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Found 85 results

  1. Shooter307

    Ragnarok Wyvern Suicide

    After the latest update (Arkeology) the wyverns in the trench have begun to commit suicide by landing in the lava. This did not happen before, and it is frustrating. I lost a 180 poison wyvern to the lava before it laid an egg. Other wyverns have killed themselves in the lava as well. I play on Xbox one singleplayer. I feel like this was an issue before a while ago, but it seemed to be fixed. I hope WC addresses this soon, and i hope they fix the disappearing bones too.
  2. Sosen42

    Ice Wyvern Fog Breath

    So after I hatched this ice wyvern of a ragnarock server I decided to test out it's breath weapon on some stuff and I noticed that when it hits something it makes a fog cloud relative to the size of whatever i'm hitting with it (small creatures, small cloud big creatures, big cloud). I wanted to show it to my buddies cuz it was cool but one of them can see it and one can't. All three of us checked out setting and we didn't find a common factor so I was wondering what causes this and how I could make it show up or disappear. Here are some pictures of me hitting a Titanosaur with it's breath weapon .
  3. so i run a server which i have all of the rates increased and that includes all of the mating/hatching/growing speeds. i want the wyverns to require atleast one milk in order to survive because right now you can have a wyvern with little to no effort within a few hours. i feel like if i up the baby food consumption rate it will just make some of the other dinos impossible to raise. is there something i can do to make it so wyverns have a specific food consumption rate?
  4. UnicornNova

    ragnarok Glitched Ice Wyverns

    I’m having the annoying issue of hatching really nice ice wyverns and as soon as I log out and in, they’re suddenly a different colour and it’s happened to all of mine that I’ve hatched and they’re all the same colour after logging out. This needs fixed!
  5. TAGameplay

    Ice Wyvern Changes Color

    I had a very unusual bug today that is very annoying. I hatched a black and white Ice Wyvern yesterday, he grew up and kept his colors. I login today only to see that my new wyvern lost its colors and is now a pale gray blue and green Ive tried re-logging in but now the game has saved him with these new colors. I want his original colors back. PS4, Single Player, Ragnarok map.
  6. JericoHellsangel

    Alpha Wyvern won´t spawn

    So a friend and i have 2 Private servers. One for The Island and one for the DLCs and other Maps (we switch how we desire). Both of them have modified serverstats like gathering rate, exp rate and mating stuff. Everything else is set to be like the official servers. The following Mods are installed: Structures +; Classic Flyers; Classic Rocket launcher; Death Helper; Pet Finder; Stack me more; Super Spyglass; Flight Speed soup (for those reworked flyers where classic flyers won´t work); Mindwipe Classic and Ark Customizer (returned the food to their old so they can be speed force fed instead of heaving a cooldown) Basicly mostly quality of life stuff. 665 has passed on the Scorched earth server and yet we have seen no alpha wyvern. None at all. Since we use S+ we have the S+ Tek transmitter which can see which Animal currently exists with Level and coordinates, after clearing the canyon about 5 times per IRL day ingame (with weapons, pets) and even the destroywilddinos console command, none has spawned. We are unsure why it is that way since everything else on Island, Scorched earth and Abberation (we did that before scorched earth because it was a new release back then and we allready played SE on officials) is fine and perfectly normal. We can´t determin which mod it is or if it´s the settings and we are hesitant to do so since alot would change and some stuff would need to be redone majorly. If someone knows what causes it that would be amazing. Ty for everyone that helps and have a nice day.
  7. So I'm currently playing on a Friend server and we have notice that the Wyvern are not spawning in the Trench on Ragnarok and have found them right down the South side of the Map Near Green Orb, but there no nest for Dragon Egg. Has anyone had this? We tried killing a few, but most of them just respawn down near green orb instead of the Trench?
  8. Milan456

    Wyvern egg transferring

    I'm going to get some fertilized wyvern eggs this evening but I don't know if I Can transfer them from ragnarok/SE to The Island. I searched a recent topic but i can't find that so I maked a new post.
  9. ColGraves

