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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 143 results

  1. https://discord.gg/M6DHW7g Valhalla gaming come join us steam://connect/ 100x Rag server with : 0.Awesome Teleporters 1. Cross Abberation 2. Awesome Teleporters 3. Boosted Fabricator (2.0) 4.S+ 5. Ez Ace engram unlocker 6.HG Stacking Mod 7.Kibble Table 8.Utilities Plus 9. ACM 10.Death Helper 11. OSM Admin 12. Automated Ark 13. Baby Premium care kibble
  2. Hello! I've seen icy wyvern nests, but after a failed attempt to breed one (I accidentally ate it. Yes, I did that) I was looking for eggs again. I cannot find any across the map and usual locations, no eggs, and no empty nest either. So, can it be because there are no female Icy Wyverns alive? Should I kill the one that's alive (Only seen one, maybe there are more?) so a female respawn? What do you do when this happens? Or, it is a bug? Thanks in advance.
  3. Bugged Wyvern Eggs

    So I did some reading and found out that it’s a thing for wyvern eggs to spoil but not despawn. Just bringing it to you alls attention that this is still a thing, and a very annoying thing. Have had this happen quite a few times the past couple of days. http://imgur.com/C7KZQhw
  4. void creature

    hello, a wyvern went close to my base and my one fought with it mine would easily kill it but both had the same turning radius and started flying to the barrier, i suppose my wyvern passed the barrier because a mod i have says it is not despawned like many other things when cross the barrier i am really desperate because i love this wyvern help
  5. Hatching Wyvern Eggs

    So I recently got a fire wyvern egg on Ragnarok, and am wondering how to hatch it? Is it different than scorched? How many campfires do I need? Do I NEED to feed the baby wyvern milk? Thanks!
  6. WyvernRend

    Does anyone remember how annoying it was in skyrim when the dragon wouldnt land so you couldnt chop it up well i have the same problem with wyvern i went to a drop got some good stuff then it was dreadful seeing a winged shadow fly above all hell fire poison (theyd been lured down) and i could do simply nothing to them except run and fail. Skyrim you had dragonrend and ark nothing against wild ones why not an arrow of obsidian and sulphur gunpowder that explodes in a great yellow cloud smothering and lingering the wyvern till it dissipates bringing it to the ground making it a fair fight. Admittedly not on tamed ones maybe just a reduced duration or stop breath attacks.
  7. Using one of eco’s decor mods, I was able to see a clear view of the ice wyvern. With this view, I noticed many similarities between the ice wyvern and the reapers. My theory is that the reaper queen could be a mutated ice wyvern. I think so due to the ecoskeleton-like look of the ice wyvern’s face, the positioning of the spikes, the beak-like tips of the mouth, and other reasons. Anyone else think so?
  8. My lightning wyvern, on an official server, with 750%dmg, deals just 1500 damage (tested on bronto without saddle 5 times). Impossible? Noticed this is XBOX section, this post should actually be for PC.
  9. Dear WC, My game keeps crashing everytime i start flying a flyer. It just makes the resolution go to "Input not available", and i keep losing flyers do to this. Please come up with a solution because im forced to use a mount like a thylacoleo or other fast mounts to get around the map, while flying is 10x easier. - DsQuaReD
  10. Hi there, Playing on single-player I noticed something strange. There was no Alpha Wyvern in the Volcano Wyvern lair. I first noticed this when I went to get milk so the only other option I had was to knock out a female or gfi milk in. Even after leaving the game/world on for 3 hours it didn't respawn so 'time' is not an issue. The next issue? Otters. I've checked all spawns I know of but there wasn't a single Otter on single-player. In the end I had to spawn one in to tame. Next, Ice Wyverns/Eggs. All other Wyvern eggs are fine but Ice Wyverns seem broken on Single-player. Their nests only spawn in one location, above the frozen lake at about 47, 51 (GPS). --- However I then went on my friend's server, a 24/7 PC hosted and found that the Alpha Wyvern was always in the trench. Even after killed it would respawn as normal. Otters were in the right places, we didn't have to command spawn any. Ice Wyvern eggs were easy to get. All their spawns worked! I don't know if anyone else has any of these issues but, spawns on single-player seem just a little broken... even with a destroywilddinos every now and then.
  11. Rouge Wyverns?

