improvements.

    Here are some improvements I'm thinking of: Poison: It should have a corrosive bite. Both it's bite and breath should corrode armor, instead of ignoring it, and some types of structures. Ice: The wing attack should freeze small creature, maybe not fatal, but at least for a few seconds. Also, it's breath should create ice patches on water, which can be walked upon and even built upon, but disappears quickly when the wyvern is a certain distance away. Lightning: The lightning attack should eletrify water in certain radius, attacking multiple aquatic creatutes, a good way to get fish meat. And electric attacks should travel through metal, doing no structural damage, only damaging creatures or players touching the metal. Fire: Fire in the game should spread through plants, thatch structures and wooden sttuctures. Slowly burning things, but the flames should and lose strength over time.
  4. Just been in to the wyvern trench/scar for the first time on my player dedi server and 7 out of the 9 eggs I picked up instantly spoiled . Is this the case for anyone else? And to top it off the two that didn't spoil were level 20 and 15 lol. appreciate any replies 👍
  5. Blocking Access to Scar

    What's the official stance from WC for tribes in official PVP who block access for other tribes to the scar? Placing turrets, plant x, etc...
  6. Wyvern Advice

    **Reposted from the Scorched Earth forum** Hey I just got my first Wyverns in single player, and I ponder about a few things: 1. I know fire wyverns are immune to fire, does this count for all wyverns? Can Lightning not hurt Lightning wyverns and so on? 2. Which Wyvern is best for hunting other Wyverns? 3. What is the best tactic for Alpha Wyvern and Alpha deathworm? I've not dealt with one yet but I'd like to be prepared. Assume I don't want to spend a lot of resources for turrents and cannons. 4. Are Wyverns supposed to have their speed stuck at 100%? I thought when you tamed a flyer it always had 136% speed, but both my Wyverns have 100% speed. Is that normal? 5.(Not wyvern related but whatever) Is it an effective way to deal with Rock Elemental is to tame your own and have it deal with them? If they're a higher level of course. Any advice in general with wyverns and their uses would be appreciated. Right now I've got a Lightning Wyvern I plan to use for fighting and a Fire Wyvern I plan to use for transport.
  7. Wyvern Advice

    Hey I just got my first Wyverns in single player, and I ponder about a few things: 1. I know fire wyverns are immune to fire, does this count for all wyverns? Can Lightning not hurt Lightning wyverns and so on? 2. Which Wyvern is best for hunting other Wyverns? 3. What is the best tactic for Alpha Wyvern and Alpha deathworm? I've not dealt with one yet but I'd like to be prepared. Assume I don't want to spend a lot of resources for turrents and cannons. 4. Are Wyverns supposed to have their speed stuck at 100%? I thought when you tamed a flyer it always had 136% speed, but both my Wyverns have 100% speed. Is that normal? Any advice in general with wyverns and their uses would be appreciated. I've got a Lightning Wyvern I plan to use for fighting and a Fire Wyvern I plan to use for transport.
  8. So I'm currently playing on a Friend server and we have notice that the Wyvern are not spawning in the Trench on Ragnarok and have found them right down the South side of the Map Near Green Orb, but there no nest for Dragon Egg. Has anyone had this? We tried killing a few, but most of them just respawn down near green orb instead of the Trench?
  9. So i wanted to know if you can transfer wyvern eggs and milk from ragnarok to island? And can you tame it without milk but Daeodon and stiumants?
  10. Lowering Dino ammout?