    Stasis Food Consumption

    My group and I have just got back from deployments and some from a long break from this game. We decided to start a new small server for our group and noticed that the Stasis food consumption has changed. We thought the consumption was increased to normal as if not in stasis. However we left a baby wyvern to die because we had determined that we were not going to be able to raise it due to the inability of getting milk. However we were all offline by 10PM Sunday night and didn't get back on until 1PM Monday and the wyvern was not only alive but had quite a bit of food left. When we signed off it had just over 1400 food. When we got back on it had just over 600 food. Basically only lost 800 food in 15 hours +/-. The math 800/15 hours/60 minutes = .88 per minute. Way less than what I was led to believe with should have been 10 point per minute. The last I understood was the baby wyverns only eat milk until they are fully grow and we had no meat in the trough anyhow. Is there a change that I am not aware of? The only relevant settings that were changed is the maturing speed to 5x. Baby consumption speed it default. What we are attempting to do is make the maturing not over burdensome but for it to at least require 1 feeding. This stasis problem however is a bit of a curve ball. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We are on RAG in the New portion of the Desert Thanks,
  10. I want to tame Basilisks on my SE server but unfertilized drake eggs don't work. Spawning fertilized rock drake eggs doesn't work either because they spawn at lvl 1 and disappear when I put them down. So I have to have fertilized drake eggs. My idea is to add rock drakes to the wyvern trench spawn container and in the hopes that the rock drake eggs will spawn instead of/along side wyvern eggs. Anyone know if this will work? Or of another method?
  11. Was just wondering if they are any mods that add the wyverns and other SE dinos to the The Center map and would be cool if there is desert biome to be added to the Center. Cheers.
  12. Should Drakes do the same damage as Wyverns with their bite? My Drake Exodus has fifteen percent more melee damage percentage than my wyvern but does around one hundred fifty less damage. Does anyone find that a little unfair, seeing as how Drakes need their Tek saddle to have a projectile and can't fly? Or is it balanced because they have a saddle and can go invisible?
  13. Qwertymine

    New Scorched creature idea

    Been playing a little bit of Pixark recently, and I personally wish the Megarock Dragon would be added to Ark. Perhaps you could find them at the bottom of the Wyvern den laying eggs? Or maybe they could be a whole different kind of tame? Like a cannon KO(Kinda repetitive seeing as how the Golem is tamed this way). If they were at the bottom of the den, you would almost have to make them an egg tame so you could get them out, but who knows. Either way, wyverns would still attack you for stealing the egg, seeing as how the Dragons wouldn't be able to do much once you took off(Still a little, but I'll get to that later). The eggs would be extremely hard to hatch, needing upwards of twenty-five ACs and taking longer to hatch than a Giga. Once it is hatched, the baby requires Dragon milk from female Megarock dragons(Maybe there could be an alpha?) Once you have raised the baby, it requires a saddle, a little less expensive than a Mosa platform saddle. Adults will be a meter or two longer than Wyverns, and their back would reach about a meter high than Wyverns. Megarocks have high base health, weight, and melee, but are extremely slow and loose stamina almost as fast as a Giga. Megarocks are the best metal/stone/obsidian/crystal(you get the point) harvesters in the game. Like the Therizino, Megarock Dragons receive a "Skill" level for every stat level they get. These can be pumped into two categories, Pick and Axe(Couldn't think of better names). Pick increases the amount of metal, obsidian, flint, crystal, salt, and sulfur collected. Axe increases the amount of stone and sand collected, as well as loot from Rock Elemental bodies. Megarock Dragons have three attacks, a standard bite for frontal attacks and mining, a tail slam for attacking things behind and more mining, and a strong, yellow laser beam that travels a little farther than a Lightning Wyverns breath, does almost twice the damage, but drains half the Dragons stamina(If you have 500, it will drain 250, if you have 1000, it will drain 500, no exceptions). Megarock dragons act as a refining forge, their saddle either acts as a smithy and Fabricator(at the same time) or as a Grinder(Uses its mouth to grind items). Rock Elementals don't take reduced damage from Dragons, and are affected by it's breath. The breath attack will destroy resources(Won't harvest them) and applies a slight knockback, pushing the target farther down the beam. The beam can be aimed anywhere in front of the Dragon, as well as up or down. One ability I thought about for the breath was the ability to knock flyers out of the sky(Prevent them from flying) for ten seconds. Only large creatures agro on Megarock dragons, and creatures like Raptors cannot grab you off it. Megarock dragons are immune to Wyvern breath, but not Phoenix fire. Want any more information? Like the idea? Have suggestions? Reply and we can talk about just about anything.
  14. AngrySaltire

    Wyvern Landing AI

    Not sure if this should be a bug report (not really a bug just bad AI) or a suggestion but anyways. Would it be possible to get the wyvern landing AI when riden improved or sorted out please. Am sure at one point it was wonderful but now its just a nightmare to try and land. Usually the wyvern tries to fly round in circles landing well away from where you try to land or even trying to land mid air off a cliff. Very rarely get a clean landing.
  15. I hatched a wyvern about 24 hours ago in an official PvP server, once it hatched I ordered it to follow me. The HUD shows that it was following me but it is not. I tried to add it to groups , remove it from groups and even changed my settings and it didn't work . It stands still at one place from baby until juvenile ... My tribe mates orders can be followed but mine is not... Please fix this..
  16. Whitemoss

    Easter Wyverns?