    Okay so I don't know if anyone else has this problem but the wyverns are kind of creepy. So here's the story, the first time one of my Wyverns went rogue it just ran away and just hovered atop the forest. The second time my brother and cousin set their Wyverns next to each other to kill some piranha's (They are always set to Passive) but when they went back, both wyverns we're gone. No where to be seen. Then, just yesterday, my cousin set his wyvern down then went to collect materials. Then the creepiest thing happened. So our home is located on the island with the big upside down v formation down south, and we built our house under the rock. So I turned and the wyvern (not following anyone & and was set down) was just hovering there in the air. It then proceeded to move itself and pick up my cousin, drag him up in the air and kill him. The dragon kept on flying towards the forest and it landed itself in the forest. I still have no idea where it is.
  12. wyvern Wyvern's Problem

    AND NOW, THE WYVERN'S PROBLEM. we all know that wyverns are cool and fun to have, but, there's a thing that REALLY makes me mad sometimes, i mean, EVERYTIME that i have to deal with it. well, first thing: i don't know if it is an error because of the classic flyers mod in the server, but i think no the problem here is: The difficult of an Wyvern to turn left and right in the air. You literally have to do 3 circles in the air to land! well, that's it, nothing much to say about it, i know much people has already been tortured with it.
  13. How do I get a wyvern

    Alright, so Im still pretty new to the wyvern taming thing. So if I have my taming speed, egg hatching, and maturation boosted up a ton (Which I do) Would I still need milk for the wyvern? Or would it grow up fast enough and eat meat. If it even does eat meat, idk. So what im planning on doing, is running in the wyverns den or whatever, grabbing an egg and running away. (Lets say I manage to) would I be able to hatch it and get a wyvern, or do I HAVE to have milk.
  14. Stuck animals

    My tribe has a high lvl anklyo and wyvern stuck inside the map we need help to get them out. We are playing on ragnarok im not going to say my server until i get a response. We would appreciate you guys getting our dinos from this glitchy game.
  15. Ice Wyvern Revitalisation

    As it stands ice wyverns are commonly regarded as aesthetic tames as they are beautifully crafted models, but lazily programmed fridge birbs. I'm not saying they are underpowered but we could use something for the fella to give it a bit more character to its distinct role as crowd controller. As it currently stands this is how I see the other wyvern's roles; Lightning: Raw DPS dealers good for limited targets | Counter: Standard anti flyer tactics (tbh I'm not too familiar if they have any specialised weaknesses since they seem the jack of all trades out of the wyverns) Fire: Thrower shot with DoT good for decent damage, suppressing crowds and cumbersome large targets | Counter: Superior range engagements and water Poison: AoD that effectively controls perimeter since the poison also hits the riders. | Counter: Gear preparation and other flyers Ice: Thrower shot with slow debuff. people give it too much rag but it is useful to a degree. | Counter: same as fire wyvern's Maybe we can expand on the ice wyvern's concept of ice. The first idea that came to my head was to add a "shatter" dmg multiplier when an enemy has been hit with the breathe attack. I personally think the ice debuff duration is sitting at a comfortable place where it can even be reduced if this shatter suggestion is implemented. The damage multiplier can be what... hm say 1.2x? if its too much or exploitable, the damage can also be a static boost maybe? While having the debuff, dinos should really get a frosted shader to indicate they are affected like creatures on fire. Finally, I think it would be as neat if we can get a direct counter to its attack like the fire wyvern and poison directly relating to its element. First idea that came to my head is players can dramatically reduce the amount of time they have the frosted debuff on themselves and a fraction smaller for their ridden tames by holding a torch for example. Anyway, my intentions isn't exactly to buff ice wyverns, but I just want them to be as defined as the other wyverns.
  16. Chinese dragon / serpent like dragon

    Plss ad a chinese dragon to the game We already have the : manticore, griffin and phoenix so why not a chinese dragon?
  17. Wyvern levelling up