    Me an my mate recently started playing ark, on our own non dedicated server (ragnarok) an one problem we have ran into is a large number of dragons, elementals, an brontosaurs. Iv tried looking up how to change these but I'm a noob when it comes to editing game files an not sure what to look for on editing SPEICIFIC dinos.. For example, we went otter hunting the other day, to a place otters are supposed to be more abundant, an instantly ran into 5-6 dragons where these otters are supposed to be, its so dangerous there, we havnt gone back lol. We also just discovered rock elementals. One was near our main base, we took care of it, but now there are four! imo, elementals and dragons should be MUCH rarer then what we have seen. I would like to lower the amount of dragons an elementals in our game, as well as a few less brontosaurs (they are big, very buggy, and annoying!) What code would I have to enter in for each of these 3? Please be specific >.< I'm not sure where it is in the game file I'm looking for, I tried finding something called "DinoCountMultiplier" but it wasn't in the "GameUserSettings.ini" Is it possible to lower/adjust a specific dino for a non dedicated server?
  11. Unable to Download flier

    I have found myself unable to retrieve a single dinosaur from the obelisk. This is my own private server, all tribute types are enabled and the server isn't clustered. We use the Wyvern Mating mod. The dino in question is a egg level 92 Wyvern which has been uploaded since way before the flier nerf, and I can't help but feel this might have something to do with it. This particular one was the only Wyvern I ever levelled for speed. The remaining 3 Wyverns, which are downloadable were uploaded after the flier nerf. The main issue isn't that I can't download it, as it was the spare so I don't care overly, but more that it is stuck on my profile. No matter what I do I cannot remove it.
  12. Wyvern Render Range Inconsistent

    I'm not sure this qualifies as a bug report, but it's definitely been messing with how my game behaves, so I'll leave it up to a moderator to decide if it needs moved. For a little background: I run a private dedicated PvE server and play with a handful of friends. We normally have no more than 6-7 people on the server at a time, and it's a busy day if we go up to 12 or more. I pay for the highest speed internet possible in my area and my console is connected to my router via an Ethernet cable to ensure the best possible connection. I've noticed an issue with the wyverns on Scorched Earth: They often (but not always) pass out of render range at a huge distance from the player, but they don't pop into view until we're almost on top of them. I've had reports from those friends who are playing that when multiple players are within visual distance of a wyvern (namely a fire wyvern we were watching), it seems to teleport and move sporadically. It aggro'd on my little bro after one such teleport, resulting in a frightening (and admittedly funny) pursuit across the desert. This wouldn't create issues for folks capable of fleeing, but we haven't advanced very far yet and still don't have anything that can outrun these terrors of the sky. We also have a few players who don't get online often, or don't level quickly; thus, they tend to find themselves at a serious disadvantage when these elemental behemoths drop out of the sky to devour them. (I might add that it's also super unnerving when you've been scanning the sky - just in case - and look back down only to see a massive shadow pass over you. lol) Anyone else experience these issues?
  13. Invisible Wild Dinos

    I've found this to be a common issue with console players. but this is the first I'm seeing of the ice worms. Ice wyverns don't show up at all and neither do their eggs. When found they appear as a simple item cache bag in the nest and appear invisible within your inventory. I tried doing the ice cave for the first time on this player dedicated server and had invisible things attacking me with just the name above it and nothing infront of me, even though I'm still able to attack it. Are the devs aware of this bug and will there ever be a fix to this??
  14. Come join server name is nights server any questions hit me up on ps4 Nightwalker3000
  15. The ice wyverns are invisible on my player dedicated server. You can spawn them in amd see them if you spawn them when you turn the server on. But anyone who joins after is unable to see them. I have reset my server several times and the issue keeps occuring. There are also no wild ice wyverns on the server either
  16. Currently, the Wyvern's alt-fire ability (by default, right mouse-click) activates its breath attack, while its special ability (by default, C), activates its grab functionality. This is a reversal of common flyer controls, as right clicking generally activates grabbing, while 'C' activates a special attack, such as the Pteranodon's barrel roll, or the Tapejara's vertical movement. I ask that the Wyvern's alt-fire and special attack functions become reversed to fit this normal convention, as one can easily (and mistakenly) activate the Wyvern's breath attack while meaning to innocently pick up one of their dinosaurs, potentially causing mass mayhem and friendly fire death. Of course, it's possible to reverse one's own control setup, but that would affect crouching functionality, grappling hook controls, and other flyer controls, so this fix would simplify things a great deal. Thanks for your consideration!
  17. Getting high level wyverns