    Title basically says it all: Can we hatch special colored Wyverns during the Easter event?
  17. Raising baby Wyvern’s Wyvern milk gives 1200 food when eaten. Baby wyverns do not need to be fed for a long time once hatched Food time is Current food then divide by 360. That will give you the time in hours. As for the milk they will auto eat it if their food is low enough (only is there food is under 1200 of it’s current max) other wise you will need to force feed it. The milk will last about 1hr in the wyvern's inventory WITH a stack of preserving salts, so if it's not hungry when your tribemate is on hopefully that will last enough time to be eaten. Quick note: Always mind to take 2* milk then needed incase all the wyverns need imprinting, although this is rather rare so you will get away with it most times. In total it takes 4 days or around 100 hours to raise one. And of that it will take 5hrs to hatch, 9hrs 15 min from baby to juvenile, 37 hours from juvenile to adolecent and 46 hours 17 min to adult. As a general calculation for wyvern’s above level 150 (it’s not worth hatching anything less) the baby wyvern need to be fed every 4 hours in the 1st day... every 6-8 hours 2nd day... 3rd and 4th day more then 12 hours between feeding. thats if you dont mind doing the imprinting though. just want everyone to know that most of this isn’t my own work and I’ve just complied all the advice without the fluff and compressed it for easier reading
  18. So I was playing on Ragnarock81, and I lagged out next thing I know my Poison Wyvern Hela is stuck inside of a Chinese base, I am unable to get her unstuck no matter what, and there is no way to communicate with the Chinese Tribe, they actually even logged on and didn't even bother to un free her. UPDATE the Wyvern is now stuck in a completely different building on the same Chinese base. FINAL UPDATE: NO thanks to wild card the Wyvern some how glitched back out, I no longer need help no thx to you Wild Card except for making this amazing game... You really need to work on your help/support tho....
  19. Using one of eco’s decor mods, I was able to see a clear view of the ice wyvern. With this view, I noticed many similarities between the ice wyvern and the reapers. My theory is that the reaper queen could be a mutated ice wyvern. I think so due to the ecoskeleton-like look of the ice wyvern’s face, the positioning of the spikes, the beak-like tips of the mouth, and other reasons. Anyone else think so?
  20. So my friend has been talking about how he wants a wyvern and I am gonna suprise him and transfer him on e but I dont know what server he is playing on and I dont want to expose the secret by asking
  21. Deadpool00012

    Aberration PVP

    I'm really interested in how pvp is going to work on the new dlc. I'm guessing it will be mostly players and weapons and less tames. Sure the Reaper Queen seemed powerful when it got forcedtamed during the demo, but how is it useful if everyone has super high up cliff bases? And how will the Rock Drake be able to stand against an army of auto turrets? I'm super excited, I just don't know how the new tames will be useful. I hope they make them useful for raiding, because sometimes rockets and longnecks get boring after a while. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
  22. The title says it all! Super secret and safe back door entrance to the world scar, and wyvern egg nests!
  23. Does anyone know which maps you can find the Dodo Wyvern WITHOUT mods? Do they naturally spawn on Ragnarok? And if so, where about on the map? What are the best methods for taming / killing the Dodo Wyvern AND can you ride them? Does anyone have any experience encountering the Dodo Wyvern? Also, I've heard that you are unable to ride the zombie wyverns, is this true? - Thanks!
  24. Hello! I've seen icy wyvern nests, but after a failed attempt to breed one (I accidentally ate it. Yes, I did that) I was looking for eggs again. I cannot find any across the map and usual locations, no eggs, and no empty nest either. So, can it be because there are no female Icy Wyverns alive? Should I kill the one that's alive (Only seen one, maybe there are more?) so a female respawn? What do you do when this happens? Or, it is a bug? Thanks in advance.
  25. https://discord.gg/M6DHW7g Valhalla gaming come join us steam://connect/ 100x Rag server with : 0.Awesome Teleporters 1. Cross Abberation 2. Awesome Teleporters 3. Boosted Fabricator (2.0) 4.S+ 5. Ez Ace engram unlocker 6.HG Stacking Mod 7.Kibble Table 8.Utilities Plus 9. ACM 10.Death Helper 11. OSM Admin 12. Automated Ark 13. Baby Premium care kibble