    I just raised my first few wyverns and levelling them all up one by one is quite time consuming, is there a good way to level them up faster? Tips on stats would be appreciated.
  18. Hi Guys,I love this game but looks like having a wyvern is impossible for players like me...I have a family to take care of, and a job.... raising wyverns taking too much time, i just cant wake up at 3-4 am at night to feed a dino. Or login the game from my work to feed it... IF it could be x2 breeding at weekends its allright but 4 days ... its too much ! Or change the food drop time, i dont know, i could feed him each 10 hours when im back from my job.. another problem is milk, please give us an another food type which we can feed him, any kind of kibble .. or make wywern milk to spoil at least 2 days in a bin.- Probably you will say, join to a tribe and work togetter with your friends.. But still all my friends are working , have a family. i cant just ask them to do [email protected] Admins Please fix-improve it , dont make us delete the game.This makes me angry when i saw a kid flying on a wywern... a kid who has alot of time to play Thank you for your understading...
  19. Hi Guys, I love this game but looks like having a wyvern is impossible for players like me... I have a family to take care of, and a job.... raising wyverns taking too much time, i just cant wake up at 3-4 am at night to feed a dino. Or login the game from my work to feed it... IF it could be x2 breeding at weekends its allright but 4 days ... its too much ! Or change the food drop time, i dont know, i could feed him each 10 hours when im back from my job.. another problem is milk, please give us an another food type which we can feed him, any kind of kibble .. or make wywern milk to spoil at least 2 days in a bin. - Probably you will say, join to a tribe and work togetter with your friends.. But still all my friends are working , have a family. i cant just ask them to do so.. @Dear Admins Please fix-improve it , dont make us delete the game. This makes me angry when i saw a kid flying on a wywern... a kid who has alot of time to play Thank you for your understading...
  20. Ice Wyvern Changes Color

    I had a very unusual bug today that is very annoying. I hatched a black and white Ice Wyvern yesterday, he grew up and kept his colors. I login today only to see that my new wyvern lost its colors and is now a pale gray blue and green Ive tried re-logging in but now the game has saved him with these new colors. I want his original colors back. PS4, Single Player, Ragnarok map.
  21. I read some ppl suggestion what wyvern tek saddle should do and they where most time too OP for already OP creature. So there is another one. Wyvern barrage tek saddle. My idea uses mechanic which is used for phenix fire barrage (wiki: triggers a rocket-like high-speed move that damages and burns anything that it hits or that touches the fire trail behind it). Wyvern tek saddle (when activated) will turn breath click into barrage with corresponding element of wyvern (without high-speed feature) which will poison, burn, electric, iced everything what will touch wyvern or trail behind it. It will basically negate wyverns brutal turning radius because you can simply left trail for your chaiser to enjoy (I am aware poison wyvern rider killing issue).
  22. The bug only happens when there are dead wyverns rendered in the area regardless of distance. The wyvern will abandon the rider and focus on eating the dead wyverns, it does not do it with other dinos. When you disable the Victim Item Collection the bug stops happening. My wyvern died because it went straight into lava to eat a dead wild one that had fallen into it.
  23. How do you kite a barn on pve?

    So someone has been greifing me and i want to wipe his base. He has a decent location with all stone, has a barn he keeps his dinos in, but its on a fairly hard to reach location. Its not impossible but i feel like if i try to kite something up it would attack other bases as well. The rag server has no giga spaws and i think only 1 titan spawn, all blocked. Im great at tanking wyverns but idk, if i kite them all the way from the scar to blue ob, how i would get them to agro. Any kiting/wiping techniques or strategies i can get to help?
  24. Aberration PVP

    I'm really interested in how pvp is going to work on the new dlc. I'm guessing it will be mostly players and weapons and less tames. Sure the Reaper Queen seemed powerful when it got forcedtamed during the demo, but how is it useful if everyone has super high up cliff bases? And how will the Rock Drake be able to stand against an army of auto turrets? I'm super excited, I just don't know how the new tames will be useful. I hope they make them useful for raiding, because sometimes rockets and longnecks get boring after a while. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
  25. Okay so I have ark on the ps4, and I have literally searched every known coordinates for ice wyvern nests, and they’re were NONE. Not even an ive wyvern. I’ve spent hours and so much time looking everywhere. I’ve searched the whole map. The game is fully updated, and I have been dying to get an ice wyvern. What should I do? Redownload the game and keep my saves? I’m almost level 100 and would hate to have to delete my saves but I really want this fixed. There are also no otters or jerboas either and they both are suppose to spawn. Again, I’ve searched everywhere. And theres only been like 3 griffins on the entire map. And no more will spawn in. I really need feedback, I would appreciate it a lot