    So I've been playing on Ragnarok on a PC dedicated server since it's release on the PS4. I've never really had an opportunity to mess around with wyverns and their eggs, and I have some questions for the esteemed members of the community. How do I get 190 wyvern eggs? I've been going into the scar on rag for a few days now picking up and eating all of the low level eggs, as was suggested previously (source not remembered) but the eggs that spawn in are still low levels. Do I need to also kill the currently low level wyverns that are in there, or am I just on a run of bad luck? Wiping the scar will be pretty difficult but worth it to have fridge full of 190 wyvern eggs.
  18. So with the love of my original wyvern egg raid video, being the fastest way to get an egg (leveling wise) early game, here's two more strategies. The first is another quickie that allows a more safe escape should the wyverns follow you constantly. The next is a more advanced way to go, using the dive technique of the griffin! Definitely worth a go if you've leveled your stats enough (details in video) Hope these help you! And hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  19. [Xbox One] Ragnarok drop time?

    As I'm in a 30 man tribe and we're going to the new official isolated Ragnarok servers, we'd like to know when the drop time is (if anyone knows. timezone preferably would be GMT but we can figure it out in according to that.
  20. Hello, currently with the state of the Wyverns in ark, the auto aim assist makes it impossible to use the Fire Wyvern or Poison Wyvern when you are moving and the aim assist is assisting you. Currently the reason for this is because it attempts to predict the movement of the dinosaur but does so very poorly, not accounting for the travel time of the projectile (especially with fire) and overestimates or underestimates. I have programmed AI before as well so I do understand the difficulty of programming this but until it has been mastered, can you at the very least give a simple option to disable the Aim-Assist so that the Electric Dragon isn't the only viable option. Thank you
  21. As the Title says It's kinda off putting since the IceWyvern's model is now NEW and every Wyvern has his own unique breath attack. Maybe some change in the Particle Effects of the attack or better yet make It's attack UNIQUE in its own way make it visually more appealing. Lastly I know that the Ice Breath slows the target but wouldn't it be cool to Freeze an enemy Solid if you continually breathe on the same target (similar to the phoenix mechanic) for maybe about 15-30 seconds. 0:28 - 0:42
  22. should i get scorched?

    most of the people that i know who play ark play on all of the maps. i never really had an interest in getting SE, but after i noticed that every person in my server had a nice beautiful dragon to ride around, i felt super left out. so is scorched worth paying for, just for the sake of having a wyvern? what other benefits does scorched have that would directly influence the center or the island? i had a friend that went to scorched just for the sake of getting oil, but i'm still not sure if that's worth it. it is a hunk of money. thoughts? opinions?
  23. Wyvern Glitch Death

    So i was flying around picking up loot drops, and tried to land at one of them. My wyvern would not land, so i kept pressing X. After 2 or 3 tries he finally landed and when i dismounted he was thrown to the side in a obvious glitch and it said he had died. The wyvern's corpse then spawned on top of me and was followed by all types of lag and glitchiness. the drop was gone and i was stuck in the desert with no mount. Please help?! I'd like to get my wyvern back at the very least. i was on scorched earth primitive 343.
  24. Missing Wyverns

    For the last 2-3 days wyverns have been randomly flying off and ending up really far away. On 1 server I know 3 people including myself who hopped of a wyvern that was on the ground and watch it poof only to find it 36 hours later in the craziest of places. Sometimes that can happen but I know all these dinos were passive and landed. What made me realize something really was going on was when I was on SE server, brought an alpha wyvern to my rexs to munch on. As it descended on my rexs it poofed, literally watched as it disappeared. Anyone else having this problem?
  25. Look for a wyvern

    So I lost my tames twice now trying to get milk for my third wyvern baby. Just curious if anyone had a fully raised one they would spare, because I'm tired of trying to raise one by myself! Let me know I'd greatly appreciate it, doesn't have to be anything special.